iFanboy Update: After 13 Years It’s Finally Time To Scale Back


Josh Flanagan, Conor Kilpatrick, Ron Richards

This has certainly been a year of transition and change for iFanboy and that continues today as we, with heavy hearts, announce that we are scaling back operations; more specifically, after 13 years we are ceasing normal day-to-day operations at iFanboy.com.

This is not a decision that we have made lightly or impulsively, in fact it’s a discussion that we’ve been having internally for over a year now. There comes a time in every one’s life when you have to take a step back and take stock of things and having done that we’ve decided that our lives no longer support the time it takes to run iFanboy.com the way we want and the way that visitors to the site have come to expect and certainly deserve.

After five years spent running iFanboy.com as our primary jobs, we had to transition back to running iFanboy part time after Graphicly handed it back to us in February of this year, and there just aren’t enough hours in the day to focus on everything we need to focus on in the manner that it deserves to be. The simple fact is that our lives are much different now than they were even five years ago and with families and day jobs and other opportunities all vying for our time and attention, iFanboy.com has been suffering for it and we couldn’t watch it suffer any longer. It hurts us to not be able to put our all into this place that we’ve spent so many years building into a vibrant and wonderful community.

So what happens next? We will continue to produce all the podcasts that we have before. That means that every Sunday you will still get a new episode of the iFanboy Pick of the Week Podcast. We will still produce the occasional Special Edition, Talksplode, and Booksplode podcast. All of those shows will still be found here at iFanboy.com, which will still exist, but will now serve solely to host our shows. The old content on the website will continue to exist as well, that’s not going anywhere, but there will be no new daily written content on iFanboy.com, there will be no new comics page, there will be no new written Pick of the Week review, there will only be new podcasts.

Ever since we took this website from SpamZilla, running this website every day for the past 13 years has been an incredibly rewarding experience, and we are still struggling to come up with proper words to convey how much fun, frustrating, educational, insane, and revealing it has been. We’ve learned so much about ourselves, about running a business, about the comic book industry, and about all the crazy and wonderful people in it. It’s an experience that we’ll never forget and probably never replicate. That fact that our day-to-day lives as we’ve known them for almost a decade and a half are forever changing is something that hasn’t even really sunk in yet. Running this place as been as an important part of our lives as anything else. We’re extremely proud of it.

A wise man once said, “All things must pass.” And so it is with iFanboy.com.


Josh Flanagan & Paul Montgomery

We could not have found any of this success without a whole bevy of people. Most importantly, none of this would have happened without our fellow founder and partner-in-crime Ron Richards. We also want to thank all the people who have contributed to the website over the years: Dave Wiese, Jim Mroczkowski, Mike Romo, Sonia Harris, Tom Katers, Ryan Haupt, Molly McIsaac, Paul Dini, David Brothers, Chris Neseman, Ali Colluccio, Chris Arrant, Jonathan Hickman, Austin Hartman, John Siuntres, Jason Wood, Daniel Robert Epstein, Matt Adler, Jeff Reid, Josh Richardson, Timmy Wood, Josh Christie, Bon Alimagno, Gabe Roth, and Gordon the Intern.

But most importantly we want to thank the man who we’ve come to know as the glue that has held iFanboy.com together these last few years–Paul Montgomery. He journeyed from website commenter to columnist to editor to full-fledged iFanboy. Quite simply, this place would not be where it is today without him.

Of course we want to thank all of you wonderful people who have come to be known as the iFanbase. You came to this website every day and often spent all day hanging out and talking comics. And that’s exactly why we created this place 13 years ago—we wanted to build a cool place where cool people could hang out and talk about, and share their love of, comic books. More people came here to do just that than we would have ever imagined and it’s because of all of you people that we had, in our estimation, the best comic book community on the internet. You’ll never know just how grateful we are to each and every one of you.

— Conor Kilpatrick & Josh Flanagan



(Back, Left to Right): Jim Mroczkowski, Conor Kilpatrick, Jason Wood, Ron Richards, Molly McIsaac
(Front, Left to Right): Ali Colluccio, Chris Neseman, Josh Flanagan

And now, a few more final thoughts.

Paul Montgomery

Paul Montgomery

Paul Montgomery

I found my way to iFanboy while still in college, when my tonsils had to go. I wanted to read comics again, do the recovery up right with soft serve and Spider-Man. iFanboy taught me how, pointed me in all the right directions, shaped my tastes as a returning reader. I wrote so much, so often, my surrogate big brothers boosted me up and gave me a chance to be right and wrong and everything in between.

I’ve spent countless hours staring at this website, soaking in its sanctuary glow, raging at its error messages, fumbling to articulate, hazarding upon insight. It has been my night light and my constant in times when I couldn’t brave rolling out of bed. More importantly, it introduced me to collaborators who continue to excite and challenge me. There’s a lot of me in this code. I got so much more back.

Thank you for reading, for giving a hoot here and there. Thank you for ensuring, early on, that a blinking cursor on a white screen is hardly a lonely prospect.

Jim Mroczkowski

When Josh offered me this job out of the clear blue sky five years ago (and that’s how you got hired by iFanboy, by the way, people who kept writing in gunning for my job: they’d see something in you they liked and come to you) I was very close to turning it down.

Ali Colluciio, Jim Mroczkowski, Timmy Wood

Ali Colluccio, Jim Mroczkowski, Timmy Wood

“There is no way, simply no way,” I said to my wife, “that I could possibly find something to say about comic books every single week.”

Five years, 411 articles, and one “oh my god, you navel-gazing imbecile, take the job” from my wife later, I have learned more than I ever could have imagined about comics, the internet and myself. About twice a day I wish could unknow a lot of the stuff about the internet, but the comics stuff was great. Conor, Josh, and Ron introduced me to a whole new world; I got to go to cons, meet some of my heroes in the biz, and blow off C-3PO. I got to raise ROM awareness. I got to appreciate my favorite medium with a new set of eyes and meet scores of people from around the country who are now dear friends, all from bloviating and making Deadpool jokes. I got to be on my favorite podcast sometimes; once, the host of it even bear-hugged me. That’s a surreal couple of years. I will painfully miss the camaraderie and the outlet for my creativity. Not to mention the free audience, the money, the gossip, the occasional freebies, and that sweet, sweet press pass, but I’m trying not to think about that part right now.

Now, I guess I’m off to raise my alpacas.

Mike Romo

Well, this is a piece that I have been putting off for awhile now. When talking about an end, where do you begin?

Ryan Haupt & Mike Romo

Ryan Haupt & Mike Romo

With gratitude, of course. It perhaps seems sentimental, but I truly do remember when Ron and Conor offered me a chance to write for the site, way back in 2008. We were getting lunch at King’s Road Cafe with my wife Whitney, and they were explaining how they wanted to bring in some new voices, and, well, they wanted to know if I wanted to get involved.

I jumped at the chance, spilling LA’s best coffee all over the place. I had been an avid listener of the show for several years by then, and to get a chance to contribute to something that had been a really positive part of my life — nothing but gratitude.

Together, you, me, the rest of the crew, we’ve lived through a lot when it comes to comics. For those of us lucky enough to attend the Isotope + iFanboy parties during WonderCon, we got a chance to meet our favorite creators and sample some of the finest Tiki bars in the city. Indeed, for those of us lucky to go to any of the conventions, getting a chance to hang out with Ron, Conor, Josh and the rest of the iFanboy community was truly one of the best aspects of being into comics.

Together, you, me, the rest of the crew, we’ve lived through a lot when it comes to comics. We saw the entire industry change, moving from print to finally embracing digital in a meaningful way. We’ve seen DC (not) reboot their universe, we’ve gone through a seemingly unending series of Big Important Events. And through it all, the columnists and readers at iFanboy have discussed, complained and championed different aspects of the ever changing universe that is comic books. My first article ever was an ode to an unread stack of books—who knew that, just a few years later, I wouldn’t be worried about physical stacks at all? Amazing, what we’ve seen.

Together, you, me, the rest of the crew—we’ve become a real community. And you know what? This community is going to change, but it’s not going to go away. We’ll still have the podcast, we’ll still have the conventions, we’ll still chime in on Twitter and Facebook…we have a history together, a truly great and vibrant history, and that bodes well for a great future as well. While you may not be getting a weekly columns from the writing staff (and let’s be clear, you haven’t been getting regular weekly columns from me lately as often as I would have liked), we’re still going to be around!

So, yes: this is big transition for iFanboy, but it’s a good one. It’s not the end, of course. The podcasts will still come out, and the writing you’ve enjoyed will stay on the site in the archives, which makes me happy — the conversations we’ve had about comics and comic book culture…they are important, they are part of our shared legacy, and should live on.

Conor Kilpatrick, Josh Flanagan, Ron Richards, & Mike Romo

Conor Kilpatrick, Josh Flanagan, Ron Richards, Mike Romo

(long pause)

I guess this is it, then.

Here goes everything: thanks to all of you who have ever read one of my pieces. Thanks for putting up with my long winded analyses and tortured tirades about comic book trends and missed opportunities with favorite characters. Thanks for commenting, thanks for tweeting, thanks for emailing me when I had a typo—it’s impossible for you to know how much your support has meant to me over the years. I never, in a million years, thought I would write about anything, let alone something as near and dear to me as comics. Thanks to you, I can point to over five years of doing just that.

Thanks to my fellow writers, who showed me, week after week, a passion for this medium that never ceased to inspire me. I was a real honor, a true honor, to have a chance to be on your team.

And, thanks, finally, to Ron, Conor, and Josh, for providing all of us with a place to call “home” on the Internet; a place where the energy of the comic book convention, a place where we could just be ourselves and talk about the stuff we loved, was just a click away. And thank you for providing one of your fans an opportunity to be a part of something that was—and is— truly magic. I refuse to forget a moment of it.

Ryan Haupt

When I was told that my tenure as a weekly staff writer for iFanboy was coming to a close I was conflicted. Part of me was glad that I’d no longer have to come up with 1,000 words every week about something to do with comics, even during weeks when I felt like I truly had nothing to say. But that part was dwarfed by how sad I am to let this part of my life go. I wrote a piece of what iFanboy means to me when Ron took his job at Image, not knowing I’d have to write something like it again so soon.

Ryan Haupt & Molly McIsaac

Ryan Haupt & Molly McIsaac

I’ve been friends with the guys since before Ron moved to the Bay Area and I actually remember him telling me he was coming out my way before he even made the announcement public. Then one January night in 2010 we went to dinner at a sushi place near his apartment that he wanted to try even though he doesn’t eat sushi, and he asked me to come on board as a writer. My first column about the science of the X-Man Beast went up April 15, 2010 and I’ve strived to put out something worth reading every week since.

According to the site I’ve published a grand total of 225 items as of this writing, in addition to the times I’ve been on the various podcasts. It’s almost a little funny to feel sad about it all because it’s not like these people are going away. I’m sure we’ll be in touch less frequently, but my friendships with the whole staff here will stand the test of time. Meet Mike Romo just once and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

I’ll miss the column, I’ll miss hashing out the science of some whacky concept only to have it broken apart by a single clever comment, and I’ll miss the various features both past and current (remember VS? That was always a good time); but the iFanboy Pick of the Week Podcast will prevail. It remains one of the few podcasts I’m still eager to listen to when it’s released, and I expect that will only intensify as it becomes my primary connection to the guys and to this site.

I am indebted to them for the opportunity to contribute for all these years, and indebted to you all for reading what I had to say. While this feels like a goodbye (or an iFanbye, and I’ve taken to calling it), you can still find me doing my own podcast Science… sort of, writing now and again for Marvel.com, and hopefully back on an iFanboy podcast for the next meeting of the Animated Brain Trust, because someone has to tell Chris he’s being an overly critical cantankerous cartoon curmudgeon, right?

Chris Arrant

(Left to Right): Molly McIsaac, Mike Romo, Conor Kilpatrick, Gordon the Intern, Ryan Haupt

(Left to Right): Molly McIsaac, Mike Romo, Conor Kilpatrick, Gordon the Intern, Ryan Haupt

I’ve been writing for iFanboy since February 2011, and as the defacto “new guy” still to this day I can say that this site — and this editorial team — has been one of those most encouraging and rewarding experiences I’ve had. My CV has me writing for everyone from Marvel Comics to Publishers Weekly and other comics sites like Newsarama and CBR, but iFanboy has let me in many way do the kind of stories I’ve always wanted to as a fan and a writer.

Highlight up and coming artists with Tuesday’s iFanboy Upstarts. Dream-casting big screen adaptations of comics with Monday’s Comic Book Casting. Cutting to the core of character’s with “must read’ list of books with Thursday’s Where Do I Start?. And act like a comic book casting director by picking series, who should work on them, and why in the concluded Remake & Reboot. Between that and my frequent Top 5 posts and various general stories, I’ve been able to scratch almost every conceivable itch I’ve had — with iFanboy even going so far as to commission me to do a five-part retrospective on the career of Stuart Immonen once.

Although iFanboy as a comics news site may be reaching it’s end, iFanboy lives on in the thing that brought everyone here in the first place — the podcast. And maybe someday if everyone gets sick I can make my debut. Pardon the stuttering.

Timmy Wood

I will never forget when I stumbled upon the iFanboy podcast (Batman #663, The “Prose” issue. Conor’s Pick of the Week). I had jumped back into the world of comics four years prior but this was the first time I went searching for a podcast about them. I

Paul Montgomery & Timmy Woods

Paul Montgomery & Timmy Wood

downloaded several and out of all of them, iFanboy was one of the few to stick around. I listened religiously for years and quickly became apart of the community. I know it’s all rose tinted glasses but the community of the iFanboy forums over at Revision3 was truly one of the best. This was before Twitter and before everyone was on Facebook.  The people who posted on those forums were some of the best people to talk about comics. It was big part of my comic reading ritual to head to those forums after I read my books and discuss them with dave-accampo, Gobo, Paper, Luthor, Kwok_Talk, piscespaul, Itsbecca, Kahuna_Blair, and of course the iFanboys themselves. Then several of those members were hired as writers and the website became even better. I was lucky enough to be hired in the third wave of writers with Jeff Reid and Josh Christie.

I am not trying to give a history lesson or bio on the site. I just want to say that one of the reasons it was so successful is due to the strong positive community it cultivated. We have Ron, Conor and Josh to thank for that. They started it and led by example showing that comic book fans don’t have to always be negative stereotypes. They can be normal people who celebrate comics as a wonderful medium.

I am going to miss the website and all of it’s regular content. All the writers here are tremendous and I consider them brothers and sisters. I also want to thank Ron, Conor and Josh for taking a chance on this goofy comedian. Those guys gave me outlet to write ridiculous articles about the Justice League’s Email Chains, Superhero Job Evaluations, and the character actors in The Dark Knight Rises. Thanks for memories guys! It’s been great.

Jeff Reid

For many readers, comics are a solitary experience. That’s been the case for me, anyway. For the majority of my life, there was no

Ali Colluccio, Jim Mroczkowski, Jeff Reid

Ali Colluccio, Jim Mroczkowski, Jeff Reid

one around me who shared my interest. Certainly there was no one who cared as much as I did about how the Crisis on Infinite Earths reshaped the DCU or could talk with me about which Captain Marvel was the best. Comics were an interior-only experience. That changed the day I first stumbled upon iFanboy and the community that was fostered on its website.

When I started commenting on, and then submitting bits and pieces to, iFanboy, it was a revelation. Here were interesting, knowledgeable, personable people who enjoyed comics in the same way I did. And those were just the commenters. Columnists like Paul, Jim, Ryan, Mike, and many others were writing pieces that forced me to reexamine how I looked at what I was reading. Josh, Conor, and Ron lead the way with vision and their podcasts were always something I enjoyed. iFanboy was exactly what I was looking for.

The fact that I was a writer on this website for nearly two years is something of which I’m extremely proud. Writing for iFanboy allowed me to share my fandom and focus it in a way that I didn’t know existed before. Now, my “interior-only experience” is long dead. It was forced out of me by the iFanboy community, its writers, and its founders. For that, I was always be thankful.

Josh Christie

Josh Christie

Josh Christie

When I started reading comics in 2006 (like many people, I came to read Civil War), I thought I’d just read a series or two and be done with it. It’s thanks to iFanboy that I’m now a capital-letters Comics Reader.

My first brush with iFanboy was the Pick of the Week Podcast #71. I needed some audio to get me through a killer snowstorm that was messing with my radio, and the guys’ discussion of the death of Captain America fit the bill. As a fledgling comic fan with no local shop and no friends that read in issues, iFanboy was a lifeline of funny, smart discussion of comics. Without the iFanboy community, I’m not sure I would be a comic reader at all. I certainly wouldn’t be the fan I am now. I wouldn’t have discovered as many cool books, gone to as many neat events, or met as many fantastic people.

And that’s not to mention the great writing that has been on the site over the last few years. The whole staff haven’t just written interesting articles – they’ve helped me develop a smarter, sharper voice as a writer and a better critical vocabulary for comics. Like everyone else, I’m sad to see the written aspect of iFanboy come to an end. I’m also thrilled I got to (in a small way) be a part of this special site, and I’m looking forward to seeing the impact that iFanboy – and especially Ron, Conor, Josh and Paul – will undoubtedly have on comics in their future work.

Ali Colluccio

When I first started reading comics, I really only talked about them over email with a small group of friends. Anytime I tried to jump into the communities at CBR or Newsarama, I pretty much ran away screaming. I had heard from a friend about the iFanboy Pick of the Week Podcast, and since podcasts weren’t really my thing at the time, I figured I’d check to see if they had a website.

Ali Collucio & Josh Flanagan

Ali Colluccio & Josh Flanagan (and Bacon)

That was in 2008. And the truly amazing and wonderful iFanbase quickly became my home on the internet. Last week comicbookchris mentioned somewhere in the comments that the “live taping” of the Pick of the Week Podcast Episode #200 at Jim Hanley’s was how he met most of the people he knows now. That is not an exaggeration. A lot of my friends in New York (Chris included) are my friends because we met at that party. There were unofficial tweet-ups and NYCC parties and eventually just hanging out for the sake of hanging out. I go to a lot of comic conventions in a lot of different cities. And the reason I do it is to hang out with iFanbase friends from different cities, different countries even! I can call people as far away as Australia friends because of this site.

I guess this is just a very long-winded way of saying iFanboy.com is so much more than the place I go to make my pull list each week. It’s a place for comics and friendship. For enthusiasm and camaraderie and even comfort. It’s a home.

I cannot thank Josh, Conor, Ron and Paul for everything they’ve done here, for building this incredible community. I have nothing but best wishes and highest hopes for them, and for all my fellow iFanbase members, in the future.

Matt Adler


Matt Adler

Hey there. Mine is a name you haven’t seen around these parts in a while, for various reasons having to do with life, work, and other complications. Still, once upon a time, Matt Adler was a proud and active member of the iFanboy staff, and the proud part is still true. When Josh, Conor, and Paul let us know a few weeks ago that the time had come to bring this phase of iFanboy to a close, my initial reaction, as I’m sure was the rest of the staff’s, was sadness. Sadness that, as all good things must, this great fellowship was coming to an end, and sadness for what might have been. But I choose to look back on happier times, and think about some of my favorite work for the site.

(Back, Left to Right): Jamie McKelvie, Gordon the Intern, Josh Flanagan(Front, Left to Right): Mike Romo & Conor Kilpatrick

(Back, Left to Right): Jamie McKelvie, Gordon the Intern, Josh Flanagan
(Front, Left to Right): Mike Romo & Conor Kilpatrick

The many interviews I did with my comic book idols; greats including J.M. DeMatteis, Bob Layton, Marc Silvestri, Brian K. Vaughan, Mark Waid, Mike Carey, Peter David, Kurt Busiek, Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning, Paul Cornell, Roy Thomas, Cully Hamner, Cary Bates, Dan Jurgens, Paul Levitz, Jim Shooter, Neal Adams, Karl Kesel, Gail Simone, and more. The reviews that gave me the chance to highlight overlooked or under-appreciated comics, like Tony Puryear’s Concrete Park and Robert Love’s Number 13 from Dark Horse Presents. The fun columns I got to write, like the two-parter on some of the more notorious ne’er-do-wells of the comic book industry, the mini-feud between Jason Aaron and Alan Moore, or my stint on WANT where I discovered Ham Solo in Candybaronite. I was writing during an exciting time for the industry, and it gave me ample opportunity to indulge in my geekdom; when the Thor movie hit theaters, I relished the chance to do a breakdown of Marvel mythology vs. Norse mythology and highlight some of the surprising differences. The X-Men: First Class film offered the chance to take a look back at the some of the stories that revealed the characters’ backgrounds in the comics. I had the chance to cover some of the sad moments too, as when Wildstorm came to an end, or when legends like Dwayne McDuffie and Gene Colan passed away. And I have to thank Paul Montgomery for giving me a shot at filling in on an iFanboy podcast—even if it was to cover the Conan The Barbarian remake, a movie we agreed was lousy!

In summary, I want to say thank you to everyone I worked with, and to you, the audience. And if you like what I’ve written for iFanboy, you can still follow me over at Ain’t It Cool News where I continue to do interviews and reviews, as well as PopTardsGo.com, where I am part of a quartet of comic book reviewers who do a weekly, spoiler-heavy podcast. You can also friend me on Facebook, follow me on Twitter, or reach me by e-mail with questions/comments. Peace and love, everyone.

You Might Have Some Questions; We Might Have Some Answers

What about the iFanboy Memberships?

We have reduced the iFanboy Memberships to $3/month for monthly members and $30/year for yearly members. These changes have been made automatically to existing members accounts. If you are not currently a member and would like to become one, just go to the Member Registration page.  If you are an existing iFanboy Member and no longer wish to be, then all you have to do is send an email to contact AT ifanboy DOT com and give us your name and the email address you used to sign up and we will cancel your membership straight away.

Why do you still need iFanboy Members?

While ending the day-to-day operation of the website greatly reduces our costs, there are still others costs, like maintaining the server to keep the website up and all of the old content accessible, hosting for the podcasts, and equipments costs (for example, Josh’s microphone broke right before we recorded episode 400). We still need the iFanboy Members to help us keep the lights on, even if the lights are now different. You can sign up for a membership at the Member Registration page.

What if I don’t want to sign up for a membership? Can I still help support iFanboy?

Yes, of course you can. There are two quick and easy ways you can help out. You can provide a one time donation to iFanboy, in any amount you like (every little bit counts), just go to the Support iFanboy page and click on the Donate button.  Or you can head over to Amazon by way of this handy link, where iFanboy gets a cut of your purchases.

What about all the old articles and all of those awesome comments I made?

Everything that we’ve published over the last ten years of iFanboy will still be accessible and your accounts will still be active. The only catch is that you will only be able to comment on the new content moving forward. The old content will have the comments locked.

What will I do all day now?

Live, dammit! You live! Barring that, hopefully you’ll come back here and discuss the latest podcast and the comics, industry issues, movies, philosophical quagmires, existential quandaries, dumb jokes, and Goodfellas references contained therein. It’ll still be fun.




  1. Saddest year ever.

    • Yeah, that’s about right.

      Thank you guys, for all the work you have put into this. I still remember the first time I listened to one of your podcasts, and instantly felt a connection. It was so similar to my conversations with my closest friends. The friendship that came through in that podcast is what captured my interest so much. Glad the podcasts will be staying! But sad to see the site scaling back.

      Best wishes to the entire staff, thank you for all you put into this site, and wishes of happiness for all.

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  3. Sorry to hear this, but best wishes to you all. Your website content has been really awesome and I will miss it sorely.

    Really glad to hear the podcasts will continue. They’ve always been my favorite part of iFanboy anyway.

    Long live iFanboy!

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    ….this will take some time to get used to, but I wish you guys all the best!

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  10. What can I say… A big thank you to all involved on your labor of love, for the arts, the medium and to your community throughout all these years. Been a listener as a newbie to comics for close to ten years and learned so much about all this comics stuff from you. You were and still are my teachers on this hobby that I pick up in my adult hood. You were my only “friends” in this hobby. I may have been a quiet member buy nonetheless a very appreciative one. I still read and enjoy your podcasts even though I have stopped buying comics for a while, save the occasional trade and hardcover. I want to wish you all the best in the future and glad I will still hear you every week. Please, soldier on. on whatever you are doing or whatever your plans may be. Glad to have met you and that you shared so much love for the arts with me, with all of us. A toast! For the good times had and the good times to be had!

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    I’m glad the podcast will still be on. Hopefully for some more time. Thanks to all those people who forked for the website. Man, there was so much quality …

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    Seriously – thank you guys for the years of entertainment and discussion. Like many, many of your readers, you have suceeded in broadening my comic reading horizons way beyond what I would normally read.

    Good Luck to you all, and I will continue to look forward to your podcast for my commute in to work.

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    PS: Will the pull list featu be going? Some of the best conversations happen on that section of the site and it added to the POTW podcast to have the community picks.

  21. It was iFanboy–the videos, the articles, and the podcasts–that got me into comics two years ago (I’m 19 now). It’ll be weird not having the new articles every week, but I’m happy that the podcast will continue. Thank you for all the work, and thank you for teaching me what comics can be.

  22. I am currently going through my collection and cataloging it all. 3/4 the way through and over 2 thousand books and I owe it all to ifanboy. They have taken my love for X-Men (which is only book I read for 10 plus years) and turned it into my love for all comics. Comics are now a huge part of my life and me and my wife’s favorite weekends of the year are going to Heroescon and next week Baltimore con which I never would have done before iFanboy showed me what is now my favorite medium. Thank you guys for everything.

    On a personal selfish note: how the hell am I going to know what books are coming out every week?

  23. The best of internet since I discovered them in 2007. From then on, I have always thought of them as distant friends. A distant gang that would have fit right inside my living room. Everything must end I guess.

    Thanks a 1000.

    Tom from Norway !

  24. iFanboy was the first site I found when I started reading comics where it felt like a community I was a part of and it has brought me back to comics many times since reading. Thanks guys, so long.

  25. Thanks for this. I’m glad we can keep listening.

  26. I started reading comics in 2008, just around the time of Final Crisis. Ifanboy has always been there to help fill in gaps and introduce me to new material. I’ve probably watched every video podcast at least 3 or 4 times. I’ll be sure to keep listening.

  27. Really sad to see this announcement… Thirteen years ago, I bought an iPod and downloaded my first podcast to listen to while riding to work in the Long Island railroad. I think it was the second or third of the pick of the week podcasts you ever did. I felt like I was listening to long lost pals, or time machine was letting me listen to me and my old pals during high school and college. You guys carried my sorry tired butt on that train a bunch of times. Once I moved my family down to NC, I lost touch with the Midtown Comics crowd on a weekly basis but I always had the gang on this website. Your enthusiasm for the world of comic books has always been a privilege to listen to, and in some small part be a part of as a member of the great community you fostered in iFanboy.

    I wish you all the best of luck, I’m sure you will all do great things. To Josh, Conor, Paul and Ron I say, thank you and happiest of days for your futures.

  28. After 6 years dedicated to this website I can honestly say I love iFanboy. I’m sad about the news but really excited you’ll be keeping the podcast alive. Keep up the great work guys 🙂

  29. I’ve always been curious how you guys always did this and maintained your out-of-podcast lives? This is the best comic-based website/ podcast there is!

  30. Sad but not sad news. I think we all(the iFanbase) can accept that change is inevitable. To keep it brief I’ll just say(as I have before) stumbling onto an iFanboy video on youtube one day(the Ultimate Spider-Man video show) was a great day for me. This site and all those who have contributed to it and the community got me back into comics and I can’t say thank you enough. Your thoughts and (many inside jokes) over the years whether it was in articles or podcasts helped get me through some tough times in the last few years and I am forever grateful. As before, I will continue to enjoy any new podcasts or content produced. As long as I read comics, iFanboy will always be in the back of my mind and make me smile. iFanboy will always hold a special place in my heart & mind. I wish everyone at iFanboy well and hope the future is bright.

    And finally, as a famous comic-book Father once said(who I will now paraphrase)

    “Always hold onto iFanboy.” That was for you Conor & Ron.

  31. When I first created my account on the iFanboy site many years ago I was trying to think of a name that reflected me in someway without it actually being me. I was/am a very happy and proud father (friends use to call me BigDaddy), and I also knew the name needed a superhero sort of sound, thus I came up with PowerDad — and amazingly haven’t regretted it this entire time.

    This has been quite a year. I lost my job of 12 years a few months ago, and now my comic book site is “going away”. But that’s okay. All things change, and this just means there are new opportunities for discovery.

    Thanks to everyone who has worked to make this place as enjoyable as it was/is.

    Oh, and this is probably a bad time to ask if Murmur.com is coming back anytime soon, huh. 🙂

  32. Lads thanks for all the great articles over the years , thanks for the great podcasts done and still to come
    You have to do what is right for yourselves and don’t feel bad about scaling back , you owe us nothing

    Thanks again

    I’ve been with you guys from Wales uk for over 5 years. There simply is no better comics forum. Funny, sane, informed, balanced, positive, creative. Your daily work will be hugely missed. I hope that it wasn’t just financed that closed you down ,as you are SO much better than a lot of big name sites out there. I hope the podcast only version continued to work well for you and that your personal circumstances stay secure. You’ve shared a lot. You deserve better. But if YOU made the decision then I am sure it was the right one.
    May you get to Internet heaven half an hour before the devil knows you’re dead.
    Pob lwc as we say in Wales.
    I’m gonna go.,,,… I’ve some dust in my eye.

  34. Family first always. You guys have certainly given for a long time, and given a lot of people opportunities. And I know it’s been appreciated. Thank god you still have the podcast, which will always be the heart of ifanboy. Best of luck to you guys.

  35. Well i might as well make this comment before they become locked up… this is a very sad day but thanks for all the entertainment. I just wish there was still a way to make a pull list somewhere and have a pick of the week, which was my favourite function of the site

  36. Wow, really sad to hear this. Your site has always been a wonderful source for all things comics and I’m certainly going to miss its daily presence in my life. That said, I understand entirely your reasons for going in this direction and I beyond thrilled that you’re keeping on with the podcasts – which are still my favourite part of the site anyway. So thanks for everything guys AND keep up the terrific work.

  37. I have to say this is very sad new for me but I completely understand. A huge THANK YOU to everyone on the iFanboy staff, this is by far my favorite web site and I am very glad to still have the podcasts. I guess my employer will be happy anyways, I’ll probably get a lot more work done now.

    • THANK YOU! We’re hoping to increase worldwide productivity by at least 0.000001%.

    • LOL, I dunno, the work I’ll get done alone might eclipse that mark, I spent a lot of time on this site! But seriously, thanks again and the fact that you even took the time to respond to so many people just helps to show what a great site and community that exists here on this site, I will miss the daily content but as always, will look forward to the podcasts.

  38. Thanks, guys. I’ll miss it.

    The pull list feature and the ensuing conversations were a huge part of my Monday every week.

    Cheers, and best wishes.

  39. Sorry to hear this. I have discovered countless comics and trades thanks to this site. Good luck in your next chapters.

  40. Thanks guys

  41. Thanks for all the content, I’ve really enjoyed it – good luck to you all in the future.

  42. Well everyone should go to the 11 o’clock comics forum and really make them huge now!!!!!!!!!!

  43. I know a lot more about comics and the comic book industry because of iFanboy. Never would have known about Y: The Last Man, Transmetropolitan, Sweet Tooth, Scalped and a whole lot of others if it wasn’t for you guys. I am deeply sad about this but really, all I want to say is “Thank You” from the bottom of my heart. I hope like the comics industry or any comics event that everything will just revert back to the status quo or even reboot to a new and better iFanboy in the future.

  44. Hey, I understand. Good luck guys

  45. Onwards, upwards. Cheers, ladies and gentlemen.

  46. damn…

    i came across the podcast 8 years ago, at a time when i was looking to get back into comics, after i had stopped reading them as a kid and that’s exactly what you guys helped me do- now i have shelves and shelves of great books that i love, the majority of which were bought on your recommendation and now i’m studying towards a masters degree in comic book culture, so for that and everything else you guys have done, i say thanks!

    good luck in all your future endeavors!

  47. It’s been a little over 7 years since I started frequenting this website and it’s been a blast to have a quality place to go and have great content to read and find out all the fun little things about the industry. Not having the articles anymore will require a bit of a change to the old reading habits but I’m glad not all things are ending on this day, at least we still have the podcasts 🙂

    Thanks for all the hard work you have put into the site over the years and I look forward to hearing your voices justifying the books I buy, creating fair points in contest to the books I enjoyed that one or more of you didn’t and spoiling all the books I couldn’t afford.

    The regular articles and most of the site may be discontinuing but long live iFanboy and long live the podcast 🙂

  48. It has been great working with you for the past few years as developers on ifanboy.com. Helping switch the site to the newest iteration was sad for us, too. We consider iFanboy the centerpiece of our portfolio, and always will.

    We wish you nothing but the best!

  49. I don’t recall who said it, but it feels appropriate for what this site has accomplished. “An experience shared is an experience doubled.”

  50. Just wanted to say thanks for everything, whilst its sad that things aren’t going to be the same I hope things get better and better for you guys. Thanks for all the great comic recommendations and a terrific website that somehow knew what I wanted before I did.

  51. Serious question…where are we all going to go now? What site will be our daily place for comic book news?

  52. FYI for pull list I just downloaded comixology pull list app and seems like it will do the trick, you can ever subscribe to a book so automatically puts in queue. Not the greatness of ifanboy with the comment section but it’s something.

  53. I just want to say thank you to all the writers who contributed so much for the last decade. Your efforts were entertaining and something I looked forward to on a weekly basis. If I may suggest a section of the website which could highlight links to current work of the writers so that the iFanbase can continue to follow there efforts? And I extend my gratitude for continuing the podcast, my favorite hour of the week. Good luck and good fortune to all.

  54. I came into comics in 2006 and quickly devoured any comics related material on the web, desperately playing catch up on a world I had admired from afar since childhood. Of all the dozens of comics podcasts I listened to, yours is the only one that remains. It will continue that way until you guys decide otherwise, which hopefully is a long ways away.

    Thanks for helping me evolve as a reader. Thanks for helping me fall in love with the medium. Thanks for the content. Thanks for everything. Thank you.

    Can’t wait for the next episode!

  55. I started reading iFanboy in middle school and have just entered college. Kind of crazy to think it won’t be around.

    Point is, this has been the best comics website for years. Joshes rants against comic fans, Paul’s fan fiction showdowns and Jim’s Top 5 Sentry Crying Moments come to mind as being particularly wonderful. Paul’s reviews were amazing and it’s a crying shame there won’t be more.

    Thank you for all the hard work, it was a joy to read.

    And good luck with whatever comes next.

    • That Sentry piece was one of my favorites. I still think about it and laugh.

    • Thanks, Randy! And I think that you’ll be seeing our talented writers pop up in other places. They’re too talented to stay without gigs for too long.

      And that Sentry piece pretty much justified that entire feature.

    • The PotW show when Josh and Ron discussed “Sentry: Fallen Sun” was probably one of the best bits of podcasting anywhere, too. It’s a shame the Sentry’s gone – he was comedy gold!

    • The podcast with Sentry: Fallen Sun is one of the funniest hours ever recorded.

      Jeez. The podcast has taught me more about comics than anything. Thanks so much for keeping it going

  56. I’ve been a visitor to the site for over 4 yrs now and usually am simply an observer, hardly a commenter. I always enjoyed reading the articles and listening to the podcasts. But for this, I couldn’t stay silent. While I’m happy to hear the guys are venturing into their own thing, I’m sad to see that there will be much new material from the iFanboy founders and staff. I’ve greatly appreciated their insight as they helped me get into comics. Wish them the best!!

  57. This is my number one website.The main reason I got back into comics after a 15 year lay off.Sad news for me.You guys are the best.

  58. I had just gotten around to listening to episode #400 today and thinking to myself “I wonder how much longer these guys will be doing this?” Best wishes to all with whatever comes next. I’ll still be there for the podcast!

  59. Ahhh man this is a real bummer and way more effecting then I thought it would be
    Now that my favourite website is gone what other sites have similar content that you guys would suggest? The people at comic vine fuck me off to be honest

  60. Endings suck! But in this case, I can’t help thinking first about how awesome it’s been to hang out on this site, to listen to your podcasts, to watch your video podcasts, and even to have met some of you at Comic-Con gatherings. All of you at iFanboy have done such an incredible job of building a very personal community – one which will stick around forever, even if the website itself goes through secondary mutations. We all know there’s no such thing as death in comic books, right? 🙂

    Anyway… bless you, iFanboy, for your dedication (especially Josh, Conor, Ron and Paul) and for sharing so much of yourselves with the rest of us. I look forward to that relationship continuing. Hooray for all of you!

  61. Just crazy how things work and everything is connected. I just recently picked up my last monthly issue of any comic book and decided to move to reading all trades exclusively. I started reading monthly issues with Grant Morrison’s start on Batman with issue #655. I basically stopped buying monthly issues after his final issue on Batman with Batman Incorporated #13. Now this news. Just crazy. Very sad news guys, I loved coming on here on a daily basis to see all the new news. And I really enjoyed the pull list.

  62. There’s no adequate way to thank you guys for everything this site has meant to me; it has truly been a beacon of sanity in a sea of madness. Like the old toast says: may the road rise to meet your feet, may the wind be ever at your back. And iFanbase? Thank you for being the kind of family you are. See you in the comments.

  63. That’s a bummer, guys. Your articles and your podcasts got me back into comics at a time when I needed them the most — but to paraphrase Meat Loaf, one out of two ain’t bad. Best of luck with your future endeavours.

  64. Holy cow! This is a bummer, but I am very glad that the podcast has been spared the axe for the time being. Many other folks have mentioned that this is such a civil and even-keeled site and that’s a sentiment that absolutely needs to be reiterated over and over again. I’ve found myself busier and busier the past few years and that’s without running a website, so I can imagine that it just becomes untenable at some point.

    What a great site and even better group of people who kept the machine running. Thanks a bunch!

    • Thanks so much, Andrew! Creating a place that focuses on people being positive and civil with each other (what a concept!) had always been our top priority.

      And the podcast isn’t going anywhere any time soon unless they finally find out about the drifters chained up in Josh’s basement.

  65. I have been part of this community for the past four years. Let me just say that you guys really did an amazing job. Choosing the pick of the week on my pull list and seeing if it was the same comic-book chosen by the site has always been great. You guys helped me get back into the comic-book world with all your videos, podcasts and discussions. And, if this is not enough, you really made me feel part of the community, and part of the never-ending discussion about comic-books that we love so much. Thank you so much for everything.

  66. But I will be there still for every goddamn podcast!! iFanboy FOREVER!!!!

  67. Nope, not April 1…

    Nope, not a nightmare.

    OH MAN!? I’m so absolutely gutted at this announcement. I’d suggest having some of the iFanbase help with things like the weekly pull list but if the site was my baby, I don’t think I could do that either. So with that, even though it’s not a total exit, I thank the iFanboy staff (and Ron, where ever you may be). I thank you all for the last few years of rekindling my passion for stories and story tellers.

    This site guided me back to comics with the pull list. I was turned onto the site by old friends that brought me back into comics. Those same friends that, unfortunately, I don’t get to see very often. This site was were I talked about comics. Now where will I go to find people that understand the things I’m interested in and can have conversations about them with me? WHERE?!

    Oh, so “real life” is still an option?
    Seeing as it is, and seeing as the Salt Lake Comic Con is this next weekend. If any iFanboys out there are going to be at the con, let’s “live damn it!” The first beer is on me (or lemonade… I mean I do know where I live).

  68. Terrible, terrible news. I honestly can’t articulate how much this site meant to me. I’m sure I’m not alone when I say there’s many times throughout the day when I’d just reflexively click on the bookmark even knowing that there were no updates. This site has been incredible and has fostered one of the best and most engaging and civil communities on the internet. I’m going to miss all of the features and all of the wonderful writing but I love that I’ve had iFanboy in my life for so long.

  69. here i was waiting for the video podcasts to come back

  70. Damn. this sucks!!! before ifanboy, I was only buying Y the Last Man and the New Avengers. You guys were the reason that brought me back to getting comics in full force. Even though I don’t comment much lately, I still read some of the articles from the site. The good thing that the podcast is still intact. I hope losing the daily news wouldn’t changed too much on the podcast. I guess you guys can spend more time talk about the news about the industry in the show. But the written content will be missed. =(

    • Thanks, man! You know, every once in a while we would talk about the news on the show if something major happened. I think that will probably happen again. We’re still not sure how the show will evolve without the website. It will be exciting to see, I think.

  71. Thankyou for all your hard work, good humour and patience that enabled this site to be as cool as it’s been.

    Wishing you all the very best with your endeavours!

  72. Thanks for everything gentlemen. I visited this site at least 5 times/day for the last 6 years. Really proud to say that I was part of this community. I appreciate all of the memories.

  73. Bummer. Thanks for all of the great content over the years. Will continue to look forward to the weekly podcast. Good luck in all that you do going forward.

  74. Dear God no. You’ve been a part of my life for about 10 years now. Its crazy to think that I have been coming to this site longer thank I’ve been with my wife. I graduated college, got married, had kids, and started a career and i keep coming back every Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday. Thank you for getting me back into comics. It feels weird saying this but good luck with your lives moving forward. Thank you so much!!!

  75. Very bummed. Thank you guys for helping a lapsed reader get reacquainted with the medium and become a Wednesday warrior. I will contiue to listen to the podcast for as long as you are willing to record it. I wish you all the best of luck.

  76. I usually never comment, but this is really a bummer 🙁 But I’m still happy that there will be new podcasts 🙂

  77. Well this is a bummer, though I imagine that this is a better choice for you guys for the future, in which case I wish you guys the best.

    I will always remember my favorite iFanboy memory when my question was featured on the first “Love” show. I asked about incorporating comic stuff into my wedding. Crazy to think that that was over 6 years ago.

    On a side note, does anyone know where I can go to to create another weekly pull list? I can’t even describe how much of a convenience that feature has been to me.

  78. No more iFanboy Pull Lists? 🙁 Such a great resource, very sorry to see it go.

  79. I’ve been visiting this website since 2005, and it’s been one of the best places to talk comics. The crew has given me insight into comics I never could have acquired on my own, and it’s been a steady place to find and discuss all kinds of new and interesting books. It’s been great hanging here on a regular basis and being a part of a positive corner of the Internet. I’ll miss stopping by here regularly to see what’s new.

    I wish all the crew members the best with their new endeavors, and I’m glad that they’ll still be putting out THE BEST comics podcast out there. Thanks for the voodoo that you do gentlemen and ladies. Here’s to a bright future!

  80. From the original site to the Rev 3 boards to listening to the podcast every week since double digits Josh, Conor, and Ron created one of the best places on the internet. The community you guys fostered has brought some of the best people in the world into my life during amazing success and tiring times. Thank you all of you gave big and small to make this website more than fans talking. Thank you for making it a community. Somewhere in Boston a glass is raised in all of your honors 🙂

  81. Sorry to hear this news. The site has been my defacto online comics community since I discovered it. I’ll still continue to listen to the PotW.

    Thanks for all the hard work y’all have put in. You have made a difference.

  82. This is very sad news indeed. I’ve been coming to the site and listening to the podcast since about 2004/2005 when I got back into comics. I hadn’t kept up with weekly comics since the early nineties and was looking for a good online source for information and some general recommendations of what was good, not to mention trying to catch up on a decade of continuity. Man, you guys really delivered!

    You turned me on to so many great comics I probably never would have picked up. I was an old superhero fan but I can’t imagine life without Criminal, Queen and Country, Preacher, Y The Last Man and so many other gems. I owe you eternal thanks for praising Fear Agent so much that I finally bought the trades. When I first started to listen to the podcast, I was an old school Artist first collector. Now I am definitely a story first enjoyer of comics. I don’t care how I read them (monthly, trades, digitally). I don’t buy issues thinking they’ll be worth a fortune. I buy what I enjoy reading. I’m not a comic book collector. I am now a comic book reader. It’s one of the four pillars of my entertainment enjoyment (comics, movies, television, concerts). You guys showed me that’s OK.

    Connor, Josh, Paul, (and gone but not forgotten Ron) and everyone else at iFanboy, thank you for the great website and content. I wish everyone the best of luck in the future and am thrilled that the weekly podcast will continue. It’s been a blast to share in this community.

  83. I’m sad. No, seriously. I ‘m sad.

  84. Son of a motherfuckin bitch!

    That was my first though as I read this. Do you know what this means? Means I gotta do work at my job now! I can’t spend all day writing dumb, profanity laced reviews and making top 5 lists anymore! This sucks. 😉

    Seriously though, I will miss the hell out this site, or at least what it use to be. Of course I’ll be listening every Sunday and will no doubt leave a “fuck” or two in the comments.

    Thanks guys for all the years of comic book bliss this site has delivered. Along with your stellar articles and reviews, it gave us fans a place to be heard – more then ANY other comic book site – iFanboy was the best.

    See you in the funny books

  85. I’m gonna miss you guys :'(

  86. When I first got back into comics my freshman year of college, it was iFanboy more than any other site that kept me informed and organized on a daily basis. Thanks so much for all the great content and, needless to say, you will be missed.

  87. Well, that kicked my day in the teeth.

  88. 🙁

  89. Thanks for everything, y’all

  90. Long live iFanboy, guys — any maybe even your personal lives, too.

  91. there’s a lot of this going around.
    old models are no longer working as well as they used to, new models are arising but still have yet to be fully understood.
    things change, people change, times change.
    but this isn’t bad, just different.

    i felt like i should say something since this is a near exact parallel to my life and the message i wrote to my readers in the issue of my comic i published today.
    interesting how life ripples in this way.

  92. No more pull lists, no more articles, no more reason it visit. Sad times but goodbye. 🙁

  93. 🙁 the only thing i regret is that i never got an iFanboy t-shirt

  94. I’ve been reading comics since I was a child but iFanboy has really enhanced my enjoyment and perspective over the last few years. Thank you so much for the great work. I look forward to continuing to listen to the podcasts. And perhaps you’ll post not a review but just an announcement of what title was the pick on Wed. I’m sure many of us buy and read whatever you pick, and would certainly still do that in anticipation of the Sunday podcast.

    In any event, thanks and congratulations on having accomplished something so substantial and so well loved.

  95. Thanks for everything, guys. I found iFanboy in late 2006 or early 2007, soon after I’d started reading comics, and tore through the archives, both audio and textual, learning more and more about the comics landscape as I did. You guys were instrumental in my comics education, and I never would have gotten my job at Marvel without the knowledge I gained and the friendships I made through this site. Seeing this chapter end soon after my own departure from Marvel is a sad one-two punch, but I wish you all the best of luck in all your future endeavors, and I look forward to continuing to listen.

  96. I heard of iFanboy in 2006 or 2007. I pretty quickly took part in the forums and have met a lot of people. These are people that I’ve met in real life and made real connections with. I’ve had incredible con experiences because of this and even got into Podcasting with others from the community.

    I’ll always remember that iFanboy has been more than a site for me.

    See you guys on the interwebs.

  97. I’m going to echo similar comments. This is sad, but I totally understand the decision. Thanks for the fun memories! I’m glad that the weekly podcasts will live on.

  98. Sad to hear the news. iFanboy has provided endless hours of entertainment through the podcasts and articles. And what will I do without the weekly pull list?! To all the contributors to this site, I say thank you and it has been a great ride.

  99. I first came to Ifanboy during the Justice League: Cry For Justice debacle. When every other website was calling for blood, this one was (and always has been) just about enjoying comics. Positives over negatives! Thank you for for that, guys.
    So glad to hear that the Podcasts are staying! And feel free to take vacations so we can hear from Mike Romo, Ryan, and Jimski! Please keep up the movie podcast too so I can keep my perfect track record of agreeing with Josh.
    Reign of Fire, boys!

  100. This is really sad.
    You mentioned it on your 400 podcast (which I watched in its entirety on youtube) that people think they know you. I am one of those people, and I am very emotional right now. While reading your post, I can walk away knowing that one of my favorite parts of the week will continue. The podcast. I have literally listened to each and every one of them. I actually listened to these podcast for over a year before even visiting the site. So I am happy that Josh, Paul and Conor (and Ron) will remain my friends that I get to converse with every Monday on my morning commute.
    Thanks, for everything, and know that you are all very special to many people, including me.

  101. No more pull lists?!? 🙁 that’s what attracted me to this site in the first place along with all the interesting characters I’ve interacted with in the comments section. Does anyone else know of another site with similar features. ComiXology does, but hardly anyone ever comments I’ve noticed.
    A sad day, indeed. 🙁

    • I’m kinda working on a WordPress blog with a comic book pull list

    • email me if you want the link: 3Dchain@gmail.com

    • Hey @Sitara119, it’s been fun. I don’t know if you remember our early encounters, but we really moved away from them and really started getting on. Just wanted to let you know that meant alot to me. I’ll never forget that weekend where You, Me, and @APoetSomeday talked about Batman too much (but not Much too much). Good times.

    • @ghostmann
      If YOU’RE creating a blog with a pull list then I’m definitely in. I’ve often thought that you would be a great addition to the ifanstaff what with your offbeat/unique/creative review technique. If anyone could create a new site with features that we all love, it’s you. Please make this happen. I’d be your #1 supporter. 😀

      I have valued all of our interactions since the whole “bursted bubble” incident. I hope that you, I, ghostmann, Apoetsomeday and any # of other interesting commenters can still communicate in some fashion or another somewhere.

    • Dig Sitara….


      still working on the pull list for tomorrow but should have it done by tonight. post some comments dude! =)

    • and hey, thanks for the kind words man. I appreciate that.

    • Thanks for posting the link for your pull list — I’ll give it a look . . .

  102. What a terrible way to end a lousy day.

    I loved this website. The writers, the content, the commenters all served to make this a special place to go and feel part of a larger comics community.

    Now I guess I will have to start paying attention to my job during the work day.

    See you all in the funny books…

  103. What can I say, thanks for everything guys, at least we still have a podcast. Thanks, from a little country called Chile.

  104. No more weekly pull list? If all you do anymore is one thing, please make it the pull list. It’s literally the greatest feature on this site.

    • The pull list is amazing, but I agree with the call of having the podcast be the remaining vestige.

    • ^ This. C’mon ifanstaff!! Throw us a bone here. Surely among the lot of you the workload of a weekly pull-list could be divided and executed as superbly as ever. For the good of the community and the love of comics I’m on the verge of begging. I am genuinely distraught and realize I don’t fully comprehend the time, effort and possible costs involved with providing a weekly pull-list, but I feel confident that volunteers could be proficiently utilized in this endeavor.

    • My comment was intended to to be directed at LuckyLouie13’s sentiment.

    • Sorry guys, but building the the pull list every week is literally a 7-day a week endeavor and it’s not fun to do. The podcast is fun to do. We’re all about fun now. (Even Josh.)

  105. Wow, I’m sad to see the daily updates go, this was literally my first stop online once my lunch break started at work every single day. I understand how much work it must have been and I’m glad that the podcast will continue, but I will definitely miss everything on the site.

    The strange thing about podcasts is that listeners do create a bond (admittedly one-sided) with the hosts. I’ve listened to every single episode and I was genuinely excited when I met Conor and Ron at the Boston Comic Con a few years ago. I was thrilled when one of my reviews made the show (Ruse, by Mark Waid). I was sad when Ron left. I know that it was a ton of work, but I can’t reiterate enough how much I appreciate and enjoyed everything that this website brought to my life.

    Finally, I’d like to thank the entire iFanbase. This is literally the only website that I will read the comments section. I have gotten into, and simply observed, many interesting debates and discussions with people on this site and it has remained incredibly civil, interesting, and lively. Kudos to all of you, I wish I could have met some of you in person, it was fun while it lasted.

  106. Well, I’ve made quite a few friends on this website and enjoyed pulling and discussing my comics and trades.
    Thanks for the past years, the pull lists will be missed but hopefully the discussions will not, if anyone would like to follow me on twitter you can, @TSR_Theo I always have opinions good on bad on comics, pop culture, and life in general.

    This iFanboy may be dead but my inner fanboy lives on via twitter.

    Cheers Gentlemen

  107. I first learned of this site back in an issue of Batman from 2010. Bad issue, but your ad was in it and after visiting I immediately fell in love with it. Good, fun discussions void of the trolls and haters that creep around other blogs or sites.

    I was just thinking about this the other day:

    “One day, when I’m writing comics, will the iFanboy community still be there to praise/hate/argue/ignore my work?”

    Of course, all good things must come to an end, and life must continue. It’s been a fun time, great atmosphere, and inspired me with many great ideas.

    I’ll still be here for the podcasts, but I will of course miss your other features.

    Life goes on, though. I hope that everyone that made this site a joy to visit will continue on happily and successfully in life. Meanwhile, I think I’ll go read that Planetary collection I just bought.

    Cheers 🙂

  108. Thank you guys.

  109. The internet just got a little bit darker today.

    This was the site that got me back into comics and was the first podcast i ever downloaded.

    Good luck to the entire staff!!

  110. My thanks to you for creating this site and building such a welcoming community. Like many others, I have always valued the overall positive tone of this site, the lack of venom so easily found elsewhere on the web. You should be proud of what you made both for yourself and others. And you should feel completely free to walk away and focus on other aspects of your lives. Change is part of life, after all . . .

    I first found iFanboy through (ironically or not) an ad in a DC comic. This is doubly ironic (or not) as soon thereafter DC announced the New 52 reboot, and your stellar coverage of that ongoing story hooked me into the website from then on. Because of this site and its users I have discovered wonderful series I would not have otherwise. I’ll miss the news updates, conversations and everything else. Thanks for sticking with the podcasts, though. I would have understood if you had to walk away completely, but, I am happy that you could keep one segment going still.

    Two years ago, I tried finding your table at the New York Comic Con, but kept getting turned around somehow. I was looking forward to maybe meeting you this year, though, I guess that won’t be happening now. So, let me just say again here, thanks for everything (including, yes, any relevant fish :))

  111. You gentlemen have produced a metric ton of quality comic book discussion, analysis, and overall positive promotion over the years with your podcasts, videos, articles, and more. You are trailblazers in your field in every sense of the word and we as fans owe you a great deal of thanks for your hard work and dedication. All good things must come to an end, but the podcast remains so the pulse beats on. Excelsior, guys (and ladies)! (Don’t get mad at me for borrowing that, Stan!)

  112. Thank you guys for helping me to look at comics in a different light. My views on the medium and the culture that surrounds it have been greatly influenced by all of you over the past three years that I’ve been coming here. Your recommendations got me to try books that I wouldn’t have picked up, but more importantly, you helped me see how much better it was to pass those great books on and share them, rather than sticking them in a bag and board. Mostly though, thanks for keeping me company on long drives with the podcasts. Just this past Thursday, I was tooling around my yard on the mower, laughing out loud to the 400th episode. I’m glad that the podcasts aren’t going away.

    I hope that all of the staff find exciting new outlets for their work, especially Paul, whose MoS review convinced me that I wasn’t crazy for walking out of the theater. Good luck to everyone!

  113. Wait I have to use the shitty Comizology pulllist now? WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO ME?

    Good luck guys, iFanboy made me into a comics nerd, so I hope you guys come back.

  114. Jeezus, what a way to log on. Several hours ago I submitted my monthly reviews and then went to BBQ. I’ve got a belly full of greasy BBQ and you lay this CRAP on me?!

    I’ve been coming on this site daily for weeks? Months? Man I hope it’s not years. What will I do instead, Live? Man I live everyday in the real world, it sucks (for me, I’m sure others are Millionaires with a phonebook of model’s numbers). I guess this means I’ll have one less destraction everyday, more time for reading, and less stress (according to my friends, this site ain’t good for me). I love the idea of more reading time, but man I feel like I have too much time on my hands somedays.

    I came here because of an ad Scott Snyder appeared on, saying how great it was. Naturally, him being a Sorceror, I believed him. I started coming more and more because of the articles and the possibility of discussions. About comics. This was mind-blowing to me at the time. Then I could post reviews of my comics online. My mind vaporized then. I want to keep this short, I hate goodbyes. Even though I’ve only been here a few years I feel pretty connected to this place. Like a Tumor. Or something cute, like a mole. Man this ain’t gonna end up short… I need a minute.

    • I think we said this to ghostmann earlier today:

      The first step is acceptance. 😉

      Yeah, I’ll miss it too. Only have a few (can I say “real”?.. at least in person) friends that I can talk comics with. This site was awesome for me, and I’m still reeling a bit too…

    • Yea….I’m with you guys….it blows.

    • Ok, this still sucks for me. And I’m a little upset, but that’s only because I’m still a kid in a lot of ways. Physically im a Man, but I don’t really have responsibilities. So I get this, I do. But someone above did this so I feel like I should too; give some shoutouts to some important people on here.

      @Paul Montgomery: You and your big words. We’ve gone around a few times on here. I wish I could take some of them back. It was never from a source of contempt or hate, just lack of sleep and a short temper. I wish you all the best.

      @Conor Kilpatrick: I’m gonna miss all your cartoon articles. I remember our last exchange, all I can say is ……… All the best.

      @Uspunx, I think we started out as friends. I don’t know where we ended up after that. You’re a smart guy though, I hope you can overlook that and focus on the good times.

      @Sitara119, You already know 😉

      @Nightwing97, you’re gonna make me cry. Sorry I stole your idea. I’ve enjoyed our talks.

      @APoetSomeday, I just know you’re gonna write the longest and most eloquent post on here. Don’t ever change. I really enjoyed our talks, I learned alot from them. Wish I had better words to convey this, but thanks man.

      Alright, that’s alot of space. There’s loads more; @Daningotham, @Wheelhands, @Kennyg, @ghostmann, too many to say goodbye to (but you know I’ll have to try).

      I might be around, I’m not big on podcasts. I’m just not, I’ve tried. I wish things could stay the same, but wheres the fun in that? My life got 20x times better after High School so I know this lesson. So if this is the end, everybody: See You Space Cowboys.

    • IthoSapien I feel ya man, who wants to live in the real world? 😉

      and hey, they said it was cool if I posted my blog site in the comments so I hope you come over and say hey and check out my Comic Book Pull Lists ( that I’ll be posting every Monday ) and Reviews and other shenanigans.

      I’m still getting tomorrows pull list created (jesus that’s a lot of work and I don’t think I’ll be done ALL the comics from ALL the publishers – just the big ones) and almost got the DC books done.

      Click that link son…



    • Thanks!

    • @ithosapien: Haha yeah we are definitely friends man. Our disagreements didn’t change that. Sometimes it’s easiest to argue with you friends because you know they will forgive you! I will definitely miss our spirited debates. Hopefully some of us can find a way to still talk about/argue about/ gush about comics in some way.

  115. Thank you guys. Not for the reviews or the interviews, but for the community you created. The people that this site brought into my life have been so important in so many ways. It’s been a great run, gents. Congrats.

  116. When Conor was announcing this on the podcast I swear my heart skipped a beat. For a second there I thought I wouldn’t get any new iFanboy podcasts.

    I loved the articles, and the site in general. I’m glad I got to tell Ron in person that I enjoy the show, though I made it really awkward.

    Thanks for all the hard work you guys put in to give a lot of people you don’t know in real life free entertainment!

  117. Just wanted to say thanks for everything you’ve done iFanboys. You’re podcast has introduced me to a lot of books, and is pretty much the only place I go to hear about new books. Thanks for all of that, and for keeping that going.

    To the iFanbase, if someone has time, why not start a discussion board that we can go to keep discussion going just because the site isn’t being updated, doesn’t mean we have to let the interaction of this community die.

  118. <3 Thanks for everything. I am forever a fan of your work.

  119. Thank you iFanboys & iFangirls! It’s been a great ride.

  120. Well now where the hell am I supposed to go?

    Guys, seriously, thanks for everything. I’m not sure how long I’ve been coming to the site, but I do know it has been a long time. Since the days of the changing “gleaming the cube” banner. You guys have greatly enhanced my comics experience over the years. I really don’t even know where to start, or even how to tell you guys how much I appreciate your hard work over the years.

    So, a little story. The night of Ron’s final show, I rushed to get my tasks done at my evening job at my LCS, and get home. I expected to find my wife asleep, and I was going to give her a little kiss, pull the covers up arouto tond her, and come watch the show. I snuck into the house all quiet like so I wouldn’t wake her up, and came into the bedroom. I was surprised that she was still awake, and started to ask her if she was having trouble sleeping. Nope. No trouble sleeping. She was lying in bed watching porn and fapping. “Well. OK then.” I gave her a little kiss on the forehead, and still went into the office to watch Ron’s final show.

    I’m going to miss all the content, the reviews, the unique take on things, Josh asking us what is wrong with us, Jeff guiding us through labyrinthine character histories.

    So, after 10 or so years of iFanboy being my comic book site of choice, my rock, my anchor, I have but one thing to say:


  121. You guys got me into comics. I’m glad the podcast is staying. Hopefully for a while.

  122. Thanks for te great site. I’m pleased to see the podcast continue. That remains my favorite part.

    If you don’t write a pick of the week review, do we have to wait until Sunday when the podcast comes out to hear what was the pick?

    • Thanks! At this point you’ll probably have to wait until the show is released to find out what the Pick is. We’ll see, though. We’re still figuring this out.

    • If I may suggest, a quick tweet would be cool. Would love to pick up the POTW a couple days before the show comes out if it looks interesting.

      That said, with you trying to shed burdens, I don’t want to create one. So I’ll understand if you don’t want o o th and need to wait for show to come out.

  123. Man, this is sad. I joined recently and i can say this is the comic book site that i always look first. There is no other site with this sense of community and love for our hobbie. The Best Panels of the week is my favorite section and i haven´t found any other web page with this kind of genuine dedication for this. It’s a really bad new. But thanks, and good luck. Fun fact: I was going to sleep very happy after a good day and decided as usual to see what’s new and you have ruined my night 🙁

  124. I will miss having this site to browse while killing time on my phone at work. Ill miss the site and its particular brand of humor. Good night and good luck guys and thanks for keeping me entertained at work these past few years.

  125. Yeesh!

    Super-sad news, dudes. I’ve been checking in on this site for years, but only recently signed up. You have provided one of the only platforms for comics content that made me actually WANT to participate in message board culture. No hype machine, no out of control idiots on the boards. Just really smart thoughtful content. I’m sorry to see it go, but look forward to your future podcasts and other projects.

    “Friends don’t say goodbye, they say good journey.”

  126. Took some looking but found that I’ve been coming to the site since October 2006. Found it because Jonathan London guest stared on the podcast and I watched Geekdrome. Guess explains why I’m so bummed been coming to the site few times a week for 7 years.

  127. Thanks for everything guys. I’m sure you hear this a lot, but it was your podcast that got me reading comics again regularly and this site became one of my daily stops. The podcast discussions, articles and community really taught me a ton about the art and craft of comics and were always a fun time. I’ll also say that this site has one of the coolest online communities of any pop culture site i’ve ever been on, so high fives to all.

    Best of luck to everyone. The online comics world won’t be the same without you!

  128. This is so heartbreaking to hear but I have to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the hard work you guys have put into making this such a wonderful place for me to go and feel like a member of a community that shares my passion for comics. I know I was relatively quiet around here but the people on this site are such wonderful people with interesting opinions and life experiences that were brought every week to this shared space and it was fantastic. To the staff, as crazy as it sounds, I really DO feel like I know you guys personally, and though we never met, I feel like calling you my friends sometimes for all the laughs you’ve given me and all the interesting discussions and debates. As someone without any comic book reading friends to call my own, I can honestly say iFanboy has meant so much to me as a source of belonging and for thinking about and talking about this medium we are all so passionate about here. I am SO glad the podcast will live on, but the website and the content you have created is simply irreplaceable. I am sad to see it go, and am bummed that I’ll have to find a place to fill the hole to get my comics news. I know that no matter where I look, it just won’t be the same.

  129. Thanks for everything guys! I’ve always felt connected to the site and the podcast because you guys are of my generation–we’ll always have Sunday, right? Cheers to that.

  130. Very sad. I loved iFanboy. It helped re-ignite my love for comic books. I will miss checking in on Mondays for new books and Wednesdays for Pick of the Week.

    I’m happy for Conor and Josh. This move will certainly lead to positive changes for them.

    Thank you to everybody who made iFanboy great!!

  131. Thanks guys and gals. This has been my favorite website for comic news. iFanboy introduced me to so many great comics, thanks for everything. Wish you the best of luck in the future. I understand change happens,but I ain’t always a fan of it. Still looking forward to the podcasts.

  132. Sad news. At least there will still be new podcasts. Thank you guys for all of your hard work and the great content you have put out. I believe this site helped sell tons of comic books. I wish all of you success in your future endeavors. PS- I really hope you guys bring back Murmur. Not only have you guys have been a source of great comic book recommendations, but I get turned on to soo many great shows from guys like Paul who mention what they’re currently into. Good luck to you.

  133. Well this is a bummer. But totally understandable. Hopefully the staff writers can find new gigs soon.

  134. Thanks and I’m sorry about your LCS!

  135. Godspeed Josh, Conor, Paul, and Ron! It’s been an amazing ride! You’ve always been my favorite place on the Internet and I’ll always remember the memories, from the Rev3 forums, to NYCC 2009, and finally the phenomenal MorrisonCon. You guys are awesome and I’m glad the podcast is still here to stay
    Thanks a ton

  136. Never said much on the website. Didn’t make the friends that others did, but I loved it all the same. Made me feel like I was part of a community, just the really quiet part. I loved the articles, the pull lists, everything.

    Good luck you guys.

  137. Thanks a lot guys for this website. I was a new guy to comics about a year ago and this website turned me into a guy who just wanted to read a few Batman issues before the movie came out into a full fledged comic geek who now has monthly subscriptions at my local comics store. I wouldn’t have known which comics to read and where to begin without this site and the community who reviewed, rated, and critiqued so many issues. Thanks and best of luck in future endeavors!

  138. Thanks to Connor, Josh, Ron, Paul, and everyone else who made/makes the iFanboy community possible. Just because you won’t be updating things daily, I’m still going to be a loyal listener of the podcast.

    You guys have all contributed so much to my comic book reading experience, and I hope that you’re all proud of iFanboy!

  139. Well, this was not what I expected to see first thing on a Monday morning. Very sad news. iFanboy is a big reason I’ve become such a big comic book fan. Thanks for all your hard work, guys! For all the great comics I’ve discovered over the years thanks to your recommendations. For all the articles, the laughs, the podcasts (which I’m glad hear will continue).

    Good luck to everybody on their future endeavors and thanks again!

  140. Waking up everyday and checking iFanboy was like a ritual to me. Man, this is going to take some time getting used to.

    Goodbye, thank you and all the best!

  141. Sad news, gentlemen.

    Best wishes to everyone and thank you for all of your hard work. You will be missed.

  142. I’m surprised just how sad this news leaves me. As I was just getting back into comics I went through a bunch of sites before finding iFanboy and I was very grateful once I had. For a long time this was the only place I had to hang out talking about comics. The site has informed my tastes, showing the way to so many amazing books I am the richer for reading that I would otherwise have missed. I have gained countless hours of entertainment and an occasional outlet for my thoughts and voice through comments sections and posted reviews. The community here and the level of discourse has been remarkable and unique.

    I will very happily continue to listen to the podcasts and I hope they go on for years to come. Still, I can’t help but feel I am losing a daily “home” among people whose company I have been privileged to share.

  143. Thank you to all of iFanboy staff, for the time and work you put into the daily running of iFanboy.

  144. I feel like for so long you guys have been providing me with whats good to read. I don’t know what to say really, but thank you guys. I met you guys once way back at Baltimore Comic Con in ’08 (in high school!) and you guys couldn’t have been nicer. Just…thanks

  145. Absolutely gutted. Such a sad day. Where will I get my comic book news now? All the other news sites are crap, compared to ifanboy! Thanks for the memories, guys. You have been great. All the best xxx

  146. I heard about iFanboy in a side comment on another podcast. I haven’t listened to that other podcast in at least 5 years, but I’ve been a loyal iFanboy listener since episode #100 something, and I’ve been a member for the past 2 years. This is the first and only website like this that I have paid for, because of all the sites on all the internets, this is the only one I’ve found so far that I felt that I HAD to give money to, if only to re-pay in some small way the immense value it has added to my life.

    I’m not much for commenting or forums or anything like that, so I’ve only dipped a toe in the deeper waters of the site proper. I mainly read the feature articles and listen to the podcasts. I’m sorry to say that most of the side podcasts have never done it for me, but I’ve tried them all. I even enjoyed Murmur while it lasted.

    Of all the things I will miss, the best of the week in panels, covers & sketches is what I will miss the most. These 3 features have introduced me to new series and creators that I never would have given a second thought, if I had heard of them at all. I even had one of my very small number of con sketches show up on a best of the week in sketches once(Baby Nick Fury by Gene Ha).

    I know very well how hard it is to keep up with things when “life” keeps getting in the way, and I’m grateful that you guys are honest about the process and how hard it has been. Better to end on a high note than to follow a long slow decline into navel-gazing irrelevance.

    That said, I expect to be listening the POW podcast on my deathbed.

  147. Thanks so much for providing a great comics site. Best wishes on all future endeavors.

  148. iFanboy was the first podcast I got into, probably around 2007/8 – definitely back in the double digits. It’s also the reason I joined Twitter – if you were to look at my follows the first 3 would be Josh, Conor and Ron.

    Before long it became one of the 4 or 5 sites I checked every day, even just to skim the headlines, but more often to check out some of the great work you guys were doing! I’m especially gonna miss

    -Paul’s excellently written reviews
    -Jim’s thoughtful pieces – and his crazy ones
    -Josh’s occasional rants
    -top 5s
    -DC histories
    -sketch-ups, covers, and panels of the week
    -discussing casting choices way in advance
    -and of course, Tom’s favourite, “movie stills.”

    I genuinely don’t know where else to get my comic news now…!

    But anyway, thank you all for your hard work over the 13 years. It’s been great.

    Do any of the writers/contributors know what they’ll be doing next? Instead of iFanboy? I’d love to follow what some of you are doing. What about Josh and Conor – do you guys have other ‘day jobs’ to get back to?

    Best of luck with whatever’s next, all of you.

    PS – one of my ultimate career goals was to get in the sketch-up one week – what am I going to do now?!??! 😛

  149. If I had to choose between the podcast and the website, I’d definitely choose the podcast. Still feels a bit like “Sophie’s Choice.”

  150. I had a feeling something like this might be coming. I think I’m still in stage 1 of the Kübler-Ross model, though. Bummer!

    I am going to miss the new comics section a lot. I never used the pull list feature, but I loved the discussion on each book, would always visit pages when I was excited about an issue I just read, to see what other people thought. I know there are other forums out there, but it would be great to see a simpler version of new comcs pages, maybe curated by volunteer moderators? The community and culture on this site is among the most thoughtful *anywhere* on the web, and I hope it continues in some form.

    I am quite happy, though, the weekly podcast goes on! (Yay!)

    Conor, Josh, Paul, and everyone ese: Thanks for all the years of work on this site!

  151. With all of the comments already, don’t know how you’ll ever get to this one, but I really have to say, from the bottom of heart, thank you all. The work that all of you put into this website/community undoubtedly inspired me to read more comics and delve deeper into the industry. But beyond that, everything about this place inspired me to find my own voice and my opinions. When I started really reading comics and coming to this site, I honestly had no one to share my experiences with, and this community filled that void for a very long time. I can confidently talk about this wonderful art form on a higher level, and you all are in no small part the reason for that. Everyone working here has also inspired me to work towards doing something I love for the rest of my life, and at the very least, I hope to continue talking and writing about comics for the long haul.

    Seriously everyone, thank you. Best of luck with what the rest of life has in store, and still looking forward to Sundays.


  152. I almost never comment, but I check out the site every day before heading to work. My entire routine is thrown out of whack now. Seriously though, thanks for all the entertainment over the years. So long and thanks for all the fish.

  153. I’m recently returned to comics, and have treasured this site in the past year. Haven’t listened to the podcast before, but if that’s all I get from you guys I will have to make it a priority. Thanks for the great work and best of luck to you all in the future.

  154. Will this just take the wind out of my sails. I was really looking forward to getting back to shore too. I’ve only been listening for about 6 years but dammit all if you guys aren’t still part of my daily routine. Luckily and thankfully everyone isn’t homeless for this. But I guess the soul of iFanboy is still here and that’ll have to be enough for now. I must say that graphic.ly are idiots for dropping you guys, there was so much room for expansion. A dedicated app alone could have brought in more traffic. But, I guess I can understand the apprehension against become like other, less soulful, comic sites.

    Goodbye to all the writers, may your futures be fruitful.

    … So I guess it’s too late to start writing my own reviews in hopes to becoming an iFanboy eh? Guess it’s time to finish that communications degree.

  155. I usually download the pod before work but it wasn’t up in time yesterday and I grabbed it on my phone at work instead. So for the first time in probably 250 episodes(I don’t remember my first exactly but around 150) I didn’t check out the show notes to make sure I didn’t ruin any books I hadn’t gotten to yet and wow what a shocker. I’m going to miss all the cool weekly stuff like panels and covers, all the funny and insightful columns, movie and DVD reviews, and most especially the pull list. Goddamn I love me some pull list. It’s gonna be weird to not be able to come here tomorrow and see what’s going on in comics, that’s for sure.

    So yeah, thanks to everyone who contributed to the site. I want to thank Conor, Josh, Paul and of course Ron for doing the podcast every week and helping me burn through an hour of work like nothin. It was pretty sweet to have my written reviews read on a few pods and while I guess that’ll never happen again, I will look forward to listening to the show every damn week. Same as it ever was.

  156. What will I fill my work day with now? The amount of times that my boss has to tell me off for reading ifanboy articles at my desk will vastly decrease, but so will my comic knowledge and community awarness.
    I just hope that the guys know how much we all enjoyed this site and that perhaps like a pheonix from the ashes, this community and spirit will rise in some other corner of the internet.

  157. Sad times. Thanks for all your hard work and great content.

    I only started reading comics in earnest a couple of years ago; naturally I needed a website to compliment my new panel-based hobby. After reading a whole bunch of sites, iFanboy became the only thing I read, the only podcast I listened to. Great content; honest and passionate opinion; and a brilliant podcast. By fans for fans. What more could we want?

    All the best in your future endeavours. Glad I still get to hang out with you guys (as Josh puts it in POTW400) on the podcast.

  158. Well that’s gone an fucked it, what’ll I do on Monday evenings now? The main ‘who could I have a possible argument with over a comic’ has kinda gone as well!

    Even though I’m not welsh, but do live in Wales…..as the welsh would say chickenballs!!!

  159. Never been much of a poster on here, but I just want to say thank you!

  160. Not much left that hasn’t already been said. This is a total bummer. But I totally understand. Thanks for everything guys. Really. This site really has been a bright spot in a dark and often mean internet. You guys have done such an awesome job with this place. Thanks for giving us such a fun, inviting, and cool place to hang. You guys are personally responsible for just about everything I am as a comic reader. Your enthusiasm and good taste has been immensely appreciated.

    Going through all the comments and reading Conor reply to almost all of them really put a smile on my face. Entirely symbolic of the awesome relationship and community this place has had over the years. And it always started from on top. I had the pleasure of meeting Conor at Emerald City a couple years back. Super guy. Really genuine. Thanks dude for making me feel like you guys appreciated us as much as we do you.

    I really am going to miss Josh’s snarky (and usually right) comments. To this day, whenever I read an internet poster use the term “meh” I instantly think to the Josh’s dislike of the term. The internet is full of a lot of people giving advice and their opinions. But damn if Josh didn’t tell it like it was. Don’t change, bro. We need a good talking too to stay in line.

    Paul dude, seriously man. You are such a warrior. You have absolutely killed every opportunity thrown your way. You really are emblematic of the soul of this site. From poster to the backbone of the site, you’ve done it all. Love the Fuzzy Typewriter show. Keep killing it, man.

    Ron, that guy was cool too, I guess. 😉

    And of course the rest of the writers (Mike, Jim, Ryan, Ali, etc) and readers and posters who make this community so awesome. You guys have been the best.

    I know this isn’t goodbye, but more of a see ya later. It feels a bit like one of your best friends moving out of town. You’re still gonna see each other, just not all the time. But hey, absence makes the heart grow fonder. And I’m guessing that this new structure is going to make us appreciate the podcast all that much more. And equally, I’m guessing you guys will be bringing the A game that much more, seeing as how you will only be doing something you find fun. So that’s how I’m choosing to look at it. Just a new phase for all of us. And hopefully one with good things to come from it.

    Thanks again. 🙂

  161. I would be all for an iFanboy forum to be tacked on to the site to keep the community going. I love jumping on here to see what people’s opinions are of the book I’ve just read.

    BBPress is dead easy to implement on WordPress sites. Select a couple of willing, active iFanboy community users to keep things ticking over and it should pretty much look after itself?

    Main section would obviously be Comics. Inside there would sub-sections for “Comics released xx.xx.xx”. Inside there are individual topics, started by the users, for any book that they want to discuss that week. Then further sections for Film, Music, General etc.

  162. Thanks iFanboy founders & staff. I enjoyed coming to this site daily, and I will miss it greatly. Especially the pull lists.

    I enjoyed the book of the month reviews, thats how I discovered the greatness of Orc Stain, and Criminal, amongst other books, was via the reviews here. Also enjoyed the beverage & comics feature, as that got me to buy Superman: Red Son (via amazon link), and drink Russian Imperial Stout Beer

    I do enjoy the podcasts, and subscribe to them via iTunes, so I’m glad you’re continuing them

  163. This was inevitable after Ron left. When you lost Graphic.ly and Ron got a job at Image, the slow decline for iFanboy had started. Actually, it started when you guys stopped the regular(?) video podcast. The decline had just picked up the pace in the last year. When you weren’t going to produce any Conventions videos, it was evident that the iFanboy operations were contracting without any external financial support.

    It’s really hard to find a way to have your passion also be your source of income in this world, unless if your passion is to simply make money regardless of the manner. I hope you guys find satisfaction in your lives as you go forward. You created something that has become an important forum for exchange.

  164. Thanks for such a great site that had become an essential part of my comic reading. Will miss the pull lists and the content. Thanks for keeping the podcasts! Good luck with the transition and thanks again.

  165. I posted once already but I wanted to go on the record, just in case Josh does write the iFanboy history someday: I’ve been listening, watching and reading since early 2011. I can’t remember how I got turned on to the site but I was just getting back into comics after being out for almost 20 years. It might have been an ad in a DC or Marvel book (I think you guys used to run ads, right?) or just through searching comic podcasts at the iTunes store. You guys cracked me up on regular basis with the podcast and video shows. It was so obvious that you all were the best of friends and I’m sure that was the “magic” that kept us all coming back. It was like hanging out with friends on a weekly basis and shooting the breeze over a few beers. Plus, I think everyone here would agree that you guys seemed to have the best job in the world from a fan’s perspective. Reading comics for a living? Sign me up! I’m sure the day to day reality is a lot different than we imagined. (I work in the ad business so I know a lot about constantly revising, editing and correcting content and being chained to a computer for 8 plus hours a day.) Last and not least–a proper thank you for all of that hard work and making Wednesday a little more special than it would be on its own. iFanboy.com forever!

  166. The iFanboy podcast got me back into comics and through the guest spots you guys would do on others and through the guests you had I found even more great podcasts to help feed my habit and great podcasters. The site has been great, funny, informative and just plain a great place to see great comic art.

    I’m so glad the podcasts are continuing, even as I fight back the feeling that too much change is happening. It’s true as you said that when someone is in your ears week after week, they feel like friends. You mean a lot to us all

    Either way, thanks for everything so far, and all the best as iFanboy evolves.

  167. Sorry to read about the scale back. I enjoy your website very much. It’s been the place to go for my comic news fix and has also given me some damn good laughs! All the best in the future to everyone who worked so hard to make this site so great!

  168. A number of things got me back into comics 6 or 7 years ago. iFanboy kept me there.

    I will sorely miss the content on the website but I am eternally grateful for what it has given me, so for that i salute and thank you all. It is a sad day but a positive and hopeful one too. Conor, Josh, Paul and all of the team will go on to further great things professionally and personally, for which I wish them the best of luck. As Conor eluded to earlier in the comments, I’m also excited for the future of the podcast. Whenever I think of comics I will think of iFanboy as the two are forever entwined and the great and good of iFanboy have left an indelible mark.

    The kings are dead! Long live the kings!

  169. Extremely sad news. But just so you guys know, I had stopped reading comics for a couple years, mostly for financial reasons. Then I got this wonderful job, where I could listen to podcasts as I worked. I decided to grab a podcast off iTunes for my new iPod I had gotten as a gift, and decided to pick one about comics.

    Within a few short months of listening to you guys lavish praise on so many comics (especially the indie stuff), I decided to pick up a Walking Dead trade… and then another, and another, and then a Batman trade, and a Y the Last Man trade, and then monthlies… and I was sucked back in.

    Now, I’m still sucked in, reading every week, and it’s all thanks to you guys. Thank you so much for helping rediscover something I had loved and lost.

  170. I don’t even remember what led me here to this site, lo, all those many years ago. Somehow, a strange internet vortex must have intercepted me while I traversed between eBay and Hungarian pornsites and landed me here. My first podcast was episode five maybe. Six? Anyway, I’ve been around since then, posting on the Rev3 forums as horatio616, watching the video podcasts (with hands above the covers, except for that one episode where Ron wore makeup). Thanks to iFanboy I now look at comics in a more thoughtful way than I had before, read books I never would have read, and met some really cool and smart people. I even have an iFanboy t-shirt. It doesn’t fit any more, but that speaks more to my lack of self control rather than the poor quality of the product.

    iFanboy was my man-cave. Now all the deer heads are being taken down and the bear skin rug is being rolled up, but I’ll still have me memories. I’ll have to find a new man-cave now. (I’m looking at you, Topix.)

    Thanks for everything Ron, Paul, Josh, Conor, et al.

  171. This is terrible! But……. Not suprising in any way. Every week for the past few years Connor, Josh, Ron, and Paul have expressed how difficult it has become to run the site, do the podcasts, CONS,..etc…its a ton of work.
    The site and all of its obstacles have proven to be difficult to handle for years. The podcasts are still good. Although I have been listening since 2008, and since Ron has left IFANBOY, i can hear the differnce in attitude and cohesiveness. To me it sounded like once Ron left Connor and Josh were just going through the motions.
    The podcast started sounding more like a burden than when the guys were just having fun. But 13 years of interviews, traveling, deadlines, moving, families, just life in general can make any job seem like, well, a job.
    Maybe its time for a REBOOT!!!!!
    Continued success to all involved at IFANBOY. Thank you for all the hard work that everybody put into the site and podcasts. It was alot of fun!

  172. Grats guys, you’ve been a big part in me still being in the comic book hobby. Where I live I have relatively few outlets to discuss comics. Listening to your discussions and having discussions in the various forums that you have provided have given me that outlet. I have been listening to your show since… 2006? 2005? A very long time. In that time I have learned so much about how to read comics, how comics are made, what challenges creators face and tons about the facts behind the industry. A lot of that information I wouldn’t have learned without your site and the behind the scenes access you have. Maybe we can still have the con meet ups? Or, more likely, you guys will never go to another con again. 😀 Either way, I expect that you won’t fall off the face of the earth just yet.

  173. Now might be an okay time to release that iFanboy fanfic I wrote…

  174. Just want to personally thank you guys for the years of service you have provided. You’ve helped make my comic book experience more enjoyable, created a social network of similar interests and made me aware of books I would never have considered reading.
    Even with all the changes, iFanboy is still the best site for comics.

  175. Very sad news indeed, but also glad to hear the podcast will continue.

    I started reading comics in 2008 and was kind of lost, confused and intimidated by the stacks of material available at my LCS. I looked to podcasts for guidance, stumbled into iFanboy and never looked back.

    You guys have greatly enhanced my reading and understanding of comics, and although I’m not very active on the site I feel like I know you guys personally having gone back and listened to every show!

    The result is a probable unhealthy comic habit which is now a large part of my life, which in no small part is thanks to iFanboy.

    So thank you guys. I am hugely grateful.


  176. I had a feeling this was coming. I asked a look behind the curtain question for episode 400 that didn’t get answered, now I see why. Thanks for all the great years guys! Best of luck!

  177. sorry to see the site go but good luck in the future and i can’t wait to listen to the next episode of the podcast.

  178. For me, this is so depressing. I saw on Twitter people freaking out and I had no idea why. The moment I saw this on the site, and the radical change of it in general, really put me in for a loop. I never thought this day was going to come or at least any time soon. I’m glad that there still will be a podcast but….it just an end to an era.

    But I learned on Twitter (and all who follows me know the epic tweeting I did yesterday) that I made friends with a TON of people. I’ve known so many great people, even from the first day I joined here around Summer 2008, that even if I can’t discuss specific issues of comics on here I know I can talk to people on social media about it.

    Seriously though, I’m not a social person in real life so I wouldn’t say I am outgoing. If it wasn’t for this site I honestly don’t know where I would be mentally right now if I didn’t meet PraxJarvin (Brain), ComicBookChris (Chris), CMRohling (Christ…there are A LOT of Chris’s on this site), gobo (Ryan), and probably another 50+ more people I could list. I’ve barely met all of you in person but I still think we are a close family thanks to this site. I hope you all feel the same way.

    I guess the last thing I should mention is: I’m Sorry. I’m sorry to Conor, Josh, Paul, Jimski, and Ron for being such a headache on this site. We (still) have a lot of differences, blocked twitter accounts, and haven’t always had a nicest of conversations. So when I look back at my early posts on here I just find myself think ‘Man I was such a douchebag’. Now with the site how it is now I feel terrible I couldn’t really work my way into being a nicer person on here….I like to think I tried but I still feel like I owe a massive amount of apologies to everyone who runs this site. There’s still the podcast so, if anything, I still want to hear what you guys think about comics so that’ll never change despite our differences.

    So…..I guess this is goodbye? At least on here anyways. I’ll see you all on Twitter in about 5 seconds.

  179. Sad to see the site go but totally understandable. You’ll have the distinction of being a website I look back on with nostalgia and fond memories (which I guess is going to be a thing now). Lots of thanks to everyone involved and I’ll still be looking forward to the podcasts every week. Best of luck to everyone and thanks again so much.

    I guess it’s kinda fitting I just finished Preacher last night.

    Does this mean I have to retire the Fear Agent shirt? Maybe I’ll just wear it on my birthday now to keep it in good shape.

  180. Thanks a lot for everything…

    It is a great place, a great community and hopefully all will continue one way or another because the relationships, friendships, camaraderie that were develop here, will proof to be true and stand the test of time.

    Good luck and see you all around.

  181. Checking you guys out every day was like a reflex action for me. I’m really going to miss it. You guys have been my go-to news site for comics talk – way more useful than Newsarama or Bleeding Cool. Though, if either site picks up some of your writers I may have to go back to them. Thanks again for everything you guys have done over the years – it’s not like the Beatles breaking up, but it almost feels as bad.

    PS – everyone should take their iFanboy web time and shift it to 11 O’clock Comics like bugeye13 suggested. Great community there too!

  182. Wow what a gut-punch. I came to listen to the new POTW podcast and I find this 🙁
    I don’t care how lame this sounds but; I don’t think any other website has ever impacted my life like ifanboy.com… and I don’t mean just comics related websites, I’m talking ANY website.
    To me iFanboy has been so much more than a website, it was a place where I could come together and share my love of comics. And where I could learn more about making comics, the art of comics, the process, and everything.
    I’ll still be a part of the discussion for the future podcast but I just want to say from the bottom of my heart. Thank you so much for what you guys have done in my life. You guys have made a HUGE difference.

    And I think I speak for the rest of us when i say. We may be sad now but ultimately we all want you guys to succeed elsewhere in your lives as well.

    So I leave you with this rocky quote lol The iFanbase loves you!

  183. So sad to see this place go. Great content and more importantly a great community to go to and talk about comics. Will still listen to the podcast every Monday on my way to work. Thanks for all you’ve done.

  184. Although I returned to comics before iFanboy, it wasn’t long after when I discovered the PoW podcast. After going back and digesting them all from #1 I felt like I “knew” you all. You guys were, and will continue to be, my Monday morning entertainment as I drive my 14 yo to the gym, her sleeping in the back seat to your voices. On the rare morning I forgot my device on Monday AM she would even ask “why aren’t you listening to your boyfriends?” sarcastically. I’ve seen it said a few times but I will repeat it. You are the only comic discussion I get every week. Although the daily site content will be a loss, thankfully, I’ll still get to eavesdrop on a great, often funny, conversation about the things we all love.

    Thank you guys for all the great entertainment.

  185. You’re still here? It’s over! Go home! Go!

  186. I first learned of this announcement yesterday at work. I could not believe it. This place was my home page. My fiance jokingly told me that I probably spent more hours on this site than with her (whether or not that is a joke, we will never know). It still blows my mind to think how Conor, Josh, Ron, and everyone else on the iFanboy team were able to create not just a website, but a home for all of us. I thought of his community as a family. While we lose most of the site features, we all remain. We, the iFanbase. Thank you.

  187. In 2010 I hadn’t read a comic in years, and employees at my LCS were less than helpful in telling me where I should start. The iFanboy video show gave me an invaluable amount of knowledge, and the podcast became the background to most bike rides, runs, sweepings, and dish washings. Now I’m actually being paid by my University to write about Hellblazer, Building Stories, and Chew. So thanks guys. I literally could not be doing this without you.

  188. On the plus side, this will free me up to spend more time on murmur.com!

  189. So long and thanks for the fish! I will still naturally listen to the pick of the week podcast, since I just love to hear you guys chat about comics. It’s by far my favorite comics podcast.

  190. When I discovered you all (and John Siuntres) years ago I realized I was watching the 21st Century versions of Milton Berle beginning to define a new medium. You have done just that, and that can never be taken away. You did it. I’m happy I still get to look forward to a Monday run listening to the pick of the week podcast. That would hurt too much if that was gone. So, onward indeed! (quick Milton Berle story: when I lived in Los Angeles he and I were standing next to each other one evening waiting for our cars at a restaurant. This was when Johnny Carson was leaving the Tonight Show and the fiasco between Leno and Letterman was going on. I leaned over and said, “Mr. Berle, YOU should take over the Tonight Show and show ’em all how it’s done.” Without missing a beat, he took the (unlit) cigar out of his mouth and replied, “They couldn’t afford me.” — nobody could do what iFanboy is all about any better, it’s best we all continue this way…. 🙂

  191. I discovered iFanboy after going through the internet video streams on my Tivo, ran across the video on Secret Invasion. Was never a comic reader, only reference I had were the cartoons I watched growing up as a kid (BTAS, X-Men, Spiderman, etc). After watching that show, came to the website and started downloading the podcasts (yes, went back to the very beginning and have listened to each one ever since). Although I didn’t visit the website daily, I still appreciated the content provided as I would peruse the net during the day. Sad to see daily operations going away, but thrilled that the podcasts will continue as those have kept me going. You guys got me into comics, and have kept me here – the industry owes you a debt of gratitude for the many others like me who got going because of what you produce.

    Take care all, and very much look forward to the shows going forward – it has kept me sane (and awake) during most of the driving trips I’ve taken over the last five plus years.

  192. I feel like I should write something a little more substantial.

    I don’t feel like I can describe the importance of this site to me in mere words. It’s alot more to me than simply a place where I can keep track of the comics I read with the pull list. To me, it was pretty much the basis of my online existence since…2008 or so? Most of the folks I interact with through twitter and other online avenues are somehow intrinsincly linked with me posting on this site. When I first started posting on the Rev3 forums, I thought this was just going to be another way to waste time. I had NO idea I would be making the friends I made throughout the years…and not just online friends, either. People who are a part of my life in a gigantic way! The community started out for me in 2008 simply as an online audience to expel my love for things like Nate Grey, but damn…it’s like, Prax is the first guy I text whenever there’s a concert I wanna see, and I now call Ali whenever there’s some crazy Chinese place in Queens I want to try. I have some of the best friends of my life, and it’s all thanks to being active on this site. And nowadays, it’s not even just comics that we talk about when we hang out. Comics was just a primer, at this point. Nowadays, we all know about each other’s lives in big detail, no matter how inane the facts are. I don’t know why, but the giant conversation that I’ll always remember was when we were all learning about the weird & questionable food phobias that Paul has.

    Even before we all MET met, it seems like we were already close knit. That live recording in 2008 that Ali mentioned above was where alot of us met for the first time, but it didn’t feel that way. After the initial “Hey, you’re Praxjarvin? DUDE! I’m CBC!”, all of us just started BSing like this wasn’t the first time our paths have physically crossed. This also is true about the iFanlords, who are all some of the most personable guys I’ve met and most engaging guys I’ve ever talked to.

    Just a little dumb thing to wrap this up that probably doesn’t mean anything to anyone…I had a good time talking with everyone that night in 2008 at Legends (oddly enough, I didn’t get to talk to Ron that much…people were swamping him. I guess they were enamored by his side burns?), and the next time I saw the iFancrew was that following NYCC. On the first day, I saw Josh lugging some camera equipment to his booth to set up, so I went over to say hi. Before I was able to launch into my “Hey, you probably don’t remember me, but…” shpiel, Josh sees me and just goes “Oh hey, Chris”. That always meant an incredibly huge deal to me throughout the years…not so much because the glasses dude who frequented my iPod remembered me, but that I realized that it was like the glasses dude who frequented my iPod was much more than the glasses dude who frequented my iPod. We, and the rest of the crew and my new friends, were something more than just simple online acquaintances. We’re iFanbros.

    Paul…for fucks sake…we need to go to Kaiju Big Battel already.

    eFanboy 4 life!!!

  193. Thanks and good luck to you all! I’m so glad that you’re carrying on with the podcasts, ifanboy, 11 o’clock comics and no apologies are my go-to’s.

  194. I discover you guys 4 or 5 years ago when I went searching for site “where cool people could hang out and talk about, and share their love of, comic books” you guys provided me with exactly that let me now had my THANKS with the rest of the iFanbase.

    It would be to hard to reiterate all the points I agree with from the comments above know this you’ll be missed from my daily routine to checking this site in the morning and afternoon to see what the rest of the iFanbase thought of the books I was reading or to stream a podcast. I’m super glad you guys will be able to preserve the podcasts you guys always put on a really informative and entertaining show.

    My most embarrassing iFanboy moment watching a anniversary show live you guys read my review of Herc 6.1 totally lost my cool in front of a friend…What can I say it meant alot that my simple review got read by you guys I’m not a good writer so I do so sparingly thanks for the moment guys….all good things must have a end.

  195. Damn…First Ron leaves and now the end of iFanboy as we know it. Everything comes and goes, that’s just the way it is. But let celebrate iFanboy! At least the Pick of the Week podcasts are staying, I’m really happy with that. I wasn’t an active member but for the last 4 years I visited the site on a daily basis. Im from Europe so I read a lot of European comics. It wasn’t until the summer of 2009, when I visited NYC, and got hooked on American comics at Midtown Comics in Manhattan. From that moment on I became addicted and really, It’s you guys who showed me the way in the land of comics. I dont wanna sound like a freak but even though we dont know each other, It’s like you (and the iFanboy community) are my friends. I dont have that many people to talk about comics to and this website always welcomed me gracefully. I was gutted when you stopped making the weekly iFanboy video podcasts and it got worse when Ron left (nothing wrong with Paul but Ron I was familiar with Ron and his taste of comics).

    Everything that’s good comes to an end. I really hope that you guys stay healthy, happy and succesfull. You mean a lot to a special kind of people, the comic book readers. Stay strong and enjoy all the great comics that come out this day and age. It’s really a good time for comics, quality-wise at least. Josh, I expect to see your name on great comics soon!

    I salute you all!

  196. Just want to chime in and thank all of you for sharing your iFanboy memories. Even though I’ve had time to come to terms with all this, and believed I had, I think I’m floating through the weekend in a state of shock. It’s all very surreal, but we’re so honored to have been part of your routine and to have fostered all these relationships. That’s the big takeaway, that this continues on every day on Twitter and out there in the wild.

    I’ve met people I sincerely consider family here, my brothers and sisters and ongoing collaborators. I have only love for this place, and gratitude. That continues on. Every day.

  197. I honestly can’t tell you how long I’ve been visiting this site, but I know that for years now, this place has been like a second home to me; and though I’ve been a rather “silent” visitor over the years, I have thoroughly enjoyed the insightful articles, editorials, and the space you guys created in which comic fans could come and discuss this hobby we all love. This has been a place where I could air frustrations, share excitement about things to come, and find solace when something big was about to change. As a DC fan since 1989, your reviews, articles, and podcasts shepherded me through the turbulence of the New 52, and helped me adjust to the new status quo in my favorite comic book universe.

    So, thank you. Thank you for the years you have invested in this place. Thank you for caring as much as you do. And best wishes for whatever comes next.

    Hear you on Sunday!

  198. Thank you all for many, many years of great content and a lot of fun. You’ve worked hard and I appreciate it. I’m glad to hear you will continue to do the podcasts. I’ll continue to listen.

    Thank you, again, for everything and good luck in all that you do.


  199. Thanks for the many years of service and all the fun podcasts, articles, and more. In the last few months, I stopped buying my weekly books (moving to trades and just generally cutting back), and although there are some books I miss now, the thing I miss most is finishing my last book of the week and then putting on the podcast. But I will catch up eventually. Best of luck and thanks for the memories.

  200. Dang it!
    Well this sucks.
    Will still look forward to listening to you guys every week on the Pick of the Week podcast and good luck.
    Thanks for all your hard work.

  201. Thanks for the website over the years, and for all of the content! Best wishes in your ongoing endeavors, including the POTW podcasts of course!

  202. I am very very sad to read this (but get it and understand).

    I was a “lapsed reader” and have only been aware of and on iFanboy for a year and a half or so (following a tip pointing me to the podcast after the New 52 launch). Nowhere near as long as most out here, and I have mostly lurked.. During the last year though, my wife divorced me and I was laid off to boot, so having iFanboy online to help give me a smile or read an insightful discussion on was so incredibly helpful, it’s hard to explain or quantify really.

    Ironically, I switched to a monthly subscription through DCBS to save money earlier this year, and so I’ve have fallen behind on the podcasts to keep from spoilerizing myself. Since then, I have leaned a lot harder on the website articles. My 5yo daughter particularly loved going through the sketch-ups with me, and looking at all the cosplay pics too (she is still better at naming who the costume is supposed to be better than me). I will miss all that and the “light week” recommendations of things I would never have caught or noticed myself.

    I will echo the comments about the loss of the pull list as well. It was a very helpful tool to me to catch anything I had missed in my order, since I likely have to plan a two hour drive at some point over to the Twin Cities to find it. I will try the Comixology thing people have referenced… But I plan to stick my fingers in my ears and scream NONONONONO the whole time.

    You guys even inspired me to start my own podcast (www.chippewavalleygeek.com). It still sucks, but I am working on it. And I feel like I am channeling you guys every time I say “you’re listening to…”

    Thanks for all the amazing work and creativity guys (and gals). It has been greatly appreciated and will be missed.

  203. This site and its community had a big role into reigniting my love for US comics (I am European) and I really enjoyed hanging around here. I’ll miss the site as it was but, alas, to everything there is a season (turn, turn, turn, etc.).

    For me, it means that from now on I will have more time to actually read comics instead of reading about them.

    I’m grateful for the time I could spend in the most enjoyable comics community on the net and I wish you all the best in your future adventures.

    Thank you guys!

  204. iFanboy feels like home

    Thank you for all the hard work

    Best of luck for all your future endeavours

  205. Worst birthday present ever, guys.

    I’ll be sad to see the new written content go, but I understand. It’s been fun, folks.

    I’m happy that the podcast is continuing, though… It’s an important part of my week. I moved recently, and it’s the only comic discussion I hear regularly now. Even though it sometimes feels like you don’t here me talking back from my car.

    • Ugh… trying to figure out what to put in my daily news bookmarks to fill the iFanboy slot. It’s not going well, guys. Maybe you could hold off on this for a while?

    • Sorry about the birthday thing! But thank you! (And happy birthday!)

    • You’re a trooper, Conner, for going through all these messages. As always.

      Thanks for everything, iFanboys. I’ll still be listening. (But, seriously, CBR? CA? Newsarama? I don’t know those guys. How can I trust them. Hell, do any of them even have scientists on staff?)

  206. I haven’t been around in the comments for a while, but I’ve had the iFanboy tab open pretty much constantly for over 7 years. I’ve had a ton of good times at official iFanboy parties and unsanctioned get togethers with iFanbase buds throughout the years. Some great Skype conversations and fun arguments here an back on the Rev3 forums.

    Thankfully there’s still Twitter, the community you guys helped build is still vibrant and going strong even if the iFanboy name won’t be attached to it anymore.

    Seriously bummed about this, it’s a major loss.

  207. Wild stuff guys.

  208. I, too, may not comment as frequently, but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t checking in on an almost daily basis. I think it was Josh who said in the podcast #400 episode something about how intimate the format of podcasting can be. You guys don’t know me from any other random goofy-looking dude living in central Ohio, but after listening to your conversations for years now, my mind can’t help but think of you as friends. If this decision is what’s best for you, then like any good friend I support you 100%. I absolutely wish you the best in whatever you do from here on out. Thanks.

    • Very well said. I feel the same way, hearing the conversations over the years that transcend comics when they discuss pop culture along with hobbies from the entertainment industry. Memories created from listening of past shows, even though I’m not an active participant, are similar to some I have when actually talking with my friends. I’ve tried other comics podcasts, nothing comes close to matching the chemistry and style of iFanboy.

    • Thanks so much!

  209. So disappointed but completely understand. Thanks for being so stand-up about what’s going on, but more importantly thanks for being such a part of my life week-in and week-out for the last five years. You dragged me back into comics and have given me great deal of joy. Good luck with whatever comes next, I’ll keep listening.

  210. Hey so I’m thinking out loud about something that came up to me at the grocery store and maybe this isn’t the best time but does anybody want to start a comics blog with me now that this site is moving. Anybody that posts reviews or comments more then five times a week could easily channel that into a wordpress blog. It won’t be as good as iFanboy but it might help as an outlet. We could do our own reviews, write about whatever we feel like, maybe do a post every Monday with our own pull list from every writer on the site. Ghostman, Wheelhands, APoet, Ithosapien, Nextchampion, TheWill, I know all you guys write enough on here to contribute to your own sites if you wanted to. Anybody interested?

  211. Hey don’t forget we should #potw on twitter this Wednesday and kick the “what book wowed the ifanbase most” can around Twitter. @mikefromgotham on Twitter. Keep this thing alive!

  212. Let me join the many other commenters in saying how sorry I am too read this. I have not been commenting much but this has been one of my few daily go-to sites. I wish you guys all the best for the future and thanks for all the good work. This site has been largely responsible for getting me back into Comics so thanks for that! At least I will still have the Podcasts too keep me company on my way too work and that is much appreciated.

  213. …slow clap…

    Hell of a run guys, but it’s not like you’re going away completely. I’ll miss coming to the site and making my pull list on Monday to waiting for the weekly sketch ups on Friday. 13 years…Hell of a run!

    Looking forward to what changes you guys make to the podcast.

  214. Sad news indeed but wishing you guys success as you move forward!! You guys have been a regular part of my week for the last several years and I am very glad I happened upon the site. I have loved listening to the podcasts, weekly and otherwise and wouldn’t have found some wonderful comics if it wasn’t for you guys (most notably, the Planet of the Apes books). Gonna miss the regular content and pull list but am grateful for the time I’ve had. Good luck, all!

  215. Best Wishes for you all. You are Greatness…thankyou for your web.

    pd: ( a question , why http://fuzzytypewriter.wordpress.com/ dont put the podcasts on the blog anymore?)

  216. It’s been a hell of a ride with you guys. I’ve been following ifanboy since the beginning (The first south american FrapprMapr, I remember). I was very glad to see you guys rise and achieve so much recognition in the field with this labor of love. It’s sad to be here today, when things are winding down. But so many things have changed in the world in the past 13 years it’s understandable that you want to change as well. Thank you so much for giving me a comics community when I didn’t have one. Good luck in what’s to come.


  217. so no weekly pull lists here? now where will I get all my day to day comic info?:(….you guys are part of the reason I got back into comics…..You will be missed! I understand tho that you cant do this site forever,

  218. Wow. I’ve been listening to you guys every week and visiting almost every day since 2006. I started listening when I got a desk job at a gallery that I hated working at, and was in a low period in my life, but listening to the POW podcast made it bearable, and gave me something to look forward to every week. I’m in a great, and very busy, period of my life and the podcast is still something I look forward to every week.
    I completely understand the need to let some things pass, but I am so, so, so incredibly happy that the POW podcast will still be coming out. So, thank you all for such a great time, and for creating such a great community that means so much to so many people. As Stan the Man would say, Excelsior!

  219. I am bummed out but totally understand I have no idea how I would find time to run a site like this, I am happy the podcast will continue and I hope its not too much work to keep it running for a little while longer.

    In totally unrelated and longshot of a question is there anyone who knows where I might be able to still download the old Murmur podcasts? They are still listed on itunes and rss feeds but I can’t get any episodes to download. I would guess they are long gone but if you happen to know where I could download them or if someone kept the files on their hard drive and would let me work something out with them that would be awesome, if not no worries just thought I’d ask.

  220. Wow, I just logged in to do my pull list and this announcement hit me like a ton of bricks! Shitty end to a shitty Monday!

    There’s no adequate way to say how much this website has meant to me over the last few years – I may not have been the most frequent poster of comments or reviews, but visiting the site to do my pull list, rate my books, catch up on comics news or see the regular sketch ups, covers of the week etc has been a huge part of my daily routine, and one that I will miss immensely.

    I know that there are other websites out there that do a similar job, but trust me when I say, nobody else does it as well as you guys have. Your unique personalities are all over every article, every podcast and every snippet of news, however small, and at the end of the day that’s what has made iFanboy so special to so many people. It was an incredibly cool surprise to send an e-mail to you, and even though it never made the podcast, to have Josh take the time to personally respond. What other website could boast that kind of attention to their community?

    Thanks, guys. Although I’ve never met you in person, I still feel like I’m listening to old friends each time I put on the POTW podcast on my Monday drive to work. I hope that the future will bring great things for you all, and that the show will continue to inform and entertain us all for many years to come!

  221. I remember when iFanboy was a barebones website housing an awesome podcast, and the only “features” on the podcast were the reviews, listener e-mail and the occasional voice-mail (“Darrell, stalking the streets of New York”). I remember when we called Connor “Hunter” for a while, and then stopped, and when the listeners did the podcast intro. It has been a pleasure watching the labor of love grow into a site that I visit every day. I’m especially going to miss the “Panel of the Week” and “Weekly Sketch-up” articles; there is nothing quite like them at any other site I know of. Even though I almost never agreed with him, I’ll miss Jimski’s pieces, because he’s considered, witty, and there is nothing else like him, anywhere. There are a lot of comic book websites, but none of them had the level of quality that this community does. I never came away feeling like I shouldn’t have read the comments.

    I’ll still look forward to the podcast, just like in the old days when you guys kept me company when I was stuck in traffic on the 405. I’ll miss some of the user reviews, and the PotW percentages. Since there won’t be a forum to say it, I wish you guys the best with the families and careers and actual lives that you will now get to spend time with. Thanks for letting random strangers feel like a part of your worlds, for a while.

  222. Bummer. This has been my favorite comic book website for a while now. It will leave a small void in my Internet checking routine. The community and the pull list feature have been such valuable resources. It’s great to see the podcast is sticking around.

    I didn’t even realize you guys had switched to running the website part time. So thank you and kudos for pulling that off so well. Thanks again and good luck in everything.

  223. Conor and Josh, kudos for replying to almost every post here. damn.

    oh and hey, feel free to to come over to…


    and talk comics with us. Got some cool comic book discussions going on with some familiar iFanboy regulars (no love for DC Villains month which starts this week)


  224. I’m so sad I don’t even know what to say. I’ve been with the site since Podcast #5 and I’m so glad that’s at least continuing. It’s hard to thank all of you for all the work you’ve done over the years. I’ve never gotten to meet any of you, but I felt every week like when I was reading my comics and then went to listen to the podcast that I was hanging around with friends. I actually started listening right after I’d moved to CA and knew no one. It’s not an exaggeration to say that you guys helped me feel less alone during that period. I understand things change, people grow, lives evolve. I’m sure that if you think it’s time then it is. Just know that you have had a huge impact on your listeners (for the better). I’m still in as a member til you shut the lights off. Thank you guys, truly.
    Dave Yaeger

  225. What else is left to say? You guys got me back into comics and introduced me to some of the best content (in any media) I’ve ever consumed. Thanks so much to Josh, Connor, Ron, Paul and the rest of the gang for all the great writing and good times. I’ll miss the website (maybe I’ll be more productive?) but I am excited to see what the future holds for the podcast. For what it’s worth here are some features I’d love to see incorporated into the show now and then:

    —Book of the month
    —‘Best of the Rest’ (my favorite new iFanboy feature)
    —One from the Vault (my favorite feature of the video show)
    —Top 5 right now!
    —‘Where do I Start?’
    —Paul’s dogs
    —Josh’s voices
    —Connor’s beer
    —Cyclops bashing
    —Hardcore audio porn (soft to medium-core would also be acceptable)

    Thanks again guys!

  226. Thanks for all the hard work guys! It’ll be hard to find a new place to see what’s good and new, to get some recommendations on what to try each week and to get some daily comics entertainment. Very happy to hear that the podcast is staying strong, that’s what got me onto this site!

  227. Great group of folks behind this site — I really appreciate the work you’ve all done and I’ll be looking out for new stuff in the future!

  228. I don’t think I fully realized how important iFanboy was to me until I read this yesterday. I intentionally put off commenting until I had some time to let this all sink in. Since everyone seems to be telling their story, it seems only right that I chime in.

    When I lived in New York, I worked at Midtown Comics on 40th and 7th. It was there that I learned for the first time what it means to be part of a community with shared interests. I met some lifelong friends there, and it was easily my favorite job I’ve ever had. When I was forced to relocate, saying goodbye to those guys was one of the saddest things I’ve ever had to do. They were my brothers, and I still miss them all these years later.

    For a while after that, enjoying my comics was a lonely experience. I found a LCS and still read all my usual books. I had plenty of nerdy friends, but I was the sole resident comic fan. I floated through other comic news sites, but never even bothered to contribute to the ever flowing river of vitriol that is other comment sections. It just wasn’t the same. And then about five years ago my girlfriend’s cousin, a guy a barely knew, suggested I check out iFanboy. After browsing the site for one afternoon, I promptly registered, and WheelHands was born.

    This site, its founders, its contributing staff, and the fanbase have allowed me to get back what I left in New York so long ago. In iFanboy, I had discovered a place where like-minded adults could gather and discuss every facet of this thing that we love. A place where it was just as acceptable to disagree as it was to celebrate. A place where trolling simply wasn’t tolerated. A place where you could relax, get down to the nitty gritty, and still have a lot of fun. A place that welcomed newcomers, and still challenged the veterans to show their work. Everywhere else on the Internet, they report on comics with all the warmth of a shipping manifest, but here at iFanboy, comics aren’t just funny pages, they’re a way of life.

    I fully understand all your reasons fellas, but it does little to comfort me. I’m going to miss the regular content. I sadly have no idea how to even begin filling my slow days at work, or what to do on my lunch breaks. But that’s not your problem. I know that this decision was not made lightly. This is, after all, your brownstone. You’ve all worked very hard to build this clubhouse, week in and week out, and no one can fault you for freeing up some time for the more important things in life. Don’t think for a moment that we longtime regulars didn’t appreciate every single thing that you’ve done over all these years.

    Other than exchanging a few quips with Paul at the anniversary show, and enjoying a short conversation with Conor and Ron about the shortcomings of Diamond Distributors at the bar afterwards, I’ve never spent time with any of you in person. And yet, I feel like I know you better than some people I see everyday. You simply don’t listen to three guys ramble on for an hour every week, and watch them pour their hearts into written pieces week in and week out, and not get to know them. You also don’t listen or read what they have to say if you don’t like them. And as far as I’m concerned Conor, Josh, Ron, and Paul are damn good guys. And the rest ain’t so bad either. I wish you all the best in whatever the future holds for you. You’ve upset us all so much, that it better damn well be worth it. In other words, earn this.

    I’ll continue to look forward to the podcast, but like many others, I’m going to miss the weekly discussion about news and individual issues. It’s funny, and kinda weird, the way we all interact here. Most of us have never met, but you develop a rapport with some people. Sure, ya butt heads sometimes. You jab, you disagree, you don’t even bother to respond to people you have no interest talking to. But you start to understand how people behave. And if you pay attention, you can put together a sketch of what kinda person they are. And most of the time, you look forward to talking to them again. It’s like stopping by a shop, and shooting the shit. For better or worse, we’re all here for the same thing.

    I swear to Batman, this is the truth; as I was finishing that last paragraph, Dylan’s “The Times, They Are A-Changin’ ” started playing on my iTunes. I couldn’t help but chuckle, and breathe in to stifle a little sob. Truer words have never been spoken, Bob.

    You guys, staff and users, are all my new brothers. I love every damn one of you sons of bitches. And I’m not going anywhere.

    Jon Cymerman

    • That’s incredibly heartfelt. I appreciate everything you wrote and the sentiment behind it! Thanks!

    • Great write-up dude, I’ll miss all of our conversations, bickerings, and opinions. It was like hanging out at a bar where everyone wanted to talk about that last issue of Batman Inc.

      See you Space Cowboy…

    • Ya know what…you summed up the emotion of this thing really well. It’s hard to put into words the connection to a website, the content and the community….but you did it. And I feel like I know the guys, Josh, Ron, Conor and Paul, like they’re buddies of mine…not in a creepy stalkery way….but after listening to them basically grow up over the past 13 yrs…and all the change I’ve had in my life….this site and those guys yakking it up on the podcasts have been an amazing constant, a true north positive to talk to about comic books. Not a negative thing about any of it, just talking about comic books. Upbeat, fun and friendly. I can’t wait to listen to the new podcast, and continue to watch these guys have fun.

    • Well said Jon. Well said.

    • If this were a Facebook post I would push the Like button multiple times. Well said, indeed.

  229. Thanks for everything this site has always kicked ass.

  230. I first found you guys off an ad in Fairest #1 (I think), visited the site and got hooked right away. I’ve spent the last 7 months mainlining the POW archives while staying in a VA hospital. You guys are the best and played a large role in me not slipping off my rocker. I’ll miss the daily content and the pull list, but am relieved the POW pod stays. Best to you and your endeavors, thanks again for the fun and funny. PS I dropped Fairest so don’t hold that against me!

  231. Wow. This news has me stunned.
    I’ll really miss the daily content and the regular features. Thank you so much to everyone involved for your hard work and dedication to the comic book cause. You have pointed me in the direction of so much great writing and fantastic art over the past couple of years since my first visit here.
    And thank you for providing a place for people to come and talk/argue about this medium that we all love so much. Even if I didn’t necessarily get involved in the discussions it was always fun to eavesdrop!
    Thanks again, and enjoy reading comics, now you’ll have more time!

  232. Great, now I’ll have to actually work instead of just pretending to work… 🙁

    Well, thanks for everything guys and gals, it’ll take a while to get used to not check the web site every hour for new comments and content, it’s understandable and we’ll move on!

    Best wishes to all of you! Cheers! 🙂

  233. Hey somebody be sure to give Fred from the Rev3 forums the news. If he yet lives, he might want to know.

  234. This is just sad. When i found my way back into comics a few years ago i discovered this site and it was my daily fix of news and columns since then. i will miss pulling and discussing my books here and it will be hard to find an other place to do so. congrartulation on the great work over the years.

    best wishes!

  235. This is so sad. I signed on today to do my pull list and found this waiting! I don’t mean this as overstatement but this is devastating. Doing my pull list every Monday was one of the highlights of my day!

    Conor and Josh thank you for running the best comic site I’ve ever had the pleasure of enjoying.

    Jim, Paul, and Ryan thank you for your insightful and interesting articles. Even when I didn’t agree with them they were always thought provoking!

    For everyone else that did ANYTHING for this site over the years, thank you for your time and commitment. You will be missed.

  236. Thanks for all the hard work it was / is greatly appreciated. I will still be tuning in for the pod casts. Best wishes to everyone connected to the site. Now I kinda feel like post coital Thor, not sure what to do…

  237. I just literally swallowed a big lump in my throat. This is heartbreaking. I am in shock. Without a doubt iFanboy has been the site that I have come to the most for the past few years, it has become a daily ritual, one that is gone. Sob.

    On a brighter note; thanks for all the work guys! Living in Australia and reading most of my comics digitally iFanboy was the place I would come to to talk comics and hear about stuff I wasn’t reading but should be. I run every Monday with the pick of the week podcast in my ears, and will continue to do so. You guys have enriched my life and energised my comics reading habit, my wallet hates you but I love you.

    All the best in the future!!!

  238. IFanboy forever.

  239. Dear iFanboy staff,

    Thank you for an awesome site, for creating an atmosphere that celebrated what was good about comics and not just complain about things that were wrong. Thanks also for using articles like Sketch Up to introduce me to artists I might have missed otherwise, finally thanks for the user reviews, the best tags ever, and running a damn fine comic book news site.

    And finally thanks for motivating me to write a few user reviews, too damn few mind you, and for allowing me to become a part of the podcast by featuring one of my reviews.

    Thanks again guys and I’ll keep listening as long as you keep recording ’em.

  240. Although my thoughts echo many posting here, I wanted to give my thanks for getting me back into comics. Most of the recommendations made throughout the years – especialy the Books of the Month – found their way into my Amazon shopping cart. I trusted your opinions and you never let me down.

    I would even keep track of what trades/graphic novels you guys would pull each week in hopes of finding something new and exciting.

    As someone mentioned above, i hope you can work some of those written segments into a brief discussion on the podcasts. Trade discussion would be especially appreciated. An Amazon link or two could help with podcasting supplies. Hey – with all the things you aren’t writing about now – maybe that will give us an extra 30 minutes or more of material on the podcast!

    I think something that speaks to how enjoyable I find the podcast is listening for the general camaraderie and Q&A sections – so I am glad it will continue. I’m sure the staff not contributing to the podcast will pop up somewhere else but I hope that Conor and Josh will continue to write their opinions either here or somewhere else on the net – and hopefully not just in 140 character segments. 🙂

    I’m someone who rarely ever posts anything on a message board – but I wanted to add my two cents. Best wishes for the future!

  241. This is sad news! This site has guided my comic reading choices for years so thanks for everything. You all did a great job here and I’m looking forward to everyone’s future projects. Thanks again!

  242. We Couldn’t Watch It Suffer Any Longer: The iFanboy Story

    Thanks for the single most helpful tool for a comics reader, the Pull List service. Wow, how valuable that feature has been. I have fallen way behind in the couple years, and the pull list has helped me keep track of what I’ve read and haven’t read. The podcast will give us the three iFanboys, and I’m sure the writers will find a place to have their voices heard. The pull list service was a tangible (although completely digital) difference that set this site apart from all the rest.

    Thanks for reporting on the news in a simple, straightforward, no hype, only the important facts kind of way, albeit with just enough wit to remind us you all are just readers like us. I long ago became fed up with your competitors in that regard. “Interviews” where creators simply rehash press releases are not news. iFanboy never did that. Seeing the iFanbase’s reactions to whatever the news of the day was was just icing on the cake.

    Thanks for moderating those comment threads. That was surely a big workload, but it kept the standard high. Some of us (myself included) crossed lines once or twice. From redirecting the discussions back on track to just outright deleting comments. Besides mere domain and server facilitation, your constant attention allowed this community to be the best.

    Thanks for Jimski’s column, Ryan’s column, Mike’s column, Where Do I Start?, Best of the Week In Covers/Panels, Weekly Sketch-Up, This Moment in Comics History, Top 5, Want!, WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU?, and all the other regular (or irregular) features. When the stacks ran out, when a laptop or smartphone were all that was available, when social media became stale, the vast array of written content on this site consistently kept this comic fan happy to be just that, a fan.

    Since it’s likely that the lack of content will cause a lack of discussion, I have to share some of my favorite memories: arguing with Josh on whether or not Hawkeye went down like a bitch, discussing sexism and a possible Jean Grey resurrection, going on Power Rangers tangents during Blackest Night, and contributing to what was surely one of the longest threads on a single issue, New Avengers vol. 2 #3, with most of the discussion focusing on Wolverine/Spider-Man being of the Avengers despite already being on the team for the previous 5 years.

    But really, making a sleek, new start while trying to keep all of your past content? Did you learn nothing from the New 52?

    But really really, bravo guys and gals. Thanks for everything. My iFanboy discovery was video show first, audio show second, and site third, that has always been my order of preference too. But in retrospective, all the site content was truly marvelous.

  243. Well, this a bit of a bummer to come back to after an awesome holiday weekend, but I totally respect that you guys gotta do what you gotta do. As much as I will miss the daily updates and the comics page, I’m super excited I’ll get to continue enjoying the podcast content each week!

    I have this theory that you don’t remember how you met your closest friends. And I honestly can’t remember when or how I discovered iFanboy. It just feels like this natural thing I’ve always enjoyed having in my life, and that’s really cool.

    I’m glad I got to meet Ron and Conor at MorrisonCon last September, as well as Ali, Jimski and Jeff Reid at C2E2 last spring. I know they don’t go to many conventions, but I hope I run into Josh and Paul at some point, so I can give them both a hearty high-five and say thanks for everything. While anything resembling friendship I have with all you nice people is largely parasocial, I wish you all the best and look forward to hearing your voices each week and trading a few tweets from time to time.

    I’ma go pour on out for the website, then listen to this week’s POTW podcast and look forward to seeing how the next incarnation of iFanboy takes shape! Thanks!

  244. This seems incredibly gauche even as I’m doing it, but it also seems like something I should do. I have no idea what I’m doing next, if anything. Part of me wants to vanish. But I might not! And if I don’t, sightings of me will be here:



    yellingat.tumblr.com (this is minutes old; I set it up in a fit of iFanboy withdrawal, and it may amount to nothing)

    See you around, and thanks for the kind words. About the pull list.

  245. I’m saddened by the news but that’s just me being selfish! I know I was pretty sporadic in my contributions to the iFanboy discussions, but I was a constant visitor. Because iFanboy has been a great place for comic fans to talk about the things they love. That’s something I don’t have the opportunity to do a lot since I don’t have a lot of friends into comics (especially at my age).

    All I can say is thanks for so much fun, for giving another fan a place to touch base with other fans and I hope everyone at iFanboy finds nothing but success and happiness in their other endeavours. And that goes for the other fans in the comments section too.

    Thanks for letting me part of the community!

  246. Hey guys, I just wanted to say best of luck in the upcoming changes. Your podcast was the first comic podcast I ever listened to, and still is one of the few I listen to every week. I’m glad you’re continuing the show, but I understand your decision to scale back.

    It was the friendships you all share that really drew me into the show, and is what kept me listening all these years. In fact, your show was part of the inspiration that made me start a podcast of my own with my friends. So I have to thank you for having a small part in what we are now doing, even though you may not have been aware of it.

    I know you’ll continue to put out a great product, no matter what changes you have, and I lift my mug to all of you and the hard work you’ve put in over the years. Cheers guys!

  247. I certainly will miss the written articles. Especially the History ones. I have several bookmarked for referance. 🙂

  248. This is very sad news to hear. I’ve only gotten into reading comics less than two years ago, and this was by far my favorite place to find out about upcoming interesting books. There are many really cool books that never would have crossed my radar of it hasn’t been for this site.

    Thank you guys for helping introduce me to the wider world of the comic book medium.

    There are other comics related sites I browse, but none of them are quite like this.

  249. Thanks everyone for all the great content that went up every week. The ifanboys got me back into comics years ago and without them I would never have found so many great comics over the years. Good luck in everything you do and thanks again.

  250. Wow.

    Certainly not the news I was expecting to see returning to the city from a cottage.

    I’m exhausted, but even so I needed to log in to say thanks to everyone involved. Truly your effort has been an important part of my life for ages now (rev3 alum!),

    I could say more, but the main point at the end of it all is a heartfelt thank you.

  251. Super bummed. And gutted. But I understand. I wish I could underscore just how vital this site has been to my comics’ life over the last five years. It helped me get back into comics. It was a must-read every day.

    So please–really, please–don’t ever take the podcast away.

  252. Very bitter sweet. Thank you guys for everything.

  253. Very sad and disappointing, but I can understand you didn’t want the site to suffer if you couldn’t give it your all. I’ll still look forward to the best comic book podcast every week.

    Now if you stop the podcast that’s when the riots start…

  254. Thank you for all the hard work and dedication you’ve all put in over all these years. iFanboy was wholly and almost solely responsible for me returning to reading comics. I can still remember the progression. Got an iPod. Found out about podcasts. What can you listen to on podcassts? Comics? I haven’t read comics in years! I listened to a number of different podcasts in those first few months. None of them are around anymore. Luckily, one I stumbled across and started listening to regularly was a new show called iFanboy. You guys showed me the way. You told me comics were good again! I dipped my toe back into the pool and soon dove right in. How could anyone listen to Ron go off the deep end on one of his happy-rants and not be infected?

    When my 2nd son was born 2 years ago, I found I had to start cutting back. I couldn’t read everything like I used to. You cannot serve two masters and my reading pleasure was certainly a distant second to real-world issues. I cancelled my store pull list and switched to only reading digital content, occasionally. One thing I didn’t stop, however, was listening to the podcast. When I do buy something these days, you can be sure it’s probably because it was talked about on this show.

    If life was fair, this would be your full time job. This site would be paid for by the comics publishing collective. No better advertisement could they have then 3 erudite, passionate and yes, even funny, fanboys. I remember when you announced the ‘new website’ with room for ‘video content’ and how exciting that sounded. I was there before and I’ll still be there after.

    Thank you, and don’t worry, it’s ok. We understand.

  255. I’m a bit shocked and a little more upset than I should be. I’ve been listening for years . I was k-dizzle on the rev3 forums and even though I dropped out of the forum I’ve read everything on this site for years. Very saddened by this and hope you all have more time for life. Thanks for the thousands of hours of entertainment, and I wish you all the best.

  256. Really sad day – but happy to know the podcast will continue and the community will live on. I’ve said it a hundred times, but I love this site dearly – have since before I was writing comics. Josh, Conor, Ron and Paul, you’ve all become friends in the last few years, and you should be so proud of what you built here – a place for people who love comics to go discuss comics thoughtfully, passionately, and – even at their angriest – lovingly. Special site, special gang, special fans. Lots of love.

  257. I haven’t a damn clue as to what originally drew my attention to the iFanboy video show, be it a recommendation from someone or a link I found somewhere, but the site instantly became a great part of my life, both in size and entertainment value. Between each new show (video and audio), I’d go back and watch and listen to earlier shows that I’d miss. Hell, I still go back and revisit some of the video shows every now and then.

    Then it [the site] blew. up. New articles, new features, new podcasts (Booksplode, Don’t Miss, etc.), and a bevy of new contributors. And it all felt seamless. It was like the new staff had been here all along, which, as it turned out, was the case for a bunch of them. Home was expanding, but it still totally felt like home.

    Admittedly, I stopped reading singles towards the end of 2011, switching to just trades, so now I don’t listen to the PotW until 6 or 7 months after it’s published, but I still love every bit of it. But I still check in regularly for most all of the features (just not Best of the Week in Panels).

    But now we’re going back to basics. And I totally get it. When the site blew up, it blew up pretty damn quickly. More content means more work, more upkeep, more responsibility. And all while life outside the site is still going on, too. Life that needs priority attention, especially if the site isn’t the primary source of income.

    I get it, and, you know what? I think it might be a welcome change of pace. Now that it’s just the podcasts, I’ve got to imagine that it’ll feel a lot less like work to sit down and record them. They’re focusing on the shows now., which were what brought me here to the site to begin with. All the other features? I can consider them bonus content that we were all fortunate enough to enjoy for a good while.

    On to the folks that run this joint. I can’t think of a better bunch of people in this business. Really. I met Ron, Conor, and Tom Katers at Boston Comic-Con in 2011, and they just immediately treated me as one of their own. We’re all just comic fans, so we got along great. (At New York Comic-Cons 2011 and 2012, I saw Ron and Conor working, but still no sign of the ever-elusive Josh.) But I can’t not mention my MVP of the new batch of contributors, one Paul Montgomery. His jolly wit knows no limit.

    So, I’ll gladly keep shelling out dough every December to do my part in keeping the place running. And I’ll always proudly where my iFanboy Member shirt at any Con I attend because I always feel good about having the creators associate a pleasant fan interaction experience (which I try to make every time) with the site. Sometimes just the sight of the shirt will put a smile on their face.

    Okay, enough rambling. iFanboy, you have my complete support in this transition. Hell, we’re all here with you every step of the way.

  258. Since everyone else is doing it, I’ll give my iFanboy testimony as well. Growing up, I bought the occasional random Batman issue or trade, but never read any other comics really. Around 6 years ago, I was just out of college and wanted to get my foot in the door of the tech industry. I ended up taking a contract job where I had to review terrible content such as graphic violence and child abuse for 40 hours a week plus lots of over time. As you may imagine, this was really emotionally straining, and I needed a way to keep my sanity. I always kind of dug those occasional Batman comics but wanted more, though I was afraid to walk into a comic shop without knowing what series were available and which were any good. While googling, I stumbled across iFanboy and started reading articles. Soon I was listening to all the podcasts and videos on iFanboy while working that terrible job, and it really kept my mind off all the terribleness. I soon found a local comic shop and some series that really hit home with me, and now I’m a regular $30 per week spender at my local shop going on 5 and a half years (with a better job, by the way). So, thanks for helping me keep my sanity. Thanks for helping me find so many of my favorite series, writers, and artists. Thanks for Local, Scott Pilgrim, Sweet Tooth, Saga, Greg Rucka, Darwyn Cooke, Jeff Lemire, and all the other greatness you guys opened up to me with your articles and podcasts over the years at iFanboy.

  259. Well apparently I’ve only been a member here since 2008, but I would have thought it was a lot longer, that’s how big a part of my life this site has been.

    As has been said many times before, and much more eloquently, THANK YOU!!!

    Josh, I still am going kick your ass one of these days for ‘War. Boy, I don’t know’.

    Paul, if you ever start writing something with dialogue or internal monologues in the future PLEASE let us know. I still consider some of your fictional writing on this site some of the best writing on any site.

    Connor, I absolulty enjoyed your love of numbers in relation to comics. I hope you have spent many hours, or even days thinking on them over the years.

    Thanks again, and I hope to be able to look forward to the podcast for many years to come,


  260. This was literally the first comic website I had ever been too when I got back into comics a few years ago. Thanks to iFanboy I had a lot of great discussions and discovered a lot of great comics! Thanks for everything guys, gonna miss that pull list. iFanboy rules!!!

  261. Haven’t posted in a long while. Too long. Listen every week though. It has been a great plesure these past 6 years I have been listening and reading articales on this site. Super glad the podcast will still be. But the articles are what I love the most. Every night at work ifanboy is the first site I check. Love the panels, covers of the week. Love the casting articles. Love the articles period. I read every damn one.
    Thank you for the many many hours of work slacking off you have giving me.

    around comics, totally rad show, tom vs, and the ifanboy articles.

    Thank you for a great job.

  262. I tried to keep up with the weekly pull list and making a POW on my own but I only lasted a few weeks. So I understand completely.”IT IS ALL ABOUT THE FUN”. I will miss the yearly comic con footage and The sketch up and animated movie review will be a loss in my podcast listening but whatever, if I really need that, I can find a replacement.

  263. Thanks guys. It feels like I’ve always read comics but your website and podcast meant almost as much as actually reading the books on a weekly basis. It was a combination of the podcast and the weekly pulls that made me truly appreciate the industry and medium in new ways. This is going to make Mondays and Wednesdays very weird. I won’t know what to do.

    I am currently pursuing jobs in the industry, any way that I can, and I have you guys to (blame) thank. I write sporadically for Broken Frontier and I always think of iFanboy and the standard you all set every time I start writing a new article.

  264. Thanks so much for everything, guys. I haven’t been a huge commenter, but I’ve been an avid reader of the site, especially the best of the week in… articles for a long time. I will certainly miss my lifeline to what’s current in comics. I hope whatever you do next brings as much joy as this site has to you and your audience. Now who’s going to tell me when a new issue of The Private Eye comes out?

  265. Thank you for the entertainment all these years guys. iFanboy will forever be the best comics site I ever visited. Thank you so much Conor, Ron, Josh and Paul, as well as all of your contributors. Take care and I wish all of you the best in this new phase of your lives.


  267. Crestfallen. You guys were always my first stop whenever I went online. Consistantly the best comics website around, sad that I won’t have you guys to keep me up to date with the latest stuff anymore but glad there’ll still be podcasts to listen to.
    Thanks for creating the best online comics community online. And for everything else. I look forward to seeing where all you guys end up. Good luck with everything going into the future.

  268. Gutted to hear this sad news. Like others you were my first stop when I went online and have really enriched my comic reading experience over the last few years. Your suggestions for new comics have made my bank balance seem precarious at times, but I don’t regret it for a second.

    Thank you for all that you have done and all the best for the future.

  269. It seems that you guys have been the only reliable source about what comics get released each week, with covers, creators and whatnot, in the whole world wide web. I found myself updating your website every Tuesday, for years now, just to see what’s waiting for me in my comic shop. Thanks for that, and for tons of inspiring articles.

    What made iFanboy THE comics website for me, was the fact that you guys commented on news, with your own personal views. And not just re-posted a press release, like so many other websites do. That made you unique. And made you add something to the comic community.

    I think I will miss the Week in Covers, Panels and the Weekly Sketch Up the most.

  270. As this is a real bummer to discover, I TOTALLY get the chaos of life (work, family, etc.) preventing you from doing all that you used to do. Things change and life goes on.

    Though I’m not one to regularly comment on the site, it has been my daily “go-to” for reviews and commentary, not to mention my “Tuesday ritual” of pulling my books for the coming week. The site and the show have always been top notch and I look forward to whatever you guys put your energies into in the future.

    Thanks for creating a great community and for sharing your insight and passion with all of us!

  271. Very sad, but thanks for everything guys!!

  272. I know it’s too early, but will you guys do the “Best of Year” articles? It can be this awesome week every year when iFanboy comes together to celebrate the very best in comics…

  273. Just found this site about a year ago and you guys have been my comics friends since then. I know I’m late to the game but I will still miss you.
    This is a sad day, but I salute you and wish you all the best in the future!

  274. I agree, it is sad, but life is full of change. This site had such great elements. Intelligent reviews, great connection with other fans and smart humor. It’s hard to find a good comic book review site that does not pander whose hosts are educated, intelligent and fun.

    I wish all of you the best in your future endeavors and look forward to hearing a great podcast on Sundays.

    Bon Courage!


  275. I don’t remember when I got back into comics – again – but the last time was around the time I pulled Jury duty in Jan 2007. I remember downloading a ton of comics podcasts and listening to them while I waited around in the Jury Selection room – Comic Geek Speak, Around Comics and iFanboy.

    Around Comics hit a nerve with me and this became my favorite comics podcast. Comic Geek Speak hit a totally different nerve and I never listened to them again. iFanboy was a backup at that time – sometimes too boring talking about books I didn’t like – but I never stopped listening (admittedly there was a time when I just fast forwarded to parts I wanted to listen to – thank you show notes).

    Anyway – even after a time when iFanboy ran 3rd to Around Comics and Q:PAW – those others eventually fell to the wayside and all I had left was iFanboy. And its been stellar.

    Glad to hear the podcast will continue – I sincerely hope it will and not fall to the wayside like my other favorite comics podcasts.

  276. I know I said thank you once already but I logged on this morning and just had to say something again. I have no idea how I found iFanboy. I just don’t remember. A friend asked me this just last week how I came here the first time and for the life of me I couldn’t recall. I don’t remember every great discussion or every stupid argument I had on here, I don’t remember my favorite podcast moment or which movie review got me the most fired up, I don’t remember the best pick of the week review I read or my favorite iFanboy upstart (what a great column!) but I will never forget the people I met on this site or time I spent here. I don’t know how I first came here, I’m just glad as hell that I did. Thanks iFanboy.

  277. Hi gentlemen, I’ve been visiting this site for about five years now and have found it an invaluable resource. In fact I was just hoping to bone up on other members’ comments on Thor 12 for a review I’m writing for another site but I can see all that stuff has now gone! Anyway, when I started getting back into comics your podcasts and site was pivotal in forming my reading tastes. You even replied to my emails which was very nice of you. I’ve since gone on to make my own comics and even form a small publishing company in the UK and a lot of that was down to you and your site. You will be missed, for one thing, without my pull list I’ve now got no idea what comics are coming out this week!

    On the plus side I really think your podcasts are going to get even better because of this move!

    Thanks again.

  278. Listening to your podcasts and videos got me back into comics back about 10 years ago. After years of listening weekly from my iPod in Australia, I finally managed to get over to New York for NYCC in Feb 2009. I got along to the iFanboy after-party and finally got to meet Josh, Conor and Ron. One of my biggest highlights on subsequent trips to New York, was always hanging out with the wonderful people I’d met through that party, iFanboy.com and twitter.

    Your website has been my main source of comic-related news for many years. Although I’ll still listen to the weekly podcast as long as you guys continue to make it, it’ll be sad not to see the wonderful articles you’ve put out every day. I thank you all for the hard and creative work you’ve put in over the years, and the community you’ve set up and I wish you all the best for the future.

  279. This news saddens me. You guys have always been my first source for news. Plus I really enjoyed reading the Pick of the Week reviews. But, you’ve all said that it can’t last forever. Thanks for the many years of great content. I hope for success for all of you guys. And at least we still have the Podcast.

  280. I’ve listened to you guys and made my pull list here since Buffy Season 8 started. I moved to Jersey 3 years ago, and the first thing to pull me into Brooklyn was the iFanboy 10th anniversary party/podcast. I’m not ashamed to admit I asked a question just to get some books from you guys. Little did I know that later, Josh would hand me the entire Starman run, which quickly became one of my favorite comic book stories ever. I’m sad to see the site go, and I wish I’d been more of a contributor than a lurker, but it was a great place to lurk, too. Best of luck in future, and thanks for all the memories.

  281. Thanks guys for everything. Over two years ago I was a lost soul trying to find my way back into floopies. I had absolutely no idea where to start, or essentially how to get there, but with the help of iFanboy, and your devoted community, I was guided down a path that has re-opened my eyes to this medium, and I am great full everyday for it. I look forward to still enjoying the POTW pod cast and anything else you have time for. Thanks again guys, and good luck with all that you do from here on out.

    Oh and P.S.

    Fear Agent was a title that I was turned onto solely by iFanboy. Just thought ya’ll should know that, cause I know you’re proud of the campaign you guys put forth to make sure everyone and their dogs knew about it when it was around.

  282. Man, I’m not gonna lie, this bums me out.

  283. Got back from my weekend to this news. I’m really bummed to hear it, and feel pretty emotional listening to the podcast now. This site has been my go to for years now (I even told people that you could get more info from my iFanboy member page than from my Facebook page). I’m going to truly miss going here every Monday to make my pull list.

    Thank you guys so much for all the dedication you’ve put into this site. I try to keep up a blog, and find that difficult enough, so I can only imagine how much it takes to run such an awesome site like this. I’m really glad you are still going to do the podcast, because that is my weekly Monday morning listen at work.

    Best of luck to you all in the future. Thank you thank you thank you thank you.

  284. Thank you for all the great content, please keep the panels and covers of the week coming on FB it was something i looked forward the most besides the podcast.

  285. What! I will miss this site so much. Where will i get my shipping list every week? Thanks iFanboy.

  286. But how am I going to sort through the weekly offerings of new books and make my selection? That was the best part of my Mondays. The Flashbacks! Josh’s snark! BUMMER! Looks like someone’s got a case of the Mondays.

    I will LIVE DAMMIT!

    Thanks for everything. You guys are still my favs.


  287. Well, whaddya know? My old rev3 login still works!? I had totally forgotten that I won the iFanboy March Madness ’08 brackets and that my prize was a sketch from fellow member Fred of Aquaman riding a turtle.

    Whatever happened to Six Gun, btw? Hope he didn’t pull an “Into the Wild” on us.

    Also of note on the Rev3 forums is a pic of a pre-staff Paul hiding behind a chair in front of his massive bookshelf. (He has many leatherbound books and his place smells of rich mahogany.) He went by the name of “Paper” back then.

    Oh, the memories!

  288. When I heard that Josh would be leaving the Make Comics podcast, I had a feeling something like this might be around the corner.

    In 2005, I had just gotten married. Started saving to buy a house, making peanuts while living on Long Island (of all places). I had to cut stuff out of my budget, and comics were one of the first things to go. But I wanted to keep up with what was going on in the industry. I figured a weekly review podcast could help.

    I tried several. iFanboy was the only one that could stand. In fact, it was Josh, Ron and Conor’s intelligent opinions that made me think of comics more critically, to the point where I started thinking “hell, maybe even *I* could making comics”. So here I am, 2013, with a few published shorts under my belt, and upcoming fill-in issue spot at a small publisher, and a Kickstarter that is doing modestly well.

    NONE OF THIS would be possible without ALL the iFanboy Family. I never would have cared enough about comics to give this a go, if it wasn’t for your humor, taste, and enthusiasm. Thank you all so much.

    Matt Kelly from East Nouurrthpooouuurt, NY

  289. Well, I’m personally saddened, but you guys deserve to reap the fruits of your unending weeks and years of labor… in other words, you deserve the best.

    Thank you for enriching my love of comics, and for being my comic friends (even if only from afar.) Your analysis and humor has been so, so appreciated.

    Thank you!!

  290. Stopped reading comics back in 2004 or 2005, usual financial reasons. Came across an old video show you guys did on youtube about Grant Morrison, so I looked the site up, start listening to the podcast and then of course, started reading comics again. I’d never read much outside the big two but the discussions and reviews and so on from you guys encouraged me to try a lot of Vertigo and Image stuff and whatnot. Greatly appreciated! Your podcast is easily the best one around too

    All the best, chaps

  291. Criss de calice de tabarnac d’osti de sacrament. !!!!!!!!!!! << Sorry about that, just not happy about this.

    Thanks for everything guys! Cheers!!

  292. Thank you everyone for all the fun and entertainment over the years. I will definitely miss those panel and covers of the week, where do i begin and all the other great article lists. Glad to hear the podcast will still be going on and hope that the movies review will also continue.

    Favorite Podcast that I still go back to when I want to laugh…the Wanted movie review.

  293. “We’ll always have Paris”

    Many thanks to all involved for making iFanboy.com THE place to go for GREAT comics discussion. The best part of iFanboy has always been the excellent podcasts (Esp. POTW), so I’m very glad to see that will be continuing. As someone who has virtually no friends that share my obsession with comics and the various media in which comic book characters appear in, iFanboy has always filled the void that I always felt when I got excited about a storyline, or creator, or series, or character that I was reading about, but didn’t have anyone to talk about it with. Many thanks to Josh, Conor, Paul, and Ron along with all the other contributors and commentors on the iFanboy site for making this one of my absolute MUST stops online every day. As much as I will miss the daily content, I take solace in knowing that we will still be able to comment in the posts for the podcast, and hope that the rest of the iFanbase will continue to discuss the weekly books there, whether the boys discuss them on the show or not.

    “Do not go gentle into that good night,
    Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
    Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

    Though wise men at their end know dark is right,
    Because their words had forked no lightning they
    Do not go gentle into that good night.”

  294. Went back to the last page of available articles. Found this. Glad that in 2003 it still continued for another 10 years. Thanks again boys.


  295. thanks for the ride,guys…ill be waiting for the “ifanboy returns”.after all,you are about comics,man.and no,i dont expect batsuit nipples, @conor.wait,that will be in “ifanboy forever”.CHEERS!

  296. I found this site when I was coming back into comics in 2004. I don’t have any friends that read, so you’re “virtually” my only comics friends. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Conor, Ron, Josh, and Mike over the years at Isotope or Bergen Street events. I’ll miss the new comics the most and will be a loyal podcast listener for as long as you’ll have me.

    Thanks for all the sacrifice and dedication. It meant more than you know. Cheers and best of luck on what’s next.

  297. I remember when I came across this site several years ago and thinking “These guys are just like me”, I remember having a question answered on-air by you guys and freaking out that I was included in the podcast, I remember having my tastes challenged by being exposed to new things in this industry, some didn’t work for me, but the vast majority did, but it was you guys that got me interested in looking beoynd my normal pull list, and eventually expandning it, I remember getting exposed to music that I was unfamiliar with, I remember meetingt yoy guys in San Francisco at WonderCon and all three of you were just friendly guys who dig comics and do a show about it. No pretense or false enthusiasm. Just a genuine passion ofr the art form. I enjoy spending my Sunday afternoons at the gym listening to the POTW podcasts as I train, or a Special Edition or Booksplode as I sit in court waiting for my cases to get called. Thank you for the years of education and entertainment, and wherever the ifanboy banner flies, I’ll be there to support it!

  298. Wow. I am stunned by this announcement. I logged on hoping to make my pull list and instead saw this.

    This website (and the revision3 message board back in the day) has been a huge part of my daily routine for years now. I usually avoid comments on the Internet. It seems to be representative of the worst of people. But iFanboy was the exception to that. It seemed to be the one little sanctuary on the ‘net that was mostly free of trolls and bitter, negative people. This was the place that proved the stereotype of the comic fan was far from the reality. A place where intelligent, successful, relatively normal human beings who happen to share the same hobby could get together and share their opinions. I loved the discussions on this site. I am a little broken hearted to see that it will be greatly reduced.

    I am usually pretty good at expressing myself, but I can’t really find the words to describe what this means to me. It seemed like as my life constantly changed, iFanboy has been the one constant in my day to day life. From the time I discovered this website back in 2005(?) til now, there have been huge changes in my life.

    I got married.
    I bought my own home.
    My wife gave birth to my beautiful daughter.
    I tracked down my older sister, who I had not seen or spoken to in 30 years.
    I changed careers.
    My younger sister beat cancer.

    But no matter what else was going on in my life, iFanboy was always there for me to escape to. It got to the point that I loved a website about comics just as much as I loved the comics themselves.

    Those that actually know me “in real life,” know that I suffer from depression. A large part of my therapy over the years has been finding small things in m daily life that I am thankful for and take the time to appreciate them. It didn’t have to be something huge, it could be anything: the clerk at the grocery store was nice to me, or my daughter said something that made me laugh, or any little thing. There have been countless times when one of the things that got me through the day was found on this site.

    I want to thank everyone at iFanboy for all the hard work they put in over the years. It definitely showed in the final product. I love comics. I truly love them. I started getting comics when I was 3 years old. I turn 35 in February. In the 32 years I have been a comic fan, there has not been a single thing that made my love of comics grow as much as this website has.

    So thanks for all that you have done for the comics community, and for my love of comics.

    Thanks to Jimski, for writing some of the most thought provoking articles on here. Whether I agreed with you or not, I always enjoyed your columns. Your opinions were always well thought out, well articulatd, and just damn fun to read.

    Thanks to Conor, for not only writing fantastic reviews, but for getting me to watch both Breaking Bad and Mad Men. I shudder to think how much less fulfilled my TV viewing experience would be if not for hearing what you were raving about on the Year End All Media Round Up.

    Thanks to Josh, for once using one of my letters on this site, and saying something like “I know there was no actual question asked, but this was too good not to use.” I have a huge amount of respect for Your writing, so to know you dug something I wrote was a big compliment to me.

    Thanks to Paul, for being, as was said above, the glue that held it all together. Whether it was writing reviews, writing articles, doing the podcast, or seemingly anything else, there was basically nothing you couldn’t do.

    Huge thanks to the gone-but-not forgotten Ron Richards, for “Rustyautoparts.” Seriously, I almost crashed my car I was laughing so hard at that. Ron’s enthusiasm for what he liked was amazing, and hearing him talk about a comic, even one I KNEW I would hate, made me want to read it.

    Lastly, a huge thanks to my fellow iFanbase members. You guys and gals are the best. When I think of what comic fans should be like. I like think of you.

    Thanks again for everything you all did on this site. I sincerely hope whatever you pursue in your newly found free time turns out great. And if this means Josh gets to write more, it is a trade off I am willing to make. Astro Van ruled.

    I’m going to read some comics.

  299. It’s been real. Glad the podcasts are still running. Good job and good luck!

  300. I remember the first time I saw an iFanboy ad in a comic book and I felt proud. I know I am not part of this site but I felt part of it and have love for it. I now realize why LCS and other sites do not have a PULL LIST and I thank you for putting yours together, it did help me as I got back into comics as an older man. I always wondered why a LCS would not have a digital pull list, now I know and again thank you for your time. I understand about not having time, over the last year I have not had the time to keep my pull list updated and could only imagine the effort it must of took to run the site. You guys brought a lot of simple joy to my life and I look forward to checking out this site in the future even with out the extras, when I have the time of course.

  301. Hey guys. I’m sad and sorry to see the site scaled back but I totally understand life gets in the way and more important things come up. It’s been a great few months I have been a member and I will miss the site for sure. Thanks for all your hard work, we all very much appreciate it, and good luck with what ever you choose to do with your free time now 🙂

  302. That Scott Pilgrim picture of Josh needs to be used in every official capacity possible going forward for Mr Flanagan. His twitter avatar, the about the author section of his next book. That picture is so great because it is so not Josh.

  303. I’m sorry to see you guys go. I haven’t been a huge poster on this site, but I’ve been frequenting it and listening to the podcast since I think 2004, after hearing Josh guest on Around Comics. I don’t have a lot of friends to talk comics with and have always loved this site for the fact that I could relate to the staff. I grew up in the 80’s and 90’s and was a huge fan of X-Men and Batman comics, then fell off just before the big Image boom when I entered high school and came back mildly during college and big time in the 2000’s with Marvel’s creative push and Vertigo’s. I’m glad I’ll still be able to listen to a new podcast every week. A big thanks to everyone involved!

  304. Awwww, this is such sad news. Thanks for all the pull list updates every week (it couldnt have been easy), all the great articles from artist spotlights to movie reviews, and to the great community!

    A lot of us had differing opinions on comics but it was still nice to have a place we can all open a dialogue about issue X of Y series. That pull list became so integral to the way I buy comics/trades too, I’ll really miss this place but alas, the podcast continues so onward to new and exciting things!

  305. Sad to see iFanboy scale back, but totally understand why they did it. Good luck to you guys in the future. On the flip side, anyone looking to replace the weekly pull list needs to check out leagueofcomicgeeks.com. They could use a little faster server, but it does everything the weekly pull list did and more.

  306. Just heard about this after being off much of the internet during the holiday weekend.

    Very sad to hear about the changes/scaling back. I guess George Harrison was right–all things must pass.

    I still appreciate the favorable words about “Irredeemable”. It was my first comics series in years, and the iFanboy guys were gracious and generous in their assessments. Of course, Mark Waid was writing. That couldn’t hurt!

    I wish nothing but the best to the iFanboy crew. May comics always be kind to you.

  307. thank you for all your time, energy and passion.

  308. Just decided to sign up as a member – if nothing else, it covers the previous YEARS of entertainment you have provided.

    Thanks again.

  309. Oh man… that’s not the best of news 🙁

    Good luck to you guys. I know I enjoyed the ride for the 2.5 years that I was signed up. Thanks!

  310. when i discovered your podcast years ago it was right after Marvel debuted their Wisdom mini series in the MAX line. I remember listening to the episode that week, god knows how i found you guys, and I called in with a question for the voice-mail. The next episode you read my question and I was thrilled and it really told me a lot about the community when I saw people talking in the show notes about my question. I’ve been hooked ever since and seriously look forward to the POTW podcast each time i finish my Wednesday stack. You guys produce the best podcast I listen to and I hope you continue to do that for years to come. Now get some rest, you deserve it.

    Jeff from Texas

  311. I live in Canada, and when I get the news on this I’m gonna have a sad. Best wishes in your future endeavors, it’s been a blast, and rekindled my interest in comics!

  312. I first heard about iFanboy when Jonathan London mentioned you all on Geekdrome (now Geekscape). That was like right around the time of the Revision 3 launch party in San Francisco. I started listening to the podcast – and it was epic. 3 people that were friends but with differing opinions about comics talking and joking – it was great to be a fly on the wall. And it was all that I needed and more. It was the like the idealized “comic book store chatter” that some folks get to participate in, but that most don’t have access to. Did I mention it was epic?

    Over the years, the website grew, the vidcasts (is that the word?) came and went (and came and went), but the podcast always remained and always was the one thing I always could make time for. Like with your own busy lives and the roadblocks to producing content, there is only so much time to consume content, and the piles of unread comics next to my desk speak to that. But just as before, the podcast is all I need – and remains epic. And I thank you.

    So if the podcast is continuing, then “the king is dead, long live the king,” because to me, the pick of the week podcast has always been the best thing. So thanks again for all of the “extras” you have given us, and thank you for all that you still do.

    [Should the podcast end, that would be terrible.]

  313. Having let this all sink in the past day or so. The more I think about it, the more I think this is probably the best move going forward. Losing the site sucks big time. But losing the podcast would’ve been an even bigger blow. Ever since Ron left, I’ve been fearing the day the same would happen with Conor and Josh. Dudes got a lot going on, and nothing lasts forever. But hopefully with this move, it can keep the podcast a fun side venture as opposed to an oppressive burden. And that it can go on and continue to entertain and inform us all. And maybe now that’s it’s less of a big thing, maybe we can get Ron back every once in awhile? Oh, and I sure hope you guys continue to do your year end all media roundup. Those are the best. Cheers guys.

  314. Rather than spend paragraphs lamenting this turn of events (an exercise that would not do the brilliant people behind iFanboy justice), I would just like to say that I would not be the comic reader I am today without iFanboy. Thanks for everything and best of luck with all your future endeavors, folks.

  315. R.I.P. ifanboy

  316. This is my fault isn’t it? I blame myself.

  317. Had to make an account just to say thank you. Look forward to whatever you guys do in the future and of course the podcasts!

  318. Thank you for making this site one of the most enjoyable sites about comics. It’s ashamed that my favorite part of the site, “New Comics” are going away. That part introduced me to many new books I wanted to pick up & try out. I hope it comes back soon.


  319. I am very sad and disappointed. I got into comic books back when the new 52 started and this site was one of the first I found. And the reason I kept coming back was the community. IFanboy has had the best community of any comic book site on the net. The Pull List was such a fun place to talk about each weeks books. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the podcast very much but my favorite part of the site was the Pull List. Comixology may have a pull list but it will never be the same.

    I appreciate all the hard work you guys have put into the site over the years. I too understand how fast life can change and so I have no hard feelings towards the your decision. I wish you the very best in what lies ahead for you all. Take care and God Bless you all!


  320. I found your podcast and website while I was living in Japan in 2006, and listening to you guys talk comics and have fun with each other was a little piece of home in a place very far away from my friends and family.

    I can’t tell you guys how much we all appreciate the level of content and discussion that iFanboy.com has cultivated. Thank you, and here’s looking forward to another 400 podcasts!

  321. To all of the iFanboy community and team, with special thanks to Ron, Conor, Josh, and Paul, thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me a place where I first felt I could civilly and enthusiastically share my love of comics in a community of fellow fans, and for making it such a blast in doing so.

    When I first became a member of the iFanboy community, my understanding of comics as craft was limited to having read Scott McCloud’s “Understanding Comics”. iFanboy gave me a place where the desire to understand this art form could be nurtured week in an week out, and I can’t tell you how much I’ve learned over the years just from listening to you guys and reading your work.

    And I truly must say that, when it comes to comics, I can’t think of a better team of ambassadors to represent people who are genuinely, passionately in love with the “invisible art” than you guys; you guys rock!

    So thank you once again, and Godspeed to the whole iFanboy in your current and future endeavors. I look forward to learning, being challenged, and literally laughing out loud with you guys in the future time to come via the podcast, and I’m grateful with all my heart for the hard work and dedication that made the last 13 years so great.

    So until comics die as a medium (never gonna happen!)…

    …MAKE MINE iFANBOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

    Rafael Moras

  322. Somebody has to find a better pull list site than Comixology. Everything else that iFanboy has done has been copied by a multitude of sites. Really, nobody copied one of the best things they did?!

  323. Heartbreaking. Your contributions will be missed. I will still listen each and every week. Thank you all for everything you have done for your community and for readers everywhere. It has been a joy.

  324. Okay, I’m seeing a big problem here. Can anyone please offer a good alternative site for creating a weekly pull list? I’ve looked…and there appears to be nothing. If I’m not able to easily preview a list of new comics coming out each week, I’m beginning to see how difficult it’s going to be to keep up with the hobby. Anyone have any valid suggestions? I loved the ability to check iFanboy each Monday to plan out what I was going to buy that week (especially to see what was popular amongst the community, making sure I don’t miss out). I feel like if I don’t have that option anymore I’m going to be so lost!

    • @8bitjm You can go to pullist.comixology.com and use their pull list. It’s not the same though. It’s not as simplistic and user friendly as iFanboys site was.

    • Also (I understand they’re making nice with retailers, but) it is insane that their pull list isn’t connected to their digital store. A “buy all” button at the top of that pull list page is a necessity.

  325. I was trying to think of what to say. iFanboy gave me a community I so craved while getting back into comics a few years ago. It gave me entertainment and excitement each day when I checked the site to see about all the new and upcoming books. And, above all else, iFanboy was the first podcast I ever listened to and the one I would always listen to first I would listen to each week. iFanboy literally changed the way I listen to the world. I am unsure if I can ever truly thank you all enough for that. As long as you all continue to be there, I will be there to support and listen. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  326. Very sad news. Thank you all for all the great content and for bringing me back to comics. Not sure where I will get advance notice of great books now but I totally understand your decision. Thank you again and I am very happy that the podcast will continue. you have become my go-to people for comics and that will continue. Thank you all soooo much for creating such a wonderful and exciting place to talk comics!!!!

  327. Thanks to Conor, Josh, Ron, Paul, and the whole iFanboy staff for your efforts over the years. Your reviews, analysis and interviews have always been intelligent, funny and reliable. I can’t count the number of books, runs, OGNs and creators who you’ve championed that I otherwise might not have been turned on to, and for that I’ll always be thankful.

    Your sensibilities have created a community in large numbers that (usually) shares your vision for what makes comics great. As such, the website’s “PULL” feature had become a vital resource in my comics-shopping habits. I relied on the curated crowdsourcing – I didn’t necessarily want to know what’s most popular in comics, but I always wanted to know what the iFanboy community was interested in pulling. More often than not, if there was a large number of pulls on a book I didn’t know much about, I frequently deferred to the wisdom of the iFanbase, and was frequently rewarded for doing so.

    I hope by scaling the site back, you’ll end up extending the life of the podcast even longer. Long live the podcast and long live iFanboy (even if scaled back)!

  328. Good luck to all. I’ll miss this site a great deal.

  329. Well, here we are on the first Wednesday after the scale-back. Withdrawl has officially set in.

    • @ HailScott You said what I was thinking. I always click on my ifanboy link ever Wednesday and today just feels weird. Thanks for all the fun guys. Will miss the shit out of the interaction on this site.

    • Indeed. I’ve come to the site 5 times the past two days to make/check my pull list and see what the early rankings were for the books I’m getting before remembering there is none. This is going to take a while to get used to!

  330. Just as the iFanboy team has scaled back, I have too. I used to visit regularly and be a member but I definitely understand changing priorities. I got into this site back in 2006 during a time when I was changing jobs and had a lot of stress. I listened to the podcasts going back many tears. I remember the Frapp’r map and heck I got into social media because of you guys promoting twitter, Facebook and others.

    Sorry I haven’t been around as much. I am sad to see the site change but am happy for everyone to get some free time. I did the same as you.