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Written by JEFF LEMIRE

Size: 32 pages
Price: 2.99

There’s definitely enough going on in this book to keep me reading, but as with this week’s other Vertigo-esque title, Swamp Thing, I found that the shorter page count here really had a detrimental effect on my enjoyment. These books both felt a little truncated and ultimately not as satisfying as I would have liked as opposed to Action #1 which had a few extra pages of story and really made them count.
As a husband and father of two, I loved the family man aspect of this book and thought that the interaction between Buddy and his wife and kids was first rate. Not having read many of Animal Man’s previous appearances, I’ll also add my voice to the chorus of approval for the deft catch-up device of the magazine article at the front of the book, which brought me up to speed nicely, thanks very much! This is my first Jeff Lemire book, and I think his style is really one that I will come to enjoy as the months go by, but I think that this book, similar to what I’ve heard about Lemire’s Sweet Tooth book for Vertigo, will be something that I will definitely enjoy from the outset, but may only grow to really love once I’ve had time to digest a few more chapters. I’m happy to stay along for the ride though, particularly if the Sienkiewicz-inspired (i think!) artwork by Travel Foreman continues to be as good as it is here. I’m looking forward to watching how this one pans out.
Can someone suggest that they bring back Buddy’s jacket and goggles, though? I fondly remember those as the little touches in the costume back at the beginning of Morrison’s run that really set Animal Man apart stylistically from the majority of the other heroes in the DCU, and I miss them a lot more than I thought I would!

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 4 - Very Good

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