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Comics superstars Geoff Johns and Jim Lee make history!

In a universe where super heroes are strange and new, Batman has discovered a dark evil that requires him to unite the World Greatest Heroes!

Written by GEOFF JOHNS
Art and cover by JIM LEE and SCOTT WILLIAMS
Variant cover by DAVID FINCH

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 65.0%


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Avg Rating: 4.1
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  1. Here we go. This should be one hell of a ride.

  2. It begins.

  3. The previews looked amazing, like Batman Hush quality art. But I don’t like the cover art.

  4. I’m very excited for this.

  5. Giddy with anticipation. I wonder who the first “villain” will be that they will face off against as a team. Any guesses? Although if it’s doomsday I might shoot myself in the face. 😉

  6. How long will Jim Lee actually be doing this? I hope its not 1st trade (with one fill-in artist) and out.

  7. I cannot wait.

    @thompsonlive–they’ve actually said who the first villain is going to be; I hesitate to post it here, for fear that spoilers would be unwelcome. But you should be able to pull it up with a google search. 🙂

  8. This will be my first ever digital comic purchase, and this is how I will get all my dc titles from now on. Very excited for the new dcu, this really feels like the start of a new age for comics.

  9. I don’t see Jim Lee sticking around as artist for very long, but I hope I’m wrong. He was on Batman: Hush for what? 12 issues? And about the same for Superman? And those were before his more executive responsibilities. I’d look for about the same, here.

  10. This should be fun. Loved the preview pages. Can’t wait!

  11. No way in heck I’m PULLing this comic – I’m PULLing the combo pack! Come on, you gotta show your DC digital support! 🙂

  12. Been looking forward to this for ages, so excited for Wednesday. Bring it on.

  13. Let’s have some fun here, gang! What’dya say?

  14. As a die hard Marvel Fanboy I can honestly say I’m so stoked for this! I’ve tried hard to get into the DCU but have struggled with it.

    New 52 is going to be awesome.

  15. I am really really really really hoping for this to work, like I desperately need Justice League to be good for once!

  16. Is there going to be a separate cover for the combo package? If it’s the same cover, then I’m not getting both.

  17. But can it live up to the hype?

  18. I guess “holding the line at $2.99” went out the window. Oh well I am still getting this, if only for the creative team-up.

  19. I really hope it’s good. I would be more excited if it was a different artist. Jim Lee just doesn’t feel like Justice League to me. I hope I’m wrong. I am suspicious about the second issue not solicited for 7 weeks from now.

  20. AAAAAH!
    I’m so glad I started reading comics when I did, I couldn’t be more excited.

  21. i’m looking forward to this. All Digital DC begins now.

  22. It’s cool to see so many positive comments, with everything I was hearing I was starting to think I was crazy to be a little excited for the re-launch.

  23. I am looking forward to this comic and can’t wait to get my grubby hands on it Wednesday (no digital comics for. I need the real deal). and because everyone loves top 5 lists, here are my top 5 hopes and fears for the new JL….

    1. I hope Jim Lee can at least pull a year on this one. I feel like if he bails on issue 3 or 4, it would be a slap in the face for the all DC fans out there. We know he can do it (HUSH) even if by issue 8 the art starts to suffer, it’s still Jim giving it up for his fans. If you are gonna re-start ever DC comic over at Number 1 you owe to us Jim for 12 interrupted issues.

    2. Geoff Johns is hit and miss with me. One of my fears about his style is that he tries to hard to make the story seem “EPIC” and compete with Hollywood blockbusters. Geoff, bro, this is a comic, please write it like one. Please give us a shit load of word bubbles and dialog boxes to read. Please don’t make this new Justice League a 3 and 1/2 minute read. I want my ass to get sore while taking a shit reading this comic. I want my legs to get numb. I want the smell to have dissipated by the time I’m done with JL #1.

    3. I hope and pray that they keep the same line up for a long time. I don’t want to see Batman quit in issue 5 and the new Blue Beetle take his place. I knew they talked about the roster for the new JL topping out at around 13 members, which is cool, but let’s make those members fucking bad-ass ones and not gorillas that can talk. Justice League should always be about the best of the bunch – that is what makes it great (unless you have DeMattis and Giffen doing the book, then using Blue Beetle is cool).

    4. Speaking of DeMattis and Giffen, their JL run back in the days is memorable because of the characterization and love they both poured into the comic – not because Green Lantern met Batman for the first time and fought Killer Croc together. Moments like Martian Manhunters love for Oreos are what last – not giant splash pages with high-collared Superman striking a pose and saying something like, “We need to be the best because the world needs us to be”, or some shit like that. I hope we get some interaction between these heros other then just talking before a big fight.

    5. Hope this volume makes past 60 issues before another re-boot.

  24. For whatever reason, I’m not digging Lee’s art on this. I’m not sure an artist of the late 80s/early 90s is the right guy to design the reboot in the first place… But I used to love his art, and I don’t think it looks that great here at all. Johns does have the ability to sell me on pretty much any sort of story, though, so if I hear that Johns is on his A-game here then I’ll probably pick it up.

  25. I’m getting like 4 copies of this for people 1 for me and 3 for other people I know to get them into comics.

    • It’s awesome that you are going to do that, but is Justice League the book to give people to get them into comics? I’m planning on throwing Swamp Thing and Resurrection Man and more single character fare at some people I know, based on what I think they would be interested in.

  26. I love this. I will read this. Many times. I really hope they can keep up the schedule. Everyone is expecting it to fail.

    Keep the faith.

  27. Thrilled. I’m totally onboard. My biggest question : How long will Jim Lee be on this title?

  28. I’m really excited for this.

  29. Is it Wednesday yet?? I can’t wait! Although I must admit…I was enjoying the $2.99 an issue…oh well, all good things come to an end.

  30. what does the combo package come with?

    • The combo pack comes with a card that allows you to get a digital copy of the comic. Its for one of three people 1. insane collectors who will never open the polybag 2. dumb people who don’t know what they’re spending too much for 3. comic missionaries who will pass the code off to a non-comic-reading friend in hopes of spreading the love.

    • @kamilo: or someone who likes having a physical copy but also wants a digital copy to read while they’re travelling…

    • or someone who looks at it as a little piece of history. this is the first time that im aware of something like this being done. historically sigificant. that makes it a collectible (and by collect, i mean OWN not SELL FOR MORE MONEY) If this is as DC hopes, this is the beginning of a new era in comics.

      im not betting on that but, ill buy this

    • Comic missionaries made me laugh.

  31. i’m scared

  32. Im not ready, im not ready!!!!

  33. I am super excited for this one, but I feel like if it is anything less than a 5 star book, it will be seen as a disappointment. There is so much hype around the New 52, and with as the first offering, it kind of needs to make a killer first impression. A solid 3 star book will be looked at as a huge let down. But I have faith that Johns and lee will deliver a great title. Can’t wait!

    • I have a hard time thinking this will be anything less than a 4 star book.

    • I agree with you on that point. But if it’s a 4 star book and not a 5 star book, I think people will be disappointed with it. The quality of the book meeting the hype is going to be a huge challenge. I am pulling for them to do it, though. I haven’t been this excited about DC Comics since…… well, never.

  34. Well here we go! I am clearing my mind and ready to start a new as well. If this turns out to be a bunch of shit again from DC I do not know what to do?? I will be reading all 52 or whatever it is now and start dropping titles after that based on how good they are. I just can’t believe how expensive it has been getting to read comics and collect them. So this will be a trial not just for DC however; all the other companys to keep me as a reader. JLA should have been and always has been the flagship and I have been saying that since forever and now they are gonna try it again. GOOD LUCK TO US ALL!!

    just sayin’,

  35. One more important thing…. COMIC BOOKS ARE TOO EXPENSIVE PERIOD!! I don’t care who you are or how much you make, they keep getting more expensive. I would say the majority of us that collect and read comics are hard working average income everyday people; those that are better off good for you. It still does not mean we should be getting raped for 14 pages of material that may or may not be good. For me this will be the big test for DC and all of the other companies to work for the moneyfor us the readers!! I will be lowering my subscription probably down to like 12 books a month for everyone and I know just me alone won’t make that much of a difference however; maybe we can all make a stand and stop the bleeding from our wallets. We love our characters and we stand by them thru thick and thin except now it is cutting into our grocery bill, gas money and daily living and this should be an escape for us not tension…. I hope DC has a lot of hits and my characters and favorite titles come out on top!! Because; with these prices I can only stick with a few…..

    Just sayin’

    • uhhh… I really feel that…. a re-examination of priorities is needed if a person is having trouble eating (groceries) or getting to work (gasoline) because they are buying too many comics……

    • DUH…. if someone is doing that then there seems to be a large issue!! However; that is really taking what I wrote and just being plain silly!! Priorities aside (which come first duh..); books are plain to expensive!!

      Just sayin’,


  36. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Is that an excited !!!!!!… or an angry !!!!!!….. ? I suppose it could be a startled !!!!!!…..
      I guess what I am saying is I could use letter or a numeral here.

  37. Hooo now! Down girl! Down!

    I’m sure this’ll be good. 60+ very excited comments good? Probably not.

  38. I just finished Flashpoint #5 and Justice League #1, and I thought they were pretty awesome! Can’t wait to see the reviews start rolling in tomorrow 🙂 It’s a great time to read comics, everyone, enjoy it!

  39. The number of pulls this issue has is crazy business. Cannot wait to read the issue tomorrow. Unfortunately I’ll be waiting until 2:00 pm b/c I’m picking up digitally.

    • the 2 O’clock digital thing is kinda funny….or stupid depending. The posted reasoning makes no sense to me. Keeps them shop owners from storming the bastille i guess.

      I’m really hoping this book can be amazing.

  40. I’m a bit skeptical of this as it LOOKS like just a big action book but if anyone can pull it off at DC with heart and verve it’s Johns. And he’s the reason I’m picking this up.

    Anyone else think the Finch variant is one of the worst quality covers they’ve seen from the big two in a while?

  41. I didn’t preorder this, so I hope my LCS will have extra copies. This could honestly be the book that determines whether I occasionally read DC books to getting one on a regular basis

  42. its always so exciting when lee comes back to the pencils, especially with a great writer at the helm. have not been this excited since he did that batman title with frank miller. speaking of which, does anyone know whatever happened to batman europa?

  43. God that cover is ugly, but the inner art looks great!

  44. Not bad, but then again I didn’t expect it to be Earth shattering either. A good start to the new status quo.

  45. Book was ok just about what was expected for starting the new status quo, but the do Green Lantern and Superman have the same tailor? At this point in time they’ve never met but have the same collar thing going on? And the cuffs on the new Superman costume look like any teenage girl in any mall, a bit too long and angular. But those are small nitpicks, overall a good start.

  46. I thought this book was great best JL book i have read then again i haven’t read that many 🙂

  47. Reviews are mixed. I am new to JL and to comics. I really hope this doesn’t let me down!

  48. Hmmm, this was a fun read, but not a great experience. It has wait for the trade written all over it, which I thought was not the goal of this exercise.

    This wasn’t one of the books I was really looking forward to, and at the moment it’s not one I’m too interested in continuing. However it’s out of the way now, so next week the fun can really begin

  49. Just what I wanted. Another origin story! It’s like every superhero movie took a colorful dump in a comic! It wasn’t bad, just what I expected, and something I’ve seen a lot of lately.

  50. I really enjoyed this, I get the criticisms, and it did kinda feel like just another origin story, but its a new and exciting world, and I always love team forming stories anyhow.

    Really liked Jim Lee’s art, the man can draw a damn good looking action comic.

    It does have wait for the trade all over it, but by the same token I’m excited for the next issue and to see how the story progresses.

    Also love the villain, perfect for the big first arc, wont spoil who it is, but cant wait for the showdown that has to be coming later. 😀 I’m happy with what I got.

  51. I liked it. There wasn’t much in it but I appreciate a slower pace to develop the team. 3/5

  52. I really enjoyed this. Good banter.

  53. Wow I really loved it! It helped that conor lowered my expectations a little from his review and I didn’t go into thinking it was going to be some earth shattering issue. It was fun, set the tone well for the new status quo, and left me wanting more. Cant ask for much more than that.

    • agreed, put a creative dream team like johns and lee together and its bound to be over-hyped and your going to get some people who want it to be “earth shattering” and even some fanboys of other companies who want it to fail because of the hype. i guess the door swings both ways. but you said it best when you said it set the tone and left us wanting much more

  54. I think what I really took away from this issue was that DC has a new Trinity of Superman, Batman and Green Lantern. It’s been heading in that direction for years but I think Justice League #1 is Green Lanterns official promotion and Wonder Womans demotion. Superman, Batman and Green Lantern feel like the core of this new era. I like that.

  55. The story is…..m’eh. The art is amazing. I’m not a big fan of this whole “New 52” bullshit, but it’s like prison sex….it’s gonna happen whether you like it or not. And yes, after Flashpoint’s disappointing ending, I feel raped.

  56. LOVED the banter between Batman & Green Lantern!

  57. I thought it was great. I loved how much of a hot head Green Lantern was. I agree with everyone saying the back and forth between Batman and Green Lantern was great. Really funny. The art was beautiful. Jim Lee really delivered. I loved the opening sequence with Batman chasing the alien on the rooftops. Reminded me of the opening to Hitchcock’s Vertigo. As a non-DC reader, I enjoyed how new everything felt. Like how everyone is meeting for the first time. Btw, I only bought the digital copy. What was nice was being able to purchase and read it during my lunch break at work.

  58. I unlike most people thought the first issue was good but not great. Although i didnt find it bad in any way and felt it was fun and intresting enough to bring me on board for at least the first story arc

  59. **Spoilers**

    I totally missed this, but there is a small Justice League/Flashpoint here.

    Is this DC’s way out of the reboot if it doesn’t work or a larger story point to come?

    • i saw that over there on BC and it was kinda like WHOA.

      some sort of watcher stuff. I dunno. Its the insurance policy light switch so they can take everything back if this doesn’t work?

  60. Solid first issue. It did what it need to do: start a mystery, introduce some conflict, throw out some big screen , have some memorable lines and a cliff hanger that will want people to pick up number 2? was it ground breaking? of course not, it couldn’t be. It had to appeal to too many parties, which was the most challenging aspect about this book. Had to remember several times that this book is made for new readers too; some of the exposition was a little much for me. Loved Lee’s art, I hope he can keep it up. Looking forward to the next issue and this one was my pick of the week because it solid and didn’t let me down!

  61. you just got to love that last page. really nice.

    I’m getting a real sense of attitude and cockiness from the heroes so far. a nice starting point.

    will they play nice?

    anyone else disappointed by the cover? i mean, considering the stakes i really expected something more iconic. it left me feeling pretty ‘meh’

    • the cover art seemed safe, but i really liked the logo. Yes it reminds me of All Star (i think Chip Kidd did this one too) but its fresh, new and doesn’t look like a typical overproduced comic book logo.

  62. Oh hey It’s Green Lantern! And Superman! We’ve never met so why do our costumes all look the same?

  63. Thoroughly enjoyable. Great final page!

  64. “Getting-the-team-together” issues are fun when you are new to comics. But I am very tired of origins and, since they’re not exactly the same, there have been too many team start-ups, from both companies, in the time I’ve been reading regularly for me to be that excited by this. It’s a well-crafted book, but my excitement is just not as high as it could be.

  65. Loved it. My eyes got wide when I saw the “ping”. The perfect villain to bring the new Justice League together.

  66. Great stuff. I’m really excited for this series. I’m sure it won’t be the best of the new 52, but in my time as a comic reader this is the first time I’ve seen the justice league given A list treatment. Batman and Green Lantern banter was great.

  67. Story: 4/5, Art: 3/5. Liked it, was not blown away.

    My problem with this issue is that it was too expensive for what you got. In theory, all of these people are going to check out this book and they got 24 pages of story for their $4. That includes one 2-page spread and two 1-page splash pages. There was not a whole lot of value there. I think that is going to turn a lot of people off.

    • I really think the high price point will keep new readers from sticking with this series. Comic fans are used to paying $3.99 for an incomplete story but the average Joe may have a hard time doing so. At $1.99 this comic would be a no-brainer.

    • that’s the state of comics in 2011. The $4 price tag keeps ME away from a lot of titles and i’m already an established wednesday guy. Not sure how you’re supposed to get new readers with that sort of intimidating price point in this economy.

  68. I really, really, really wanted to love this. It just fell flat. I understand that Hal’s supposed to be cocky, but hwy does he talk in 3rd person half the time? It seems that the only time I agreed with this comic was when Hal shouted “ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?!” I’m normally a positive person but I just couldn’t find anything to come back for next month. Hell, I guess the art was ok.

  69. Also, did anyone else notice that Green Lantern sounds a lot like “The Jimmy” from Seinfeld? I feel like he fits in really well with post-coital Thor and Middle Management Red Skull. They should be roommates.

  70. It was good … Now bring on the GREAT!!! Super excited for the rest of the 52.

  71. Exactly what I thought it would be. 4/5. Good book, but it was no Skullkickers.

  72. Great job. Start the countdown to next week. Oh well, that gives me time to finish up Supergods.

  73. could a few more people write a review, im not sure if 20 is enough

    • In all fairness, there IS an article up asking the iFanbase to write as many reviews and make as comments on the New 52 as we can, and the data for the first months books will be compiled and shown on the site, so we can see which books have the most people excited and what not. All the reviewers are just doing what the iFanboy staff asked them to do.

    • its very nice that ALL of you feel compelled to comply. i, personally, feel the urge to write reviews for books that only have few to none. usually. huge fan of dc and the new 52, HUGE, but other books from other companies deserve,at the very least, some attention as well. im pretty sure this book is covered

  74. This felt very…familiar, in a not so good way. It reminded me of a lot of old Justice League stories, and more than a little bit of Frank Miller and Jim Lee’s All-Star Superman. For something that was meant to bring in a bold new era for DC this just felt like a retread of a story I’ve read before, which I think is something that will be well and truly lost in this “New DCU”; where the characters are the sum total of their experiences.

  75. What’s there to say but I thought this was F’N Amazing-5/5 pick of week but X-Force was really really great
    this week too.
    plus it was cool seeing a bunch of new smiling faces at the comic shop today.

  76. This was a great issue but I have trouble pointing to individual elements that made it that way for me. Rather it was the whole tone. This was cinematic in a way that I’ve not felt from a comic in a long time. I could hear the intensity of the helicopters battling out with the theme music right from the opening pages, and except for the piece introducing Cyborg, the intensity only built to the last page with Superman!

    Green Lantern admittedly was a douche, but given that this goes to being early in his career, its fitting, and its easy to see that time and experience will temper his impulses. I love the visuals from the GL ring and they remind me a bit of how we saw them in the movie. I like that we’re seeing Hal using design we’ve come to expect more from Kyle. Superman was appropriately young but Im going to stick my neck out here and say I LIKE the uniform redesign, and I’m perfectly ok not seeing the red underwear again. Costumes need to evolve and this has hit the right balance between tradition and moving forward.

    My only real nitpick was seeing Superman’s heat vision in the final panel sparking around, the same way that we saw GL’s ring spark around. IMO, GL’s ring can crackle around with energy like that because it goes where Hal needs it to go. Superman’s heat vision should be straightforward and direct, not pinpricks of energy scattering all around. It’s a nitpick, its my own opinion, it’s minor in the grand scheme of things.

    As to how much appeal an issue like this could have… I left this out on the table and open during my last break at work while I was cleaning up after myself, and a 65 year old coworker saw the final page image of Superman, and the splash of “NEXT: Batman vs Superman” and it had him thumbing through the issue looking to see what was going on. Do I expect HE’LL buy it? Probably not but if it got his curiosity up, then I have to imagine there are lots of people who weren’t following before, checking it out, and there’s a lot of folks there who just might!

  77. one trouble I have with the book, is as much as I loved it, it was a quick read, and didnt reallly give a feel of the whole new universe, now its another month and three weeks until we get the next one. Thats upsetting and possibly momentum killing :/

  78. The variant cover is much better however; at my book store they are already charging 11.99 for the variant cover. So I decided to get the regular one, no big deal. The art inside was excellent and I thought had a very good feeling; great job Jim.
    The story could not have started out any better, they picked the perfect villian to kick off this new series (SPOILER ALERT IN CASE YOU HAVE NOT READ IT YET?): Darkseid. Thank you Lee and Johns you guys have got me hooked so lets keep it that way. I can not believe how I can’t wait till next month for #2; I have not felt that way about a book in years.
    I give it a 5 out of 5! Just remember this is a #1 issue…..

    Just sayin’,


    • Variant cover is not as good as the regular for me. I like the variant cover but I hate the superman on it… I like Lee’s superman much better.

  79. Man, this was good. They’ve actually managed to make these ancient characters feel fresh and interesting, a feat that has not been accomplished in many a year. The wry smile on Kal’s face on the last page was sublime. This is just straight up, no BS great comics, and I can’t wait for more!

  80. I gave it a 1 for failure to deliver. As someone who loves the JLA, after I finished reading this all I wanted to do was reread Ellis’s “Secret Avengers” to remind myself what a well-paced, well-drawn story looked like. And I’ve always been a “DC guy,” for the most part. This just seemed like a weak start for such a huge economic and creative leap of faith. For me, there wasn’t a singe “hell, yes!” moment.

    • Wow. For me there were many “Hell yes” moments. The art on the panel where GL hits the baddie with the train. The Batman GL ring moment. Supes meets GL. Three off the top of my head.

  81. That was a fantastic read. I loved every page of it. The story was fun and the art gorgeous. The book did what it was supposed to do and that is making me love the story and making sure I’ll pick up the next issue! 5/5

  82. This was ok. But nowhere near as big of a deal as such a book should be, IMO. Not just to follow up on the hype that’s come with it being the new DCU launch point. But if DC is really trying to hook new readers, you’re going to need to do something a bit more impressive and impactful to make an impression that is going to get people not used to comic books to come back for issue 2. For a book intended to hook a new readership not familiar with comics, it was much too sparse. If this issue was simple Geoff Johns’ debut on the new arc of JLA, then it would have been fine. It was better than any JLA books have been in ages, and was just fine for comic book readers who are accustomed to long-form storytelling. But new readers? If tons of new people do in fact check out this book (I’m skeptical on that being the case in the first place), I feel that DC and Johns really dropped the ball. But again, if my thinking is right, and this whole thing is really mostly just to reinvigorate the current comic reader base and lapsed readers, then it probably did it’s job. Still would’ve liked to get a little more bang for the buck in such a massively hyped #1. But I guess it’ll make for an interesting arc.

    On minor gripe about the story and timeline stuff. I get that they want this to be at the start of all the superheroes’ careers. But it felt a bit odd having everyone all be new to the scene at the exact same time. Not only is the government and polic not familiar with the heroes, and Batman and GL are meeting for the first time, but they both also refer to Superman as though all they’ve heard are rumors. Again, this is a very minor nitpicky thing. But it feels a tad contrived and convenient that all these heroes are new to the scene and revealing themselves at the exact same time. Was earth zapped by a superhero lightning bolt or something? I know, not a big deal once the whole thing gets passed this Year One timeline. But as a read, it made a silly subject matter such as superheroes come off even sillier.

    All negativity aside. I’m down with the book and look forward to see where it goes. It’s about time that DC had the big guns at the forefront of this book. And Johns’ long-form storytelling, while maybe not the best choice for a prospective new reader base, makes things very interesting to long term readers. Lee’s art is fine. It’s not as current as I’d like the book to feel, but it also didn’t feel as 90’s as I feared. So even though I feel this issue failed on following up on the hype DC brought over the past few months. I’d still give it a moderate thumbs up.

  83. Wow, 30 reviews, so far! Have there been more for a single issue?

  84. New to posting to ifanboy, so exuse my noobness. For the new Justice League, was reading on the DC website that they are already doing a third print run, how can you tell what print run you may have purchased? I know with some marvel tittles that cover was different and would state second printing on outside cover. Just trying to find out if I have a first printing or not.

    By the way loved this issue, makes me want to read some of the other new tittles that I am on the fence with currently.

  85. i wonder what people REALLY thought of this issue? There are hardly any user reviews.

  86. I thought that this was a great issue! I’ll be sharing this floppy with my h.s. anime and manga club just to watch them drool over the art. I think this was a great issue to pull in brand new readers.

  87. I am curious as to how many printings this issue will get and how its stats will compare with the 2006 #1 of JLA.

    Quick thoughts: Didn’t like the gold background cover. Loved the GL & Bats banter. Vic seemed smushed in there. Also, I know they made the characters youthful, but the dude on the last page made me feel really old. Overall, I’d say this issue was a success. Issue #2 sales will be similar in number, I would expect.

  88. I’m really curious to see what title usurps this for highest number of pulls. Does anyone think it’ll be another one of the DC Relaunch issues? If so, my guess is on Action Comics.

  89. A clearly flawed book makes the POTW … how … unsurprising …

  90. Art and story were completely competent and well-crafted, sure. But reading this comic made me feel like I was overhearing a stranger’s cell phone conversation on the bus. I had no investment in this at all. I couldn’t make a connection. If I indulge in the New 52, it will be for titles like Batwoman or Animal Man. If this is the bold new direction for DC’s big name superheroes, then no thanks.

  91. I thought that this was a great example of how to make a jump on book…about half of the others felt like I need to know way to much of the DC history which I am not willing to invest….a 5 star book for jump on book.

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