BREAKING: Marvel NOW! Relaunches The Marvel Universe (UPDATE!)

UPDATES in red! Lots of new information has come from a new, more in-depth article on

Clockwise from top: Spider-Man, Hulk, Marvel Girl (Jean Grey), Nova, Iron Man, Nick Fury, Captain America, Rocket Raccoon, Wolverine, Cyclops, Invisible Woman, Cable, and Thor. Source: Entertainment Weekly

On the eve of the San Diego Comic-Con, my copy of Entertainment Weekly just arrived in the mail and I see in that Marvel used the pages of Entertainment Weekly‘s Comic-Con edition to announce a new initiative in their publishing platform. Presented with a piece by Marvel Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada (right),it’s been dubbed Marvel NOW! and launching in October, Marvel Comics plans a line wide launch (or relaunch).  Editor in Chief Axel Alonso is quoted as saying:

“This ain’t no reboot, It’s a new beginning!”

Details are sparse in the Entertainment Weekly article, but they do say that Marvel plans to launch/relaunch a “number of Marvel’s titles with new creative teams.”  Announced in the magazine were three of these titles:

  • Uncanny Avengers – written by Rick Remender, art by John Cassaday – Shipping in October,  a direct spinoff from Avengers vs. X-Men, Remender says, “It’s a bridge book, something that can delve into both worlds. It has a natural purpose for existing after AvX, where we can focus on human-mutant relations. The broad strokes are: Captain America comes out of AvX and recognizes that he hasn’t done enough to help the mutants.” According to Entertainment Weekly, “the book will … include heavy-hitters like Cap, Thor, and Wolverine, but Remender is also excited to focus on some less well-known characters, like Cyclops’ little brother Havok. ‘Havok’s always been the black sheep rock-and-roller of the Summers family. He can’t do that anymore. You’re going to see Havok become one of the biggest players in the Marvel Universe.'”
  • All New X-Men – written by Brian Michael Bendis, art by Stuart Immonen – Shipping in November, the rumors of Bendis taking over the X-Men appear to be true. We saw an image of Jean Grey yesterday, and it appears that is indeed her as Bendis uses time travel to bring the original five X-Men to the present day as Bendis describes, “It’s not a time travel story like Back to the Future. It’s a time travel story like Pleasantville. Here’s the big question that the original X-Men are gonna be faced with: We’re gonna grow up, and this is what we’re going to get? That is not acceptable.”
  • Avengers – written by Jonathan Hickman, art by Jerome Opena – Shipping in December, Hickman picks up the Avengers reins from Bendis has he expands the scope of The Avengers. Hickman is quoted as saying “It’s not six Avengers, It’s 18 or more.” The new title will be bi-weekly and will be a combination of one-shot stories and longer, “galaxy spanning multi-issue arcs” as they protect the entire universe and become an Avengers for the 21st century. “The obvious solution is for the heroes to become something bigger and larger, a more appropriate response to an ever more dangerous time.”

For those of you were around last year, this may sound familiar. DC Comics relaunched their entire publishing line in September 2011 with The New 52, which was aimed at bringing in new readers by featuring 52 new #1 issues and a nearly total clean continuity slate.

So what does this all mean? From our point of view it looks as if the higher ups at Marvel Comics have watched the apparent “success” DC Comics has enjoyed coming out of the New 52 and are looking to replicate it for themselves using Marvel’s own unique spin. Notice I put “success” in quotes because how you or I may define success may differ from how executives at DC (or Warner Bros.) or Marvel (or Disney) define it. While DC has shown an increase in sales out of the gate, and there have been some high quality comics to come out of The New 52 with big numbers (most notably Batman), as the months roll on we’ve seen titles get canceled, creative team reshuffling, sales numbers decline back towards pre-New 52 levels, and many questions about the overall quality of the entire line published by DC Comics.

It’s unknown how wide this relaunch will be, as Entertainment Weekly was light on the details, but if it is indeed a line wide re-launch there are some immediate questions. Since Alonso said it’s not a reboot and it appears that Uncanny Avengers spins out of Avengers vs. X-Men, it appears that Marvel NOW! seems to be an attempt by Marvel to honor the history and stories of the Marvel Universe by avoiding a total continuity reboot, and at the same time, relaunch their line with new #1 issues. With the three titles announced spread out over 3 months, it could be assumed that Marvel is looking to spread this relaunch out over months to extend the longevity of the sales increase. In other words, Marvel looks to want to have their cake and eat it too. Rumors have been swirling for months about creative team shake ups with key creators such as Bendis and Hickman nearing the end of their runs on their respective books. It appears that the volleyball rotation is on, with Hickman taking the Avengers and Bendis taking the X-Men. Will there be more creative team changes? Will Rick Remender, who has enjoyed huge critical and sales success with Uncanny X-Force, be adding Uncanny Avengers to his workload, or will this new book come at the expense of Uncanny X-Force? Time will tell.

We’ll continue to post whatever information Marvel reveals and we’re working on talking with Marvel’s editorial leadership to see if we can get more answers, so stay tuned as we continue to cover the announcement of Marvel NOW!

Update! Quesada talking about the promo art, “There are some costume changes. There are some new character attitudes. Some characters may be changing their identities altogether. There’s a reason Sue Storm is there. And why there’s a floating robot near Hulk. We’re trying a lot of fun and new different things, we’re exposing characters who we’ve had in our toy chest for a long time.”

Unfortunately, my scanner is busted, so I took pics of the page from and zoomed in on the important bits, you can see the full page and zooms here:


  1. Oh dear.

    • My thoughts exactly. Who in the world thinks bringing the original 5 X-Men to current continuity can help a d*** thing? Marvel should just reboot their Universe and be done with it.

    • I think it’s a great idea, marvel seriously needs another x-men title on top of dozen or so others running right now.

  2. whoops

  3. Sounds like Avengers is following the format of the Justice League Unlimited cartoon.

  4. Sure It’s not a reboot keep telling yourself that Marvel. I am interested in the Avengers & Uncanny Avengers. Also how many “new” NEW Avengers #1 does this make now?


  5. Interesting indeed. It would be weird if they didn’t do a clean slate relaunch, but I’m sure time will tell. Isn’t this simialr to the post Onslaught Marvel U from the 90s?

  6. I’ll admit at the title of the article I rolled my eyes, but the prospect of trying something different intrigues me. It would make sense for the Avengers and X-men to be working together now considering the decades of x-men being avengers and working together in the past. Now they’re hopefully making it official.

    The Avengers written by Hickman definitely has me interested as I’ve slowly been dropping current Avenger story lines. I kind of see the Avengers like how some see the “7 pantheon” of the Justice League. You don’t sic them on small fry, when they’re all together there is truly a big issue to deal with: Kang the Conqueror, Doom, cosmic threats, things that threaten the entirety of Earth……..not Norman Osborn. While I still feel like they can handle local threats like the Serpent Society, Hydra, etc, it was the big threats that enticed me and made me fall in love with the Avengers.

    I feel like Hickman will bring some “new-ness” to the line and I’ll be back on reading.

  7. umm, i think I would rather they do a whole reboot, because this sounds a little confusing. I guess we’ll see (should I be kicking myself now for the subscriptions I recently bought???)

    • A line wide reboot? Has Marvel ever done something like that on a colossal scale in the same manner that DC does it? Not sure if that would be viable. Two line wide reboots from both of the biggest comic book companies? Cynical comic fan’s heads would explode……

    • yeah, it’s unlikely. Well, I’m trying to hold my cynicism and watch how it unfolds. Other rumors state that there’s no actual reboot, just renumbering.

    • Heads don’t explode when they kill off major characters and bring them back every year. I don’t see why a line wide relaunch would be so much more offensive.

    • @WillupsBrighton

      That’s a good point. My main idea was just that these “re-numberings” and what have you are not decisions that are thought up at the last moment. They are thought out months in advance. A complete line-wide relaunch like DC would be indicative of Marvel jumping on the bandwagon before truly even seeing the full results of what DC did. I know comic companies examine what the others are doing, but I don’t like the idea of one company following the others just because it “seemed like an ok idea at the time.”

    • The phrase “it seemed like a good idea at the time” is usually used after something goes wrong. What possible negative impact could a line wide relaunch have?

      Fans groaning? They’re doing that now. So basically Marvel has already gotten all of the negative results of a relaunch (groaning) and none of the positive results (increased accessibility and media coverage).

    • Sales-wise, there may not be any type of negativity in concern with a line wide relaunch. But although they may surge some early sales out of new books, the numbers typically go back to where they were at before. It’s a band-aid on a bleeding cut.

      Does a relaunch really increase the accessibility? A big number 1 on the cover might make new readers a little bit more comfortable, but in a year or more we’re right back to square one because the number has gotten high enough again to warrant unease again.

      Damned if they do and damned if they don’t.

    • More like not damned if they do, not damned if they don’t either. So why not just do it rather than take a pussy half measure?

      Sales spiking slightly then going back to normal isn’t a bad thing.

    • Ehhhhhhh…….agree to disagree.

      I get your point though. Sale spike then back to status quo isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but that doesn’t warrant shaking up “the jar of ideas” every now and then for the hell of it.

      In all honesty, I didn’t see why they needed to release this story in Entertainment Weekly……just for three titles.

      But like I said farther down this page, no need to get my undies in a bunch. All of this is months away. I’ll judge when I read the material.

  8. Why is the Hulk wearing armor? lol

  9. *yawn*

  10. this could be cool. As long as they make the books more accessible with less dependency on continuity it could work well for them. However i did learn a big lesson from the new 52, and i will be waaay more selective this time with what i chose to try.

    • That’s what I’m hoping for. I’ve been looking to jump on an Avengers title since I started reading comics regularly last year but I keep finding myself overwhelmed.

    • i’m the same way with anything X-men related. Usually the first story arc is ok, and then it takes a dive into something more complex that requires homework, and i just get frustrated and drop off.

  11. Who is that to Wolverine’s left? It looks like Cyclops and Daredevil had baby.

  12. Notice Rocket Racoon leading the pack

    • Yeah, this is the biggest news… Rocket MFing Raccoon is apparently one of the big change characters… this demands discussion!

    • Hells yah! RR and nova are going to be on the front burner of the marvel U! From what I’ve seen so far, the avengers are combining with guardians of the galaxy for an all encompasing avengers. With Hickman running the marvel U no less. This seems like a “dark reign” everything changes more than the DC reboot way with things changing but not actually starting over. Afterall, how can the original xmen come to the current screwed up 616 if it’s a general reboot?

  13. So any guesses on how long before a Jean Grey of the past appears in AvX?

  14. “Hickman is quoted as saying “It’s not six Avengers, It’s 18 or more”. The new title will be biweekly and will be a combination of oneshot stories and longer, “galaxy spanning multi-issue arcs” as they protect the entire universe and become an Avengers for the 21st century.”

    ^ This is what I have been wishing for. Hickman on The Avengers. Check. Large cast. Check. Bi-weekly. Check. Galaxy spanning multi-issue arcs. Check!

    I cannot wait!

  15. You know, given the current climate of creator-owned comics making a big splash over at Image and elsewhere, this sounds like the kind of move that might actually hurt Marvel (and DC) as many longtime readers ay just throw their hands up and say “you know what? I’m done with superheroes from these guys, there are so many good books coming out from Image that I can finally put my budget towards that stuff and give me a clean break.” Marvel will always be popular though and their successful trans-media campaigns will surely keep them going strong, but there’s going to be a fair amount of traditionalist that have been complaining about staleness for a while now that might just move on completely. We’ll see. I know this all was said a year ago about DC, but now that the other half of the Big Two is doing something similar, it could be a major turning point in comic history.

    • I definitely see your point. It’s why I started reading more books outside the big two a couple of years ago. Not out of protest. But I firmly believe readers should vote with their dollar. I don’t like it when people buy books just to “keep up” with the story. That’s what websites and podcast like this can be used for…….or just going to If you don’t like what your reading, drop it. There’s a ridiculous amount of other material out there that should be supported.

      Like you said, Marvel will probably not encounter financial difficulties but the question we as readers and consumers must ask is:

      “At what point will I stop buying into something I don’t like and make an effort to let the publishers know that I want something new?”


  17. Avatar photo Jacen Chris (@jcbhatestweeter) says:

    While I let out a big, giant sigh just now at reading it, the writers are superb.

  18. One of the best things about the New 52 was that for the first time there was a definitive list of on-going in-universe DC titles that was readily available in several places on the internet. That legitimately did make it easier for new people to get into comics/old people to come back.

    Now try Googling “list of Marvel on-going titles.” It just doesn’t exist. It doesn’t appear this “Marvel NOW” will help, in fact, it looks like it might make things worse.

    • How will it make things worse? Not being accusatory, I genuinely want to know.

    • More of the same from Marvel with their confusing re-numbers and re-re-numberings where they return to what it would have been if they kept the same numbering since the 50s and then re-numbering again. Changing the names of titles, changing the names of titles but not the numbers.

      It’s much less intimating and, frankly, just more aesthetically pleasing to have it the way DC has it. Every book is on 11. A couple are on 3. Soon a couple more will be on 1.

    • ^^^ Yep. This is the biggest factor in keeping me off their titles. However, if they did an honest-to-god relaunch and stuck with the new numbering (yeah, right) I could see that being a good move. I know I’d be on board at first, and with these creative teams, I think these books might be pretty groovy.

    • I tend to agree. I don’t read many Marvel books at all simply because it’s so unclear where these things are going to be in a year, but I know from experience that a #1 (at either company) doesn’t necessarily a good jumping on point make, and the fact that Marvel still runs such line-wide events as AvX, Fear Itself, etc., once or twice a year makes it really hard to figure out what’s going on if you’re only trying to read one or two titles.

      I find DC’s current stuff much easier and enjoyable to follow, partially for the reasons Willups cites, partially because a lot of them can still stand alone pretty well (even if there are some things you’d get more out of if you’re reading other series), partially because I like the way in which DC is trying new(ish) things in some of their “Edge” and “Dark” titles. Rebooting the Avengers or the X-Men is not, let’s face it, a new thing, even if it could turn out to be a good and cool idea.

      Don’t get me wrong: I really like some books Marvel does. But speaking for myself, this is not what needs to change for me to go from very casual Marvel reader to a more line-wide adopter.

  19. @Ken Bendis on xmen! told you so!!!!!!!

  20. Hickman on the Avengers will bring me back on board the Avengers franchise. His FF and Fan. 4 runs were great and I never was a big FF fan. I’m a little hessitant about Bendis on the X-men, While he did some great runs more often than not lately that I have not enjoyed his as much. So I guess I should go pick up the Avengers vs Xmen to see how they explain all this, I got bored with it after issue 4.

    Oh and Remender on Uncanny Avengers, Hell Yeah!

  21. Ya I’m excited for Hickman Avengers, the x-men by bendis not so much and the uncanny avengers by Remender we will see. If this happens though he will probably be leaving secret avengers I mean I don’t see the point in having both, I will be dropping it regardless if the new title is good

  22. 1) I’m not excited about this at all.
    2) Why do they new uniform look so fugly!? Come on, Cyclops look is puke-worthy, Hulk wearing armor!? Iron man in black and gold!? Yeesh Marvel…

  23. ladies and gentlemen, there are not one but two characters eye patches in that there drawing! and one cyclops! this new universe promises to be much funnier due to a lack of binocular disparity! characters will run into each other left and right! i’m excited!

  24. It seems unnecessary, but what do i know.

    The only thing that i’m curious about is Whether they will revamp certain characters to be more like the movies. a black Nick, a ultimate Hawkeye. i guess only time will tel.

  25. I love the idea of more Remender and the Hickman Avengers but I can’t figure out that Bendis X-Men AT ALL.
    I am choosing to ignore Nick Fauxry altogether.

  26. Not a bad start, I might say. By the way – the artists for these books are confirmed:

  27. gonna be a lot of polybags…

  28. Avatar photo filippod (@filippodee) says:

    I hope this will help me to reorganize my Marvel spending habits.

    This also seems to make the Ultimate Universe kinda redundant.

  29. Pleae Re-boot Amazing Spider-man in the shuffle!

    This three books sound interesting. If Avengers is bi-weekly I might be trace waiting though, as I’m guessing they’ll be $4. I’m not sure the X-men pitch is anything more than a mini, are the five past X-men really going to stay here indefinitely?

    It sounds like if you only read one marvel book Remender has you covered with his book, which is the most appealing to me at the moment. How long until the silhouette of teams start appearing

    • Spider-Man does not need a reboot. So shush.

      This better not mean the end of either Scarlet Spider or Venom, as those are both great books.

  30. Sigh.

  31. Marvel Now. Wow. That’s clever. This makes the New 52 sound like pure gold.

    • “The New 52” actually meant something in context of the DCU, it’s publishing history and the overall plan for releasing titles.

      Marvel NOW! makes me think about Southland Tales.

  32. “For those of you were around last year, this may sound familiar.”

    Eh… not really. This isn’t anywhere close to the really gutsy all-at-once overhaul that DC did.

    Uncanny Avengers could be really good, though. But I already heard about this last week, and it seems very likely that Jerome Opena will be the artist on the first arc.

    Hickman on Avengers also sounds good. Though if it’s a $3.99 title, then making it twice-monthly might kill my interest (since three months into it I will probably be able to pick up a discounted $15 hardcover through Amazon…).

    And, Bendis on X-Men… yeah, NOT what would make me buy core X-titles again. He might bring excitement to the line, though. But unless he goes back to the Bendis of 7-10 years ago, there is no way I’d want to see his chatty dialogue and poor plotting applied to the X-Men.

  33. I think it’s smart Marvel is spreading them out over the course of 3 months and these changes respecting the history might be fun and again great jumping on points for new readers. Uncanny Avengers interests me for the obvious reasons but also seems gimmicky with that title, I don’t know if I like it or dislike it. All New X-Men and Avengers will probably be good with those writers and interests me, I’m at the point where I’ll check out new titles anytime but like keeping my pull sweet and simple with just the titles I really look forward to, but with half of em being mini/maxi series like The Shade (love it) when they’re over I’ll have room for new. As much as I’d love to read em all, I know I don’t have time and can’t stand when my stack of comix looks like a task and not what it really is for me, an escape and relaxing time. Marvel is smart with they’re marketing and know the slowly integrating new titles into the line-up will work, as they’ve been doing it for the last year under our noses instead of all at once, which I believe you ifanboy’s wrote an article on a few months back.

    yeah. ok. who are you trying to convince?
    i guess if your house runs outa ideas, ya just gotta look across the street. isn’t that how FF came into being?
    well, ya know they’re not completely outa ideas. it’s not like 616 spidey and ultimate spidey are swinging around together and…oh…. wait…..

  35. I’m not rolling my eyes at the change, but at the fact they are just seemingly copying DC.

  36. Is that Samuel L. Jackson-Nick Fury?? How could they turn yet another character into a minority?? Oh the humanity!!

    (This was a sarcastic, hyperbolic, intentionally ridiculous statement meant to be satirical)
    (Also, I am a minority myself, so please ifanbase, get that this is a joke)
    (I hate that the internet makes me put disclaimers such as the above up in order to be clear)

  37. Yawn. They relaunch all their titles and reshuffle the cards every 20 months. Despite some good titles, I wasn’t a fan of the New 52. There will probably be some great titles to come out of this, but on the whole I’ll probably come out of this with less titles, and giving them less money.

  38. I really don’t get all groaning and eye rolling. Liking comics but not liking these types of publicity stunts is like liking Lucky Charms but hating marshmallows. This type of thing is intrinsic to the art form.

    Although I suppose one could argue that complaining is similarly intrinsic to being a comics fan.

    • and yeah, I’m complaining about it myself but I want it to me MORE gimmicky.

    • Haha, I kind of agree. I actually really liked the New52 (though I wasn’t a DC reader before it, so that probably makes a difference), but this doesn’t get me as excited because it seems a little weak sauce. It doesn’t convince me, as a not-terribly-frequent Marvel reader, that the things that have kept me away from Marvel these last many years are going to change any time soon.

  39. Well I guess I’m gonna have to start buying Avengers comics never have before, but no-matter what I’m following Hickman sooooooooooo fuck it here I go Avengers Assemble!

  40. What does this mean for the current X Books. I don’t wanna loose my Wolverine and the X-men baby.

  41. im all in

  42. This sounds pretty typical coming out of an event. Some new #1’s and writer shuffle. Yup, same ol’. Just like the many times they’ve done this before, I’ll be following the writers I enjoy to new awesomeness. Doesn’t really change much.

    At this point I just want to hear where everyone else ends up so I can get my bearings for pre-orders.

  43. This just proves yet again that the House of Ideas has run out of ideas. Kind of sad when Marvel’s next big move is copying EXACTLY what DC did (just without restarting continuity). Just another reason why everyone should be reading some of the great stuff Image is putting out. It makes me sick to think that this Marvel reboot will sell gangbusters because there are enough fanboys that buy and support this crap. I seriously wish fans were smart enough to look at this and boycott Marvel entirely, I know I have.

    • To each their own. No one is forcing you to purchase these upcoming titles. Also, so-far this is sounding more like what happened at the fallout of Siege (where multiple titles restarted with new #1’s and previous continuity remained the same), which occured in 2010 (around a year before DC’s New 52), so your argument about this being “EXACTLY what DC did” isn’t valid.

  44. Not really getting the comparisons to the New 52, unless they are for sure taking the entire line of books back to issue #1.

    “Marvel plans to launch/relaunch a ‘number of Marvel’s titles with new creative teams.'”

    How is that any different from what came after Civil War, Secret Invasion, Siege or Fear Itself? They’ve always shuffled writers and had some books go back to issue #1. Unless they are rebooting the entire line I don’t get the whole “ripping off DC” thing.

    • You’re right, this is extremely typical.

      As to why people are comparing this to the New 52, it’s because Marvel wants them to, that’s why they announced this the way they did.

    • Yep. I feel like they might be trying to lampshade the fact that this level of renumbering and team shuffling has happened before in Marvel’s line. Frequently. This decade.

  45. This is not nearly as clear as DCs the New 52. Marvel needs to go all in if they are making some major changes and not have another horrible 13 issue mini relaunch like what happened in the 90s. Either stay the same or go for a company wide change.

    Also, as someone who typically enjoys costume changes these are horrible. Cap, Cyclops, Thor, the Hulk and Iron Man are all down grades in my humble opinion.

    • Ha your 2nd comment made me register so I could log in and reply. I absolutely agree with everything you said except maybe the Iron Man comment. It looks almost like the recent Iron Man armor they just introduced. I think they should be going for a company-wide reboot. This is coming off even messier than DC’s reboot which kept some things but also created a mess like with Batman being in costume 5 years but having 4 robins. It just don’t make sense. It’s like Marvel is so scared to completely reboot even though they’ve been rebooting in Spider-Man for years now (killing and bringing back Aunt May how many times? Undoing his marriage. etc). The Phoenix is a being representing life and death. Why not kill the old universe and start anew? The old universe still could have existed but there’s just too much of a mess to keep anything. Too many deaths and returns from death. This way everyone can be alive and they can do what they want without all these clones (Spider-Man, Stryfe, Madelyn Pryor etc). Just make them original characters. And maybe make one a clone (Madelyn Pryor would be the one to keep).

      Marvel should make things clear. I hope they are just running a smokescreen by saying its not a reboot but it actually is. There is a lot of things they can do to make the Marvel-line better. Diversify the titles by getting some women & minorities in their own titles. Batwing is a great example as well as Batgirl, Batwoman, Birds of Prey, Wonder Woman. Cyborg being given a push by being on the big-gun Justice League team. Some failures like Static Shock but at least they gave it a shot. There are titles and characters I’ve always loved but never felt got a good shot until Nu52 (Nightwing & Batgirl are great examples) I love how some of them are being given a chance at DC unlike Marvel. And if a title is unsure of being a hit pair it with another title in a flip book (especially if the other title is a sure seller). They could put Black Widow in a flipbook with Winter Soldier (it’s as much her book as it is his anyway). They could do the same for Storm/Black Panther, Captain America/Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) and so on. If they insist on $3.99 anyway they should do 40 pages and 20 on each side. Marvel 20 years ago did this with Marvel Comics Presents but the creators, characters and stories became so watered down. This way a question mark is paired with a sure seller (outside of Storm/Panther). Since Northstar is in Astonishing X-Men why not make that a flipbook with Alpha Flight?

    • I think a reboot is the way to go and they should do it one of two ways.

      1. Have the phoenix restart the universe, starting each title over as a true number 1. Keep the names and general concepts the same like DC did but start fresh with these new characters. Compress the number of titles (like cutting the 18 Avengers and X-Men titles to 8) and combine some character’s stories like @Joecooler2 mentioned.

      2. Have the Batman Family Model: Follow in Batman’s footsteps where they simplified, renumbered and refocused but didn’t change much continuity. It felt like something new without rejecting all of the old. All the Batman “Family books” feel like they’re all connected where the Marvel Universe is all over the place. Still compress the number of titles.

      Whatever happens it needs to be major and company wide or not done at all.

    • Titles to 8. Apparently an 8 next to a ) automatically makes 8)

  46. “This ain’t no reboot, it’s a new beginning!”

    Aren’t they the same thing? You’d think an EiC would know what a reboot means.

  47. Happy about Hickman on Avengers but I hate those costumes. Thor needs his red cape, Iron Man doesn’t look good and Cap, that’s just messing with perfection. Also armour on Hulk is like donating money to the rich.

    • Agreed with Thor and Iron Man but Cap has badly needed an update.

    • ** COMMENT MODERATED ** But yeah, I used to love Quesada’s art but this is easily his worst since some bad issues of X-Factor he did way back. (Remember his creation – Random? UGH!) I agree about Thor and Cap and Hulk is just fugly. I wish these were just concepts to get fan feedback. Haven’t they learned anything from Jim Lee’s bad costume designs on Wonder Woman (or most of the DC52 with high turtlenecks for Superman & others)

  48. I’m going to ignore the hype around the reboot and just look at this like there’s a bunch of new series debuting…because that’s all this really is. I may want to test the waters with Bendis’ X-Men series, but as for the Jean Grey thing? I f’n knew it…I knew Marvel was to coy to tease a picture of Jean Grey for the purpose of simply bringing her back to life, I knew there was going to be an angle. Regardless, it’ll be cool to read new stories featuring Jean.

    As for the other two officially announced titles, color me highly interested. Stupid name aside, I’m looking forward to Uncanny Avengers since Remender does great stories featuring mainstream characters that are both new-reader friendly and completely unsafe. There’s always a great air of unpredictability in his stories.

    • I should mention one thing, though…dear god, I HATE Cyke’s X-shaped eye blaster.

    • Agreed about Remender. His books are new (& old) reader friendly. I love how you never know what’s gonna happen to even main characters. He’s beat the living daylights out of Wolverine in Uncanny X-Force. Unpredictable is very good when it is done how Remender does it.

  49. Questions:

    – Why is the Hulk wearing armor?
    – Does Thor really need a “T” on his belt buckle?
    – Where is Thor’s cape? Capes are cool.
    – How long until Nick Fury’s brain is put into Samuel L. Jackson’s body?

  50. Iron Man looks like Mainframe from A-Next now!
    Also I understand Cap’s costume change, and while I actually like the helmet, are the shoulder pads necessary?
    Also, Thor has swords
    I’ll probably give these all a fair shot, but I’m guessing the price point is going to be $4 so I doubt I’ll stick with all of them/any of them for long depending on which titles survive the relaunch

  51. I don’t really mind a “relaunch” , I just hope that the titles that I read that are not big sellers, mainly X-Factor, do not get cancelled or drastically changed.

  52. Ha! Now this is news that will get some people’s panties all rolled up in a bunch! Didn’t read all the comments but I’m certain they are hilarious! Some may not even be able to sleep tonight. It’s Marvel’s toys / property, they can do with it whatever they want, or better said, whatever they think will make them a profit so, good on you Marvel. I’m just the guy who may or may not read the comics they publish so I have little to say or do. Except buy or not buy the comics. Good on you Marvel for prepping you property for the next generation. Good luck!

  53. I really wanna see how this plays out. It seems cool to me, for the most part . . . And i have to admit, these are all good writers.

  54. It sounds to me like they are just launching new titles and changing some costumes around. Marvel already has a ton of X-men and Avengers books. I think Marvel could pull off a more successful Reboot than DC did due to there talented writers, number of popular characters and their need to trim some titles. I think they can pull it off but it doesn’t sound like they’re going to try to.

    Its hard to get pumped for more X-Men and Avengers when thats half of what they sell anyways.

  55. This announcement just confirms for me that Image is the best comic book publisher today!

  56. Well no point in getting my undies in a bunch yet, the books won’t be out for months.

  57. The price of the books will a deciding factor. I’ve dropped all $3.99 (that were 22 pages of story or less no matter the publisher) titles at the beginning of the year. So if Marvel releases them at $2.99, I’ll give em a shoot. Otherwise, bye-bye Marvel.

  58. What is that little flying robot head between Jean and the Hulk?

  59. I just hope the Daredevil book will still be good.

  60. I guess a new LOGO is not far off then?

  61. I’m hoping this is why remender left venom and that he won’t be leaving x-force. I’ll definitely check out his book and give hickman’s Avengers a shot

  62. For now, as long as Hickman is writing a Marvel book, I’ll be buying a Marvel book – so I’m cool with this.

  63. Three new titles is hardly a reboot. At most, this is comparable to the “Heroes Return” deal that happened in the late 90s.

    • These are only the announced titles. There will be a lot more to come. They said 20+. I wonder if this includes Gambit , X-Treme X-Men and other titles like that we already know about. I guess we’ll see.

  64. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think the correct response is as follows…

    1) Call it desperate and grasping at straws before a single solicitation is released.
    2) Predict massive amounts of readers giving up on Marvel all together.
    3) Predict that in three months they’ll reboot back to the old Marvel.
    4) Then predict that in six months they’ll reboot back to the old Marvel after instant sell-outs and multiple reprintings of the first few months.
    5) Then predict that in a year they’ll reboot back to the old Marvel after they are still dominating the top ten chart after 7 months.

    For me, I just wish that Marvel would reboot their pricing structure as well.

    • They are all to $3.99 from the sounds of it. God I miss the days of $1.75 and creators like Chris Claremont/Marc Silvestri (or Jim Lee). $3.99 and they wonder why the business is struggling to sell titles?

  65. Why does it look like their are two Nick Fury’s, a white one and a black one?

    • Oh wait that’s Cable.

    • Gee, and I was hoping one of their new titles would be, like, FURIES, and it would star classic Nick and Samuel L. Jackson Nick going on adventures together. I would buy that comic.

  66. Marvel Comics – The House of DC’s ideas.

  67. Avatar photo MadCowDzz (@DarylFritz) says:

    Marvel didn’t have the balls to go all-in with a DC-style “New 52” reboot?

  68. Its hip its NOW! It’s wow and how ………. or not

    still looking forward to rocky vs spider man banter.

    • Marvel Now sounds so freaking awful! DCnew52 that rhymes and sounds nice at that. Marvel Now sounds like a company who lost touch with it’s fanbase. This from a life-long Marvel guy. smdh

    • You they totally lost touch with their fan base. They got a bunch of 90’s creators, who haven’t really done a lot of comics in recent years(Lobdell, Mackie, Nocenti, Liefield) and threw them on a bunch of books who sales are rapidly declining. Oh wait my bad that’s DC.

  69. Im kinda looking forward to this whole bruhaha. Is it morbid of me to derive some sort of pleasure of knowing some fanboys are twitching and turning and pouting over this? Cause I really do. Bring on the future I say! Is not as if there are a lot of comic book buyers out there at the present time. Upside is, this makes everyone else a potential comic book buyer! Me, just in it for the cool, fun stories.

  70. I hope this “not a re-launch” re-launch isn’t just a way to get all of Marvel’s titles up to $4 each. Also double shipping $4 comics is a deal breaker. I’ve already dropped those. If I can keep up on Image or DC titles for $3/month versus $8/month for Marvel that’s the ballgame. Marvel trade-wait here I come.

    • The problem with trade-waiting is that you are not really saving any money, especially if the arc or collection in question is released as a hardcover. If you buy in single issues, you at least have something collectible.

    • Unless you just check the trades out from the library.

    • trades and HC’s are just as collectible if not more. Have you seen the prices for some out of print trades and HC’s? They can get out of control while those same single issues can be found cheaply and easily. Plus you can resell them to actual used bookstores if you need to.

    • Let’s face it comics really aren’t “collectable” anymore at least not in the context you’re referring to. They are fun to collect but 99% will never be worth squat. I was able to sell a New X-Men omnibus for a 300% profit though…and the same could be said for a lot of other collections I have resold.

    • Thisnhas finally convinced me to just pick up the Marvel books by the creators I like (Hickman, Aaron) and just drop everything else.

  71. I honestly have no idea what Marvel revealed here. a couple of new titles, ok. are all books going to #1s? are a stack of books getting culled? are they futzing with continuity? are cover prices going up line wide? no clue. terrible reveal.

    right now the only Marvel books i’m reading are Uncanny X-Force, Fantastic Four & FF. i’m curious if i’ll be reading any in november.

    • Well you did notice that the authors of Uncanny X-Force, and the F4/FF duo of books will be on the two Avengers issues? Sounds like there should be some stuff for you to enjoy there.

    • The reason i enjoy UXF & the FF books right now is that they tell epic stories but are self contained. i’ll be content with The Manhattan Projects & hopefully Remender stays on X-Force. also X-force is the only $4 book i get, i really don’t want to add any more.

    • @adrianrigter – I’ve tried that before and it doesn’t take long for them to get swamped in event crossovers, which makes it really hard to read just one or two series and still have complete stories in them. If pulling back on crossovers comes with this reboot, then Marvel might have a more dedicated reader here. If not, I shall continue reading other things instead.

  72. They changed Spider-Man’s costume to look like the Paolo Rivera Ultimate Spider-Man Cartoon redesign.

  73. Captain America looks whack.

  74. Why do they publish titles comics with different titles? Just put out an 80 page comic every week called MARVEL COMICS. All the characters are all mixed up in other titles now and they are all the same. Just a yuck sludge like when you mix all your paint colors too much.

  75. This is a reboot, plain and simple. The guys at DC must be wondering what took so long for Marvel to do the same thing they did!

  76. Ha ha ha. This reminds me of Sony and Microsoft slating the Wii as a gimmick before seeing the sales numbers and releasing the Playstation Move and Xbox Kinect.

    All of those costume redesigns look rubbish too, but that could just be Quesada’s art. Oh well.

  77. Ah come on guys, the three creative teams are really strong and the characters are fun. The post -AvX marvel should look different. For me, not being a big marvel reader, I will try these three titles and see how they are.

    • Thank you for saying that. If these creative teams were on DC books everyone here would be creaming their pants, but since it’s Marvel it automatically sucks. Multiple shipping, price too high blah blah blah, everything we’ve heard a thousand times already. When did ifanboy become iDCfanboy. That’s directed at the fans who post here not any of the staff writers or the big three.

      But whatever if think these creative teams are fantastic and will be checking out all these titles. The Avengers books do need a shot in the arm and I can’t wait for some new blood to inject some energy into these books.


    • You can go back and read what people said about the New 52. The reactions were much the same. People here just like comics in general. People who claim bias in others are almost always just biased themselves.

    • @bgavino
      Bitching at marvel’s bad decisions does not imply a love of DC. People are complaining about Marvel on the message boards more frequently because Marvel is doing more things to complain about right now.

    • @Willups Everyone has bias. Considering your posts from above you have bias your self. Don’t be ashamed to admit it. I have Marvel bias because currently the creators and books at Marvel are more interesting to me than the creators and books at DC.

      @AoA Now when you talk about Marvels bad decision do you mean creatively? If you are don’t you think putting some great creators on high profile books will fix things? Now if you’re talking about the price point and the double shipping thing then that is a different story and I may agree with you a bit on the price. Do you have any examples of specific problems you have with marvel currently?

    • Well at the time I was specifically referring to the complaints you called out in your original post (price and double shipping) but there have been numerous other poor editorial decisions. Just to name a few, Digital comic pricing, Ultimatum (which was as editorially mandated as it was harmful to the line), switch from 22 to 20 pages, false claims no new titles would ship above $2.99 for the entirety of 2012, shorter storylines (this is really a problem just for trades which now include 4 issues for the same price as trades that would have held 6), Overreliance on line-wide events…I could go on but I think you get the idea.

    • I don’t think Ultimatum was harmful to the line. While the miniseries itself was not really good, what came out of that has been fantastic. Ultimatum is what needed to happen, the ultimate universe needed a shot in the arm and I think the ultimate line has been great since. I agree with you on most of your points except for the shorter storylines. Was there an editorial mandate to do story lines in four issues? If there was then your complaint is valid. A few years ago people complained that a six issue storyline was too drawn out and boring. I think if a story works better in four issues it should be four issues. Oh and as for the over reliance on events yea I agree with that. But I’m hoping that with guys like Aaron, Gillen, Remender, and Hickman running the ship that if there’s going to be a line wide event than hopefully it will at least be good. The best issues of AvX so far have been Hickmans and Aarons in my opinion.

      I’m just curious are you primarily a Marvel reader?

    • I would say closer to exclusivley marvel. I don’t read anything DC (though Batman almost has me) the only things I read other than marvel are typically image or independant.

      As to your points…maybe you liked Ultimatum, and I’ll agree with you the Ultimate line was getting stale, but the general concencous is that the event made the universe uninteresting. The books post-ultimatum were not getting the sales or generating the buzz of pre-ultimatum books hence they did another line wide wipe (death of spider-man).

      Shorter storylines as a whole isn’t a problem. Wolverine and the X-Men and Uncanny X-Force are my two favorite books right now, both of which use that format almost exclusively. The problem with the shorter storylines is really for trade waiters, because marvel is charging just as much for an 80 page collection as a 120 page one. Honestly I don’t think this has been presented as as much of an issue as it is because trade waiters typically aren’t as heard on forums seeing as its usually only the die hard fans who cant wait that make it a part of their day to day lives. But if you think people haven’t noticed or it hasn’t hurt marvel’s sales, you’re just kidding yourself.

      The real problem with events in my opinion is that they put the entire line of books on hold. I love events honestly, but I hate that every book that ‘ties in’ becomes a muddled storyline that typically has no impact on the characters, has nothing to do with what the writer was previously working on, and usually in the greater context doesn’t even fit into the event itself. AVX has probably done the best job of addressing this of all the events as of late, fear itself did the worst. It would be nice if we could just get one 5-9 issue event and maybe 1 no more than 2 tie-ins.

  78. Marvel- The house of ideas. In fact we have so many damn ideas we cant make one and stick with it!
    way to relaunch all the x-books last fall then do it all over again now.

    Marvel only need one idea man. ME! lol
    Remender- quit bitching about the avengers and get to work on x-force with opena. we’re double shipping from now on! and while your at it get your ass back on venom!
    Bendis- you and dan slott go kiss and make up over that crapfest that is spiderman, i told you that you should have ran it past him!
    Hickman- FF? really? we should have put that in the disney marvel kids line! now go get to work on some fantastic 4/thanos event!

    now, get me Brian K Vaughn on the phone! tell him he can have his pick of any book he wants! and get me Fiona Staples number while your at it, Her and Marjorie Liu would look awesome on a new Black Cat ongoing.

  79. The Hickman & Remender books sound interesting. The only question that needs answering is “Do I enjoy this book?” We will see.

  80. I wonder where the new Hawkeye book fits into this. Is it a silent first comic of the relaunch, or will it get overlooked cause everyone is waiting for the fall? That would be a shame.

    • I seen some Preview Pages of the art and although im not much of a Fraction fan im hoping this book is great, and at 2.99 it makes it even better

  81. I’m in for Hickman’s Avengers book. Should be great.

  82. So, Peter David got Havok back for almost ten minutes.

  83. Good ideas in here, but… egads, why?

    • Well, having a focus on Havok makes me super happy. Much of this feels like grasping at the straws of #1s and needing a reason to have new #1s.

  84. Hickman is such a great writer. I can’t wait to see what he is up to on Avengers.
    I would read anything written by Jonathan Hickman, and with anything I mean i would even read a “Sentry: Reborn” mini-series written by him.

  85. The creative teams on the two Avengers books are fucking insane!

    • Avatar photo tripleneck (@tripleneck) says:

      I wouldn’t count on the artists being around for too long. I don’t know their work rate rep, but it seems Marvel plays musical chairs with artists’ assignments. Sometimes it’s by necessity because a particular artist can’t keep a monthly schedule. And now with more books double shipping it seems the standard procedure is for artists to alternate on arcs anyway. So, I say count on the writers and expect that you’ll only be getting the touted artists some of the time.

  86. As a dedicated marvel fan it pains me to say it but…directionally and editorially Marvel has done nothing but drop the ball for the last 2-3 years. The only thing that has me on board with the current releases is the talent behind the writing and art, and while I see some names I like I don’t think I want to jump onto something totally new.

    I’ll reserve my final judgment for the release but this seems like a worse idea than raising prices 33% while dropping the content by 10%.

    And of course there’s the fact that marvel is actually gaining its market share back now that the newness of the 52 is wearing off…seems like a perfect time to emulate DC as soon as we’re starting to see signs of failure.

  87. Called the combo X/Avengers team early in the Avengers vs X-Men #1 or #2 comment thread.

    Thought Bendis would be writing it though

  88. Meh, whatever. I’m down for this. The creative teams are amazing, and in this economy, maybe Marvel is doing a little something to trim the fat. I’d love to see the Avengers and X books get trimmed up a bit.

    I’m not psyched on the Hulk wearing armor. I miss the Hulk most of us grew up with. I want him mad, dumb, and smashing crap. Not wearing armor and sucking.

  89. blargh…

  90. I have some enthusiasm for this but Marvel just KEEPS losing me on the price point, so I hope they take advantage of this relaunch and mend some fences with the fans.

    I know I can’t speak for everyone but from my end I would try all three of these #1s if they were $2.99, but for $3.99 I’d probably only buy one. So…Marvel, what do you want? $9 of my money or $4?

  91. Ha! #lame

  92. A Hickman Avengers title sounds fantastic, but gaining it at the cost of Bendis writing X-Men? Ugh. Hopefully this doesn’t mean Kieron Gillen is off of Uncanny or that they’re cancelling any of the X-Men titles that are actually good. Also, Marvel? If you cancel my beloved Journey Into Mystery as a part of this relaunch, I think I might have to quit you.

  93. Makes me wonder as to when Marvel will launch the “re-booted” versions of the movies. Just kidding. Kind of.

  94. i like iron man and cap’s new suits.
    thor without a cape is like superman without cape. swords are cool, though.
    looks like they’re playin’ it save with spidey and wolvie(the cash cows).
    hulk and cyclops? no…no. cycke always has a boring costume, so that’s nothing new. but hulk requires armor? pink armor?

  95. So basically Wolverine, Spider-man and Rocket Raccoon were the only things that weren’t broke. As long as this doesn’t affect books like X-force, Secret Avengers, and Wolverine and the X-men it’s fine…. I almost said X-factor too

    Obviously Thor was going to start leaning towards Game of Thrones in the books and the next film but the swords are silly.

  96. This could be fantastic, this could be awful, or anywhere in between. In any case, these are top notch and well proven creators, so they’ll probably have my 12 dollars to try the first issue of each.

  97. HIckman on Avengers. There is a God.

  98. What costume is that!?? CYCLOPS!? NOOOOOOO

    I’m loving this idea. I’m a marvel zombie. But as long as changes create good stories, I’m all in.
    I can’t wait for the BENDIS’ X-men!!! That’s a dream coming true!!!

  99. Lots to cover on this:

    1) This is a reboot Marvel. Who are you fooling? WHO are you fooling? You saw DC’s success at the New 52 and you want to make your own to get some money.

    2) Marvel NOW! might be the worst name ever for a relaunch. Yeah, New 52 isn’t any better but at least there was a purpose to that name. I don’t know if I wanna buy a children’s magazine, a CD Anthology, or be a big kid now.

    3) Those new costumes look TERRIBLE. I’m a fan of terrible costumes (hence my LOVE for Spider-Armor and Daredevil Armor) but these new costumes look like shit. Why is Hulk wearing some sort of cyber parts? What the fuck happened to Cyclops and Cable?

    4) Other then Hickman on Avengers I have no desire to read any of these new titles. Bendis on X-Men is something I don’t want even if Immonen is perfect for the team. Also, that concept for his X-Men book is stupid and Yost already did it….I know this site is HQ for the Rick Remender fan club but that Avengers book does nothing for me. That and Cassaday on art? We all realize how bad his art has been right?

    5) Basically, if Bleeding Cool is to be believed and they probably aren’t, the rest of the title change ups do nothing for me. Again Hickman on Avengers got me hooked cause of his method of going ‘Fantastic Four’ on the team (in terms of the stories) and Opena is good….But really, this doesn’t excite me at all like DC’s relaunch did.

    Finally: If they somehow fuck up Daredevil I swear to god….

  100. First the DC reboot and now this !?!? The big two may be chasing me away from comics for good.

    • There are lots and lots of truly great, in fact often much better, comics outside of the big 2. Give them a chance before you swear off comics.

    • maxpower is right. the mignolaverse over at Darkhorse is a wonderful place and Image has really become a force in the biz. not to mention other, smaller companies trying new and interesting things.
      even if the big 2 fall, there will always be great comics.

    • @sitara I’m with you, the Mignolaverse has by far been my favorite thing being published for the last decade.

  101. I’m sort of glad this is happening. Very glad to see Hickman and Remender strapping on the Avengers. Plus, a streamlined continuity really helps story-telling in my opinion. I really like that, since the DC reboot, the continuity has been ambiguous: the writers don’t have as much to worry about, and me, as a new reader, has less to brush up on. Still, I know Spidey was originally supposed to be red and black, but, maybe, that coloring error was an act of god.

  102. You had me at Cassady

  103. All these books looks great. Can’t wait to see Cassaday back on a monthly book. Bendis defs needed a change and i will give x-men a few months to see if i like it. I really hope that Remender stays with uncanny x-force as well as Uncanny avengers. All in all really happy with this news, just don’t put a huge MARVEL NOW! banner on every cover 😀

  104. Having been a devoted Marvel supporter for close to 30 years, I’m EXHAUSTED.

    This probably serves as a nice way to end cap my time buying Marvel books on the regular.

    It was a HELL OF A GOOD TIME while it lasted.

  105. The thing I like about this is they got THE best guys they have to do these books, unlike DC during the reboot. I mean, how can you go wrong with Hickman and Opena and Bendis and Immonen? But it also seems pretty obvious that Cassaday will not be able to sustain this kind of work load and regular schedule so I look forward to seeing who will be the fill in artist and who will switch off with Opena on the Avengers book. The directions of these books have me a little uneasy, but the quality of the creative teams will earn my money for the first couple issues at least.

    • I discovered ASTONISHING in trades…was Cassaday not able to keep a deadline?..if so, that’s too bad, I mean it’s understandable, given the level of detail and attention paid, but it’ll really suck to have fill ins for someone who can’t be matched easily…unless the fill in artists were killer…(Jae Lee? Adam Hughes?)

    • Astonishing had a lot of delays, with issues being late and then it was moved to a bimonthly release schedule and then moved back to a monthly only to be late a couple more times. It wasn’t all Cassaday as Whedon was partially to blame, but I still worry.

  106. I swear to god, if they so much as touch Daredevil… Other than that I’m intrigued to see what they’re gonna do, I’ve been picking up barely any Marvel books lately and hopefully they’ll be something in there for me. Hickman on Avengers definitely has my interest but I’d like them to announce the other artists, Opena can’t keep up with a monthly book nevermind a bi-weekly (not that I consider that a bad thing, he is MAGNIFICENT).

  107. What the hell are we supposed to be upset about?

    A few books with some quality creators attached to them.

    A few images of slightly tweaked heroes.

    I find the criticisms more exhausting than Marvel trying to sell books.

    Also, a lot sillier.

    • THANK. YOU.

    • getting upset or exhausted by any of this is silly.
      but that hulk redesign IS THE SILLIEST THERE IS!

    • Finally a sensible perspective. Why do 90 percent of the people on this forum hate comics so much? These are great creators and I’ll likely buy all of them. Marvel has far more quality titles than DC right now with or without a reboot.

    • And if one doesn’t like what Marvel is doing….DON’T BUY IT.
      If one buys the series and decides from there they don’t like it….DON’T BUY IT [ anymore ]
      I just think people like to kvetch and bemoan EVERYTHING. Change! I hate it. ” Why can’t it stays the same?! ” But when it stays the same, it’s more `kvetching. You can’t please everyone. I know i will try it out. I’m not going to pass judgement till I’ve read it.

    • @DeadlyFoe: I’d say 90% is an unfair exaggeration. There isn’t a comics site out there whose staff and members love comics more than iFanboy. People are free to state their opinions, and with a move this big you’re always gonna find people who are perturbed, regardless of niche.

      To say Marvel has “far more quality titles than DC” is also unfair. In fact, for the first time in recent memory I’d say they both have a fairly equal amount of good and bad titles. It’s a matter of opinion of course, but I’d wager any sensible person would agree that the pendulum hasn’t swung wide in a while.

  108. I want Deadpool to be an X-Men villain.

  109. I’m going to step out on a limb here and say I really like the Thor redesign.

  110. Avatar photo filippod (@filippodee) says:

    What really strikes me is that the cycle of hype is so fast that we are on a new hype even before the actual release (let alone the completion) of the previously hyped stuff.

    Anybody remember that old, old Captain Marvel book? Yeah, the one which is coming out later this month.

    • Yeah, my first thought was, “Wait, so what happens to that?”

    • Avatar photo tripleneck (@tripleneck) says:

      That was the same problem with Grant Morrsion’s Batman Inc. It had just started up a new status quo for the Bat-verse and then got cockblocked by the New52. It was re-numbered back to 1 after only 8 issues. It was a pretty stupid situation, but now the book’s back and it’s fun and I don’t give a flip how / if it fits into continuity. So if Marvel doesn’t cancel Captain Marvel, I’m sure it’ll be fine in their NOWverse.

  111. To be honest (and I’m really just following up on an earlier comment here) all I really saw was “art by John Cassaday”…but that’s just me, as a long time comics fan. I have noticed, from various comments on this site and others, that DC’s reboot does indeed seem to have garnered new readers, and that’s really cool, ’cause this cool, crazy people dressed in bright colours flying though the air stuff shouldn’t die out with the long time fans. I recently proudly recommended some cool stuff (Bendis’ Daredevil run) to my friend’s fourteen year old niece (she’s already got four hundred comics!)…whatever it takes, long live comics.

  112. What they’re doing doesn’t thrill me, but it doesn’t bother me either. If I lose Daredevil, Uncanny X-Force, or Wolverine & The X-Men as a result, that’ll bother me. The creative teams on the new books are solid, so I’ll check them out.

  113. I want to read all of the books on that list.

  114. Alex Ross/Ultimate cartoon Spidey actually kinda works as an in house design. I like. I do really like that look for Cap although making it BUSIER than his Ultimate look seems like a lot of effort for the artists (though since they are changing his Ultimate costume I like that we still get to see a variant of it in 616). That said they simplified Iron Man (for how long?) so I guess they balanced out the work load. Gotta say I like Thor without and a cape and the new helmet and all but it does seem overly accesorised and slightly 90’s ish. Straps and big swords etc. Still I want to see it in action before i decide.

    Cyke makes me think of the Manga costume he wore and i always thought the non-strip visor was a cool design idea. A massive ‘X’ makes a hell of a lot of sense. Not sure bout the red though.

  115. Is that image by Quesada (his art is not as good as it used to be) the team of Avengers that Hickman will be using or is it just a group shot of the most important characters involved in the relaunch?

  116. This ain’t no reboot. = This ain’t yer pappy’s Marvel Universe.

    Some people need to get the PR department to do their quote ahead of time so they don’t sound quite so old.

  117. Never thought I’d ever say this, but DAMN, Rocket Racoon looks awesome in that Quesada piece!
    I may have to buy Guardians of the Galaxy…..

  118. …Having said that, the new Cyclops costume ain’t gonna look good even with Joe Q drawing it…..

  119. We’ve known for quite a while that the Architects (and others) would be ending some of their long runs on various titles. So, they renumber and relaunch a few franchises? Seems like what I would expect them to do. It will be interesting to see what titles are dropped or combined. Looking forward to seeing some of my favorite Marvel writers trying their hand at different titles.

  120. Also, no one knows yet whether Hulk is wearing armor or if that is some kind of restraint system, possibly tied into the identity of the flying helmet thing.

    Maybe they finally removed Banner from the Hulk…?

    • Actually that would make sense wouldn’t it? Maybe Banner put himself into a robotic system so he can play off of Hulk?

      Sounds really stupid but considering where Aaron has taken Hulk lately that kind of make sense.

  121. I don’t get the backlash…what’s not to love? Creative shakeups? That was needed, at least with Bendis, and I think Hickman told his Opus, and is ready to move on. Remender rocks anything he’s on, and his title sounds the most interesting to me.
    I must be missing something, because this doesn’t seem anything at all like the DC relaunch…This is changes to titles that seem to follow logically from the events that are taking place right now. Marvel NOW is the new branding for the fizzled Heroic Age! that didn’t seem to go anywhere. That’s about it.
    Marketing and Management love a rebranding…But that’s all this is.

    What am I missing (other than some terrible new costume designs)?

  122. I’ll give it a shot, but I don’t see how even this could fix the X-Men books.

    • Personally, with titles like W&TXM and UFX (and sometimes Gillen’s Uncanny), I think the X-books are in the best shape they’ve been in 10 years. If anything, this could potentially hurt the roll they’re on. But the creative power is certainly present in the new books, so things could get even better. Time will tell.

      If you don’t like the current X titles, I’m not sure the X-Men are for you, is what I’m saying.

  123. While I’d still prefer a line wide relaunch, the more I think about it, the more I think this might not be totally stupid.

    It will be good if they get rid of New Avengers, which hasn’t had a reason to exist for years.

    It will be good if the there’s no longer a book called Hulk that isn’t about Bruce Banner.

    It will be much better branding if they just get rid of FF and double shit Fantastic Four.

    It will be much better for branding if there’s one main X book and one main Avengers book and then a crossover book.

    • I’m sure it was probably a mistake, but the “double shit Fantastic Four” makes it sound like you either dislike the comic (which I hear has been good) or the double shipping process (which I get irritated by).

    • Freudian slip.

      Anyway, apparently they’re keeping stupid ass New Avengers.

      So I’m back to thinking this is all just dumb.

  124. I was against the DC reboot when It was announced, after reading several
    Of the new titles I will admit I was wrong about it. I still believe that the old DCU was fine, but I have to admit that Flash, Batman are better now than they’ve been in years (Exception: The Black Mirror). Now I’m buying more DC than I ever have, and I’ve not regretted it once. Marvel is so following DC, but that’s not new. They’ve copied each other so much over the years I’m surprised it took this long for them to try their own reboot. Marvel does not need a reboot, just focus more on making better comics and not makin crappy events every summer. While they’re at it, weed out the surplus Avengers, X-Men, and spider-man comics. Pretty much the only titles I would consider picking up from Marvel are Daredevil and Amazing Spider-man, right now I’ll just stick to Deadpool. DC’s reboot worked (In my opinion) because they put the work in, put incredible talent together, and got them to commit to their titles. I doubt Marvel could match DC’s effort in restoring their titles, I hope they do but I don’t see it in the cards.

  125. I’ve said it over and over again and here is more proof, call it what you will, it’s another Marvel non-original idea. Mind you people do this in business alll of the time. I for once just want someone to admit that Marvel follows DC and always has and thats what has kept Marvel alive. There are things each company does well and I enjoy them both however; lets just say it….. Copied again!! HA!!


    • It’s been over fifty years. I think it’s well past time we stop crying who did what first. Like you said, people do this in business all the time. Ya see somethin that worked for the other guys, ya see if ya can’t make it work for you. The main difference between this business and others is that there are only two main players. So it’s more noticeable when one tries a method first tried by the other.

      If I have an allegiance, it’s DC. It’s my chosen universe. I’m more comfortable there. And I’m more than willing to joke about how many of the original Marvel ideas were DC’s first. But I can’t stand this kind of finger pointing. To say that “Marvel follows DC and always has and that’s what has kept Marvel alive” is simply untrue. No one can stay alive this long by copying someone else. Stan and Jack did things never before seen, and it wasn’t long before DC was trying to capture the same lightning in an attempt to bring their numbers up. It’s gone back and forth like that for decades, and hopefully it will for many more. That kind of energy keeps this whole machine working. When an entire industry is constantly paddling hard to stay above water, its supporters should try and put aside this sports fan bullshit.

  126. Everyone is freaking out but doesn’t this article sound like absolutely nothing is happening? All I can see is some more unneeded Avenger and X-Men Titles and new costume designs. I want a big either relaunch or reboot but it doesn’t look like either is happening.

  127. We’ll know a lot more after San Diego but I think its time to coin the phrase “reboot fatigue.”

  128. When mentioning the first X-Men team, I shuddered (I’ve read, or more accurately attempted to read, the 60s X-men). But, the more I thought about it, the more I i liked the concept. I assume with a title like this, there may be an actual ending to the story or else create a x-paradox. So, maybe. In trades.

    I’m in the process of weening off single issues heading the trade-waing route for monthly fixes. This resuffle from Marvel doesn’t shoo me away from their product just confirms I’m making the right decision.

    So, at $3.99 a pop, it’ll be Marvel LATER! when the trades come out.

  129. My 2 favorite X-ladies in Uncanny Avengers? That’s pretty fricken sweet.

  130. does anyone kno which titles will be relaunching

    plz reply

  131. So how exactly does this connect to the “NOW that’s what I call music!” CD series?

  132. I’m sure someone already asked this but I’m not reading the whole thread to find out….is Ultimate Nick Fury (now wearing the Commander Rogers uniform) a part of the regular Marvel U or what? I mean after Spider-men, its not gonna surprise me if they completely integrate the Ultimate and classic Marvel U but hope they’d have enough love and respect for the characters and fans to make it a parallel dimension like one of the earths in the multiverse or omniverse. If they just replace the classic Nick Fury like he was never there, thats lame and think my idea gives way to more infinite storytelling. Not a huge fan of Alan Scott being gay in Earth-2 just because i think its the wrong book for the controversy (still love it and am gonna read it anyway) and its not that Fury is black, it would be the wiping out a beloved classic character. Now the two Fury’s meeting in a wormhole story could be interesting.

  133. There’s no more timelines or boundaries, they’re bringing it all together with infinite possibilities.”No music, no doors!”

  134. All I can say is: BORING! It’s another tired excuse to launch another number one issue that involves the X-Men & Avengers. In Marvel’s eyes, they are shaking it up by having a group comprised of both teams to make one super-team! OMG, can this company come up with anything new? Wake me up when something original comes out from Marvel. I expect to have quite a nap!

  135. The comic store employee in me cheers for easy numbering systems (Thanks, New 52! If nothing else, you help keep my pre-coffee organization skills to counting on my toe-sies!), but the comic customer in me thinks the new costumes are horrible and NOW! is a bad title. It doesn’t roll off the tongue and I think customers will feel stupid saying it. Listen, Marvel. If you need somebody to run your marketing department, just say so. I’ll be there in 10.