The Audience Demands It Show!

It’s time to make your voice heard, iFanbase!

Here’s what we hear all the time: “You should read _________!”  Well here’s your chance to affect real change.  Let us know what books you think we should definitely check out, and we’ll do just that.  Much like we did with our manga show, you guys can tell us what we’ve missed that we should be looking at.  You can be specific about who should read what, so if you want Ron to read a particular book, say so. 

We’ll pick the books from the comments, according to how often something comes up, or how good you make it sound.  We’ll read the books, and do a video show talking about the new material you’ve selected for us.

So what do you do now?

Vote in the comments below.  You get one vote and one vote only.  And your first vote is the only vote that counts, so make it a good one.  Also, try to make it specific to a short run of issues or a trade.  If you recommend 300 issues of Cerebus, the chances are more than good that we’re not going to be able to do that.  Also, being in print will greatly help your chances as well.

You shall speak, and we shall listen!


  1. Locke & Key.

  2. I second Locke and Key. That book is fantastic. The first trade could make a great show.

  3. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Locke and Key IS a good recommendation.  

    This whole thing terrifies me.   

  4. The Goon.

  5. Iron Man & Thor have seemed underrepresented on here. Jersey Gods could stand a nice little PR boost. 😉

    Maybe a show on tie-in fiction focusing on IDW’s offerings? I have yet to be disappointed by their Doctor Who, Star Trek and Angel lines. And I know you guys liked GI Joe: Cobra. 

  6. I give honorable mentions to 

    Savage Dragon (I think only Ron is reading this though I think Conor recently jumped on, but yeah I know it’s well known). Maybe thoughts on issues 145-148?

    Unknown Soldier

    Four Eyes

  7. The thing with Jersey Gods is, that book is way too early for the show (the books plot isn’t even up to what it was solicited as).

  8. Remember, everyone –  you get one book, one vote. If you list a bunch of books we’re only going to count the first one. (Unless you assign a book to each one of us)

  9. How about a trade or two of Brubaker’s ‘Catwoman’?  It’s not like Bru needs the exposure, but I think this would be an interesting book to look back on in light of where he’s gone since then.  I’d particularly be interested in Ron’s take b/c of the sort of indie-relationship book undercurrent in some of the stories, and also b/c I bet he’s the least likely to have read it back in the day.

  10. @conor 

    In that case, I assign you Chuck Austen’s life work.

     But seriously, The Goon. 

  11. Secret Six

  12. Ron….please….this is my only chance!

    *goes on his knees and puts hands together*

    I’ve been begging for so long… very long. It’s time, it’s time to give Deadpool a chance. The first HC ‘Deadpool: Secret Invasion’ has been out for a while now. I’m sure you can get a fantastic deal on instocktrades….please….this is the only chance I got left of you reading it.

    Dont make me cry….begging is as low as I wanna get…

  13. Some of the first Spide-Girl digests.

  14. Spider-Girl*

  15. secret six. didn’t josh get volunteered to read this at some point?

  16. So, I’m going to agree with TheNextChampion and go with Deadpool. He’s my favorite character. It’s absolute crazy funny madness.

  17. I will put my vote in for Baker Street. I know there was a tribute to Guy Davis a while ago, but I’m not sure how many people have read the early punk rock, sherlock homes series he did. It’s sadly not in print at the moment, but ibooks did a collection that should be reasonably easy to find. Or Mr. X. Also brilliant.

  18. Despite your past history with JMS (I feel your pain)

    Please try out the first Thor trade!

    He’s doing an amazing job with the character and Coipel’s art is simply stunning.

    It’s a must read guys!

  19. I’d like to make a suggestion, but between the three of you, you read everything I read.

  20. Jim Lees run on Superman: For tomorrow. Just kidding conor but are you gonna get the absolute?


    But a Jim Lee show would be awesome!

  21. Josh: Thor 

    Ron: Deadpool 

    Conor: Invincible Iron Man

  22. @ RandoCalrissian : Seconded! I couldn’t agree more!

  23. I second Unknown Soldier.

  24. If you’re even mildly tempted to vote, I encourage you to go for it. Many moons ago, before iFanboy gave me my ring of keys, I recommended a book called Stagger Lee, and when it ended up getting discussed on the video show I felt like I had won an award.

    When I saw the title "The Audience Demands It Show," I was positive it was going to end with me reciting a poem in a Santa suit or something.

  25. I’ve never heard any of the iFanboys talk about the Luna Brothers! All their work is good, but I started with GIRLS and recommend you all do the same. GIRLS is four trades long, but a quick read. Check out the first trade and I guarantee you’ll be tromping back to the shop to pick up the other three volumes.  

    Between GIRLS, ULTRA: SEVEN DAYS, their Marvel work, and their current series THE SWORD, you could do an entire show on just the Luna Brothers! 

  26. um, Grendel, anything from the comico series or maybe the more recent black white and red stuff or Behold the Devil

  27. As much as I’ve bitched about Secret Six, I’m going to recommend the first trade of Locke & Key as well.  I honestly believe that the collaboration between Hill and Rodriguez is one of the best currently in comics.  A great blend of adventure, horror and even the occasional comedic moment make this one of the best books of last year.  I have nothing but high hopes for the series and would love to hear your thoughts on it.  I would say more, but I think it would be difficult for me to not talk about specifics and spoil it for you all.  Just check it out, it’s bitchin’.

  28. I’m going to go with Deadpool on this one.

  29. The Goon

  30. I submit Eisner nominated Common Grounds by Troy Hickman. It comes wrapped in a funny, entertaining and deceiving little superhero package. But open it up and enjoy a life experience.

    Troy IMO (I’m not exagerating) is the freshest voice in superhero comics, like, ever. Troy’s strength is people. Troy knows people. Troy "gets" people. And Troy’s love for people floods Common Grounds with a joy for life. Common Grounds says something profoundly simple about what it means to be a person living in a world full of other persons. It says something surprisingly inevitable. The book will make not only make you think, but also "feel". Common Grounds will linger not only in your mind but also in your heart long after you read the last page.

    If all that doesn’t sell you: Reading Common Grounds makes me a better person. It really does. Thank you Troy!

    The wikipedia entry ->

    PS: I think the lovely Sonia Harris owns the book ->

    Here’s hoping…

  31. Why don’t you try an issue of 2000AD or the Judge Dredd Megazine?

  32. I’m more than willing to give you one of my two personal copies (I have two copies) of Common Grounds. Just say go and I’ll ship it you the same day.

  33. I too am going to have to say Secret Six.  You guys did volunteer Josh and we’ve heard nothing on his experience with it.  I want to confront you guys with your unreasonable seething hatred of Gail Simone 😉

    I’ve never read anything Gail Simone’s done other than Secret Six and it is fantastic.  Easily in the top 3 or 4 books from DC I look forward to each month. 

  34. I’m torn between voting for Secret Six, and using my vote to cast a negative vote for Deadpool.

  35. You’re probably looking for more recent stuff… but I don’t recall any mention of Paul Chadwick’s Concrete from Dark Horse on any of the shows.  It still holds up as a combination of seriously smart writing and beautiful art.  It’s the book that got me to return to comics as an adult.

     The first trade, Depths, is pretty readily available and cheap, like ten bucks or so.

  36. Ok, since I gave a non-answer above, in all seriousness, since enough people are voting for Secret Six (and Josh said he would try it anyway), and I don’t really believe you guys will try Deadpool (because it’s horrible), I’m going to go another direction and say Incredible Hercules… one of the most fun books out there!

  37. It would be nice if you covered The Luna Brothers’ The Sword!

  38. @Blamefulgecko – if I remember correctly they covered the hell out of that book – video and audio shows and maybe a mini…

  39. Ack! Thanks! Looks like I’m going to have to have to go back through my podcasts again!

  40. 100 bullets

  41. Josh: Thunderstrike

    Ron: Squadron Supreme

    Conor:Kraven’s Last Hunt 

  42. tidbit:

    Also Revision 3 has a nice search feature that offers a few laughs – like "crater on" instead of "creator owned". I couldn’t find a normal video episode about it but I think there was at least a name drop in one of them…

  43. @leigh – they read (Josh at least) 100 bullets and dropped it. Is this a "read it please" thread or a "make a video show about it" thread or both? I’m getting a bit confused. 

  44. No Hero by Warren Ellis

  45. You guys got it all wrong: Must read Sub Mariner — The Depths by Miligan and Ribic.

  46. It’s a tough call as your collective tastes coincide with mine most of the time.  I’d love to vote for some euro comics, but that could be too big a selection to narrow down (though current favourites are Largo Winch and Ordinary Victories).  In the end I’d cast a vote behind UNKNOWN SOLDIER.  Great action coinciding with real world concerns…

  47. I think Josh mentioned Unknown Soldier a few times.

  48. Matt Wagner’s Mage.

  49. The Goon.

    Also, I hope one of you will pick up the new Warlord book. Mike Grell is back writing and doing covers. Good stuff.

  50. @odare77 – Unknown Soldier is about taking out the garbage?

    @JumpingJupiter – yes he did but no video show about it (I think). 

  51. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Just as a note, Josh read Thor.  He wrote an article about the first trade.  

  52. Super Shlumer isn’t translated to English as far as I know… From episode 77 it seems you read The Maxx – if all of you read at least the first TP than there’s no point choosing that, but that would’ve been my pick, so I’ll have to go with X-Men: Die By The Sword TP for lack of a better choice.

    But if you guys didn’t read (or at least one of yous guys) the first TP of The Maxx than I vote: The Maxx TP #1. It has issues 1 to 6. 

  53. Secret Six! Even going back to Villains United and the Secret Six Mini and their crossover with Birds of Prey would be nice, it would give y’all plenty of fodder for the show.

  54. LOCKE AND KEY!!!

    Volume One is out in an awesome hardback so that the must read.

  55. I’m pretty sure everything I read has come from a recommendation I’ve seen/heard on the show or from someone here. Instead, I demand more goth Ron.

  56. We’re each going to pick one to read, and it’ll work like a Vault show. 

    And yes, I’ve read Thor and Unknown Soldier. There isn’t a second trade of the former, and I dropped the latter because it was depressing.

  57. Also, how aboug making some arguments for your books.  Making a list of titles is all well and good, but not terribly convincing.  Just saying…

  58. The Contract of God Trilogy by Will Eisner. It’s considered the first Graphic Novel, and he’s a pioneer in the industry. It’s a great read, and exemplifies of why he is considered one of the best writer/artist in comics. It revolves around Dropsie Avenue in the Bronx and follows the one neighborhood throughout history.

    There is one Hardcover volume or you can get it split up in three seperate paperbacks. I read it a few years ago, and loved it. If there is a fire in my house, it’s the first thing I’m grabbing and running out the door with.

  59. Secret Six – Nikola Scott’s art is just great, classic-looking comic super-hero cartooning. Simone’s first arc – about a "Get-out-of-Hell-free" card – is a brilliant idea that she manages to pull off very well. There’s intrigue, humor, brutality, and really from-left-field turn or two.

  60. You guys should read Freakangels by Warren Ellis. I know you guys have an Ellis aversion these days, but hear me out. (In these tough economic times) It’s free on the web, but you can also get the hard or soft cover of Volume 1. It is fresh and strange in that Warren Ellis kind of way. I’m too new to comics to say that I’m an Ellis junkie yet, but this, Ignition City, Transmetropolitan, and Fell are quickly making me consider buying a Cult of Ellis membership card. I’d be interested to hear what you think.

  61. We’ve all read Contract with God.  I think it was mentioned on a show once.

  62. Star Wars: Legacy.  I know, I know, but it has been pretty fun.  The third and fourth trades are excellent, but the first is pretty solid, as well.  It is relatively continuity free and tells the tell of a descendant of Luke Skywalker.  It is by far the best of the Star Wars comics that I have read (Dark Horse has treated it very well).  This book makes me feel like the first two films made me fell when I first saw them.  The cover of the first trade is extremely lame, but the interior art is fairly good.  I think you will enjoy it if you give it a shot.

  63. Ron: The Authority by DnA. We get to hear about how much you (and the other guys to, but mostly you) love their Marvel work but I don’t believe I have heard you mention their work on this book. I find it very similar to the "Marvel Cosmos" stuff they do in that it has a lot of great action but behind all of that is some really interesting character work.

    JoshAgents of Atla(ongoing). I know you mentioned you picked up like the first three issues of the mini and couldn’t really get into the first one. Skip it. Just pick up the first three issues so far of the ongoing and you will be just fine. I think there is a good deal more here to enjoy. The mini was kind of slow and had a very dissapointing ending, but it did lead into the basis of the series. Thankfully all you need to know from that mini is in the first issue of the ongoing.

    Conor: Incredible Hercules I would say pick up the stuff right after Secret Invasion. The "God Squad" stuff there was good but the back on Earth Love and War story was better I think. It has a nice injection of humor and while it certainly does place Hercules in the stereotypical dumb strong guy role, it also shows he is not a complete buffon and is very kindhearted. It also has some bad ass  Amazons in a story that seems like it is what "Amazons attack" could have been, and by that Imean awesome.

  64. I’m caught up on the current series of Agents of Atlas.  I liked the second and third issues much more.  Never read the mini.

  65. I vote for the Bruce Jones Hulk run.  Paranoid, conspiracy story w/ Banner on the run, using yoga to control his transformations.  This suspenseful run influenced the recent Incredible Hulk movie.  

  66. I’d like to throw my hat in the ring for Atomic Robo.  It’s a wisecracking robot built by Nikola Tesla fighting Nazis and the supernatural.  I mean, come on.

    It’s written by Brian Clevinger of the 8-bit Theater webcomic, and drawn by Scott Wegener, who is just awesome and crazy appropriate.  It’s funny, breezy, and kicks much ass. 

    The premise sounds familiar, I know, but even Mike Mignola says the comparisons to Hellboy are unfounded and it is it’s own animal. Highly recommended.

  67. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I’m a staff writer, so I get two votes!

    TINTIN!  More coverage of older comics and not just American ones. Tintin’s never been on the show before.


  68. I’m confused as to whether we’re supposed to recommend current comics or ‘any’ comic, including those from the past. Clarify please.

  69. One more vote to Incredible Hercules!

  70. Ron, Conor and Josh: Solanin. This story is just beautiful. I couldn’t believe that when I finished the story and looked up it was 2:00a.m.  

  71. @FACE – Recommend anything you want.

  72. I also would suggest The Goon. But not the most recent issues, because it just came off a rather long arc. I’d say check out the Chinatown OGN that came out not too long ago. Its a more serious take telling the Goon’s "origin", but its an awesome showcase of Powell’s beauuuuuuutiful art. 

  73. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @ericmagnus24 – If it’s any consolation, I was thinking of writing about SOLANIN in an upcoming column.  

  74. Hey Ron, I think it’s time for you to give the new Deadpool a try.


  75. @PaulMontgomery – I think Tintin was referenced in one of the video shows… not sure. Also it’s not that good… It seems more suited for kids. 

  76. I’m fairly certain that, as staff writer, Paul gets no votes.

  77. Can I change my vote to a Bazooka Joe HC? Don’t know if it’s good but it will be interesting.

  78. @PaulMontgomery- I hope you do because this book rocked me! Very identifiable characters. I don’t usually read a lot of Manga, but a student suggested it to me and I said I’d give it a shot. I’m adding Solanin to my modest library this weekend and passed on the student’s copy to another teacher friend of mine.     

  79. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I watch the show sometimes.  


  80. Strike that. A Heavy Metal omnibus.

  81. This is for people who DON’T have our phone numbers.

    Also, if anyone would like Paul’s phone number, let me know.

  82. I would like Paul’s phone number.

  83. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I am the Coyote spirit of mischief. Just trying to offer suggestions to the voting public so that they can make an informed decision.  

  84. You should read Unknown Solider and do a show on it.

    Also Bad Dog

  85. Akira because it’s probably my favorite comic ever, it’s a manga you didn’t cover on the manga show and it’s published by Dark Horse so you don’t have to read it backwards.  Seriously this is a phanominal work but sadly most people just know the bastard child that was the movie.  Only problems is that it’s long and kind of expensive.  It’s broken up into five or six books though so you could just read one of them, at which point you’d be so hooked you would finish them all.  If your interested contact me and I could help you get your hands on the books, not sure if they’re in print anymore.  But ya completely awesome series and it’s one of Todd McFarlane favorite works!  That’s got to count for something right?

  86. I’ve read 2 or 3 of the Akira phonebook things.  It was OK.  I don’t really remember it that much.

    Again, I’ve read Uknown Soldier, and dropped it, so a show on it is highly unlikely.  I’m reading Bad Dog, but there have only been 2 or 3 issues, so there’s not much to go on yet.

  87. I’m going to recommend Iron Empires – Faith Conquers and Sheva’s War.

    You might know Christopher Moeller from his JLA: League of One.  I love his art style and the Iron Empires setting really caught in my imagination.  In short, the sci-fi stories are set in some sort of semi-feudal future where alien mind worms are once again infiltrating the realms of man.  It’s.. well, it’s just cool.  That’s all I know. 

    I’d go with Tintin as well though.. or maybe save it for the movie.  Tintin and Asterix & Obelix were some of the very first comics I ever read and I read them all!  I don’t know how they hold up now, but I plan on putting them on my shelf for my son once he’s old enough to understand that you do not eat paper.. not quite there yet… 

  88. 12 Reasons Why I Love Her by Jamie S. Rich (Love The Way You Love)  and Joelle Jones (Token) is a great little OGN that’s heart felt and interesting. Named after a song (it’s a good song, you should youtube it, the video is kind of funny as well), it’s basically vignettes of a relationship. But there’s some nice story telling and the artwork is very nice. There’s happy parts, sad parts, confusing parts and funny parts. Oh and did I mention that every chapter is named after a song? I haven’t gone through and made the mix tape yet but it sounds like it would be right up Ron’s alley and I believe that Connor and Josh would enjoy it as well. 

  89. I didnt realize we could also give recommendations to all three seperately…

    In that case my Ron vote is still the same.

    Josh, I think you should try out JTHM: The Directors Cut by Jhonen Vasquez. (aka Johnny the Homicdal Maniac) If you like Invader Zim or just shit crazy comics this is for you.

    I also second conor reading Incredible Hercules. You get to see two gods fling missiles at each other in the first trade. Awesome

  90. @Josh – Oh ok, well if you gave it a shot that’s all I can hope for.  I think Akira is one of the best transitions into manga books though for anyone else on this site wondering what all the fuss is about.  Can’t wait to hear what you guys choose to read.  I’d echo a lot of the suggestions already posted like the Goon and Concrete but thats only because I’m about to start those too.

  91. Invincible Iron Man

  92. I’m voting for Jersey Gods. It’s a fun new book and it deserves all the good buzz it can get. But I want to throw Wonder Woman out there because I feel this arc has been very strong and people need to buy this book when it’s good.

  93. Have they done a show on The Dark Tower stuff or The Stand because that stuff is awesome You could even tie it in with Locke and Key since Joe Hill is Stephen King’s son.

  94. Locke and Key

  95. I second Parker’s recommendation for "The Authority".  Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning are going good things in comics–and not just at Marvel.

    William Harm’s Impaler (Top Cow), is a very fine book too.  To simply call it another vampire apocalypse book, is to do it, and yourself, a great injustice.  

  96. Locke and Key.  I believe it has been my pick of the week everytime it comes out!  Not only does it feature some beautiful images, interesting characters and story, but there are hardly any ads in the pages of the story.  Its a very rewarding experience each month when it arrives and I thank my friends for introducing me to it by issue 2 of the first story arc.

  97. Secret six

  98. I’m going to suggest Enigma by Peter Milligan and Duncan Fegredo. It was an 8 issue mini that was released in the first wave of Vertigo books back in 1993 (along with Death: The High Cost Of Living and Sandman Mystery Theatre). I hope the collection’s still in print.

    It’s about Michael Smith and the hole his life has fallen into. When he gets attacked by a supervillain and put into a hospital he realises the hero who saved him is The Enigma, his favourite childhood comicbook. How is The Enigma suddenly real? Who is narrating the whole story? Who will survive? (if it’s no longer in print, you’ll never know)

    I loved this book when it came out and the ending blew me away. Up until then I had been reading Ghost Rider and X-Men. This was such a change it stuck with me.

    Anyway, there’s mine.

  99. there are only 3 issues of dc’s R.E.B.E.L.S. out. it’s fun and exciting and the art is awesome.

    look at vril dox dickishly raising his eyebrow:

    i don’t expect you to pick it for this show, but at least flip through it in the store.


  100. If you haven’t done a show on it / mentioned it: Hitman

    Else: The Question (O’Neil / Cowan  version from the 90’s, currently being reprinted)

  101. Conor and I have read all the Hitman that’s available in trade, which is, I believe, slightly less than half.  This is bullshit, by the way.

  102. I’ll throw another vote behind Locke & Key.

  103. I will recomend The Sword by the Luna Brothers. I tried this after a friend recomended it to me and I was hooked. The Luna Brothers art is fantastic and the writing is just as good. They’re very good at writing dialogue as well as action and the book does a great balance of both. The female protagonist is very relatable and likeable. There were a couple of OH @#$%! moments in  both volumes that really stood out for me. There are two volumes at right now and I think you guys should give it a shot.

  104. secret six

  105. @mikeandzod21 <3 So glad I waited until morning to put my vote in! Mage was another one I wanted to recommend and I saw someone mention that, too, but GRENDEL is a series that has haunted me my entire life. I remember Josh had God and the Devil in his stack week post, but I don’t know if he ever got around to it. Regardless, I was trying to think of which arc to recommend and the best way to do it. Grendel’s a weird series that starts off so tiny and grows into this crazy, sprawling, science fiction epic…

    But last night I decided on my vote: Devil’s Legacy by Matt Wagner

    Devil’s Legacy collects the first 11 issues of the original Comico Grendel monthly series that follows the sort of grand daughter of Hunter Rose, the first Grendel we meet. I feel that each trade could be read pretty well on its own, I think this one is able to be enjoyed more with zero context than the others. It is essentially a revenge story where Christine Spar takes up the Grendel mantle in order to  rescue her son who she suspects was kidnapped by a traveling kabuki dancer and her struggle to not only save her son but also resist the temptations that simply bearing the Grendel mask can bring. It has some truly incredible art from the Pander Bros. and a great introduction into some of the core themes underlying the Grendel series. Also, it’s set very slightly in the future, and I think that fact makes it much more accessible than God and the Devil or any of the other trades set in the "future timeline" of Grendel.

    I know Dark Horse has been reprinting some Grendel stuff lately but I think Devil’s Legacy has yet to be reprinted (If they even plan to reprint anything past Devil by the Deed) but I have two copies of the paperback and, if it is chosen and if you like, I can mail you my second copy, free of charge. Because I love Grendel :3

  106. Invincible

    Suburban Glamour

    I’m new to ifanboy so I’m not sure which books you have done shows on, but I have gotten a few friends interested in comics with those books, so its worth a look.

  107. @Avenger117 – there was a video show about Invincible. Suburban Glamour was mentioned in the videos but I’m not sure if it was talked about.

    @Zasham – look up. There are several links regarding The Sword coverage. 

  108. @chlop Thanks, I wasnt sure. I will have to go look for the Invincible show.  Anyone knows if they have done shows on Avengers: The Initiative, The Walking Dead, War Marchine, or Incognito?

  109. I think that people might need to reread the original post again.

    This isn’t about comics we have or haven’t featured in the video show, this is a show about books we *aren’t reading*.  It’s like the manga show, but with non-manga books.

  110. wasteland – anthony johnson and christopher mitten

    great series and i dont think anyone is reading it!!

  111. on a sidenote, were there any shows about Valiant, or other dead comic companies, like Defiant, Malibu, Tekno, Event, etc? I would go look but I’m so freaking laz

  112. Ron – Queen and Country

    Conor – Bomb Queen

    Josh – Goon 

  113. Oh gotcha sorry about that. I don’t really know what you guys are reading. But if you aren’t reading those then maybe you should pick them up. Oh and thanks alot, I have expanded my comic selection alot from the comics discussed on the shows!

  114. wasteland?

    i know they talked about it on the show about oni press

    but there has been no mention of it since

  115. The manga Pluto! The first two volumes are out and the third will be out in the next couple of weeks.

  116. Josh: Planetary 

    Conor: Planetary

    Ron: Planetary

  117. @Avenger117 (and anyone else) – You can follow these links to see what they buy weekly (use the link at the top left of each page to scroll backwards through time):

    @Conor, Josh, or Ron –  You might want to add these links at the top of the page, so people don’t waste their and your time suggesting things you already read regularly.

  118. @Dumeer: We’ve all read it.

  119. does it count if i vote for wasteland lots of times???

  120. Conor: Naoki Urasawa’s 20th Century Boys Vol 1. Yes, it’s manga, so hopefully it still counts. Get in on the ground floor of another masterful suspense epic from Urasawa – the quick pitch is Stephen King’s IT with a sci-fi bend.
    Ron: War at Ellsmere by Faith Erin Hicks. Mean girls at a boarding school, coming of age friendship, and a touch of the fantastic; O’Malley-esque art.
    Josh: Capacity by Theo Ellsworth. A fascinating autobiographical exploration of the creative process, mind-blowing detailed drawings.

  121. @philipgraves08: No.

  122. I would love to hear a review of Deadpool. I really didn’t expect it to be up my alley, but it’s great. I would suggest starting with issue #1 (taking place during Secret Invasion).

  123. I am angry with Planetary, and therefore, it can suck it.

  124. why are you angry at it?

  125. @stuclach – they can look at the books we picked week over week, but that’s not a real measure of what we’ve covered, or even what we’ve read and not covered.  You’d have to have been listening and watching the show for the last 3+ years, and really spend more time remembering than would ever be worth it.

    I just re-read the first Wasteland trade, and I have the next 2 in waiting.

  126. So The Sword was POW? My memory ain’t so great…

    Still, I saw check out Girls! 

  127.  @josh

    why are you angry with planatery?

    what did you think of the first trade of wasteland?



  128. They don’t care enough to finish Planetary after all this time, I don’t care enough to buy or read it.  I don’t really get upset about lateness that often, but it’s even more ridiculous than Ultimate Wolverine Vs. Hulk at this point, or the Kevin Smith Black Cat series.  This goes back later than all of those.

  129. @josh

    what did you think of the first trade of wasteland?

    i no what you mean. does warren ellis even care about ‘fell’?

  130. I’ll do something on Wasteland at some point, but not here.  You gotta wait for it, sorry.

    The thing about Fell is….I LOVE Fell.

  131. ill be waiting………..


    unknown soildier

    i know josh reads it but does ron or conor?

  132. Gail Simone’s run on Wonder Woman

  133. @Avenger117 – there was talk about The Walking Dead but I can’t remember if it was in some con show or also in a regular video show.

    Can’t find the Invincible video show (there are two minies) but I think it was on one of the earlier episodes. 

    @Josh – if it’s not worth remembering than why reference the bell several weeks ago on an audio podcast?

  134. I’m going to go ahead and jump on the Incredible Hercules wagon.  Seems like none of you read it, and when you mentioned my review of it on a show once, I believe it was pretty much stated that none of you were reading it…sorry if I’m mistaken. 

    Anyway, that book’s been consistently fun and exciting to read, and Amadeus Cho has been one of the most interesting and well-developed new characters in a universe where it’s pretty hard to make a strong impression with a new hero, just based on the competition from all the long-known and beloved heroes that pre-exist them. 

  135. I cast my vote for Locke & Key!

  136. The goon. The first and zeroth trade is a little sloppy, but once it gets to the dark horse run, this book is fantastic.

  137. We’ve never done an Invincible show, but it is, without a doubt, the most recommended book we’ve ever talked about.  It was included in the very first episode: Top 5, and we’ve had Kirkman on the show MANY times.

  138. Miracleman. Between the three of you, and your immediate resources, you’ve got to be able to get your hands on that run.

  139. Josh –  The Alcoholic.  A semi-biographical look at at the author and his many addictions in life.  A story about trying to fill a void in your life. I am not sure if you have read it but I highly recommended it.

    Conor –  The Killer. This is just a strange yet interesting at the mind of an assassin.

    Ron – The Incredible Hercules. This book has it all for a Marvel fan: humor, action, and even Wonder Man getting hurt. Check out the first trade to see some good fun superhero action.

  140. By the way, my recommendation (Common Grounds by Troy Hickman) has an all star cast of artists -> Dan Jurgens, George Pérez, Mike Oeming, Chris Bachalo, Sam Kieth, Angel Medina, Carlos Pacheco, and Ethan Van Sciver.

    You said only one vote, but I’m hoping you’ll let me continue selling my suggestion…

  141. The latest Bomb Queen miniseries (not in trade yet I think)…you 3 will enjoy the 3 podcasters who are CENTRAL CHARACTERS in the story.  It was fun for me to speculate on who was who….

    Ron – the scheming leader

    Conor – the golden age loyalist

    Josh – the arty manga girl (ok, this was a bit of stretch…and uh…oh boy, I guess you just have to read it)

    SERIOUSLY though, I think Bomb Queen is a great comic that is well written with good art, good comic storytelling (Scott McCloud would have no complaints) that is a unique and very playful comic creator’s vision…and Conor, it ships on time!

  142. I too am pushing for Locke and Key.

    Joe Hill is doing a great job, you can definitely tell the apple hasn’t fallen far from the scary Stephen King tree. The first arc was good but this second arc, Head Games, is even better. 

    Gabrial Rodriguez’s art is fantastic and works for a lot of the gory mischeif that takes place.

  143. I’m reading Miracleman at this very moment, and it had tiny, tiny lettering.

    The Alcoholic was fantastic, and I’ve just been waiting to find something to do with it.  I think it’s going to show up in a show soon.

  144. The Sword

  145. Harbinger

  146. Fine, my final votes:

    Conor- Locke and Key. No idea what it’s about but so many people like it, that I’m curious. I just chose Conor to cover it because our tastes are almost identical.

    Ron- Incredible Hercules. Just start with Against the World. Seems right up Ron’s alley.

    Josh- The Goon. I only jumped on with #32 but I really enjoyed. I think Josh would really enjoy it (it’s basically redneck Hellboy in the most awesome way). 

  147. I vote Invincible Iron Man. Biggest surprise for me in sometime. 

  148. Joe Casey’s run in WildCats 3.0.  If you like Sleeper then you will like this

  149. International Comics.

  150. It’s pretty old now, but if you guys haven’t checked out David Mack’s Kabuki, it’s awesome.  I really enjoyed his work on Daredevil, but he really pulls out all the stops in his own series. 

     It’s sort of 1984esque story that ties in corporate espionage with sci fi assasins all wrapped around a Japanese aesthetic.  Mack brilliantly tells his story through both the story and more importantly the art.  The first trade is incredibly dense, rife with symbolism, and unfolds in a way that keeps escalating the surprises and danger of the protagonist.

     There are several trades available now.  I’ve read the first two so far and can’t wait until I can afford to buy new trades and continue this series.

  151. Gotta go with Fallen Angel by Peter David

    The DC run is better but the IDW stuff is good too

  152. For all of you

    Lock and Key

    Deadpool Secret Invasion

    Secret Six

  153. The Atomics by Mike Allred.  Quick pitch- Beatniks with superpowers.  Done.

  154. @josh The Alcoholic was very good; I’d love a show centered around those sort of psuedo autiobio stuff sometime. Alcoholic, American Splendor, C. Tyler, etcetc. 

  155. Wuvable Oaf by Ed Luce – James "The Comic Pimp" Sime told me not too long ago that he thinks this is the best self-published comic out there right now and I personally can’t find any argument with that statement. It’s cute, sweet, sexy, fun, funny (I LOLed) and so impeccably drawn and designed. Plus the Isotope is one of a select few stores where you can purchase it, so Ron at least really has no excuse not to check it out. In fact I might just buy them for him and leave them in his box at the Tope one of these days anyway.


    @savinglala: If you liked those first two Kabuki trades then you’re going to love all the others and that fifth one especially is really going to blow your mind.

  156. Dave Mckean’s  "Cages"  kept in comics over the 90’s…now that I think about it, I’m going to re-read it my self.

  157. "Kept me in comics"

  158. Why can’t you guys talk more about batman … just kidding.

  159. DEADPOOL !!!

    Lately, I’ve been intrigued by this character and picked up the Suicide Kings 1st ish. I was pleasantly surprised. He’s everywhere in Marvel, I think he’s sort of the new "wolverine" type Badass character plus hilarious one liners.

    Definetly sort of comic porn I want to hear Conor’s opinion of the anti-Batman!


  160. Ron – Cherry Poptart (Just saying you talking about this book on the show would be awesome, I have nowhere to buy it in my town but it’s legend preceeds it)

    Josh – Secret Six (Because the Book is awesome)

    Conor – Rex Mundi (I don’t think I’ve ever heard you guys talk about it, and I do believe it is noteworthy)

  161. I would suggest something but mostly all the stuff I read came iFanboy’s recommendation. So yeah, nothing. But I do would like to blame you guys for bring Brian Wood’s Local and Sin City into my life.

  162. Damn, this topic is awesome for discovering stuff. Definitely going to check out Kabuki and Wildcats 3.0


  164. I’m going to say either Brooklyn Dreams or Moonshadow by JM DeMatties, I asked you guys about him on a video show many moons ago and the look of confusion when I got to his smaller titles could have been seen from space. So that’s my vote 

  165. All of Wildcats 3.0 wasn’t collected.  You can get most of V. 2 though.  My favorite Joe Casey comics, easy.

  166. Gona have to go for secret six, although, I’m not sure how you guys would get it, as it won’t be out in trade for months and months.  I know Josh picked up the first few issues, but I would recomend unknown soldier to Ron and Conor.  OH, and My main recomendatin for Ron if he hasn’t read it is New Universal by Warren Ellis, maybe thats a rec for everyone.  It’s good ellis.  Also, its a lot like Heroes. (THey came out ruffly the same time.)

  167. A Queen & Country show (which is probably already in the pipe) or an All Superman show (which might also already be in the pipe)

    If not either of those how about a Kids Books show?  You could read The Superfriends, Tiny Titans, Franklin Richards and even Alison Dare and Ted Nefiah’s stuff.

    Hell, Owly even.

  168. Conor: Secret Six

    Ron: The Authority

    Josh:  Tiny Titans.

  169. @Heroville: Reread the first post.  We’re not looking for show topics.

  170. Human Target….I know nothing about the character but I do know there is a pilot for a TV show coming so someone’s opinion on the series would be interesting.

    Jason Aaron’s run on Ghost Rider…..I believe Conor has mentioned it before but just briefly.  I’m tempted to purchase it, but always like to kinda know what I’m jumping into.

     If Conor didn’t ever re-read Lapham’s Detective story all the way thru….I’d like to hear his thoughts.  If he did, then have Ron do that story cause he loves Lapham’s Young Liars.


  171. Alright then what about the Jamie Reyes Blue Beetle series now that its wrapped

  172. Hrm. Dark Tower.

  173. Thor

    Incredible Hercules

    Astounding Wolfman

    Invisibles (I hear about it a lo but don’t know much about it)

  174. The Goon!!!

  175. Moon Knight (my favorite character though the book has been better)


  176. The Goon

    Secret Six

    Incredible Hercules

  177. I know you guys posted this article up just yesterday….and this makes me sound incredibly impatient but…

    When will this video podcast be put up? Or I guess any ideas when this will happen?

  178. It’ll be a while before you see it, I know that much.  So I wouldn’t hold my breath.  We need time to prepare.  We have to do a lot of reading for this show, and all the other ones we do.

    Basically, I wouldn’t hold my breath.  But when you least expect it, blam!

  179. Fraction’s Iron Man seems like it would be a really good choice in the mainstream genre. Many people its ressurected that hero. I read it and like it.

  180. @josh: Gotcha. I had a feeling this is going to take awhile….plus it is gonna be so much reading once you get into it. With the manga show, I wasnt even around when you did the article to post what you wanted the audience to choose….so it must’ve took forever to get from

    A) Suggestions to B) Reading to C) Taping reactions to D) Editing to E) Posting podcast

    I’ll be a patient man on this….but it’s all the more reason for Ron getting his hands on the first trade of Deadpool and reading it slowly….to savor the moments

  181. I’ve heard this book mentioned, but I don’t know who among you, if any, is reading it: Age of Bronze by Eric Shanower. 

    If you are reading it, I vote for Rex Mundi, as I’ve never heard it talked about.  The series is two issues away from wrapping up, and Dark Horse has available trades for most, if not all, of the series up to this point.  And, although I haven’t heard much about it recently, there is supposed to be a Johnny Depp film adaptation of this in the near future.  Again, if you like history, noir, mystery, religion, and/or the occult, there is something in here for you.  The newspaper backups alone that build the alternate world are fun, and the rest of the book is great too.

  182. Madame Xanadu!!

  183. i think the top voted books are all great (we the ifanbase have great taste)  but if i have to vote for one: SECRET SIX. It’s currently my favorite "non-Geoff Johns" DC book.

  184. So, it says: "We’ll pick the books from the comments, according to how often something comes up, OR how good you make it sound." 

    This means that even if I’m the only one to recommend a book it still has a chance?

  185. I always have a good time reading deadpool. Try the first trade. 🙂

  186. I heartily recommend RUNNERS: BAD GOODS.  Clean, crisp storytelling; pretty art; interesting characters; fun dialogue.  Can’t ask for much more in a comic book!

  187. umbrella academy

  188. Have Y’all read Sea Guy?  Also, anyone read Ellis’ demolition jones?  


    Also, is this like that totebag show, i.e. are we purposly picking books that we feel you guys have preconcieved notions about?  Can we choose books that you have started, then ditched? 

  189. Alright, since I can’t make up my mind between these two books I’m going to recommend both.

    Locke & Key – Consistently been my pick of the week in the second series and the first hardcover is gorgeous.  The art is fantastic and is probably one of my favourites coming out from any company.  The writing is spectacular with some crazy elements and some wonderful character moments.  It’s not just a horror comic, it’s also so much more.

    Atomic Robo – I don’t know if you guys have read this but I would say go check out the first trade (which in my opinion was the stronger of the two).  The book is hilarious and is a great ride from start to finish.  

  190. I don’t know if you’ve read Watchmen by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbions, but it’s probably one of the greatest books I’ve ever read. I’d highly recomend it. It feels like what it would be like to see super heroes in real life. If I had a second choice it would be the Preacher series. It is kind of long (it spans a lot of trades) and is kind of raunchy but the story is amazing. You should read either of these.

  191. @epog – there was a Watchmen video show, an Alan Moore video show, a Preacher video show and those books were featured in other video shows as well.

  192. The three best books that I read that the iFanboys don’t read are  — Thor, Secret Six & Locke & Key. The first two are by writers who the iFanboys have a serious distaste for — so it would be like recommending chocolate cake to someone who doesn’t like chocolate.

    So, my official vote is for Locke & Key. If you guys don’t think this is a good comics, I would be shocked, amazed & I’ll probably start crying & punching myself in the face.

  193. The audience demands it. Or better yet…The crowd howls for blood.

  194. @epog: Who’s this Alex Moore and Dave Giblets you speak of?

  195. epog wins best comment of 2009 award.

  196. Ron – The new Deadpool trade
    Connor – Punisher MAX vol.5 the Slavers
    Josh – Midnighter Vol. 1 

  197. Wolfman & Perez era Teen Titans spotlight.

  198. @Labor-yeah, thats a good suggestion. I haven’t read it yet, and I would love to know which trades to read.

  199. levitz/giffen/lightle/laroque Legion of Super-Heroes from 80s

  200. I’m going to say the Ender’s Game Battle School adaptation by Christopher Yost with pencils by Pasqual Ferry. The comic lives up to the book without being word for word, and the pencils are absolutely stunning. 

  201. punisher max?

    are they still reading it or have they dropped it?

  202. X-Force

  203. Zot By Scott Mcloud

  204. I am going to go with the a show based on the comic STRIP. You could hit upon the holy trinity of Peanuts, Calvin and Hobbes and The Far Side.

    It’s a bit different from a comic BOOK I know, but could make a nice show.

  205. Oops just read the post again. You want books not a topic.


    Then I am still sticking with Calvin and Hobbes. 

  206. @TimmyWood: Oh that’s a great idea….josh definitely seemed to have a lot of Calvin and Hobbes in that one mini though…

  207. @TNC Must have missed that mini. Oh well. Tons of great suggestions so far. Should be a good show no matter what they pick.

  208. @Timmy: Well he didnt talk about Calvin and Hobbes. It was (I believe the second to last) mini where josh showed his office and his comic shelves around his house. I just remember him having a lot of Calvin and Hobbes books.

    But I love that idea you suggested…..I wished I could second it but I already gave my idea for what josh to read.

  209. Josh: Thor (I read the article about the first trade last year where Josh wasn’t overwhelmed by it, but this series is just so good and could do with a second look)

    Ron: Secret Six (I know he’s the "Marvel Guy" but I think he’d enjoy Simone’s kinky villains more than Conor would)

    Conor: Tiny Titans (Oh c’mon, he’d love this, It’s DC Porn with no nudity)



  210. Something else I thought of that I think you guys should try out is Nexus.  I’ve been reading it since Wondercon, which reminds me when are we going to hear the podcast from that?

  211. Gonna go with Lock & Key, just because I am so in love with the series. Plus you guys have read everything else. They Goon does sound like a good idea though with the movie being made and having more content for a full video show. I cant recommend it though because I have not read it.

  212. @JumpingJupiter: I’ve never heard of them before but something tells me this Alan Moore is going to go places.

  213. Ha, good topic for an upcoming show, though it seems your frustration shows a bit.  I’d recommend Tim Truman’s Scout: The Four Monsters trade.  I think it’s small enough that fanboys like you can read it pretty quickly, plus is a great read.  I haven’t heard you comment anything on Tim Truman, although, granted I have not read every thread.  It’s an older book from the 80’s and presents great tough guy, lone wolf fiction in the mode of say something like Dirty Harry, but from the perspective of an Apache Indian in a future wasteland of the USA–sort of Native American/Sci-Fi.  There ya go.

  214. Actually the Goon movie is still in pre-production. Not really green-lit yet.

  215. Avengers/Invaders

    Greatest Hits from Vertigo just wrapped up, and I really enjoyed that.

    DMZ – I don’t remember hearing much about this book on the show, I could be wrong though.

    No Hero from Avatar has been pretty cool.

  216. Stormwatch Phd vol one. Written by Christos Gage art by Doug Mahnke it’s all good

  217. Young Liars and bonus points if you explain it 🙂

  218. Secret Six…. don’t hate me

  219. Johnny hiro!

  220. The Goon

  221. Josh–Hellstorm: Son of Satan (Marvel Max)

    Ron–Hercules (Radical Publishing)

    Conor– Star Wars: Legacy (Dark Horse)

  222. The Mighty by Peter Tamasi, great book, not mentioned enough, if never, the three of you love Green Lantern Corp, and their is no reason why you will not enjoy this story, currently released #1-3 you should have no problems finding these books.


    StarWars Dark Time – #13 New Series is coming out this week – great for the starwars fans out their because their is no Jar Jar binks.


  223. OK. Im an old timer here, and I think all three of you should read a series that has had NO DISCUSSION.


    I said it because it needed to be said.

    -Noob out!

  224. DMZ which has been ridiculously awesome for what seems like forever.

    The Goon

    Godland, it has looked interesting but I don’t really feel like investing in a trade blind

  225. Fallen Angel First trade from IDW. Over the Dc stuff.

  226. You may or may not be reading it, but if you’re not then you should Read Kick-Ass. I’m certain you are, but I haven’t heard much about it from yous guys.


    written by dan abnett  at 2000ad

    fans of violence and humour should read this

    there was 3 trades:

    Sinister Dexter vol.1: Gunshark Vacation
    Sinister Dexter vol.2: Murder 101
    Sinister Dexter vol.3: Slay per View

  228. OK, you people are going to have to try harder.

    The Mighty – I read the last 3 issues.  Next time one comes up on the week it’s released, I’ll talk about it then.

    Project Superpowers – SO not interested. Alex Ross can suck it. 😉

    DMZ – Ron’s the only one reading it in issues, and it comes up from time to time.  It will come up tomorrow, for example.

    Godland – the very first Book of the Month – Video Written Review

    Fallen Angel – someone sent us a trade of that forever ago, and Conor and I read it.  Meh…

    Kick-Ass – Seriously? We must have discussed every issue when they came out. Literall every one. From whence the term "fucked up" found its niche here.

    Young Liars – Again, Ron’s talked about at least 75% of the issues.  It was a pick of the week.

    Avengers/Invaders – We all checked out  and we all stopped reading it.  Again with the Alex Ross.

    Thor – Honestly, I read it.  I read it, and thought enough about it to give it a chance and write about it.  Even if I wanted to keep reading it, the second trade is uber-delayed, because they get an issue out every 2-3 months.

    And to the due who said Watchmen and Preacher, I’m just gonna assume you’re the most deadpan motherfucker on the whole earth, because, well….come on!

    That’s right, I’m harsh.  Do your searches people!  There’s a mountain of content up in this piece!

  229. grants doom patrol. IN the morrison episode, you guys said you only read the first few trades. And if you haven’t finished the series yet. READ IT ALL>

  230. Josh needs to read the recent Amazing Spider-Man stuff, you’ve heard how much Ron & Conor love it

    Ron needs to read the recent Superman (and associated titles) stuff, you’ve heard Josh & Conor gush about that.

    Conor should check out Nova/Guardians stuf, but I think he said somewhere he was reading trades so in that case, give Invincible Iron Man a shot, it’s been a surpringly fun & interesting book.

    That’s my opinion anyways. 😛

  231. I read two, and it was alright I thought.  I didn’t really want to spend the money on the rest of them.

    Just being honest.

  232. It seems to me Locke and Key and The Goon are locks for the show. The third slot should probably be Secret Six based on demand.

  233. How about Superman: Secret Identity. I don’t know if you guys have read it but to me it is one of the great under-appreciated classic modern comics. Busiek takes a silly superhero concept (Superboy Prime) and turns into a genuinely touching, beautifully told story with easily the most incredible art I’ve ever seen from Stuart Immonen. 

  234. Superman Secret Identity has been mentioned very recently ("The best thing Busiek has written since…").

  235. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Also, if anyone would like to send everyone on staff a physical copy of Superman: Secret Identity…

  236. @miyamotofreak: Oh, I must have missed that. What was it in relation to?

  237. @llash

    I believe it was in a recent audio show. May be wrong. It was actually on two shows because on the next show, they clarified their opinion of it.

    And I haven’t read it yet. I won a copy of it on eBay and never received it. 🙁 

  238. If Secret Identity is out then my next vote would be for the first 25 issues (4 trades?) of the Jaime Reyes Blue Beetle series.

  239. Kabuki


  240. We’ve all read Kabuki.

  241. X-Force and Secret Six are my two faves at the moment.

  242. I’d vote for Deadpool too.

    I’ve been enjoying the Dark Reign – Deadpool/Thunderbolts crossover and looking forward to reading some older Deadpool trades.

  243. If its not too late I’ll chime in with REX MUNDI – awesome if you love the DaVinci Code kinda religious-historical mystery-thriller.  Apologies if its been mentioned – I just got back from vacation and I’m not about to scroll through 200+ posts.

  244. I’d recommend City of Dust written by Steve Niles.  It’s a five issue five issue limited series printed by Radical Comics (a small publisher that I’ve never heard you guys mention, they do some great work).  The story is set in the future where all forms of fiction have been banned.  A cop starts unveiling pieces of the past that lead to a modern day mystery in his time.  All in all I liked the writing and the art is top notch by a few guys I’ve never heard of; Brandon Chng, Zid, Garrie Gastonny.  Definitely worth checking out if you can find it. 

  245. @ilash – I think it was also on a video show but I can’t find it. Pretty sure they talked about it in a video show though…

  246. I’m surprised no one’s recommended Spiegelman, Clowes, McCloud and stuff like that.

  247. all the drawn and quarterly stuff…

    I thought there’d be some other dudes into that on this site.

  248. I don’t think I’ve ever heard anything mentioned about The Killer from Archaia Studio Press.  Excellent crime book, its only made it to the first volume in HC and I think two or three single issues after that, so definitely not something that will take too much time to read.

  249. The Goon is really great comics and I would love to hear y’all go nuts about how amazing Eric Powell is… I can’t imagine someone really not liking it.

  250. I second? third? the previous suggestions to have a look at The Authority.

     Also, although I’m fairly new to iFanboy I don’t hear much about the 2000AD stuff from you guys. Have a look at Nikolai Dante and Strontium Dog. For Strongium Dog, try starting at the Wagner revival… ‘The Kreeler Conspiracy’. For Dante, start with ‘The Romanov Dynasty’.

  251. Ninja Highschool!

  252. Empire by Mark Waid and Barry Kitson. It shows us what would happen if a Dr. Doom like character would win. It’s a lot of fun and the art is amazing. Unfortunately it’s out of print, but there are some used buying options on Amazon as well.

    I also recommend to Josh awhile back Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser by Howard Chaykin and Mike Mignola. It’s a fun fantasy collection of adapations of the classic fantasy tales. 

  253. @JumpingJumper

    Get that artsy fartsy outta here!

    Actually in all seriousness all those guys have been mentioned in the video show. And this is pretty much where I found out about all my D&Q books. 

  254. Has anybody mentioned Locke & Key yet? 😉 Seriously, it’s awesome. Read it!

  255. Empire! Yes! OK, so I’d say:

    Ron – Superman: Secret Identity

    Josh – Empire

    Conor: Blue Beetle

  256. Or Secret Six for Ron, if Secret Identity is out

  257. Also the JSA Liberty Files is a fun read too with good art. It’s an Elseworlds tale that takes place during World War II. It features alternate versions of Batman (The Bat), Hourman (The Clock), and Dr. Mid Nite (The Owl) who are spies. It also features The Sandman, Joker, and Supreman (with a twist). It’s written by Dan Jolley with art by Tony Harris.

  258. Josh – The Goon: Chinatown

    Conor – Locke and Key Vol. 1

    Ron – Secret Six (1st arc)


  259. I just watched the "Top 5 Batman Stories" podcast, and you guys didn’t mention The Long Halloween.  Seriously?  It’s a great Batman story that really highlights his role as a detective character. 

     I’d love to know what you guys think of this book.

  260. Long Halloween blows

    You guys should do a show on House Of Mystery. I never heard you guys talk about that.

  261. Secret Six

     Even if you did not like Simone’s past work, this is in my opinion far superior. Plus some beatiful artwork.

    And you already promised it. :p 

  262. @jumpingjupiter: if youve EVER read the comments here or on the forums you’d know better than that. 50 year old super heroes or bust.

  263. I vote for Incredible Hercules

  264. I would suggest Locke & Key, Secret Six, and Star Wars: Legacy. I just read the Locke & Key HC today, and it was a good introduction into the world Hill is setting up, with good building tension and enough mystery left over to keep you wanting more.  Star Wars: Legacy is a cool look at the future of the Star Wars universe, and well Secret Six is just entertaining, and the first story they’re in is Villains United with Eaglesham art, can’t go wrong there.

  265. Madame Xanadu.

    Good series, features magic, different historic periods, & the Phantom Stranger’s sweet 70s costume.

  266. I would like to see a video podcast about Whedon and Cassaday’s Astonishing X-Men, please.

  267. @TheNextGanius: We’ve all read that book.  We’re not soliciting vidoe show ideas here.

  268. X-Force

  269. Secret Six

  270. I know this book was mentioned but I don’t know if anyone read it. How about Flight from Image. Each one of you can read a volume and discuss some of the stories you like in the volume(its up to volume 5). I know all of you don’t like anthology books but its a shot.

  271. Paul Pope’s 100%

    This is one of my favorite books, and when it was slowly coming out in issues, it kept me interested in comics at a point when i wasn’t sure if i wanted to get back into it.  He’s a true master, and this book really went a long way toward making me appreciate the medium for what it is.

  272. The Sword by the Luna brothers.  I know Ron reads it but I would be interested to see what Josh and Conor think of the first trade.

  273. Usagi Yojimbo

    It doesn’t matter what trade or what arc. They are all great, great comicbooks.

  274. @iamso77: I like anthologies.  So does Ron.  Only Josh doesn’t.

  275. Incredible Hercules gets my vote. I think Ron and Josh will especially appreciate the balance the book strikes between action and comedy and intrigue

  276. did you read the monster (manga) series?

  277. Speaking on Morrison’s run on Doom Patrol.  I enjoyed the first trade and thought the second really fell off.  The third trade however is fantastic, and the Danny the Street issue is my favorite Doom Patrol issue I’ve ever read, including everything in the much beloved Arnold Drake run (which I do enjoy as a whole more than Morrisons run).

  278. Ok, Here I go….. Read Volume One of Transformers All Hail Megatron. You’ve discussed the new direction of GI Joe, but rarely, if never mentioned this story. Transformers has moved into a new direction with this story, the deceptacon’s are actually evil, and find enjoyment out of hurting people, the autobot’s, are a mess, and Megatron, is a relentless oppresser, check this out, and BOOK IT as apart of the video show PERIOD


  279. Well… my favourite title remains Captain Britain & MI13, which you guys already seem to be pretty firmly behind… ;D

    So, can I make another suggestion? The Kyle and Yost written X-Force? I know I’ve heard you guys kind of writing it off from the concept stage on the podcast, but as far as well-written and plotted X-Men titles go? This is easily up with X-Factor in my opinion. It’s plots are strong, and enough has been traded now that you could give it a look in. I know that you’re not really big fans of painted artwork, butit really does kinda work on this one.

  280. My final choices would be:
    Josh- I highly recommend The Sword by the Luna Brothers.  It creates a compelling story through dynamic art that the Luna Brothers hadn’t shown in their previous work.  The Sword currently has two trades and I highly recommend them both. 
    Conor- I think you would truly enjoy the first hardcover of The Killer by Jacamon and Matz.  Its a French comic about a hit man featuring an unique noir voice and absolutely beautiful art.  It has a strong emotional backbone throughout the book with intense fast past action to keep you eagerly turning the page.     
    Ron- Please read Locke and Key.  It has obviously had overwhelming support on this thread, and just trust the iFanbase, it has beautiful art, and an incredibly intriguing story.  
  281. My vote is for Locke and Key. It feels as if Hill and Rodriguez have been working together forever and they combine expertly to tell a great story. The cartoony style betrays a book that convey real emotion and chilling darkness. You instantly connect with the characters and feel for them when the bad shit happens (and it inveriably does).

  282. secret six

  283. Locke & Key and Goon are the best suggestions I (and my 100 IF bretheren) can come up with.  The Killer wraps up in June and there should be a nice HC in the works.

    R.E.B.E.L.S., Mice Templar and Groom Lake are others that come to mind. 

  284. Transformer’s ALL HAIL MEGATRON. I picked the first trade up because vince from 11 0clock comics gives this book lots of love. And well, its freaking amazing. It is still hard for me to believe that I am reading a transformer comic. But it is just to good not to read.

  285. @savinglala I completly agree. The third trade is jut amazing. It has the beard hunter in it. and nothing is better then the beard hunter.

  286. What about some autobiographical comics, like Blankets or Persepolis? Fun Home by Alison Bechdel was voted by Time magazine as number one of its 10 Best Books of the Year for ’06.

  287. @lostboy

    Both Blankets and Persepolis were introduced to me via iFanboy. I wonder if there was a special podcast for the Persepolis movie? 

  288. Avatar photo JFernandes (@jdfernandes) says:

    The Five Fists of Science.  It’s Nikola Tesla and Mark Twain vs. Thomas Edison.

  289. Avatar photo PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    Please consider the 5th Fables Trade "The Mean Seasons."

  290. Avatar photo captamerica101 (@Autobot_Hunter) says:

    geoff johns’s teen titans

  291. Unknown  Soldier.  Just an incredible book!

  292. Ron or Conor – Turok, 1950s reprints from Dark Horse

    Josh – The Happy Warrior: The life story of Sir Winston Churchill, as told through Great Britain’s Eagle comic of the 1950s. (it has Dan Dare in it, which I believe you like)

  293. I’m going to try to go a different route here and recommend a book that combined two of my loves: comics and opera: P. Craig Russel’s adaptation of Richard Wagner’s Ring of the Nibelung saga was excellent. That isn’t exactly recent, so i have no idea if any of you guys read it. But it’s full of fantasy, action, heartbreak, incest, all kinds of different themes and stuff, the translation of the story is very good and it’s Russell, so the art is outstanding. I highly enjoyed this.

  294. secret six

  295. Dead Irons, it’s a four issue mini series from Dynamite. Three issues have been released so far and the last one comes out in May.

    It has great art and great writing, you guys should try and check it out.

  296. Ok, these are the same suggestions that I’ve made above, but now I’ll give the sales pitch:

    Josh- Hellstorm: Son of Satan is right up your alley. It’s a Max book. It’s not over the top with the F bomb, but it does deal heavily with adult themes. It’s very well written and deals with both the paranormal and the mythological, specifically that of ancient Egypt. The book also has a very creative way of using song lyrics for a recurring theme. 

    Ron- Hercules was the first mini put out by Radical comics. I won’t lie to you, it has a painted art style, but nothing like you’ve seen before. It’s much more like the book was drawn and the colors were painted on. The result makes for some stunning visuals. The story was well done and intriguing, but not so much to detract from the action you would expect from a book called Hercules. The battles are what you would expect for the time period, violent, brutal, and gory. It has a very well put together cast of characters all of whom with unique personalities, I think this book may surprise you..

     Conor- I’ve heard you say time and again that you were interested in getting a Star Wars book, well Legacy is bar none the best Dark Horse is putting out. Though I freely admit the book faltered some during the Vector cross over, the first 27 issues of this title are fantastic and hold true to everything that once made SW great: An unlikely hero, an obvious but still unknown past history, elements of the Force we haven’t seen before, betrayal, political unrest, swashbuckler-type adventures, human spirit vs. technology, etc Pick up the first trade, you’ll like it.

  297. Punisher War Journal: Jigsaw TPB or HC (PWJ #18-23).

  298. top ten season 2

  299. are you guys thinking about doing another manga show in the future?

  300. Tiny Titans!!!! Any book that makes Deathstroke the principal and Darkseid the lunchroom lady needs more love!!!

  301. @boostergold4 – that should be the sales pitch in adverts. They’ll get my money that way.

  302. i’m with P-Money — TINTIN

  303. Ok, late to the part but here goes :-

    You should be reading some recent 2000AD trades.

    Why ?

    Because therein you will find the next Andy Diggle (he’s a former editor of 2000AD), the next Jock, the next Frank Quitely, Garth Ennis, Mark Millar, Grant Morrison, Alan Moore and who are about to hit the Marvel/DC books you love.

    Specifically :-

    Ron – ‘Shakara’ by Robbie Morrison and Henry Flint. Jaw-dropping art from the Flint droid. Story revolves around a sole-surviving member of an alien race committing heinous acts of vengeance whilst uttering the sole word – ‘Shakara!’. There is no way Ron (who I recall liked the ‘Undercover Mega-city’ trade a while back, won’t go ape for this).

    Josh – ‘Stickleback’ by Edgington & D’Israeli. The team that bought you the Steampunk of ‘Scarlet Traces’ re-unite for a bizarre story of another Victorian England. D’Isreali’s art is just too good – he is going to be snapped up in the US sometime very soon I’m sure.

    Ron – ‘The Simping Detective’ by Spurrier and Frazer Irving. Irving’s best work bar none on a crazy but brilliant story about a Humphrey Bogart look-a-like working as a PI in the big Meg. Oh and he dresses like a circus clown. True genius.

    C’mon ifanboys, see what the future holds for you….







  304. Damn I wish you could edit these posts. Oh well, the last suggestion was of course for Conor, not the Ronster.



  305. Are OGN’s okay? I’ll reccomend Seth’s "It’s a good life if you don’t weaken" A cartoonist goes on a search to hunt down thw work of an obsecure Canadian cartoonist, Kalo, who may have contributed to the New Yorker. Like most of Seth’s work it is semi autiobigraphical and aometimes metaphysical, but what really redeems this work is its honest exploration of man searching for a muse, constructing a legacy for his art and his life.

    Have any of you fellas read it? Also, I seem to recall Jimski once promising to read a book fireside chat style to us… I’m in favor of that as well.  

  306. @DaveCarr – I saw a cartoon movie with a similair plot. @spoilers – maybe@ the canadian cartoonist tells him that he’ll love to continue cartooning but there’s no money in it for him, and when the interview is over we see the canadian guy outside, I think he was begging for money from people or something like that.  The art is weird. Basically this guy thinks the canadian guy is a great cartoonist and he interviews him and learns that his life was shit basically, and leaves there unsatisfied.

  307. Forgot to say: is it that? Or something else entirely? It was a short movie with a weird art – I think the canadian cartoonist was pictured like a peel of an orange when you peel it in one chunk and it results in a spiral, and some other weird things like that – partial cartooning – something weren’t drawn.

  308. I e-mailed you guys about it ages ago, but I’d highly recommend Lost at Sea by Bryan Lee O’Malley…er…if you can find it.

  309. How in the world are you guys going to have time to sort through all of these???


  310. *some things weren’t drawn

  311. Project Superpowers has been dismissed by Josh, the same Josh that was at first dismissive of Kingdom Come, I might add. (Those that forget the past are doomed to repeat it. "Suck it Alex Ross" indeed!)

    I therefore change my vote to the collected version of The Avengers/Defenders war. To my knowlege this was the first "event" as it lasted an entire summer and completely took over both titles.

    I think any one of the Ifanboy Trinity would find this interesting, as it is classic Marvel action.


  312. @BatStewie – We’re only going to pick 3, so it’s not that tough.  But honestly, I think between the 3 of us, we’ve actually read 80-90% of of the suggestions here.

  313. Josh – Sub Mariner The Depths. A Lovecraftian take on subby, an approach i’ve never seen beforeand really gorgeous art.

    Ron – Cererbus but Only Church and State (but parts1 & 2). Before Dave Sim went mad. Contains some interesting experiments and unusual story telling and remains a good read. You can probably miss the first 2 telephone books without losing too much 

    Conor –  Miracleman. If you can get a copy. This really deserves a show of its own, worth it to see Alan Moore’s decnstructionist take on Suiper heroes pre-Watchmen

  314. @chlop That sounds about right. The emding is more affirmative in the book, though.

  315. @DaveCarr: I found it. . Was it this or just a similair story? Thanks.

  316. @chlop No it wasn’t that. The cartoonist in Seth’s work, is as far as I know,completley fictional. The conciet of the story is that this fictional artist did a bunch of cartoons for the New Yorker and the main character in the comicwants to find out more. So he researches and finds out more. No drugs except some alcohol and a little sec.

  317. OK after much consideration I’ve decided for

    Ron – Deadpool ( simply a great book love reading this every month)

    Conor – Incredible Hercules (best thing to come out secret invasion)

    Josh – Queen & Country ( the new format is simply amazing to read and enjoy0

  318. You should read "Leave it To Chance."

  319. The Mighty – Peter Tomasi writing and the guy from Dear Billy/The Dreaming/Starman drawing. I think at least 1 of you guys has mentioned liking one or both of these creators in the past.

  320. It’s been mentioned a few times already but i’m going to go w/ Deadpool


    That’s all I need to say.


  323. We reached a point where people can repost without the ifanboys knowing, because until they’ll reach this point they’ll forget the previous suggesters. That’s scary and filled with potential.

  324. Locke & Key.

  325. Elephantmen

  326. How would you guys feel if instead of explaining books on our shows, we just listed titles?

  327. Well, to be fair – we just requested votes.

  328. @josh   Would you do voices?

  329. I recently got into Deadpool and I enjoy it I am going out on a limb to request a show or panel on RASL its by the creator of Bone but im sure you know that.  Definantly check it out and if anything you can talk about the exsistance of inter-dimentional teleportation. 

  330. @ josh and conor


    do you read thor?

  331. @philipgraves068: Josh read the first trade.

  332. Honestly, there’s not enough RASL to talk about.  There’s 3 issues over the course of about 2 years, the next one out in a month or two. We talked about the first couple on the audio show, and I stopped buying the issues for an eventual collection.

  333. you should read thor!

    its brilliant… and im not even a thor fan!

  334. Have any of you read 12 Reasons Why I Love Her? i just found that it might not be in print currently. I know I got my copy at my LCS but haven’t seen it re-stocked since and I think it’s not that recent. Oh well. Still worth checking out (FOR EVERYONE) if you can find it.

  335. Ok how about a show about Digital Comics as a market opposed to the physical format.  I know its not a specific book but still a solid topic.

    Or how about Garth Ennis Just A Pilgram

  336. Sorry for not explaining Locke & Key, I figured because it’s been a fairly popular title around these parts, you three were already aware of it.

    It’s a supernatural story about a family who loses their Father/Husband, moves to an old house in a new city, and the things they discover there. It’s written by Stephen King’s son, Joe Hill, and revolves around what has happened in the house in the past, and a number of magical keys that can be used to perform supernatural acts.

    Really hope you guys check this out!

  337. Ron: Deadpool. After all the bad mouthing of both the writer and character, I feel it is only fitting that Ron must read some deadpool with a semi-open mind. I find it hard to believe he will not at least have a few good laughs.

    Josh: Secret Six. I believe Josh already commited to reading this so it’s an obvious choice.

    Conor: Elephantmen. This book is really cool, different, and worth experiencing at least once. There is a ton of interesting extra comic-geekyish information in every issue and usually 2 stories. I do not think it will be loved; but I think it is worth reading and reporting on because I know there are a lot of people who would love this book that probably know nothing about it.

  338. I say Iron Man.  Matt Fraction is doing awsome stuff with it

  339. Secret Six!

  340. Ron – Man of Steel (John Byrne’s Superman reboot) for the guy who doesn’t care about Superman, this is a great read and accessible since it is a new origin story. It’s one of Byrne’s last great works. Give it a chance!

    Josh – Alan Moore’s Ballad of Halo Jones, a sci-fi/futureworld romp. If you’re digging Guardians of the Galaxy and Nova, maybe you can find room in your heart for this. One of the reasons I recommend this to you is you’re more willing to overlook flaws in the art if the story is good. And this one is good.

    Conor – Osterman/Mandrake’s Martian Manhunter. He was a pivotal member of the JLA for years. He met an inglorious and precipitous end. This series expands and builds on his background story, plus there’s some good classic detective stories in there too. This run isn’t available in trade paperback (what up, DC?) But I will send you my complete collection of #1 – 36 (plus #0) as long as I get them back someday.

  341. Grimm’s Fairy Tales.

    Now hear me out on this one.

    My local comic shop promotes the hell out of this title. Judging by the covers, it looks like it affirms every awful stereotype about fanboys and drawings of scantily clad women. But maybe (and this is a big maybe), its actually a well written, compelling book (though I seriously doubt it). There’s no way I’m going to check this out. If my fiancee caught me with one of those books I’d never see the funny pages (or the light of day) again. But like I said, my shop makes a big deal about it and I’m at least a little curious.

  342. Maus?

  343. I’d like to see Josh take a gander at Sean McKeever’s Young Inhumans. I really liked it and I know he’s an Inhumans fan.

  344. How about checking out Kramers Ergot #7, arguably the largest comics anthology EVER? Or if it’s sold out or too expencive for ya, Kramers Ergot #6, which is actually better (and cheaper), but not as aweinspiringly LARGE!

  345. How about some foreign comics? Rocky by Martin Kellerman is a swedish comic translated into english:

    Really funny but some translation errors… 


  346. The lot of you: Secret Six 1-7.

  347. Honestly? Maus? What am I, new at this?


  348. Grendel!  I really don’t care which series as I love all of them.  This fantastic 80s/90s series never gets enough talk.

     If it makes it easier, do the Batman/Grendel crossover.  Excellent stuff!

  349. You need to read Omega the Unknown by Jonathan Lethem.  First it is written by a great contemporary novelist and if you read comics you should read his novel Fortress of Solitude.  Second, when I started this miniseries I was board with it, but as it progressed I found that Lethem was doing things that I have never seen before in comics.  So if you have started it and put it down pick it up again and if you start it and want to put it down, don’t.  I really think this is an innovative and intelligent book.  This is one of the few I see that is worthy of the Eisner nomination. 

  350. We’re shutting the voting down on Wednesday, so get your votes in!

  351. TNC knows what i’m talking about.  Deadpool all the way!  Come on!  he gets no love.

  352. Ok I think you guys need to expand your horizons some more –

    Conor – Detective Comics.  I really think Conor might like this if he’s prepared to give it a go.

    Ron – Nova. I realise the Ronster probably hates Marvel space stories, but honestly its worth giving a chance. Did I mention its written by ‘Sinister Dexter’ scribe (for the last 15 years) Dan Abnett ? 

    Josh – Scalped. I know grim, gritty crime stories are not usually Josh’s fare, but if he put down those Scrooge McDuck comics for one second then this story might appeal.



  353. Battle Pope!

  354. BONE.

     yes, the one volume collection is HUGE.  but bone is by far my absolute favorite series of comics i’ve ever read.  it’s just sprawling, epic, funny, dark, the art is excellent.  jeff smith takes the idea of realistic art going hand in hand with relation and sympathy with characters and turns it on it’s head.  plus, 48 of the 55 issues were self published by smith’s cartoon books. 

     if you have already done a show on bone that i just haven’t seen please disregard my vote.

  355. lol at the number of times either Conor or Josh has had to tell people Josh read the Thor trade. Part of me thinks they are just messing with you now.

  356. How about the Sword from the Luna Brothers

  357. @yetihands – Bone was talked about in one of the video shows.

  358. @ conor

    did you drop 100 bullets?

  359. I really think you should give Star Wars: Legacy a try. Its a fresh look on Star Wars with new characters but with a familiar feel. You don’t need any outside knowledge to get into it either. The first trade is readily available and is really strong. I’d like to hear you guys talk about Star Wars and read another licensed property comic since those rarely get any mention on the shows.

  360. Anyone get the feeling that Blair Butler is behind these votes? haha, Seems like Secret Six is coming up alot along with Locke and Key and The Sword. …..just saying. haha

  361. @philipgraves068: Sort of. Listen to this week’s audio show where I tell my history with 100 BULLETS.

  362. i didnt even notice you talked about it at the end! il go back and listen to it.


  363. just listened to it.

     very funny!


  364. For Josh: Atomic Robo- Even though if I were with him it might be a little annoying, his Spiderman-esque quips are pretty funny and he’s fighting nazis, so right there…

    For Conor: Return to Wonderland- The art’s great albeit a little cheeky, and while not the most subtle book out there, the writing serves up a truly creepy atmosphere. 


  365. A friend of mine lend me a book by Jim Woodring called The Portable Frank. It has no dialogue but its really funny and the art is really psychedelic.

    I think Ron would enjoy it, im not sure theres a whole show to be done about it though.

  366. Conor – Locke and Key

    Josh – Air

    Ron – Goon

    I really don’t care how you split them up but you guys made the rules. I would just like to hear your opinions and thoughts on these books. I assume you will all chime in.  I look forward to it.

  367. @brainhound: Josh read AIR. He talked about it in this show.

  368. Alright, I’m sure you guys are counting each vote to see who is reading what…..but we need an offical post on what is the tally is…..Looking back at 400 posts hurts the brain…

  369. @TNC: Like the manga show, the official tally won’t be revealed until the show airs.

  370. @conor: Well I was gonna post the results as of now….but I wont….

    One for not ruining the surprise, and two… brain will explode to try and tally all of this. Good luck to you on that.

  371. Remember, it’s not just the highest voted that will make the cut. The OP says that if we make it sound good enough they’ll consider it.

    Here’s hoping…

  372. Stop saying Sword guys. iFanboy has talked Sword.

  373. So I’m that guy. Nevermind. Thanks, Connor.

  374. No Hero, Warren Ellis.  The art is spectualar(ly disturbing) and the plot is engrossing.  Only thing is, the 7-issue run isn’t complete yet.  but, REALLY REALLY GOOD.

    In case you don’t know, it involves understanding the psyche of people who would become superheroes if it meant taking hallucinogens that would forever change you, and what it means to be the one who holds the secret of that drug; what it means to replace heroes, people, as they’re knocked off by someone who knows far too much about their physiology..

  375. Fantastic Four: Unstable Molecules by Sturm and art by Guy Davis!

  376. Deadpool. Because it’s very very very fun. And everybody with sense of humour will like that. Really.

  377. Okay, voting is closed! Nothing more will be counted from here on out.

    Thanks everyone! You’ll see the resulting show in a few months.

  378. Secret Six. 😛

  379. Yea Go read Secret Six and not Josh this should be a  Connor, mission cause issue 3 has Batman in it and the last 3 issues of the first arc take place in Gotham.  Best new launch or relaunch or season or whatever of the year.