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They are Stormwatch, a dangerous super human police force whose existence is kept secret from the world Directly following the ominous events of SUPERMAN #1, Adam One leads half the Stormwatch team to recover the [INFORMATION REDACTED] from deep in the Himalayas. Meanwhile, Jack Hawksmoor and the rest of the Stormwatch crew look to recruit two of the deadliest super humans on the planet: Midnighter and Apollo! And if they say no? Perhaps the Martian Manhunter can change their minds…

Art and cover by MIGUEL SEPULVEDA

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.4%
Avg Rating: 3.5
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  1. I am really excited about this book. Midnighter is one of my favorite underused characters and now to bring him into the DCU this is awesome

  2. Stormwatch vs. the MOON!!

    I hope that this is a different Universe.

  3. This is gonna be fun!!! Catching up on the old Authority and Midnighter books. This looks like a fun ride!!

  4. I’m really going out on a limb on this one, not too sure If I’ll like it but now is a better time then ever to experiment.

  5. I dont know any of these characters except for Martian Manhunter. Hope I dont feel lost during this.

    • Its an issue #1, if you feel lost then the writers not doing his job properly.

    • Yeah, it’s issue one and this is the first time we are encountering these versions of the characters (including Martian Manhunter). So you don’t know anything about Jack Hawksmoor? No big deal, because no one knows anything about *THIS* Jack Hawksmoor.

  6. I’m so excited for this book. I mean they’re taking on the moon right?! Something not too miss….. I’ve never heard or read anything about any of these characters, but the story and the preview art made me want to try this one out very much!

  7. Pretty damn excited for this.

  8. Absolutley fantastic creative team. Sign me up!

  9. Reading the product description, shouldn’t this book be coming out after Superman 1? I wonder if this book will “spoil” Superman 1? Overall, I like some of the chances DC is taking on many of these 52 books (this being one of them).

    • I see what you mean, but considering DC has had what, 4 or 5 months to plan all of this out, I think Ill trust them on the schedule. That would be a pretty big fuck up to spoil a book from the last week in what is basically the first week. This way people who buy Stormwatch will now want to buy Superman.

  10. I’m surprised to see that cover kepp appearing everywhere with a barcode…. DC announced a completely diffent cover in August.


  11. It will be strange to have Midnighter and Apollo in the DCU since they were Batman and Superman analogues.

  12. This is going to be me breaking trail on a whole area of comics I’ve never experienced before, but they had me at ‘Martian Manhunter’.

  13. I look forward to when this book becomes the Authority…kidding. I do hope this is good, though. I’m really interested to see what they do with Apollo and Midnighter.

  14. I was just about to Pull this comic for my list, then I noticed that the total Picks are at 666. I do not want to be responsible for changing this number. Do not mess with the 666.

  15. Im also a little befuddled at this being a follow up to Superman #1, when that book isn’t out till the final week. I suppose its to build sales, but it seems like it muddies the waters already when theyve wanted to simplify and streamline and make things accessible.

    • I don’t think it will spoil anything coming out before Supes #1…it will just make parts of Superman #1 be like a prequel. We all know how amazing prequels are, right?

      Phantom Menace, anyone? Hehe…

    • Oh I’m not sure I mean spoiling exactly, but they’re looking to simplify and make things accessible to new readers and that just seems to be one strike against it, right from issue one. On the other hand, the new readers they are TRYING to attract, probably aren’t reading all these advance solicits.

      Maybe Im just babbling, I’ve got a cold and Im at least somewhat drugged up.

  16. meh. Maybe this isn’t really my cup of tea. I did like Martian Manhunter in this but didn’t really have an interested in the rest of the cast (probably cause i never read any of the past stuff). I may pick up issue 2 just to give it another shot but that depends on how much is left is left in my comic budget after trying out all the number 1s.

  17. I’m picking up most of the new #1s this week, this is probably highest on the excitement level… even over Action Comics #1 (that’s my #2).

  18. There are a couple definite panels of the week candidates in this book.

    The art alone is worth picking this one up.

    It is wacky and crazy, and I LOVED IT!

    I do not have a huge background with Storm Watch, (or The Authority) but it has got me wanting more.

    The only, small complaint is that I am not crazy for the Midnighter redesign.

  19. Lots of fun. Full of high concept sic fi ideas, the kind of thing Paul Cornell does best.

  20. I’m not sure about the midnighter redesign either though.

  21. I think this issue started off a little slow, but it had me by the end. This book wasn’t on my radar at all, but I decided to give it a shot since I have a soft spot in my heart for these characters from reading Ellis’ run on the Authority.

  22. I’m half way thru my stack, and can say this book is a strong contender for Pick of the Week. Of course, I’ve not read Swamp Think or Animal Man yet, or Morning Glories. But this was lots of fun.

  23. This book has me intrigued enough to continue. Plus, I’m willing to give Cornell some time. I loved his M-13.

  24. 1. Stormwatch- almost felt as busy and WTF as JLA #1 by Morrison.

    2. Swamp Thing- very good.
    3. Animal Man- a little disappointing.

    4. Action comics- that was it?

  25. I REALLY dug this. As an old-school Wildstorm fan I was skeptical, but I thought this was a lot fun. Definitely a different vibe from the old StormWatch, but that made it cool getting re-aquianted with these characters, and seeing them in DCU proper. I think the new characters are super interesting as well. Can’t wait for issue 2!

  26. I did a flip through and I thought the Plutonian was showing up from Irredeemable in this!

  27. This was… Ok, I guess. Some neat concepts, loved the scenes with Jack Hawksmore and Jenny Quantum. But a whole issue just chasing Apollo around? Kinda dull, for this guy. Not a huge Sepulveda fan, either.

    Ah, I dunno. There might be enough good stuff here to pick up issue 2. We’ll find out in a month.

  28. Im off of this… The art was horrible. I couldnt get past it.

  29. Really liked the merge of the Wildstorm concepts into the DCU. Jonn’s speech “I am known in some quarters….” underscores how heavy handed the writing in these first new DCU issues is having to be to let readers know what’s what.

  30. I kept hearing buzz over this so i took a shot. I’ve never read Stormwatch or any Wildstorm stuff, and i found myself kinda lost and bored. Instead of being part one of an arc, i wished they would have spent a bit more time introducing the characters and maybe even being a self contained one shot. I really felt like i walked in on the middle of a conversation. The art did its job but kinda bordered on average. Not gonna make the cut next time…

    • Exactly how I felt. The whole time I was reading it I felt like I was missing out on something. I was bored.

    • I get the sense of having missed out on something. One of the things I’m enjoying with the New 52 so far is that the books are definitely introducing new concepts and characters, but most are doing so by dropping us into the world in midstream (in media res for the academics). That said, even though I am familiar with some of these characters’ backstories, I didn’t feel like this story relied on prior knowledge of past characterizations. I felt that The Engineer, Jack Hawksmoor, Jenny Quantum, Apollo and Midnighter were given all the exposition necessary to get things started and leave me wanting to know more.

      So while I can see how you might feel like you missed a beat, isn’t that the same feeling that got you hooked on comics in the first place? The feeling that you need to discover and explore the rest of that world? I suppose the line between confusion and curiosity is different for everyone.

  31. This is a solid 4/5. The writing was very good, but the art pulled it down from a 5 – very inconsistent. If you are a Warren Ellis fan, I’d say give this a try – it has a Planetary vibe in some ways. Definitely want more in the future, though. My only complaint about the writing is that this could be treading on a central idea of Marvel’s S.H.I.E.L.D. series by Hickman. I could be wrong, but we’ll have to see how it pans out. Anyone else notice any of these comparisons?

    • Yeah I saw that, but even SHIELD borrows from other people. So I didn’t really care. If you think about it, SHIELD is a lot like League of Extraordinary gentlemen. I loved this issue, so far its my POTW.

      Stormwatch seems like a mixture of Green Lantern and Hickman’s SHIELD, which is fine by me.

    • I don’t think SHIELD borrows as much from LOEG as Stormwatch borrows from SHIELD. It didn’t diminish my enjoyment of the book, but I would hate for people to accuse Cornell of copying Hickman.

  32. I enjoyed this. I wasn’t sure what to think going in cause I know nothing about most of these characters but it was cool and kind of crazy. I’m in.

  33. I read Action Comics, then Detective Comics, then Batgirl, then Swamp Thing…and I was absolutely in love with them all. Then, finally, I read this…and was, quite frankly, bored. Not my thing apparently…but regardless, I thought the dialogue was TERRIBLE.

    First reboot book I did NOT like.

  34. Paul Cornell comes through. Sepulveda does not. Would have been a solid 5 if someone like Leonard Kirk, Khoi Pham or Paul Pelletier were drawing this. Sepulveda’s art was magnificent on Thanos Imperative, even with his issue of drawing over-sized chins. Here, his art is amateur. I will chalk that up to his inker and colorist.

    In any case, there are some really good story elements here. Cornell is on his game. Still not quite as brilliant as Captain Britain and MI13 or Knight and Squire.

  35. I was left a little wanting by this as well, possibly becuase I had high expectations going into it. For me, it felt mostly like a set-up issue, which is fine for a number 1. I enjoyed what I read, but was not caught up in it. I do not have any prior experience with these Wildstorm characters, so that may have been a factor. As a fan of Cornell from M13, I’ll be hanging around for a few issues though to see how things pan out. Fighting the moon definately has potential as a plot point. And the one panel possible tie-in to Demon Knights? Very intriguing.

    I liked Sepulveda on Thanos Imperative, and thought that he did a good job here.

  36. It took me some time to warm up to Sepulveda on the Thanos Imperative. He seemed to hit a stride a couple issues in. Hopefully that will happen here as well. Either way, I like it well enough. The story is awesome. Cornell doing something similar to Captain Britain. I’m completely on board for this and most likely Demon Knights too.

  37. Very excited for this book. Love Cornell’s work and this looks right up his alley.

  38. I wasn’t sure what to expect with this book, so when I purchased it I had no expectations either way. I found the underlying story and art to be good, but the characters themselves really did not trip my trigger. A guy who communicates with cities and a chick who can surf the web in her head? That seems kind of lame. This was obviously an introduction to people like me who have no idea what and who Stormwatch is/are. I’ll give it a couple more issues to see what happens.

  39. LOOOOOOOOOVE this book!!!!

  40. Interesting ideas. Terrible dialogue. I’ll stay on for 2 in hopes it was just awkward exposition

  41. Well it got a 4 out of 5 from me because Martian Manhunter is still I think one of DC’s best and beloved characters ans was written in very well. It also sounds like he was or is a past member pf the JLA which is good to hear!! The artwork was very good and the story was just to confusing for me other than themtrying to recruit Apolo. The ending was neat I will give you that. Two characters already I have no use for and I think are dumb; Commuicate with the city and surf the web in her head?? Please kill them off right now there are at least 100 other characters in the DCU that I think would be perfect in this book.
    DC should think about it quick because I think this title still has some great potential!!

    Just sayin’,


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