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The superstar creators from BLACKEST NIGHT and BRIGHTEST DAY reunite to take AQUAMAN to amazing new depths!

Aquaman has renounced the throne of Atlantis – but the sea will not release Arthur Curry so easily.

Now, from a forgotten corner of the ocean emerges… The Trench! A broken race of creatures that should not exist, an unspeakable need driving them, The Trench will be the most talked-about new characters in the DC Universe!

Written by GEOFF JOHNS
Art and cover by IVAN REIS and JOE PRADO

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 53.2%
Avg Rating: 4.5
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  1. Pants can barely contain boner.

  2. I’m ready to be impressed by aquaman, going in with little to no expectations.

  3. Never read Aquaman before but the combo of John and Reis makes this a definite pickup for me. The preview pages I’ve seen were stunning, so I can’t wait for this. I figure there’s no better time to get into Aquaman than now!

  4. REIS! I’m so glad you’re alive! Never leave us again, for any reason, ever.

  5. One of my most anticipated books! Pleasebeawesome, pleasebeawesome, pleasebeawesome……

  6. I hope this will be as good as I think it will be.

  7. I hope this is as good as all the hype leads me to believe it will be.

  8. I really hope this is good too. Green Lantern #1 really disappointed me and I want to read a Johns ongoing again. But hey we got some purty Ivan Reis drawings to keep us happy.


    Too bad this Aquaman will have no personality.

  10. So after sitting out the DC reboot up until Justice League came out I finally decided to stop being an embittered how could they cancel Secret Six/Xombi person and added Action Comics. And then immediately after added Swamp Thing, Animal Man, and Batman. And then Demon Knights, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman. Yep 0 to 7 in the span of about a week. Unfortunately I haven’t read any of these yet as I won’t be getting my books for another couple weeks but based on the reviews (which I only read after I made my selections except in the case of Wonder Woman) I’m reasonably confident at least 4 will stick. Its actually pretty amazing. I have always loved Vertigo and the titles that became Vertigo later on so in that way I can easily rationalize Swamp Thing and Animal Man but in general I have avoided the DCU proper because well if I’m totally honest with myself, I thought a lot of their characters were lame. The excitement I’ve felt over the reboot seems to indicate that my feelings were utterly misplaced. I mean I never in a million years thought I would purchase a Wonder Woman or an Aquaman comic. And yet here I am. I don’t think I’ve ever read a Geoff Johns book. Fingers crossed but even if I end up not liking it this reboot has really encouraged me to give the DCU another chance.

  11. I am glad to see that almost all the Justice League characters have their own book. This should be solid and I am very excited to read this. It’s my front runner for my pick of the week. (based on nothing in particular just a guess)

    That said, I think I would have taken a Cyborg ongoing instead of;
    Red Lanterns
    Men of War
    Mr. Terrific
    Batman the Dark Knight

    • I like the idea of a Cyborg ongoing. This should happen.

      I would take an ongoing of Cyborg over Green Arrow, Red Hood or Catwoman. Though I would just prefer to see a new creative direction for Green Arrow and Catwoman rather than the serieses canceled. I didn’t read Mr. Terrific but it looked god awful, so probably that one too.

      But Men of War I liked.

    • Honestly, the Cyborg mini that came out a few years ago was a complete bore. If you’re looking for a pure Cyborg story, seek that one out.

  12. awesome!! Can’t wait!

    My prediction … there will be an awesome cliff hanger in the end.

  13. Remember when it was “in Johns we trust?” Honestly, at this point, Johns has to win me back.

  14. This is the new DC title I have been waiting for the most.

  15. I hope dude can keep both his hands from getting cut off in this run.

    • I’d like to see a running joke of him losing a hand every issue and inexplicably getting it back in the next so he can lose it again.

  16. My foremost concern is: “Does the secret sea still exist?”

    I’m probably alone in this.

  17. Dug the Aquaman parts of Brightest Day and this is the same creative team, so I cannot wait for this. I also love the idea of Johns toying with the idea that Aquaman knows people think he’s lame.

  18. aquaman needs a damn beard

  19. Soooooo jazzed about this title. One of my most anticipated books of the relaunch.

  20. As far as classically cool superhero effects, Aquaman’s “dootdootdootdoot” concentric circles image is right up there with the Atom’s size changing rings and the Flash’s lightening trails.

  21. My first Aquaman book. I tried out Tom Katers’ podcast, but still not enough to get me really excited about it. I LOVE the art here, so here’s to a beautiful book, if anything.

  22. I hope he has a dolphin sidekick.

  23. very excited for this one

  24. If any character needed a proper reboot – this is it.
    I think one of the problems “water” heroes like Aquaman and Submariner have, is that their stories are usually underwater (or in underwater cities) — which makes it difficult for the reader to relate to the character.

    Pre-Crisis: Aquaman just didn’t seem to be a threat to anyone.
    ( He couldn’t stay out of water for over an hour . . . that’s like having an asthmatic superhero on your team.)
    Post Crisis: Aquaman was a lot of revamping, costume and history changes.
    Peter David’s run: Solid – he gave Aquaman attitude, strength and yes . . . a mean ass hook.
    Then Aquaman fell back into revision hell again with each new writer trying to reinvent the character’s position in the DCU. (He even disappeared from the universe and no one really sent a search party to find him.)

    Now, with the DC #1 reboot . . . I’m hopeful and can’t wait to see Johns’ new spin on Aquaman.
    This’ll probably be the top of my stack this week . . .

  25. Never read anything Aquaman. I hope i’ll be able to read this without hearing Craig Ferguson’s voice in my head.

  26. Very excited for this one, probably my most highly anticipated of the new 52.

  27. Trying Aquaman for the first time ever. Didn’t even really like him too much when I was a kid. But, 2 things have me excited about this one:

    Number One: The Whole Reboot Thing.
    Number Two: Thinking of Raj from The Big Bang Theory in his Aquaman costume while reading it.

  28. wow. im so excited about this book. im getting like 8 titles this week. and im actually pleasantly surprised that this book has higher pulls than superman.

  29. Aquawar was the only part of Brightest Day I really liked. Hopefully since this is the same team it’ll be just as good.


    Semper Aqua! Johns Reis Prado R. Reis!!!

  31. Never thought I’d see the day where I buy an Aquaman comic. I’m actually looking forward to this one.

  32. I’m sorry but nothing they’ve said changes my opinion of Aquaman

  33. I’ve always kept my distance from Aquaman, but decided to pick this up today at the last minute. So glad I did! I’m hooked. Yeah… sorry about the pun. My pick of the week.

  34. I was looking forward to a story with Aquaman doing a bunch of cool things but instead got a story about how people think Aquaman isn’t cool.

    I’m not satisfied.

  35. “You need a glass of water?” has got to make the panels of the week. I laughed hysterically then felt stupid and shut up.

  36. I cant believe i’m saying this but I really liked an aquaman comic! This was a lot of fun! This might stay on my permanent pull list even. However even if this means I start to like aquaman, this will never stop being funny 🙂

  37. New to Aquaman (at least outside of seeing him in other character’s books). Overall, it was good. Awesome opening. I know that readers tend to treat aquaman as a joke but has he always been looked down upon in the confines of the comics too? It did offer a few laugh out loud moments but being that everyone looked down on him in the issue I found myself feeling bad for him. I’ll definitely stay around for more issues cuz it was still a good read.

    • I think Aquaman always seemed to take the backstage in many JLA stories. It was like the writers never really knew what to do with him. He never really shined in stories unless the story’s setting was in/near water. His weaknesses always seemed to outshine his strengths. (Can’t tell you how many issues the lack of water was Aquaman’s downfall.)
      Let not forget – Aquaman used to wear a glass helmet filled with water . . .
      So a joke in teh DCU . . . ya . . . I’d say the other members of the JLA were making jokes behind his back.

  38. wow! johns was just the man for this job. he hit all the right notes. i am now officially an aquaman fan, i never would have thought that possible.

  39. Nobody’s favorite? I take offense to that.

  40. This is my first time actually reading anything Aquaman and I loved it. I laughed a few times while reading and that’s usually a good sign. I’m on for the first few issues at least but it looks like it may be on my pull list for a long time to come.

  41. Just finished reading it……and WOW, Johns really did make Aquaman bada@@ed!! I was if-ey on adding it to my pull, but no more worrying about it now, it’s here to stay!

  42. I bought Aquaman on the principle that, at least for month one, I’d buy all the main Justice League character books, in addition to whatever else struck my fancy.

    I am so glad I did. This may actually have been my favourite New 52 book so far (at least of what I read). I just loved the head-on tackling of the average Joe’s thoughts about Aquaman.

    It is certainly going on my list for next month, which is something that not all the JL books can say.

  43. This issue just made me smile . . .
    From showing Aquaman’s abilities . . . addressing the Aquaman reputation . . . and even bringing Aquaman to the surface (getting away from the Atlantis-King thing.) Out of all the #1 that came out this month, this is the one I enjoyed the best.

  44. The Flash. Teen Titans. GL: New Guardians. Ultimate Spider-Man. Cap and Bucky.

    All of these books were fantastic, each a worthy Pick of the Week.

    But how can they compete with Aquaman telling everyone that he does NOT talk to fish. Assholes.

    Amazing in every way I never expected.

  45. WOW-5/5 POTW-Everything in this book was perfect.

  46. I’ve never cared for Aquaman and if someone told me I’d love a book where most of the story involves aquaman talking to an asshole blogger in a seafood restaurant I’d question their taste in anything. Turns out they’d be right. Geoff Johns hasn’t delivered something I’ve found myself so invested in since Blackest Night. This is exactly the way the New 52 should deliver. Something new comers can enjoy but something old readers can say is an improvement from the old universe.

  47. Fantastic issue!!!!

  48. Was quite surprised this wasnt the pick of the week. But flash is cool as well.

  49. My favorite heroes of all time are Flash (Barry) and GL (Hal) and then there has been a long list of favorites. Aquaman I have tried to read every now and again rooting for him to swim his way to the top (pun intended), and never getting to that point for him. He has always been made fun of as we all know and well lets face it with proper cause main times. I was excited to seee what would happen here and well I never expected anything like this. Johns has made this the book of the month if not the year in my humbled opinion and Reis’s art was fantastic. The way A-man has been presented showing some back story on him and the show of power, abilities and strength was fantastic. Mera is still here which is a plus; I love her character and all of the great stories she can be part of.
    Oh and don’t forget……THE TRENCH!! (Cool looking villians and very nasty ending)

    Just Sayin’,


  50. Excellent issue. Approach was spot on. Gorgeous art.

  51. Fish and Chips!?!?!? COME THE EFF ON!!!!!!!!!……you’re in Boston, you get the CLAM CHOWDA ya filthy Bastaahrd! =)
    I really liked this issue a lot. Nice setup, wicked bad guys…..interesting characterization and dialog in the diner. This was a whole bunch of fun. The art was serviceable and a bit too mainstream generic for my tastes, but still good.

    Wicked Awesome comic though. I’m definitely looking forward to next issue. =)

  52. This is pretty much what I expected. And I mean that in a good way. A nice, easy start like Johns likes to open with. It gets ya familiar enough with Arthur without beating it over your head. LOVE the choice to avoid inner monologue. And I really like the twist of Arthur deciding to stay on land. Those baddies are good and creepy. Here’s hoping Johns throws shit at the fan as soon as everyone settles in. Lookin forward to this.

    And Ivan Reis can draw the entire DCU for all I care. This guy is a phenomenon. I missed him so much.

    Also, an Aquaman title has a 73% POTW rating.
    Suck it, Barry.

  53. love the aquaman jokes, he gets no respect, makes me want to root for the underdog superhero. gold!

  54. This is Geoff Johns at his best. Taking a character that no one really cares about anymore and making them really awesome. Ivan Reis was a perfect pick for this book. His Arthur is strong and intimidating but he does a great job of showing emotions on the characters’ faces. This is definitely in my Top 5 for the whole Re-whatever-this-is.

  55. Good stuff. I dropped Brightest Day early on so boy is it nice to have an Ivan Reis drawn comic back in my life. Lovely art. Working the angle that everyone thinks Aquaman is lame was a nice choice.

    A general complaint about Geoff Johns’ New 52 books so far – I wish he could but a bit more into a single issue. His three #1’s have been the best I’ve read from him in a while and though I enjoyed what was there, they were a bit sparse on plot.

  56. I’ve never had anything against Aquaman. I’ve always liked him, and felt very estranged at the joke persona that’s evolved in regard to him. This was fantastic character development on Johns’ part. I was fuming by the time the dude asked “what’s it like to be Aquaman”. I’d say Johns got just what he wanted from me in that case. I can also tell that Geoff’s got a bigger scheme in mind for this series than a pack of undersea Venom-esque monsters who seek to terrorize smelly fisherman. This is gonna be big – like Blackest Night big. Ivan Reis is, as always, on point. Nothing totally unique, but just right. I love him. I’m in this for the long haul.

  57. This was my pleasant surprise from the New 52. I never dug Aquaman and only got into Flash because of Waid and Johns. This book took me back to those days.

    The art was fantastic as well. Easy PoTW.

  58. This was fucking fantastic! Really liked it a lot.

  59. Hopefully now Aquaman can get the respect he deserves

  60. I liked this book. Gave it a 4. I’m a bit puzzled at the overwhelming mass-community POW, however. Is it just the Cult of Johns? Or are people just caught way off guard by a different feeling Aquaman book? Don’t get me wrong. The book was good. I just don’t get what it did to make it so over the top for so many. This wasn’t anywhere near the level of books like Batman or Wonder Woman in terms of “wow factor” for me.

    • Same here. I liked it a great deal, but didn’t have my socks knocked off. I love the art and I liked that it was a straight forward opening chapter. Really good, but I am surprised that 80+% called it the top dog.

      On the other hand, I just realized that Ultimate Spider-Man was about the same pace, yet I loved loved loved it.

    • Don’t really care whom the artists or writers are since I do not even pay attention to that. I mean I know the names in hearing them in passing or seeing them on the covers however; I follow the characters and if it is written and drawn great then I am happy!! So to answer that quesiton-NO not a cult of Johns or anyone else well; maybe.. The Cult of Aquaman!!
      This was the best way to bring him to the fore front and let the character himself deal with the teasing and see what happens love it love it!

      Just sayin’,


  61. First Aquaman book I’ve ever read. Coudnt of enjoyed it more.

  62. Anybody know where the hooded lady is in this one?

  63. Aquaman is the Rodney Dangerfield of comics. Don’t worry Arthur, i’m sure fans will soon realize that Hal Jordan is the real waste-of-space at DCU. Maybe.

  64. This was great. I did not expect it to be so good. Loved the art. As an old Aquaman fan, I really liked where the story went. I thought addressing the whole “talks to fish/no respect” thing was genius, as was showing what a bad ass he is. He is relevent on land as well as in the water. Not sure about his big “decision” but it does put him more in the DCU. I really liked the pirhana guys, very creepy. 5/5

  65. Did anyone find the hooded figure in Aquaman? I’ve been able to find her in almost all my comics but I can’t find her in this one.

  66. Best. Comic. Ever. I was really surprised at how much I enjoyed this one. I’m in for the long haul

  67. Great stuff going on here. The quick flashbacks with his father was a nice touch. All around a great start- I’m jumping in head first!

  68. way too heavy on the aquaman jokes in this issue.

    As if a scrawny blogger would be that brutal to a superhero in any kind of reality, perceived or otherwise.

    c’mon, one or two snarky comments behind his back maybe, but calling him lame to his face. The guy could feed you to sharks gdammit. SHARKS I TELL YOU!

  69. This really was a great start to the series. It framed Aquaman in a very contemporary way. The first arc in this new Aquaman book was probably the best, and Johns managed to find a decent voice for Arthur and John’s dialogue wasn’t entirely miserable. Also the book looked beautiful. They found the perfect orange and green for the King of the Seas.

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