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The one and only Grant Morrison (ALL-STAR SUPERMAN) returns to Superman, joined by sensational artist Rags Morales (IDENTITY CRISIS), to bring you tales of The Man of Steel unlike any you’ve ever read! This extra-sized debut issue is the cornerstone of the entire DC Universe!

Variant cover by JIM LEE and SCOTT WILLIAMS

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 16.8%
Avg Rating: 4.2
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  1. This SHOULD be spectacular.

  2. I’m in for all 52. Why the hell not?

  3. I’m getting all 52 #1’s and 2’s. I’m sure Action Comics will be one of the very best, if not THE very best of all the comics, but I’m not as excited about it as some lesser characters/creators. The whole underdog thing, I guess. Anyway – ready to be blown away still.

  4. This is one of the books I’m really interested in. After reading Morrison’s take on Superman in Super-gods, I’m interested in the angle of him being a hero of the common man (which could set up some neat conflicts with Bruce Wayne later on).

  5. I hope by “extra sized” they mean we get more than 2 extra pages from a $2.99 book. Cmon DC, you’re not drawing the line good enough for me. Last week’s JL #1 should not have been $3.99 from the number of pages we got.

    • Yeah, I stopped paying for any issue over 3 except in rare cases, more pages being at least an excuse. I know it’s an old arguement , but I made my choice based on what I want for my budget.

    • I wonder if people will still be bitching about 3.99 comics when they inevitably increase to 4.99…

    • AGREED. for 4bucks we should get 32 to40 pages, not including ads. i know the industry is in trouble, but whats new. in this economy, we all need to pull together to save comics. that includes not only us the consumer, but also the publisher, writer, artist, creative officers, etc. you want me to pay 4bucks, put in overtime and give 32-40 pgs., and i’ll put in overtime to pay for them(not that im not already)

  6. I been out of the Superman loop for a long time (BIG TIME BATMAN AND GREEN ARROW FAN). This is bringing me back in so I am giving this a shot. I was not a fan of All-Star Superman (I know I must be insane), but I read Super-Gods and was completely drawn into Grants words. I hope this does well.

  7. I’ve never read a Superman comic before, looking forward to jumping on with this

  8. Which Grant Morrison are we going to get. The great Grant or the self-indulgent Grant. I’m hoping this is really good.

  9. Having read Super Gods and Morrison’s angry words about Millar, I wonder if “Superman:Red Son” was Morrison’s idea …

  10. All-Star Superman is one of my all-time favorite series. Morrison writing Superman in an ongoing series is an absolute dream come true. Cannot wait to read this.

  11. Most looking forward to this out of all of them. I love all of Grant’s stuff. Top of my read pile!!!

  12. I’m looking forward to this the most. I really have been wanting a great current Superman book since i got back into comics a few years ago. I’m hoping this can be it!

  13. I’ve been bored with Superman in the past, but the changes that DC has made to the character have piqued my interest. I’m getting Action Comics AND the Superman title, for the first time, like, EVER. This should be an excellent read.

  14. This is awesome, I’m a grown man who got back into comics, ironically last sept. and I am not going to be able to sleep tonight. So much potential greatness….

  15. This will be the first time I’ll be reading a Superman comic. He always seemed a bit boring to me. I really enjoyed the way Morrison made the character look fresh and exciting in the preview pages.

  16. I wasn’t going to read this, but Supergods talked me into it.

  17. Loins: Girded

  18. M(more) – O(of) – R(ridiculously) – R(rad) – I(innovative) – S(Superman) – O(octavo) – N(natch)

  19. Definitely put me in the bored with Superman camp. The reboot/Morrison is making em take another look. Let’s see what we get.

  20. Morrison was the guy I was waiting to see in the DCnU and I love that he is on this book, should be great.

  21. I am so looking forward to this, quite a lot more than I was for Justice League, which was awesome as well.

  22. This is one of the books im mostly looking forward to mainly because im not a Superman fan so im hoping Grant Morrison is able to do a creative new take on this character to give me something new and intresting to read

  23. I’m all for more Morrison mind-melting moments. All Star Superman is the greatest Superman story I have ever read. Even if this new book turns out to be half as good as that one, it’ll be a ride worth taking.

  24. I hope I didn’t make a mistake by not subscribing to Superman. Hope hope hope hope!

  25. Let’s do this.

  26. Love Rags Morales, but haven’t am kinda meh on Morrison — a bit overrated.

    I’m trying the first two images, then trying a couple issues of Superman. But I’m pretty sure I’m on longterm for Swamp Thing and Batgirl — if they can maintain the current creative teams.

    • Morrison overrated? In general or his work on Supes? What have you read of Morrison? The Morrison worshipping can get out of hand and I haven’t enjoyed a lot of his work but I love All-star Superman, most of his New X-men, and the start of his run on Batman and Robin.

    • I’m not sure Grant Morrison is overated, I think he is by some, but the amount of detractors he has probably bring his rating back down to average. He is really devisive, you either love him or you hate him, or you love some of his works and hate others. I really enjoy Grant Morrison, even when he goes into crazy territory that I cant quite follow, I’m still interested in the work…he’s never boring.

    • love him or hate him, he is a comic god, you cant deny his greatness. even if you cant follow or keep up. his stories r complicated, even if your not

    • @sitara119

      I think some people can deny his greatness…in fact I think many do. Its kinda one of my problems with Grant Morrison fans (even thugh I am one) when they say that people who cant keep up with his ideas and themes arent “complicated enough” to be able to. I really dont think thats the case, I’m sure people could if they wanted to, just some people dont read comics for mind bending themes. Also, I have noticed this about him, and it is a flaw, he’s not always the best at writing his scripts so they follow and read in a logical way, Alan Moore had some way out there, difficult ideas, but he was a lot more detailed when telling the artists what to put on the page, hence doesnt get the same criticism about making no sense.

      Again, Grant Morrison is my absolute favourite writer, but I think there can certainly be criticims made of his work ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I agree with you Spawn. Morrison fans have a serious superiority complex. Having complex ideas and inventive story telling methods is impressive but if the story is not told in a logical or compelling manner the big ideas can be lost. I find Morrison’s best work is with Quietly because he is one of the few artists that can effectively convey Morrison’s ideas. The best in any field stumble but diehard Morrison fans are blinded by their devotion and cannot admit that he doesn’t always deliver.

    • @spawn
      anything can be criticized. and this is a free country, people can deny whatever they want, i dont want to take away anyone’s rights or anything like that. perhaps i should have said “i cant deny”. besides, its just a turn of phrase and i was speaking in generalities and had no intention of offending anyone and most certainly hope that i did not. but how would one define greatness in this field, by some of these rationalities listed above it seems like no one could achieve it if all it takes is a few people to deny it. “some people dont read comics for mind bending themes” this is very true. some people dont like a lot of dialogue in comics, does that mean bendis isnt a great writer? some people dont read comics, necessarily, for detailed, stylized art, does that mean jim lee or david finch or even todd mcfarlane arent great artists? i mean, really, what criteria should we observe and who decides what it is? you do, however, make some very interesting points
      no one always delivers, not even morrison. i can admit that and im a diehard fan. sounds very high and mighty of you to sit in judgement and condemn fans as being blind with complexes, talk about “superiority” issues.

    • I think We3 is an honourable Morrison mention!!

  27. Grant’s the man. I can’t wait.

  28. I’m getting all of the #1s(like the rest of comicfandom) and already dropping most because I am selective in what I want. However, I will be getting some Bats titles and sticking with them this time round ,Synder rocks

  29. Also, reaaaaally cant wait for this, so close now! Last week was only one comic, this week I think we’ll get a proper taste of the new DC universe.

  30. My expectations are ssoo high i know Morrison wont dissapoint!

  31. So excited! It’s been a while since I’ve been excited for a Superman comic. I’m sure Morrison will not disappoint.

  32. I’ve been going to the same comic shop for months now. The owner knows my name and we talk when I come in. I’m a big believer in the surprise of walking into the comic shop and risking the availability of the books I want. The excitement factors in heavily to my enjoyment.

    For the first time ever, I sent my LCS a pull list.

    I am NOT missing this comic.

  33. I’m not really a fan of Morrison and I feel he is overrated.

    By overrated, I mean that I get the sense that many like him simply because of the legend of his name and really don’t look at his stories with a critical eye. By example, Final Crisis was a poorly structured mess.

    Opinion wise I liked the first arc of his Batman and Robin but pretty much hated everything else he did with Batman. This is only an opinion and has little to do with the fact that I think he is overrated.

  34. Super stoked for this…Morrison on superman…incredible

  35. Atfer getting back from FP at lunch, I’m left wanting to log off early to head home and read my stack of new titles, including AC #2 of course. Three hours to go…

  36. I’m going to read this eventually but I’m going to wait for the price to drop digitally or for the trade. I don’t question it’s quality. I just want to put my money behind other characters/ideas for now.

  37. I have never read a superman comic before in my life and I loved this! I can’t wait for issue two to come out.

  38. Really looking forward to this, even if Morrison does tend to confuse the BeJesus out of me sometimes. But, with this being a #1, I shouldn’t have to worry about knowing any Superman backstory to keep up.

  39. Can anyone figure out why the shorter ‘rat’ steals Mr. Glenmorgan’s tie at the beginning of the comic?

  40. Okay it’s 9:30 am West Coast Time Zone, and I still can’t buy this online.

    How is this day and date? It’s the day (Wednesday) and date (9/7/11) Right? :0(

    • The books tend to get released around 2pm EST.

    • Conor is right on. Comixology releases the new 52 DC titles at 2pm EST to give West coast LCSs a chance to open first.

    • That’s nice until there’s a snow storm or national holiday. When that happens I’ll be surprised if digital providers will wait.

    • Personally, I’m not a fan of the delay but see it as a small compromise to alleviate the concerns of retailers. I’m fairly certain the delay is a DC decision not Comixology’s. I agree that it should be interesting to see what happens with weather and holidays, but if the delay is an effort to protect LCSs, I doubt DC will agree to sell the issues early.

    • I know we are all fond of our LCS’ but this is the kind of thinking that sank the music industry. Comics should just be released when they are finished, and we can have alerts like emails or tweets etc. telling us when new issues are done and ready for purchase. Waiting for wednesday should be a thing of the past if they are serious about this. I guess there’s something to be said for release date marketing, but it’s not like you can’t just advertise the series over a specific issue and then link to the issue stream.

      I am ready to switch to digital but they set themselves all the hurdles that don’t need to exist. I am going to try buying Irredeemable 29 from Graphicaly and compare the interfaces.

  41. That’s… arbitrary? Day and date and 2pm EST should be the slogan.

    Whatever I guess I can watch this instead of reading digital comics:

    It’s the gigantic Blue Whale from the Natural History Museum being cleaned. LIVE!

  42. I am both excited and trepidatious by this. It seemed a lot like DC had given-in to the haters, by making a so-called contemporary Superman. Knowing it’s Morrison means it might be a means to an end. Maybe it would lead to the Superman we know and love. But if it doesn’t, then I have very little hope for this going forward. In a world where a man punching through walls is angry, there is very little room for anyone to do anything interesting.

  43. Excellent issue. Glenmorgan

  44. FUCKING TERRIBLE!!! Grant Morrison dropped the ball BIG TIME and should be ashamed!

  45. WOW! For me, This and Detective comics are so far me 2 favorites of the re-launch, fantastic art and story, definitly a pick-up. Got the regular and variant cover, money well spent!

  46. This is not All Star Superman, but still a very good first issue with great pacing. Luthor was the best character so far. “Behold. I give you Superman. Stay in touch.”

  47. I enjoyed the story, but the art is not to my liking. Too loose. I can’t help but imagine what this would look like if Frank Quietly were drawing it.

  48. Did anyone else get the Jim Lee variant cover?

    My store only had two, so I got one. I’ll pick up the Rags cover later.

  49. This was easily my pick of the week. It was a lot of fun! I was sceptical at first when I heard about this version of Superman Morrison had dreamt up but it was well done and really worked. Really looking forward to issue 2 now and I think this will be a book I’ll end up getting most months.

  50. Paul Montgomery summed up my thoughts:

    • I don’t quite follow? I didn’t get a sense of overbearing editorial influence in this issue at all? From everything I’ve read about Morrison and his views on Superman, this seems like all him.

    • Yeah, I’m not getting that vibe at all. He’s young and arrogant, but that feels way more real than a dude who’s flawless right out of the birthing matrix. Not sure I get the editorial mandate thing, either.

      Ah well, perhaps I am not enlightened enough to dislike this.

  51. I liked it enough to get issue 2 but I didn’t love it.

  52. Freaking great.

  53. Absolutely friggin terrible! Bounced around way too much, what the Fuck were olden and Lois even talking about?? This issue sucks, I’m highly disappointed Morrison.

    • I agree with the Olsen and Lane conversation. I found that part hard to follow. I will re-read it tomorrow and give it a chance. However, I don’t think was bad at all. Loved the first issue aside from that one gripe.

    • I disregarded that whole section because it was functionally unimportant. All that mattered was that Superman had to stop that train, and some gangster guy was an Egg McGuffin.

  54. Absolutely wonderful. Someone’s finally doing something interesting with superman.

  55. My LCS sold out when i got there. I was shocked. i have to wait to read. wasn’t too happy, but what can you do.

  56. No one caught the Smallville ref on the third page? ๐Ÿ™‚

  57. *deep contented sigh*

    This issue was worth the entire reboot, if y’ask me.

  58. (Didn’t mean to reply to that specific post.) But she’s been tucked away in the background of everything so far…

  59. I want to love Grant Morrison and be one of his acolytes.

    I only have All-Star Superman, We3 and Seven Soldiers of Victory in my library. These are the books that I felt were worth holding onto and having in hardcover collected editions. I have the 52 paperbacks in their as well but those are cowritten.

    That is not a lot of books for one of the comic book greats.

    I’ve read some other stuff and enjoyed all of it except The Invisibles (still props for being the source material for The Matrix)

    I’m also buying this issue of Action Comics.

    What do I need to read?

  60. I really enjoyed this. Very solid first issue.

    This is definitely not my dad’s Superman (or even mine for that matter), but I would argue that it’s a Superman the world needs right now, even if it’s not the one the world wants (yeah yeah, go ahead and roll your eyes) This “socialist” angle is sure to anger a lot of people, but I think it’s a bold move, and one that will end up being historically relevant. I’m not trying to spark a political debate, but if you know anything about Morrison, it’s very important to him that comics reflect the times. In that aspect, I think he most definitely succeeded. That said, it’s very jarring to hear Clark say that the same law should not apply to both the rich and the poor. I’m seriously intrigued to see where this goes.

    Anybody else notice Reset Girl on the train?

  61. Excellent pacing. Action from start to finish. After reading SuperGods this is exactly what I was expecting. Somebody said it jumped around too much. That’s pretty much what I loved about it, I already feel immersed in Supes world and it’s a fast paced place.. His cockiness around the cops was great, that and the fact he called Glenmorgan’s men rats and scum, brilliant. A true hero for our times.

  62. This series had 1 issue to grab me, because I don’t generally like Superman. I really liked this. I’m in for at least the first arc.

  63. Amazing. Loved loved loved that Lois Lane.

  64. it was decent, but a gargantuan step below what i expected. the last page saved the book.

  65. Wow, I was not impressed, gotta say. Not that it was bad, but I’ve read books in the not-to-distant-past that really pulled me in and made me want to re-read them immediately. Guess I’m just not a Super-fan. Really looking forward to Batwoman and Justice League Dark.

  66. This was… not as good as i hoped. I didnt get the pacing. Really all over the place.

  67. Man, thanks god we got the good, coherent Morrison! This was a revelation. A fresh take on Superman’s youth that is totally in line with the core essence of the character. More please.

    • ” A fresh take on Supermanโ€™s youth that is totally in line with the core essence of the character.”

      Well said. Definitely a new Superman. But GMo made an effort to keep the core intact.

      It’s all there. Leaping buildings in a single bound. Faster than a speeding bullet. More powerful than a locomotive.

      Just not a bullet-shaped locomotive, apparently. Yet.

  68. Its an okay start, nothing ground breaking. Its Smallville pretty much.

  69. Apart from the art being a little rushed I thoroughly enjoyed this issue.

    I like the new, cocky Superman and just how arrogant he can be at times. Even with rushed art Morales provided some really great pages in this as well. Might not have been a 100% perfect issue but it was good enough to be my POTW.

    5/5 (POTW)

  70. This version of clark kent was really cool the first time i saw him as Peter Parker

    • Peter Parker was arguably cooler the first time people saw him, as Clark Kent.

      Know your history.


    • I do know my history. Action comics 1 is sitting right here on this ipad. I read it two weeks ago. In this issue, as soon as clark put on his glasses and coming down off the roof. I immediately thought peter parker. Then the old lady came through the door. Is that aunt may? Then the old lady starts fussing over him… Yep sounds like aunt may. Since this superman seems younger than the previous incArnation this clark defintely seems like the 20 something peter we saw in spider man. When peter burst into the scene he was a teenger and the clark you are referring to came off as much older.

      And dont take my statement as a criticism. I still loved it amd gave it 5 stars. I was just saying from the moment he turned into clark i kept being reminded of peter.

    • I agree there are more noticable similarities now that they’re closer in age. But in this case, the chicken came before the egg. There would be no Parker without Kent. A less senile Stan Lee would agree with me.

      And I don’t think the old lady’s an Aunt May rip-off. She’s a michievous nymph from the 5th dimension.

  71. I think the dialogue was the weakest part of this. It was like he was trying TOO hard to make them hip and clever. It was like bad Diablo Cody dialogue (is there such a thing as good Daiblo Cody dialogue?!) – nobody talks like that! Awkward and unnatural.

    The art was very good, even if it was rushed. The writing was pretty good (except the dialogue). Not sure if making the elements of the “Superman credo” literally occur was a stroke of genius or idiot savantism. I did think it was a bold, anti-establishment statement, but that might wear thing in the long run if it persists.

    • Morrison is many things. But he’s definitely not an idiot savant. All the credo stuff was entirely intentional. If anything, Morrison can be accused of over-thinking things.

      And (it makes me sad to say it, but) there will be no “long run”. Morrison will move on within 36 issues (at most), and (if history is any indication) the next guy will most likely ignore everything he’s established here. After that, the people longing for pre-DCnU Superman will most likely rejoice, and rest comfortably once again in their nostalgia nest. It may sound cynical, but I’ll be the first guy gladly eatin’ his foot if it doesn’t pan out that way.

    • I was being sarcastic about the idiot savant part. Sometimes people unknowingly or unintentionally do something amazing or influential. Morrison doesn’t do anything that he doesn’t mean to do. I agree about the overthinking – sometimes he can be too literal. He does have big ideas though.

  72. I didn’t have a problem with the dialogue, but I found the art to be the weakest part of this story. I do normally love Rags Morales’ work but I found Superman varied in appearance from looking about 20 years old to about 40-45 years old depending on the page. The facial expressions and body movement were also quite goofy much of the time.

    I did love the story though and I’m really curious to see if Superman’s more aggressive attitude is going to be a constant or if we’ll see his temperament even out some. Morrison’s got me hooked and I’m thinking I need to check out Supergods soon.

  73. Its definitely a brand new Superman. I kinda like how he has some youthful angst and “i’m gonna go change the world all by myself-ness” about him. Pretty optimistic about where this could go.

    The art was good, but nothing that fresh or exceptional.

  74. I found the story to be the same old Superman story I’ve always read. I came into this because I thought it was going to be different, and the only difference in the stories I can see is his outfit. ๐Ÿ™

    • Huh? Is all you’ve read the first few years of Action Comics back in the 30s? Because this is not the Superman we’ve had in the past 50 plus years.

    • yeah i can’t remember a time since i’ve been reading comics where superman tossed a business man off a building, then got shot at by the cops, then had to be defended from a tank by homeless people. This is a working class hero not a big blue boy scout who fights intergalactic threats.

    • Seriously? This is NOT big blue the boy scout that we’ve seen for my entire lifetime. We’re not even sure if Superman is truly a good guy…he’s more vigilante than hero at this point. I see a lot of difference. Not quite sure what you were expecting….

    • same ole so ole? really? seemed different to me, are you sure you read the new action comics #1? cuz it seems like we’re talking about 2 different books. sorry peteparker, but perhaps you should re-read the book and re-think your comment, (not to be sassy or anything)

  75. Loved this! Superman is kind of a cocky jerk but it was fun. Tons of action and some gorgeous artwork.

  76. Not that it matters to me, because it doesn’t, but did anyone catch the “GD” in the speech bubble on pg. 15 or so, during his altercation with the tanks? I didn’t really pay attention until my LCS posted on their Facebook that they were canceling all Grant Morrison books including Action Comics, and they were tired of being force fed the liberal agenda. Now that bothers me, as I have around a 30 book pull list from them, and I don’t really wanna travel 25 miles to the next Comic store to pick up the next issue of Action or Batman Inc. when it starts back up, just because GM had Supe say GD, if that’s what it means (I actually thought it was just him making a grunting type noise). I just want to get some feedback as to whether anyone else feels as strongly as my LCS or is it just overkill.

    • I thought it was a grunt, too. Shows how politically minded I am.

      I’m not convinced that’s what it meant though. Why would he say that after being shot by a tank?

      Your LCS sounds like a bunch of uptight old ladies.

    • That’s the most ridiculous GD thing I’ve ever heard! You need to ditch that store anyway. Go digital, baby!

    • damn that sounds awful man, go digital or get them through the mail. also send them a letter telling them exactly why they will no longer be getting your business, maybe they’ll change their minds if enough people complain

    • I also thought it was a grunt or groan. This sounds ridiculous. I’ve never though of comic stores as bastions of conservatism. If I had a buck for every Darwin or Flying Spaghetti Monster sticker I’ve seen on cars at comic stores I’d be a richer man. I’m sure there are exceptions, and I don’t mean to generalize. You’re free to believe what you want, but canceling Morrison books seems like political censorship to me.

    • What abunch of pussies! I wonder if they cried about it. Fucking lame-o’s. I suggest mailorder if you like print! The shops in my area are ran by douche bags too, so I switched to DCBS. Google it!

    • That’s just BS. They don’t want to be force fed an agenda, yet they’re forcing theirs on you? They do know you have more ways than ever to get your books, right?

    • Feels like overkill to me…Action’s not an all ages book, and since when in comics have they just not written out the full expression rather then just GD? Maybe cause Superman’s traditionally been above reproach? But again, not an all ages book here, so that’s just weird to me…

    • I just found out that the owner has definitely canceled all Action Comic orders (#2 and #3) that he had already placed. I have heard from a few other people who also shop at the same store and they are pretty much all in agreement that they will be switching stores. (We have another pretty good store in the area, but it’s about a 20-30 minute ride from us) I am still contemplating mail-order or travel, but I’ve definitely decided on pulling my subscriptions from this store. Exactly, @LRECIO , I feel like he is doing the same thing to me that they are “supposedly” doing to him, not really fair there is it?! He also said that he would not even order it for subscribers, and not put it on the shelf. If he would have done that, at
      least, I would have no problem.

      Thanks to everyone for the input. I have been pondering on it most of the day. Your help has definitely helped me make a decision, and take MY stand.

      Thanks @diebenny , I’ll check out DCBS

    • Let the shitstorm begin!

      How long til mainstream media picks this story up?

    • Well I guess you all know which comic shop I’m talking about now!

    • I like how it’s not even what they think it is.

    • he coulda said “Gosh Darn” that is something Big Blue would TOTALLY SAY.

      i can’t believe out of everything in his shop, thats what he chooses to get all Christian-y over..i don’t think this guy has read a comic book in the past 10 years.

      @skyfire–Action is pretty close to all ages. I’d feel pretty comfortable giving that to a kid….Detective no way in hell, but Action i would trust.

    • It’s just a grunt like you would make if you got winded. It’s beyond silly.

    • talk about force feeding politics, whats funny is that it will probably sell more copies now with publicity like this, which i am sure is the opposite effect that they intended to have. the bible belt is a strange place, what with its often times right-wing extremist philosophies. glad i moved westward

    • my favorite part fomr the facebook post is this “It grieves me to see a liberal Scottish schmuck like Grant Morrison take these liberties.”

      Super Churchies are something else. Denounce a grunt and spout this out of their face holes.

  77. This was the first time I have ever read a digital comic…..I didn’t care for it at first because I hate reading things on a screen, but once I got used to it, it wasn’t so bad. I think I’ll continue picking this up digitally….maybe along with a couple of other books that otherwise I would not pick up because storing comics has become a slight problem for me….so, yeah, DC going day and date digital has gotten me to pick up more books from them.

    As for the issue itself, I thought it was pretty good….haven’t read a Superman book in a while and this was a refreshing take from Morrison. Looking forward to this series!

  78. Loved this issue. Refreshing, accessible and a pretty straight forward story. Art was good, not great, but I am definitely in for the ride on this series.

  79. Not that big of a Superman reader but I love the young and cocky version. I am reading this which is a first for me as far as Superman.

  80. So….I know that I’m in the minority but I didn’t really like it? Or maybe, rather, I didn’t like Superman’s character? Well, let me list my reasons why and you tell me if I got the wrong vibe or if I got the right vibe but am just not having it.

    1) He’s cocky.
    Okay, I know that he’s SUPPOSED to be cocky and arrogant but he was getting a bit too much as Superman.
    2) He’s reckless.
    He’s supposed to be for the people yet he doesn’t really care that all his fighting, dodging, escaping is causing harm to the city around him? I think I’ve had this problem with Superman for a long time but it was really apparent here. All the while bullets were flying and bounced off him as he ran away, all I could think about were the ricochet’s hitting the civilians all around him. Also, that train sequence in which undoubtedly TONS of people should die because the freaking train derailed off of the elevated support and onto the ground at HIGH speed? I know that there was a bomb on it but seriously. All I could think of was the opening scene of the Incredibles.
    3) He’s completely “Might Makes Right.”
    How is he any better than the “rats” he takes care of? They use fear to intimidate others into doing what they want, he uses his super strength to do the exact same thing. He talks about laws yet he flaunts the legal system by intimidating and coercing a criminal into “confessing”. Hell, if I were being tortured by Superman I might say anything he wanted me to in order to make it stop.

    I just can’t stand any of those reasons. Please tell me how those are likable qualities?

    I did like, however, enjoy the humbling of Clark Kent. I did enjoy how the status quo of Lois + Jimmy + Clark = best of friends, isn’t there. I enjoy how his costume is totally in the basics. I enjoy how his power set isn’t OP right now and how he bleeds and bruises. I mean, these little things I definitely enjoyed…

    It’s just his GD characterization I can’t stand right now.

    • These are examples of things he’s going to shrug off with experience and maturity. That’s the story here.

    • y’know how when you’re like 17 or 18 and you think you can take on the world all by yourself? You’re really snarky and maybe even militant and angry? The world hasn’t kicked your ass yet and you’re not thinking about consequences?

      I think that is where this Clark Kent/Superman is at right now.

    • I’m in the minority with you, azrael1213. I’ve taken a day to let it sink in, and I’ll be reading it again tonight. Then I’ll post my dissenting opinion review.

    • @paul @wally Yeah I guess that goes towards my first bit. I mean, I get what they’re trying to do to Superman. I get that they’re intentionally painting him this way. I just don’t quite like it though. I mean, just because I understand Superman is an immature hero (while Clark Kent though, seems to be the very image of idyllic Kansas farm boy), doesn’t mean I necessarily like it.

      So maybe I got the right vibe, but am just not digging it. I’m willing to keep tabs on this and check in every now and then. I’ll definitely check up on the Superman comic. But I just don’t know if I like this characterization.

      @kennyg I think I’ll give it a re-read, I mean, I have it right here so I might as well. And I’ll let it mull over. But first impressions are quite lasting and I don’t quite enjoy the BOY SuperMAN is being right now. We’ll see how older Clark Kent fairs on the 28th.

    • On a side note, I had just picked up Grant Morrison’s All-Star Superman recently and I loved it. I thought it be a very poignant and well crafted story. I’ve also loved other one-and-done stories with Superman (Red Son comes to mind). So I have a place for a Superman in my comic book life – and I do like Morrison’s writing in other parts. It’s just this particular one that irks me as much as rereading old 1940’s Action Comics did.

    • Well, I maybe become the most reviled man on iFanboy, but I posted my review. Come at me, bros!

  81. T-minus how many seconds until there’s a parody @ImGDSuperman twitter account?

  82. *Flame Shield on*

    I’m sorry, this was pure shit. no sugar coating. terrible. just terrible.

    • No flaming from me. I AGREE!!!! Why can’t I write a review, I clicky write review, nothing happens. So hears mine:

      Story 3
      Art 3

      I was very much looking forward to this book. Maybe my expectations were too high. The story was just OK, I get what they are trying to do with Superman. He wants to be that savior heroe, most people don’t know him yet. I said to myself before starting the 52 (since I bought all of the #1’s) that I would read them all and if I get to the end and feel I HAVE to get #2, then it makes the PULL list. Right now, its on the fence. I may get #2, if it sucks as bad as this one I will DROP it faster than a stripper drops their top at a tittie bar!

    • Oh yeah. I forgot the art. I found it very basic and inconsistent, especially his cape. I much prefer the art style of BatWing and Detective Comics.

    • Agree agree agree. Very disappointed. I enjoyed the new look but the story really was lacking for me. I’ll check out #2 but if that’s meh as well I’m going to skip this series. On a brighter note, batgirl and detective were surprisingly cool!

  83. This was very good. It’s basically exactly what I was expecting based on everything Morrison had said about it. This brash, idealistic Superman isn’t exactly likable but I think that’s the point. He’s interesting and there’s tons of room for growth.

  84. In the W.E. (Will Eisner) panel, notice the Wood’s Hardware sign? I thought it was kinda dirty, knowing Grant Morrison.

  85. i’ve read this a couple of times now, and i think it was fuckn fantastic!! young and brash, a champion of the people with a lot to learn about being such. i thought the art was just fine, great even. i thought it was very befitting of the themes and plot. i also really like the jeans and t-shirt look. going back to its 30’s roots was genius. i love seeing superman going after the politically tainted who are morally ambivalent. morrison strikes again!

  86. Given my reactions to most of Morrison’s recent work, I was expecting to be underwhelmed by this issue, but ended up enjoying it a lot. This is probably the best piece of superhero writing he’s done in awhile. I think that the young and cocky Superman is intriguing and I look forward to how the character developes. The hints of the dynamics with the supporting cast was good as well. Also, I agree with the above comments about Luther: he was definately a highlight of the issue. His speech about foreign bodies destroying eco-systems was a perfect example of the way Luther thinks about Superman.

    I liked the art for the most part, though it did not wow me.

    So far, this and Animal Man are my favorites of the reluanch with Swamp Thing close behind — now I just need to select one for pick of the week . . .

  87. WOW. Finally, a Lex Luther I FUCKING HATE (with his fat pretentious ass). As well as a Superman I can actually get behind! If the book keeps heading down this direction it will be like one of my favorite manga out there (not gonna say it, it’ll jinx it).

  88. I got the Jim Lee variant cover from my LCS, is it more rare or did they just print two covers?

  89. Morrison, you’d better make Superman lose that attitude and recklessness or consider your entire career off of my pull list.

    once again, we get it Grant, you’re “edgy”. Superman isn’t. cut this out, before you lose another diehard superman fan.

    please, merino & perez, DO BETTER. give us the real superman.

  90. with that said, the art was beautiful. great job, rags.

  91. Anyone know who the guy in the red hood is? On page 26, bottom panel and the right? He looks weird.

  92. This was a great issue of Superboy. The whole train sequence was a mess. Agree that Luthor was cool.

  93. I gave it a five because I liked the way it read and thats really it!! If I had to re-rate it it would probably be a three. The art was imo not good at all!! I read it again last night and payed more attention to the art and it was not really even average it just sucked about 80% thru out the whole book! The story itself was very good however; not as good as the first read where I was into it because of the relaunch and all of the excitement. I give it 3 out of a 5 overall.

    Just sayin’,


  94. It was ok, but I hey it’ll probably be the only Action #1 in my life time so why the hell not

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