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Art and cover by YANICK PAQUETTE

Size: 32 pages
Price: 2.99

This is the first ever Swamp Thing comic I read and god did I love it. I probably wouldn’t have picked this up if it were another writer or another artist doing it, so I’m glad DC chose them for this was an awesome read!

Scott Snyder places this firmly in the DCU with a depiction of Superman, Batman and Aquaman all reacting to a strange event concerning dead birds, bats and fishes, then we get a glimpse at an average joe working at a construction site, or so it seems as we get a glimpse at Alex Holand and get to know him as he, too, tries to make his place in the world, freshly resurected in a swamp with all these memories of the Swamp Thing and his “death”. Superman visits him and asks him questions about the Green and the man is clearly uneasy about it… Then comes the horror part and wow, Scott Snyder as twisted ideas, let’s leave it at that for you to discover what I mean!

Yanick Paquette’s art is, as expected from an artist of his caliber, top notch. Detail is omnipresent, panels flow perfectly and always shows what needs to be showed in an interesting way that makes reading easier by including interlocking triangular panels instead of the classic square shape. The horror parts were also gross and full of “oh FUCK” moments to behold. The only complaint I have is concerning two panels in particular. The first is on the first page, when we get a close shot of Perry White, Clark Kent and Lois Lane and there’s some “shadow” over White’s face that seems odd and out of place. The second concerns a back shot of Alec facing an overing Superman and his hair is all black instead of blond… which was weird… But those aside, everything else was perfect and just the way I love it!

Swamp Thing now has this special place in my heart, I hope that this team will have an awesome and long run on this title!

Story: 5
Art: 5
Average: 5

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent

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