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Top 5: Best Comic Book Series… Right Now!

The iFanboy staff weighs in with their picks!

New Comics for 08.28.2013 almost fell out of his chair when he was told one of his favorite TV show characters almost teamed up with one of his favorite movie characters last summer

I like comics! You like comics! Let’s make some Hollywood magic!

Marvel Histories: Star Trek / X-Men

The X-Men boldly go where no mutants have gone before.

New Comics for 08.21.2013 still has no memory of ‘BraveStarr’

I like comics! You like comics! Let’s watch Duck Tales after school!

iFlashback! August 18th, 2004

Travel back in time with us back to the year 2004. Check out the comics that you were buying nine years ago!

‘Kick-Ass 2’

The sequel to one of the surprisingly great modern age comic book movies is here!

Matt Fraction Exits FANTASTIC FOUR and FF

A Fraction subtraction could leave fans divided.

New Comics for 08.13.2013 is going to stick with ‘The Lone Ranger’

I like comics! You like comics! Let’s not go to the movies as much as we’d like!

iFlashback! August 11, 2004

It was a big week in comics nine years ago! Check out the books you were reading back in 2004.

Great Pages: DARKHAWK #1

He’s got the look.