iFlashback! August 18th, 2004

It’s time for an iFlashback, a weekly feature in which we take a look at some comics that were on sale nine years ago.  Why nine and not ten? Our Mondays and Wednesdays used to sync up, but 2004 was a leap year so we are off by a day.

Jog down memory lane with me. The date is August 18th, 2004 the number one film at the box office is Alien vs Predator and these are some of the books that are on the stands at your local comic shop.

astro city special

Astro City Special #1

By Kurt Busiek, Brent Eric Anderson, Alex Sinclair, Alex Ross

runaways 17

Runaways #17

By Brian K. Vaughan, Adrian Alphona, Craig Yeung, Christina Strain

DC presents the atom

DC Comics Presents The Atom #1

By Dave Gibbons, Pat Oliffe, John Livesay, Mark Waid, Dan Jurgens, Jon Bogdanove

Loki 3

Loki #3

By Robert Rodi, Esad Ribic

THe Goon 8

The Goon #8

By Eric Powell

manhunter 1

Manhunter #1

By Marc Andreyko, Jesus Saiz, Jimmy Palmiotti

ff 517

Fantastic Four #517

By Mark Waid, Mike Wieringo, Karl Kesel

ex machina

Ex Machina #3

By Brian K. Vaughan, Tony Harris, Tom Feister

JSA Strange Adventures 1

JSA: Strange Adventures #1

By Kevin J. Anderson, Barry Kitson, Gary Erskine

That was the week that was in comics. Two books by Brian K. Vaughan as well as a JSA mini-series that looks pretty cool. So, did you read any of the books that came out this week? If you did be sure to let us know what you thought of them.


  1. I just saw that this week they’re releasing “Marvel 1602: 10th Anniversary Edition.” And now, to die of old age.

  2. That is a darn fine, TO-READ pile right there.

    I have a question about these DC Comics Presents series of #1s we keep seeing.

    Were they ever collected? If so, how and where?

    C’mon you DC completists, do I have to scour the back-issue bins for these?

  3. JML (@twitter.com/JoshMLabelle) says:

    Damn, there’s been a big leap in quality in these iFlashbacks suddenly. Maybe it’s just because there aren’t as many Chuck Austen X-books clogging up the works in this one.

  4. Esad Ribic drawing Thor nine years ago is pretty interesting in light of his work on God of Thunder

  5. I miss Manhunter. How can you go wrong with a book about a lawyer who tries to put away crooks within the legal system and then decides to don a costume and kill the ones who escape? Such an underrated book that was admittedly was never going to last long.

  6. I think I got most of these, or got them later in trade.

    To this day I am annoyed that I missed (and still haven’t read) the Astro City Beautie special that came out after the Supersonic one).

    Goon is a series I’ve always wanted to read, but the book store never has volume one.

  7. Ahhh Waid’s FF run. Toppest notch.

  8. I feel like the comic book past is catching up to me. I’m remembering alot of more these. That Thor back then was pretty good. Mark Waid’s FF was fun. Manhunter was good also.

  9. wow Ribic drawing Thor?

  10. Ex Machina, FF Disassembled, and Loki. All good stuff. That Atom issue looks really appealing to me, I’m trying to get into more of his stories. Does anybody know if its worth tracking down in back-issue bins?

  11. I never read Astro City unfortunately, but have always thought the character designs & cover/interior art looked absolutely brilliant. That said, I LOVE the character design of the “Supersonic” character!

  12. Brian Bolland is just an amazing cover artist. He might be one of the last artists to truly make a great design to entice readers to buy a comic book.

    Here are some other big events, births, and deaths to occur on August 18th:

    -1868: Helium is ‘discovered’ by Pierre Janssen
    -1920: The 19th Amending, guaranteeing women suffrage, is ratified

    -1933: Roman Polanski
    -1934: Roberto Clemente

    -2004: Elmer Bernstein

  13. Was the Loki series any good? As a fan of both Loki and Ribic I’ve often looked at it on the shelves but never bought it . . .

  14. Only thing I was reading then was Runaways. I’ve got all three of those Fantastic Four hardbacks now though. Good stuff. Apparently, Volume 2 is pretty rare. I lucked out one day. My wife and I were about to head home from Savannah, GA after a weekend trip, and made one last stop at a little retro gaming/toy/whatever other trappings store down there. Boom, volume 2 for $18. Snatched that sucker up.

  15. I remember buying Manhunter and dropping it after a few issues.

    The Waid/Ringo FF run filled me with joy and renewed my love of comics in general and the Fantastic Four in particular.