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Buddy Baker has gone from “super” man to family man – but is he strong enough to hold his family together when Maxine, his young daughter, starts to manifest her own dangerous powers? Find out in this dramatic new series from writer Jeff Lemire (SWEET TOOTH) and artist Travel Foreman (The Immortal Iron Fist).

Written by JEFF LEMIRE

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 64.7%
Avg Rating: 4.6
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  1. This is my most anticipated title of the week, bar none. I can’t wait to read it.

  2. Same for me. I thought it would be Action Comics, but I’m even more excited about reading this one. The art in the preview pages looks horrifying and I read some other positive buzz about this book. Can’t wait!

  3. This week’s Don’t Miss Podcast pushed this one over the top for me!

  4. Conor and Ron being blown away, the guy from Newsarama being blown away, the folks at Comicsalliance being really pleased, Neseman loving it and a couple other people I know who’ve had the chance to read it claiming it to be on a whole other level…

    This book is going to be talked about. And be real good.

  5. Didn’t really love the art in the previews but everything Jeff Lemire does has been great so far.

    • From the previews, I am back and forth on the art too. The animals look awesome, but the people look creepy. But that could be part of the story since it is going to be a horror comic. Nonetheless, I’m buying this forever.

    • Oh yeah as long as Lemire is writing I will never drop it. And the animals on that one preview page do look great with the rough lines, and the last preview page, I think, where his eyes are like bleeding looks pretty solid, but only time will tell, either way I’m super excited.

  6. Dont know anything about animal man but i’m ready to be impressed. I’m in for all 52 at least 2 issues each before I start dropping books left and right.

    • I wish I had done that… instead I ordered the 35 that looked the best (basically everything but the Batman, Green Lantern, or Superman stuff). We’ll see how the rest goes.

  7. I’m not the biggest Lemire fan but the buzz has caused me to add this to my pull list.

  8. Never got into A.M. But I have pre ordered all the 1st issues of the new 52 from DCBS (plug) and I am interested in looking for a book that is not all superhero but still there are elements of it still in there. I just got done listening to the Don’t Miss podcast and it gave me a bit of an excitment I can’t wait to read this book

  9. This title is really going to stand out this week, the Art style alone makes it noticeable.

  10. I’m not into Sweet Tooth, but I really liked Superboy and loved Flashpoint Frankenstein, so I hope this is very cool.

  11. You know what’s really awesome? Three out of the top five pulls on iFanboy right now are non-traditional superhero books (Swamp Thing, Animal Man, and Stormwatch), and all from DC. That’s just cool.

    • I think all the excitement about the new DC is pretty cool. It’s like a breath of fresh air. I hope we get a lot of good new books out of this, and I’m all for diverging from the norm.

  12. When the 52 was first announced I had little interest in this title. I had, somehow, never read Animal Man back in the day (I do believe this was during my X-MEN reading days). But from what I’ve been hearing, this one is going to be the shit.

  13. Only getting this because it ties into Swamp Thing somehow.

    • Ha, that’s the same reason I’m getting Swamp Thing.

    • Well Alec Holland is the avatar of The Green (plant life force) and Buddy is the avatar of the Red (animal life force) so I’m guessing thats how’ll they’ll tie in.

    • lol good marketing then…

    • Plus, Scott Snyder and Jeff Lemire are really good friends (and awesome writers), and they talk all the time about their books, so when there is crossover material, it will be handled very well.

    • Although I am disappointed that a crossover is getting me to buy a new book. This will be my first time since I got the first 6 issues of Batman and Robin that Ill be getting an ongoing DC book. I have done it a bit more with Marvel but I’m only reading Mystery Men now. It’s all creator-owned for me, except for a couple IDW books.

  14. This is the one #1 issue that i looked forward to the most in the relaunch. I get that Justice League is bigger and Swamp thing and Batman are going to be amazing with Snyder but this book has the makings to be great.

  15. So Excited for this

  16. Lemire really got me when he talked about Animal Man on Don’t Miss, and I’m liking the art. The horror parts, and the family really sounds great.

  17. The boys (and Scott Snyder) have gotten me really excited for this one. Lookin forward to it very much.

  18. I am SO happy this comic came back. I will be buying this forever too! Just LOVE that cover, huh

  19. Yeah, I’m guessing, after reading the buzz that this is probably going to be my pick of the week. Loved The Nobody, and Sweet Tooth, so this is almost a sure thing for me.

  20. Lemire’s super hero writing hasn’t been the best, but I love his creator owned work to death. Here’s hoping it’s more Essex County or Sweet Tooth than Superboy.

  21. Stoked to Travel in this.

  22. I’m still not sold on the art. I keep looking at that preview online and Foreman’s pencils just look….Well they look ugly to me. Or it could be how he inks himself because character just don’t look consistent from page to page. I’m still looking forward to it though.

  23. Man I hope Lemire nails this. I love Sweet Tooth

  24. Not sure I’m sold on the idea of trading in Buddy’s everyman status for a horror take, and not so wild on the cover art I see, but I’m willing to give it a shot….especially as there’ve been some comments that have said that its on a par with Swamp Thing.

  25. I just finished reading the 11 issue run Lemire did on Superboy, having no experience of the character at all and now I’m sad it’s over. I expect great things from this series.

  26. I regretted so much not getting this and detective. But I’m already up to my nose to my comics, Im officially having 19 to my pull list. FML. Why cant I be rich

  27. I don’t care how many books haven’t come out: Jeff Lemire just won the DC relaunch.

  28. Last page brilliance!

  29. Everything about this book was genius. Congratulations to Jeff Lemire and Travel Foreman. What a fantastic ride.

    Oh, and the last page? Will haunt. my. dreams.

  30. Soooo awesome! This was incredible! I was having a hard time with the art at first but it really came together nicely towards the end (still not completely sold on it though). However the writing was fantastic!

  31. Everything I was hoping for. I can’t wait for more!

  32. Absolutely wonderful! The full page of Buddy flying to the hospital, the large panel with the bleeding eyes, the dream, and the final page were all contenders for Panel of the Week for me.

  33. So glad to see that this and swamp thing are turning out to be proper horror comics. Genuinley creepy. Wasn’t sure about the art at first but it really grew on me. Great stuff.

  34. This is my first exposure to Animal Man, and to be honest, I probably wouldn’t have touched the book if not for Jeff Lemire. First impression… what’s going on with the art? While I adore Lemire’s creator owned work and especially Sweet Tooth, I’m not sure what it is but I can’t connect with his superhero work. I want to like this book but I just can’t.

  35. WTF?! That last page might even top Barbara Gordon Sr. gettin smilexed in Detective.

    Totally loved this. Buddy’s family life and the horror elements really make a disturbing mix. The art will take some getting used to. But when Foreman nails a panel, he NAILS a panel. Can’t wait to learn more about the Hunters Three. This one’s a keeper.

  36. Holy shit. I read Action Comics and Swamp Thing and thought I’d been spoiled enough this week. This was pretty much perfect. That script, that story, that art. That last page.

    Yikes. I’m gonna be broke if the DCnU keeps this up.

  37. I adore the realism Lemire brings to the fantastic. The opening page was clever, a brief history in the guise of an interview that Buddy then comments on, it shows us exactly where his life currently is. HIs leaving the house and stating his wife was right that he needs to get out was done as if he was heading to the pub midweek. The dream/vision sequence was beautiful and that last page was Fu@kin great.

  38. I was not going to check this title out at all, but I’m glad I did. My POTW.

  39. It wasn’t good enough to make my pick of the week but I am very interested in where this story is headed. This was certainly one of the stronger relaunch titles DC has put out so far.

  40. Finally! For years i have felt that all of the DC artists looked very similar but finally Travel Foreman showed me that you can do a DC book in a different way! With Paquette’s Swamp Thing and this, you have two of the best books in a long time.

  41. Over a thousand pulls for Animal Man?! Hell yes.

    • That right there is the definition of success. Can you imagine how many pulls this book would have got as a Vertigo title? Or if it had been released four or five months ago? I’m sure the exact same book wouldn’t have gotten a third of these pulls.

      I’m so excited that so many books are getting a giant push.

      Kudos to DC.

  42. Too bad Lemire didn’t do the art too, I would have rated it 5 stars

  43. Loved it! Would have been my pick if the last two pages of Detective didn’t melt my face off.

  44. Nabbed the last copy (the display copy) at my lcs. Woe be to those who dare come after. And they don’t know what they’re missing! 5’d.

    • Your LCS has display copies? Where do they keep the books? It’s not like it’s a TV. What’re they displaying?

      Not bein a dick. Just curious. Never heard of that in all my years.

    • Theres a copy you can flip through on top of the rest that come in taped bags and boards with a few back issues in the far back.

  45. Man, I was actively avoiding this due to a general dislike of Lemire’s work and a powerful ambivalence toward Animal Man. Sooooo glad I stopped being pig-headed and gave it a try. This was like watching a master composer, each element perfectly placed. Not to jump on the bandwagon, but POW for sure.

  46. I really thought this was a terrible issue, especially on the art front.

    Lemire does a good job on the family aspect for Buddy but everything else was boring to read. I know he needs to get new readers but he does nothing for me to care about his powers or situation. But the big offender for me was Foreman’s art. Absolutely atrocious pencils in this. Uneven character models, incomprehensible panel layouts, and horrible inking. I’m shocked so many people liked this issue in terms of the art.


    • It’s definitely different, and different can definitely be good.

      I think the art suits the horror tone if the book just fine, but I can see how it’s not everyone’s thing.

      The costume seemed a little…odd, but I can roll with it.

    • Different is good, it’s why the comic industry is thriving today.

      But this is far from ‘because it looks different, I hated it’. It was ‘wow this looks completely unfinished and down right poor’ hated it.

    • It’s completely finished. You just don’t like it. But you’re NextChamp. You have very specific standards when it comes to comic book pencils. It’s kinda your thing.

    • Yes I do have tastes in comic book art.

      Notably when it’s good, which this isn’t. Thanks for noticing.

    • You’re too funny.

    • “Specific standards” was my polite way of saying “narrow minded”.

      I never used the word “taste”. That was you.

      You just didn’t like it. That’s allowed. But it doesn’t mean it’s “unfinished”. And it certainly doesn’t mean it’s “poor”.

    • i agree with Wheelhands. You tend to have a very narrow field of view for what comic art is supposed to look like. its either Chocolate or Vanilla…nothing else allowed. Sometimes other flavors can surprise you if you’re open to it.

      Its fine to not like something, but to definitively dismiss what you don’t like as “rushed” or “unfinished” isn’t constructive or fair.

    • Ok, not quite fair to criticize his criticism by accusing him of having narrow tastes. Maybe he just doesn’t like it. That’s allowed.

    • Reminds me a lot of Dave McKean on Sandman’s first volume. You saying that kind of art sucks?

    • @Mangaman: Not at all. The art in Sandman is really good in my eyes for the most part. (There’s some that isn’t for my tastes but I wouldn’t call it bad.)

      In my eyes I felt that most of the art looks rushed (I can’t be the only one who noticed a lot of empty panels throughout the issue), ugly, and downright unfinished at times. But maybe this style isn’t for me and that’s all there is too it. It’s only opinion guys so calm down.

  47. Hey guys not to brag or nothing since im sure half of you dont give a shit anyways but i wanted to share an awesome moment that happened today to me with this comic.

    I went to pick up my order of books at my Local comic shop after work today and was pleasantly surprised to recieve from them this issue signed from Jeff Lemire himself since he literally lives a few minutes away from the shop in Toronto. Apparently he came in that morning and signed a bunch of issues for fans of his that happened to pick up the book. This to me is a truly great and thoughtful thing to do on his part to show support to his fans and to the store itself and made my experiance picking up this comic that much better. On top of that it was a great read and my POTW, it doesnt get much better then that.

    • Nice! I’ve heard nothing but good thing about Lemire the man. I’m starting to think he and Scott Snyder have been sent with a mission from a future where comics are no more.

  48. Loved it Loved it, Calling on the bark of a dog just to freak out the bad guy was a great touch 5/5 PTOW

  49. This was really solid. It felt new and different on story and art levels and i wish more of the DC “New 52” would take some more risks like this instead of feeling so expected and “house style”.

    Never read Animal Man before, and i found this very accessible. Lemire continues to impress me with his superhero stories

    • I’d say there are plenty they are taking risks on, but they’re not usually the established heroes like Flash, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, etc. (though Morrison’s take on Action right now appears to be an exeception.) The more fringe titles are their risks…Animal Man (and to a lesser degree Swamp Thing), Men at War, OMAC, just this week.

  50. Travel Foreman and Jeff Lemire 🙂
    Man this and Swamp Thing are shaping up for the crossover.

    • I couldn’t agree more…in fact I’m hoping these two titles stay entwined for the duration.

      Stephen King did a pair of books several years ago (one under the Richard Bachman penname), Desperation and The Regulators, where the books were parallel worlds around similar events. Animal Man and Swamp Thing remind me a lot of the same thing. The characters seem to come from opposite ends of the spectrum but seem to have parallel roles for their respective forces, the Green and the Red.

    • desperation was an awesome book!

  51. Both the last page and the one in the middle were really good WTF moments. This would have been my pick of the week if not for Detective #1.

  52. The art is what kept this from being a 5 star book. It just felt too sparse, and a lot of the characters looked downright fugly. I’ll continue to pick this up, but I’m really hoping this isn’t truly the best of the new 52.

    • I must have been crabby or crazy when I read this the first time. It was great! Some of the art is not to my liking, but on second look there were a lot of good details and layouts.

  53. I’m guessing Ron already had this locked and loaded as his pick. He probably typed up the article after getting back from that preview at DC.

  54. It was m’eh….The story was ok. Nothing that makes me want to add this to my hold box or buy the next issue. So far, Detective, Batgirl, and Swamp Thing are the best I’ve read out of this weeks 13. I still have 3 or 4 books to go.

  55. This book exceeded expectations. My girlfriend read it and also loved it. Animal Man will be the only comic book that she’ll make a point to read monthly.

  56. Read it again and nothing really changed for me. Entertaining story that falls apart at the end. The dream sequence didn’t work for me and the images looked more for shock value. The art was terribly inconsistent and in his attempt to be stylistic he ended up being distracting.

    I still can’t help but laugh at an animal rights vegan facing his enemies The Hunters! LOL…really Lemire?

  57. love, love LOOOOOVED Animal Man #1. I want to show how much I love it by buying it TWICE. Which I happily did. Now I’m taking pages from it and framing the best pages on my wall. Fucking LOVE this rendition of Animal Man. It’s like someone TOOK ideas out of my head and PLATTED THEM DOWN on the comic for me to read again and again, like a reverse regurgitation of escapism, which is, of course, the best kind.

  58. Surprisingly awesome. I WILL be collecting this. The strangeness, horror and the shock of the last panel were incredible.

  59. I wanted to pick this up but they are sold out 🙁 Hopefully there will be a 2nd printing. I suppose I should have reserved a copy along with my other titles.

  60. WOW, what a fantastic issue! This book really felt like a Vertigo title and Lemire did exactly what he was suppose to do: he made me care about a character that I had no back ground or interest with and he hooked me for the series. I hope Travel Foreman is on for the long hall, because I thought that his art was perfect for Lemire’s story. I can’t wait for issue #2!

  61. I was going to ignore this along with 99% of the rest of the “New 52”, but curiosity got the best of me, and I’m happy for my moment of weakness. This is a great comic, complete with a faux Believer interview on the first page (where my hipsterz at?), quirky artwork and a story that veers away from typical superhero fare. I might – MIGHT – stay on board for #2. At the very least I’ll be interested in the TPBs of this series.

  62. Really glad I went back and bought this yesterday. It’s terrific, and I am on board for as long as Lemire is on the series.

  63. I loved this. Definitely my top pick of the DC52. Lots of mysterious interesting set up, I love the characters, and the paneling is absolutely gorgeous!

  64. I just dont get why so many people like this? maybe I didn’t know the character before as I am new. But I thought the art was terrible, missing facial features.

    Maybe I am just missing something!

    • emberman says,
      I agree I could only give it a 2 overall and if it wasn’t for the strange ending I may have only givin it a 1 or less. The art was crap!! The character I like very much in the past and that is the only reason I bought it in the first place so I may get #2 not sure yet?

      Just sayin’,


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