Privacy Policy takes your privacy seriously. Very seriously. Like in a “whoa! you’re privacy is showing!” kind of seriousness. Please read the following to learn more about our privacy policy. Provide your own interpretive dance.

What this Privacy Policy Covers

This Privacy Policy covers’s treatment of personally identifiable information that collects when you are on the site, when you register for an account, and when you use’s services. This policy also covers’s treatment of any personally identifiable information that’s business partners share with

This policy does not apply to the practices of companies that does not own or control, or to people that does not employ or manage, or to anything that conspiracy theorists may accuse us of. They can put their tinfoil hats on and stop bothering us. (Although, we know who you are)

Information Collection and Use collects personally identifiable information when you register for a account, when you use certain products or services, and when you visit pages. When you register with, we ask for your identifying information for the purposes of creating your personal account. The information also maintains the integrity and security of your account while you are a member.

Once you register with, sign in to our services, and use the website, you no longer are anonymous to us. does automatically receive and record information on our server logs from your browser including your IP address and the page you requested, as well as records more extended site usage through the use of 3rd party analytics and measurement tools. uses information for three general purposes: to deliver the advertising and content you see, to gauge the popularity of features and content, to create new content, and to further our intent of complete world domination.

Information Sharing and Disclosure will not sell or rent your information to anyone unless we find that your actions on our web sites violate the Terms of Service, or any of our usage guidelines for specific products or services. Then we will essentially write your name and phone number on the equivalent of the internet bathroom wall. OK. We won’t. iFanboy doesn’t share any personally identifiable info with anyone. We do use your info in aggregate to sell advertising and make decisions about partner offers and such. You will never be able to trace spam, junk mail, or telemarketing calls back to us. That’s how we roll. Word.

Cookies sets cookies on your computer. We have to. iFanboy uses these cookies to keep you logged in to the site and allow you easier access to feaures on the site. Feel free to clear them as you need to, or even to deny the site the ability to set cookies for you. Don’t complain when the site doesn’t function properly, though. It’s the internet. Cookies are part of how its done. allows other companies that are presenting advertisements on some of our pages to set and access their cookies on your computer. Other companies’ use of their cookies is subject to their own privacy policies, not this one.


iFanboy makes reasonable efforts to ensure that members understand how their personal information will be used. iFanboy obtains the consent of individuals as required for the collection, use or disclosure of personal information, except in those limited cases where applicable local law does not prohibit such collection, use or disclosure without consent.

Consent can be either express or implied. Express consent is given either verbally or in writing – e.g., on a iFanboy membership signup form. Typically, consent is obtained by checking that box indicating the member is aware of all relevant terms. Consent can be implied when it can be reasonably understood by the action or inaction of the member that they must have consented to specific collection, use or disclosure of their personal information.

An individual can withdraw consent at any time by contacting iFanboy at If a member withdraws consent, iFanboy will make the member aware of any consequences of this action. Which is usually account termination.


Protecting the privacy of children is very important to us. We do not collect or maintain information at our Web site from people we actually know are under 13, and no part of iFanboy is designed to attract people under 13. To prevent the collection of information from people under 13, requires you provide your age at time of sign up.

The content and comments on the site may be unsuitable for minors. Users under the age of 13 are not sanctioned to use You agree that the age you provide is accurate and truthful for yourself at the time of registration.


We have advertisers. They help us pay our bills.  In order to make the advertisers happy and pay their bills, those advertisers may engage in the collection of non-personally identifiable information about end users by third parties through the use of cookies and pixel tags.

If you would like to opt out of behavioral targeting of ads, go here.

We are  participating in the Digital Advertising Alliance’s (DAA) Self-Regulatory Program for Online Behavioral Advertising and here is some Ad Choices for you to see.

Your Ability to Edit and Delete Your Account Information does not give you the ability to edit your Account Information at any time. You may request deletion of your account by sending an email to After your account has been deleted, you will have to sign up again in order to access certain areas of the site. None of your information will be stored past account deletion. However,
all comments, posts, and other material that you have contributed to the site or any other iFanboy content will live on in perpetuity.

How do we protect your information?

The Member data we collect is protected against unauthorized access. To ensure the safety of your personal information, including your email address, access to confidential information on iFanboy is Password protected, unless you have requested a “Remember Me” cookie. We will use our abilities to maintain control over the confidentiality of your information. We permit only authorized employees, marketing partners, other iFanboy services and vendors to have access to the information we collect, and then we limit that access to information that is necessary to fulfill their responsibilities. 3rd parties have limited, controlled access to our data and are not allowed to use your information for secondary purposes, unless you explicitly agree to that use. Employees or vendors who violate this policy will be subject to disciplinary action.

Content Creation and Your Contributions creates original content. Members also create content in the form of posts, comments, votes, lists, and other various methods and contextual avenues. The member grants iFanboy the right to use this information as content. iFanboy is allowed to maintain the content in perpetuity, even in the event that the member chooses to have their account deleted. iFanboy may use the information for the purposes of maintaining the site integrity, for advertising the site and its features, and for use in new content produced by iFanboy. iFanboy will always attribute any original material to the contributing member. The member will not receive any compensation regardless of how iFanboy uses the material.

Changes to this Privacy Policy may amend this policy from time to time. If we make any substantial changes in the way we use your personal information we will notify you by posting anannouncement on the homepage.

Questions or Suggestions

We will monitor ourselves to ensure that your privacy is respected. We welcome your questions and comments about our privacy policy. To contact us about our privacy policy please send an email to If you have questions or suggestions send an email to