WANT! – 02.09.11

It's our loot and we want it NOW!

Ok, WANT! fans, you want it, you got it. Here's this week's round-up of objects of desire for you greedy guys and gals.

For the hardcore gamers among you, here's something that will keep you up and playing your MMORPGs past the point where your parents/roommate/significant other is ready to throttle you. From Harcos Labs, comes the Mana Energy Potion, a magical drink that promises 5-8 hours of energy and all those other great caffeine side-effects. Comes in a six-pack for $20.




Thunder! Thunder! Thundercats! HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! This is a bit of nostalgia trip for me, as I got one of the original Swords of Omens as a holiday gift back when the original Thundercats cartoon was at the height of its popularity. But I have to say, this Sword of Omens looks much cooler than the bit of plastic I got back then. It looks to be out of stock in most stores at the moment, but I see a couple of listings for it on Ebay.




Have you ever wondered what Han Solo would taste like if he were made of bacon and sealed in chocolate, with a healthy slathering of peanut butter in-between? If you have, you're probably a Hutt. Or maybe this lady, who dubs her creation "Ham Solo in Candybaronite". Genius or madness? You decide.


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  1. Ham Solo makes me a little bit sick to my stomach.  I know bacon is supposed to go well with chocolate, but I’m not ready for it yet.

  2. Never had bacon and chocolate… bacon and peanut butter is delicious though

  3. @stuclach  Ditto!

    The Ham Solo thing gives me an idea. I could take my original Han solo in carbonite toy and use it to make a mold. Then I could use the mold to make everything from Han Solo chocolate bars to Han Solo Jello shots.

  4. Like the cartoon, I want to help my manhood problems by having a huge sword.

  5. @JesTr  I’m thinking Han Solo Flan would be a big seller.

  6. WARNING: DO NOT DRINK THE MANA! I tried it once and had to deal with severe stomach pains for the rest of the day. Seriously, look at the label if you ever see a bottle. It’s got, like, 4165% your daily allotment of Vitamin Whatever. If you’re still into drinking it, just be sure to stock up on Phoenix Downs before hand.

    That sword is boss.

  7. My birthday is in 3weeks. I want all of these.

  8. @stuclach  hehe. Han Flan

  9. @ JesTr: You know they have recombinant human gelatin now.  Made from bugs.

  10. Avoid the Mana like the plague. That stuff will funk up your insides for a day.