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One of the world’s most iconic characters has returned to the heart of the DC Universe, and every step he takes will shake the foundations of the Earth!

Alec Holland has his life back…but the Green has plans for it. A monstrous evil is rising in the desert, and it’ll take a monster of another kind to defend life as we know it!

Art and cover by YANICK PAQUETTE

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 9.4%
Avg Rating: 4.4
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  1. In Snyder We Trust.

  2. Love…Swamp…Thing. I Definitely will stay with this title.

  3. Never read the old Swamp Thing stuff, but Scott Snyder has been amazing in everything else and the art is beautiful. Most anticipated book for me this week easily.

  4. I want this to be so good. Snyder has done some great work in Batman and American Vamp, I am really excited for this. Swamp Thing was my childhood and I lost track of it after the TV show (which I loved).

  5. Never have been a reader pf Swamp Thing but Snyder’s enthusiasm has me onboard.

  6. Scott Snyder could write the phone book and I’d buy it, so Swamp Thing is a definite for me. Stoked for this AND Animal Man this week. Wednesday can’t come fast enough.

  7. New to Snyder. Looking forward to seeing what all the talk is about.

  8. This should be solid, Snyder is a fantastic writer and I love the art.

  9. So excited about this I peed a little.

  10. You had me at “Synder”.

    Seriously, I’ve said this before on this site and will say it again, Synder is the best writer in comics at this moment. His approach to characters is refreshing, his attention to detail and the “little things” make a difference in the world of BIG EVENT comics.

    I would compare him to Alan Moore (albit a kinder, gentler Moore at least personally). The atmospher and pacing that Synder shrouds his stories in echo early Moore, and his prose is novel-ready. Read Detective Comics 875 and you will see what I mean. That single issue made me fan of Synder for life. I reached the end of that comic, sat it down, and thought to myself, “fuuuuuuuuuuuuck. that was good.” I haven’t had a moment like that in a long time.

    Can’t wait to read this tomorrow.

  11. I love everything that i have read about this so far but i just wish that it was a differen artist… or maybe inker… the inks are hard core….

    That said i am super excited.

  12. this is my most anticipated book of the reboot

  13. I think this will be my first Snyder.

  14. Cant Wait

  15. Forget about last week, I would love to skip work tomorrow and hang at the shop to talk DCs #1s for this week. Crazy excited! Snyder and Lemire are going to break my heart when it comes to making my pick this week since I can only pick one.

  16. I’m really excited for this all well. Snyder’s work on Detective was gre4at, and Yanick Paquette’s preview art looks really cool too. However, my pull list is getting bigger with the reboot, so I may be trade-waiting this.

  17. Never read Swamp Thing but all my colleagues rave about the old stuff by Alan Moore. With all the buzz about Snyder I might give this a try. If I’ve got the spare pennies, I’ll definitely pick this up.

  18. Totally my most…anticipated book…of all the new…52 stuff. Sorry, it had to be done.

  19. Ridiculously excited about this. Getting the ST hardcovers from the library and catching up on Moore’s run asap!

  20. Paquette gets better and better. I think this is the book that pushes him to the top.

  21. Really cant wait for this, loved the old Vertigo runs on the characters, and Scott Snyder is quickly becoming my favourite writer working in comics today. This should be great.

  22. The more Snyder talks about this book the more I get excited for it.

  23. Yanick Paquette is great, but when is Francovilla on this book? Francovilla & Snyder were awesome on Tec.

  24. Well, this is easily my most anticipated book of the week. I just finished the original run by Len Wein and Bernie Wrightson. I am chompin at the bit for more. I am stoked on the creative team, I can’t wait till lunch tomorrow.

  25. Not sure why, but I am going to pick this title up. It looks really good and a character that I can definately get behind. I think that this could be a really good book. Out of all the books that are dropping soon, I am pretty stoked about this one for sure!!

  26. I’ve also never been a particular Swamp Thing fan, but seeing the art on this and hearing a lot of good buzz has my curiosity piqued!

  27. I’ll be very pleasantly surprised if this hooks me. Not super excited about Swamp Thing and it doesn’t sound like the type of story that I usually go nuts for, but the creative team is rock solid, so it’s definitely worth a look.

  28. I didn’t have my LCS hold this title for me, so I REALLY hope he has some extra copies left by the time I get off work. I don’t know thing #1 about Swampy…well, I know he’s green like Kermit…but anyway…I’m picking this up for one reason only.


    Man, if Scott Snyder were around in the 80’s with Reagan and Stallone…anyway, I digress.

  29. I’ve never read Swamp Thing, and what I have read about the character doesn’t exactly intrigue me. I am picking up this book for one reason, and one reason only: Scott Snyder. As many before me have said, he is currently the best writer in the comics industry.

  30. STUPID! STUPID! STUPID! My LCS already sold out of this issue…and I’m stuck at work and can’t go search “the other guys” to see if they have any left….sigh…woe is me.

  31. I picked up the original Swamp Thing series back in the 70’s at 7-11 for 20 cents. I have since sold that issue at a yard sale (dumb!). At a comic show in the 90’s I got another one.

    I hope this new run lasts and is as good as Alan Moore or Len Wein’s.

    If not, there are plenty of good comics out there (indies included)

  32. Great book, and very accessible to readers new to Swampy. I’m one of them, so I should know. A bit slow to get started, but that’s typical Snyder, and the slow build always pays off with him. But the last few pages? Creepy, creepy stuff. I’m in this one for the long haul.

    I will say that I thought Lemire’s Animal Man was a bit stronger right up front, but both books were great.

  33. As a new swamp thing reader I quite enjoyed it. I’m on board….but that’s not saying much cause snyder’s name could be on a My Little Ponies comic and I would follow it to the depths of hell. 😉

  34. I loved this book! The art in the first couple of pages was great imo. In Snyder We Trust!

  35. I liked this. Can’t wait for the next issue.

  36. I want to be reading comics right now . . .

  37. This was another book, the other being LaPham’s Wolverine one-shot, that caught me off guard this week. At this point, Scott Snyder can do no wrong. Everything he touches turns to gold. My only complaint was how the last 2 or 3 pages felt a little rushed/compacted.

  38. Great stuff. Anyone notice the brand of bulldozer they use at the construction site? I thought that was cool. whoever this villan is, they have a wicked finishing move. Can’t wait for more from Snyder & Paquette

  39. It’s not even funny how much of a roll Synder is on. It boggles the mind.

    (Mind you, as strong as this story was, Yanick Paquette deserves the biggest props of all. He’s something else, that boy.)

  40. Beautiful art and surprise surprise a well crafted entertaining story. Horror, suspense, mystery and fully rounded characters. Snyder all over isn’t it. There’s a band called Gay For Johnny Depp. I’m starting Gay for Scott Snyder.

  41. I think the villain is going to be Anton Arcane. Anyway, whoever he is, his introduction was my favorite part of this issue. Looking forward to see where Snyder takes it.

  42. I liked it. I liked it a lot……. I just felt it was a little confusing when he’s at the construction site talking to Superman. The confusing part, for me, was when he was explaining that he was swamp thing, but he wasn’t, because he woke up a different man, so actually he was never swamp thing….. I understand what Snyder was trying to say now, but only after reading the sequence several times. And the fact is, as a new reader picking up a No. 1, I shouldn’t have to do that.

    Also, “if the events of the last year have taught us anything…” What events might these be? Brightest Day (which I didn’t read)? Is that still relevant in the new continuity? – Confusing, is what i’m saying.

    But I like the story direction and the cliffhanger ending. And the art was brilliant. So I’ll be sticking around.

    Side note: Is that girl in the hood just popping up in everything now?

  43. I was not even considering getting this book. Not on my radar at all. With all the publicity for Snyder & this book here and elsewhere, my interest was piqued. I picked it up and loved it.

    I even liked Yanick’s artwork. I have not liked his previous work on Batman Inc. or Young X-Men.

  44. I liked it. It was a little slow, but it’s a build up to a lot more. Scott Synder is not entirely won over with me. Yanick’s art was good. I’m still hating the new Superman look though.

  45. The art was great but the story felt so so to me but I’m giving Snyder the chance to tell the whole first story because his work has been great so far. Who am I kidding I like the design of swamp thing so much ill buy it till its gone.

  46. I… Wuh… Juh… Wow, so THAT just happened. One minute, Holland is trying to explain his crazy-ass origin to Superman, the next flies are snapping necks, and the ending… This was a crazy, freaky, ridiculous mind frag!

    And why isn’t issue 2 out right now?!

  47. Not the first issue I was hoping for but still I like the slow start and focus on character.

    It was impossible for me not to compare this to Alan Moore’s second issue of Swamp Thing after wrapping up what had come before in his first issue. Perhaps that is unfair . . .

    I trust that Synder will bring it on this title.


  48. For a mostly talking heads, exposition filled first issue I really found a lot to like here.

    Snyder clearly researched the hell out of this to get the character right and the ‘scientific’ elements of the story. Add in some truly demented moments involving flies and some fucked up skeleton creator and it’s pure Snyder. Paquette started with some heavy inks but he stops it right after the first page and the art was consistently strong. Overall a great first issue for the character.


  49. Where you at, Snyder?!

    I wanna give you a big internet kiss.

    WheelHands style.

  50. I liked this a lot more than i thought i would. Snyder delivered some of his standard uncomfortably f@cked up moments but it wasn’t too over the top. Interesting science interjected into this and while i have no idea if any of it is accurate, it was fun to read in the context of the story. I want to give Swampy a real chance and i’m definitely interested in seeing how some of the environmental themes get handled. Really liked seeing Superman’s cameo in his new costume.

    The art was well done, but if felt a bit standard issue.

  51. I’m usually a fan of more cleaner, more iconic artwork rather then the grittier and more abstract art and after I finished I was ready to compliment the artwork being able to pull off a horror comic still using the more iconic style…. until I thumbed through this again and realized I”d been tricked! Instead, what I got was a slow change into the grittier and it fit so well, I didnt even realize what was happening on the first read through.

    I’m looking forward to picking up this and Animal Man each month and comparing between the two, as they seemed to bookend quite nicely!

  52. Great first issue. Looking forward to the Animal Man Swamp Thing Crossover.

  53. Scott Snyder. Wow. This was awesome. My books aren’t coming until the end of the month but I couldn’t wait for this one so I bought it on Comixology. It was well worth paying twice.

  54. Whew! Found a copy at the 3rd shop I hit…they had ONE left. It’s now on my pull list. I know NOTHING of Swampy except what I read this issue. Should I pick up the 3 issue Search for Swamp Thing or just roll with it? Seems like there’s some continuity from that to this…

    • the search for swamp thing was a very slow and boring and not at all like this. if you liked this you should pick up the first trade of Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing run, it’s gold

    • i’ve been wanting to read alan moore’s run for a while now and have been searching for the floppies, but i may have to break down and get the trade

    • i bought the first trade last year on amazon and haven’t looked back since. it’s seriously one of the best runs i’ve ever read for a DC title

  55. The line that really got me was when Superman said he knew how hard it was to come back. So I’m guessing Doomsday killed him in this continuity too I guess?

  56. Hell yeah this book rocked! creepiest bad guys ever

  57. Like with Animal Man if I didn’t see the DC logo in the front I would have assumed Vertigo. LOL

  58. I think I know what’s going on. The infection in the red is Arcane, the old Swamp Thing nemesis from the stuff before Moore. In the Moore stuff Arcane was able to possess people by entering them as a fly. The flies are dead give away. Arcane is the infection in the Red.

  59. Going into September, I was most excited about this book. After reading it, all that excitement has been justified. great setup here, even though it was all “1st issue” stuff it read great and was still exciting and interesting. Paquette’s art is fantastic and I can rest east knowing that Francavilla is his fill in.

  60. my favorite part (besides the broken neck zombies) was the conversation about how violent the plant world actually is, interesting.

  61. This was really, really great. Snyder is by far one of the strongest writers out there right now. The opening was fantastic, really set the feel of the book. The characterization with Alec Holland was great, with his conversation with Supes being the highlight, the villain is creeeeeeeepy and Swamp Thing shows up at the end! Lived up to the hype that I built up in my head for sure. This was the book I was most excited about from the beginning of the Relaunch news.

    Only critique: Superman looked weird … his face, his costume … weird. *shrug*

    • CAn’t thank you guys enough for all the kind words. Swampy is one of favorite characters of all time. To see so many of you enjoying the story we’re doing with him is tremendously moving. Really appreciate it. S

  62. The superman cameo confused me. apparently the editors are already asleep at the wheel. I thought in this new continuity Superman couldn’t fly yet. Yet he was flying in this issue. Second this superman was drawn and acted more like the middle aged superman pre flashpoint than the young brash superman we saw this very month in action comics.

    • Action Comics is set several years before the other DC titles, so the Superman appearing in Swamp Thing is older.

    • Ah ok. I didn’t know that. So its kind of like a super-early20’s book. And superman will be an adult one..

    • exactly, from what we know Justice League, ate least for this first arc, is set 5 years ago and Superman is already flying in that book with the new costume. Action seems like it takes place a few years before that so maybe it takes place 7 years ago and everything else is taking place now

  63. This was a great first chapter. I really am interested in seeing what Snyder does with this series. Other than the great Big Bad setup, the characterization of Alec Holland was the best part of this issue! Much like what Lemire did with Animal Man, Snyder hooked me on a character that I previously had no back ground with or interest in.

  64. This one will keep me for at least one more due to the character building of Alec, and the drawing of Swamp Thing at the end was very cool. Over all though just a 2.

    Just sayin’,


  65. Absolutely fantastic. This is my first Snyder comic and I was totally impressed. Now I have to go track down his Detective run.

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