Terms of Service

Below are the terms of service and community rules for all users of iFanboy.com. Please take the time to read and understand these guidelines if you choose to participate in the community at iFanboy.com.

Stay on Topic

Off-topic comments will be deleted.

Make Good Comments

When you contribute, make it count. Move the conversation forward. Don’t just be negative without offering reasons or alternatives. If you don’t like something, articulate why, and be fair. If the main thrust of your post is that “______ sucks” it’s not worth posting. Basically, don’t troll, and if someone is trolling, just ignore them. Instances of egregious trolling will be deleted. Double or duplicate posts will be deleted. Any comments stating “first post” or “first comment” or the like will also be deleted, so don’t bother.

Read the Article and the Comments

If you’re going to comment on something, make sure you know what you’re talking about. Don’t point out omissions or errors without reading what came before. There’s no point in repeating something that’s already been said.

No Politics, No Religion

There is no place for political or religious discussion on iFanboy.com. There are plenty of other websites on the internet for that.

No Sexism, Racism, Homophobia, or General Bigotry.

You know what it means. If we deem a post to be inappropriate in any way, we’ll simply delete it, even if it’s “just a joke.” We don’t want anyone coming to iFanboy to be offended, and we take it very seriously.

No Fighting or Personal Attacks

If you want to argue a topic, be civil and discuss the topic at hand. Personal attacks are not allowed. Feel free to disagree, but do it like civilized adults. Do not insult anyone because they don’t agree with you. Personal attacks will be deleted.

Don’t Ruin It For Everyone Else

iFanboy.com is a place for people who have a love of comic books (and related media) to come together to celebrate and discuss. Ruining, or attempting to ruin, the atmosphere through general harassment, bullying, trolling, etc. will not be tolerated. If you have an axe to grind with the staff or with other members of the community please start your own website, it will not be allowed here.

Comment Deletion is Done at iFanboy’s Discretion

Any violations of the above will be evaluated and actioned on at the discretion of the iFanboy staff. Commenters don’t need to moderate from within the thread. If you have a problem with a post or a poster, e-mail contact@ifanboy.com This is a private, moderated website, and the administrators of iFanboy.com reserve the right to control what content is and isn’t allowed here.

User Banning is Done at iFanboy’s Discretion

Repeated or particularly egregious violations of the above shall result in the user’s account being flagged and banned from participation in the iFanboy community. Banned users will be able to log in, enjoy the content but not comment. Banning will be done at the discretion of the iFanboy staff.

If you need further clarification on the above policies, please e-mail contact@ifanboy.com