BREAKING: Jean Grey Returning to Marvel Comics?

Rumors are swirling that Marvel Comics has a big announcement coming up and it looks like Entertainment Weekly will have the scoop as they’ve started revealingย a piece of art by Marvel Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada which will be a:

… first look at an upcoming initiative by Marvel Comics that will build off the currentย Avengers vs. X-Men crossover and radically alter the Marvel universe as you know it.

First up…the return of Jean Grey?

That sure looks like the classic, original X-Men Jean Grey…doesn’t it?


  1. first question Ron when are they gonna kill her again, and whts gonna happen to Emma an Scott

  2. Or it could be Hope…

  3. Or it could be Hope in Jean’s old Marvel Girl suit.

  4. I like Jean, but…I dunno, they are all more interesting characters for her having died. I’m sure there are interesting stories to be told with her return, but I sure hope they don’t rush to return to 25 year old status quo.

    • I know how you feel. I wasn’t a fan of Jason Todd’s return, or Barry Allen’s.

    • Her death did expand and mature the other X-men, gave em a needed depth in progression in terms of maturity. I love the classic yellow n black costumes and like the idea of hope sporting it for a minute if its not Jean but if shes in it maybe they’re going back to her from a period in time before the Phoenix force consumed/merged w her and now shes free from it but had to be returned as the Jean before she ever became the Phoenix. As for dead characters returning I don’t mind if its a good sci-fi excuse and I’ll play along, Jason Todd could’ve stayed dead, kinda dig the Red Hood stuff though and always liked Barry Allen,he was gone a long time and his return gave way to a whole speedster/speedforce level of possibilities. I’d love to see Mr. Miracle/Scott Free return though, since we’re on the subject.

  5. This just in: I don’t care.

  6. I find the Hulk in the background to be interesting. Are we going to see a merging of Avengers and X-Men? You know, more so than right now? Also, my guess: Jean Grey returns, but in the body of Hope so as to make her younger.

  7. I hope this is true!!!!!! Been missing her for so long.

    • Agreed! She’s the heart of the X-Men. They need her back.

    • Agreed about dang time that the Morrison nightmare end. Bring back Jean Grey.


    • I personally don’t feel like she’s really been gone that long but am curious as to why she’s in the classic yellow n black, Morrison and Quietly’s run on New X-Men was solid, breathed fresh air into the X canon and a depth n change to tell new stories for years.

  8. I love me some Jean Grey, but the most interesting thing she has ever done as a character is die.

  9. I say leave her alive in the Ultimate U and leave her dead in the 616. Why the need to bring her back anyway?

  10. If a character dies, let them stay dead.

  11. I hope this is the case. Jean’s awesome.

  12. “… and radically alter the Marvel universe as you know it.”

    That’s a new one. They gotta be runnin’ outta ways to say this by now, right?

    As long as they do this in a new and interesting way, I’m fine with it. Begging the Big Two not to bring characters back from the dead is like begging the wind not to blow. I’m surprised we havent heard the “Phoenix is the one character that it makes sense to bring back” argument from the X-Hardcores yet.

    I love Jean, but I’m kinda hoping this is Hope taking up the Marvel Girl mantel. The only evidence to the contrary would be the fact that she’s sporting a pink tele-bubble, so Hope would presumably have to gain tele-powers by the end of AvX.

    • Lol, they need to just give up selling the “All New” and “change everything as we know it” ploys.I feel the same on Hope taking the mantle but a Phoenix dies and comes back, read the Wiki definition of Phoenix and it actually is the one sci-fi excuse that makes sense. Love the yellow n black and have a theory on why shes in it, I wrote in a comment towards the bottom.

  13. Prediction: It’s Hope dressed in an original uniform leading a team of Avengers and X-Men characters.

    That, that I would buy.

    • But what about the pink tele-bubble?! Is she sponging off a nearby telekenetic as they pose for the cover? ๐Ÿ™‚

    • anythings possible. I feel this has to be a ruse or a red herring. this doesn’t seem like a grand enough announcement for such a beloved character

    • But it’s gonna radically alter the Marvel Universe as we know it! That’s not grand enough for you? ๐Ÿ™‚ Ok, I’ll stop now.

    • Maybe Hope is Jean, she just doesn’t know it yet. The telekinesis would show up only when she becomes aware that she is Jean… The whole fast growing baby thing turning into a fully fleshed teenager didn’t really seem too viable anyway.

    • @Glassford: Your theory makes good sense. The “fast-growing baby thing” is because she spent 16 or so years in the future running around with Cable before returning to our time. So it is viable.

  14. tripleneck (@tripleneck) says:

    This is not my problem.

  15. If it really is Jean Grey I wonder if they’ll do something like they did with colossus and kitty in astonishing. Where now jean and scott will be together for like a second and then this time Scott dies.

    • Then Emma and Jean find comfort in each other and begin a relationship of their own. That would definitely radically alter the Marvel Universe as we know it.

    • @WheelHands: Plus, right now in comics, homosexuality is marketable (there, iFanboy-Big Brother-thought police, is that more acceptable?).

  16. That looks like Hope, and this is probably for the rumored “Uncanny Avengers” book that’s coming out.

  17. It looks like it will really be Jean (according to the original article). Might be Jean in Hope’s body, I just hope that Emma and Scott stick together (or Scott dies in a Phoenix like way).

  18. I get that people are annoyed with characters coming back to life, but if any character is allowed to repeatedly die and return, it should be the one code named Phoenix.

  19. I am so excited, I could poop. For reals.

  20. First thought was “Welp, Scott’s dead.” Cause she died due to the Phoenix, so will he bringing her back to respark mutant kind or something. He dies she comes back from ashes. That’s why he hasn’t said anything about her in the books. Second thought “Can’t wait for her to see the statue.

    • there was a digital issue released two weeks ago that heavily dealt with scott being affected by jeans death now that he has the phoenix power

    • Thanks. Now that you’ve mention it, I totally pulled out my comics to remind me to download those and then totally forgot. I will have to do so now.

      Scott’s still worm food though.

  21. Bout time

  22. Meh.

    Phoenix dies. She comes back. Romantic tension with Cyclops/Wolvie ensues. (add Emma for more drama). And someone will die again. I say “someone” because I suspect that to happen when (if? No, it’s almost certainly when) Jean returns or very, very shortly after.

    Fans of Jean will be happy but personally, I don’t feel like it’s a big deal. Not for a character literally named Phoenix.

    • Romantic tension with Emma? That would be interesting, and something Marvel has never done before: a relationship between two telepaths. Every third issue could be a “silent issue!” Could Keiron Gillen even write a silent issue? Would we want him to?

      In my version, Jean is back, but only if the Phoenix Five merge and create her, Voltron-style. Scott would be all: “Jean is alive, but I can NEVER SEE HER.” It would be a combination of Voltron, Ladyhawke and Bound. Why Bound? Because 2/5 of her psyche would be made up of Emma Frost and Namor. She would never know whether to fight the villains or have kinky sex with them. If Rick Rememder wrote it, she’d do both.

      The last thing I want is for her personality to overwrite Hope. I like Hope. I’d rather see Jean’s personality overwrite Namor’s. Because *that* would be awkward for Scott.

    • Yes, I said Rememder. That’s because I can never remenber how to spell his name.

    • @Quinn: Namor? No way man! He’s perfect just the way he is! Now if Jean overwrote Emma’s personality, THAT would be interesting. That’s a win-win for Scott. It’d be like having the personality of “the one that got away” mixed with the body of the hottest woman you’ve ever been with. Plus he’d avoid some wicked awkward conversations. He can’t lose! ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. Not for nothing, but Jean Grey is technically incubating inside of an egg on the moon waiting for the year 2154. Maybe the break the egg open too early and she’s only “regenerated” back to her 18 year oldself.

  24. Entertainment Weekly seems quite emphatic that in fact is Jean Grey and not a zombie hologram, like Tupac.

  25. this makes me happy

  26. Cant they just leave her be? what use would bringing her back do other than make her deaths less important or significant.

  27. I REALLY hope it’s Jean again, but Marvel’s announcements like this have been so coy in the past that I’m pretty sure that this is just lame hype. When I first saw this, I thought “This is going to be something lame, like Hope is Marvel Girl or something”.

    • That’s my first inclination as well. I really hate (and resented) Hope because she was just a red herring. Frankly, I’m a sucker (again) and am only buying AvX because I am expecting it to end with Jean’s return. If not, I’m done with all things X (except maybe X-Factor because of Havok and Polaris)

  28. Sorry to burst everyone’s bubble but it almost certainly Hope in Jean’s costume. It’s just Marvel teasing us again. breevort confirmed back in April that Jean most definitely will not be coming back in AvX so unless this happens in another series, he’s just a big fat liar ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • forrestlee (@leeoftheforrest) says:

      EW said, quote, “Yes, this is Jean Grey โ€” as in, the Jean Grey whoโ€™s been absent from Marvel Comics ever since dying for a second time back in the mid-โ€™00s.”

      So it ain’t Hope.

    • *GASP* are you implying that Tom Breevort was lying to us? Well I never!

  29. Jean Grey is a much better character when she’s dead. I’m sorry but she is. She isn’t interesting when she’s alive and not even Grant Morrison could make me sympathetic to her. I know things changed with Bucky but Jean should be the modern day Gwen Stacy. Let her be a constant reminder for Scott on how badly the mutant race can fuck up.

    Also, can Hope just die? Please? She is nothing but a plot device and not a well established character. Bishop should have put a bullet between her eyes and that would have been the end of it.

    • No character? Clearly you didn’t read Generation Hope, and are talking out of your… y’know. I recommend learning something before you have ideas that are clearly wrong.

    • I suffered from a bunch of issues of Cable.

      I think I’m good.

    • I did read much of Generation Hope, and I cannot recommend enough against doing that.

    • That bad huh?

    • The Gillen issues got a few POTW’s from me. I liked them a lot. Didn’t follow it to the dude after him, so I can’t really attest to the quality once KG Pops left.

    • I liked the Cable solo run that ran through Messiah Complex, Messiah War and culminated in Second Coming. I liked it focusing on just him and Hope for the most part and Bishop’s agenda, thought it was the 1st time they gave Cable layers to his character and like that she was raised on the run like a vagabond, gypsy, merc and dig her tattered cape, big guns look to show that part of her, and love how she has spunk and blasted Cyclops in AvsX #0 to prove a point.

  30. Actually, the EW article makes it pretty clear who and what is going on in the picture. All the speculation in this thread is wrong. I won’t spoil it, but I recommend going out and buying the issue, because it comes with two additional spoilers that should make for interesting speculation about what’s coming from Marvel in the second half of 2012.

  31. Jean is the ONE character I don’t mind returning because that’s what a Phoenix does. Some say her return diminishes Uncanny X-Men 137, but I disagree.

    • Exactly, “what a phoenix does”…. other than that I don’t like the killing and coming back very much but there are a few characters I miss that have been gone so long they could be welcomed and when its a good sci-fi excuse, I’ll play along.