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Art and cover by YANICK PAQUETTE

Size: 32 pages
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Even though I’ve been reading comics for almost 30 years, “Swamp Thing” #1 gave me a chance to be a new reader and experience a character I had very little knowledge of. And I knew that if writer Scott Snyder’s unbridled enthusiasm was any indication of the quality of this issue, I was in for something special. Not only is this first issue special, it’s a text book on how to tell and structure a story. Snyder takes a character that has never really appealed to me and creates a story around him that’s clearly one of the highlights of DC’s New 52.

Scott Snyder’s resume is impressive and “Swamp Thing” #1 only makes it stronger. As a fan of his writing style, it didn’t take long to notice the striking similarities to his other work. Snyder uses this issue to focus on Alec Holland, giving us a detailed look at how he got where he is and offering hints to his mysterious ties to The Green. There are pieces put in place that will clearly come into play as the story progresses and there are things brewing underneath the surface that is sure to shake things up even more. By the end of the issue it’s clear that Snyder doesn’t shy away from the fact that there will be strong horror elements in this series and he also craftily connects this series to the new DC continuity. I could go on and one but the best thing to do is grab the issue and experience it for yourself. There are clearly some great things ahead.

It’s impossible to talk about this issue without mentioning Yanick Paquette’s amazing, pitch-perfect art. He perfectly captures the tone of the story and each page is overflowing with rich detail. His character depictions are fantastic and he uses some of the most creative page layouts you’ll see. As Snyder’s story takes a darker more macabre turn, Pacquette’s art style follows suit with some genuinely disturbing and terrifying pages. This is a visually stunning issue and a perfect compliment to a phenomenal story.

“Swamp Thing” #1 is a great example of how expert storytelling combined with a flawless tone setting art style can produce amazing results. The issue is tightly constructed, well crafted, and visually satisfying. There’s huge potential for what’s to come and the cliffhanger ending certainly gets you ready for the next issue. Hats off to Snyder and Paquette. They’ve just made me a Swamp Thing fan.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 4 - Very Good

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