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  1. I have been waiting years for this…

  2. The cover is amazing can not wait

  3. I wonder if this will break the pull record.

    I also wonder what the pull record is.

  4. yes bring it on

  5. @MisterJ

    I got curious about that once and looked into it.  As far as I can tell, it’s Batman and Robin #2 with 1088 pulls. 

  6. anyone have a link for Van Sciver’s variant?

  7. I smell a POW! Seriously though, I’ve been looking forward to this for so long. Can’t wait till Wednesday!

  8. @ABirdseysView 

    I personally am not a fan… 

  9. @Slockhart

    Thanks for the info.  I am surprised to see that it was set by a ‘non-event’ book.  If you can call a Morrison/Quitely work ‘non-event’

  10. Hmm, it didn’t work… 

  11. I’ve spent some ducats on GL and GL Corps back issues getting ready for this. (I’m normally a Marvel guy, but I dabble in Batman (and lately, Green Lantern).  

  12. I thought DC was staying firm at $3 for awhile… the while up now?

  13. @ecthelion

    48 pages 

  14. ahhhhhhh thank you, clearly I didn’t read the description…..


    I am really pumped for this DC is really blowing my mind right now. 

  15. Heard that there’s a limited edition black lantern ring that comes with this issue. Anyone know more about it?

  16. I hope this lives up to the hype (i’m sure it will) been waiting for this for a very very long time!

  17. I just started reading comics in issue form in late-April, soI’ve never read an event while it was happening.  Has there ever been an event that was considered good, but not just on an event level?  It seems like everyone says an event was good, they really mean that it wasn’t a complete train wreck.

  18. all of the issues will be 3.99, it’s an event.  IIRC they did the same with Final Crisis.

  19. Yes!

    This is going to be so great. I don’t think it’ll break the pull record butit might end up breaking the community POW record. Either way, this is one of my top 5 most anticipated books of this year.

    AW YEAH!

  20. does anybody know what such records are? 

  21. I think that this book will break 1100 pulls and will take the record, until it’s beaten by either Batman and Robin #3 or Blackest Night #2,3,4,5,6…

  22. @ABirdsEyeView: Someone mentioned that BATMAN & ROBIN #02 had the most pulls at over 1k, but I’m not sure about the POW thing. Maybe one of the iFanboys will come in here and answer.



  23. I’m trying to be strong.  I’m going to wait for the trade on this one.  I only read GL and GL Corps in trade.  So I feel like I’m behind on the build-up to this already.  The only other DC titles I read are Secret Six and Wonder Woman, so I’m hoping those tie-ins don’t spoil it too much for me.  Guess only time will tel how strong my will is.

  24. There’s no place where all the pulls are listed, you just have to kind of look manually. BATMAN & ROBIN #2 is the highest pulled book (1,088), BATMAN & ROBIN #1 is second (1,018).

  25. YESSSSS!!!!

    I’ve waited 20 years of my life but it’s finally coming! Let the black night reign in!

    Oh and has a 3 page preview of the issue and it looks soooo good. It goes from sketches to final copy and it looks beautiful as well.

  26. OMG YES!!! I remember when i finished the Sinestro Corps War and turned to that last page… The Dead Shall Rise Summer 2009! Finally!

  27. i’m going to keep things in perspective and wait until i have read the book to jizz in my pants…. i’m not saying excitment is a bad thing but over exspectation leads to disappointment

  28. I think this is gonna be awesome.  I just feel bad for people just jumping in.  I honestly think that if you haven’t read from Rebirth and Relaunch on, you’re really not going to get the full experience. 

  29. I’m just so happy to see Ivan Reis on GL soil again. Manhke is an improvement but I want Reis back all the time

  30. Fairly excited for this, but I too shall wait until I read it before I get too giddy.  It’s been a long time coming, but that doesn’t mean it can’t disappoint.

  31. @Champ – yes, Reis, very much so.

  32. omg, the new toyfare I got today has DC Directs series 3 and 4 Blackest night figures in it and I’m now even more pumped than I was before.  weeeeeeehooooooooo


  34. I don’t want to get my hopes up. I went into Sinestro Corps War a little leery that it would fall apart and was pleasantly rewarded. We shall see.

  35. Cannot wait, and I got an e-mail from my shop saying they are handing out replica Black Lantern Rings when you pick up your copy.  If it fits I’ll be annoying my wife with it until she breaks it.

  36. @Prax really?!!! I figured you’d be fully on board for this one knowing how long you’ve been a lantern fan.  I’ve been let down myself from time to time though.  It’s better to go in with lowered expectations.

  37. After the last issue of GL this cant came out soon enough!!!

  38. I have a comics-boner.

  39. What happens when one gets a comics-boner?  Is it a comic-related boner or are we talking metaphorically?

  40. @vadamowens I know, I know. I guess the thing is I don’t want this to be another Millennium (the "first" Green Lantern-centric DC wide event). I’m super excited for it, and don’t see how it could disappoint, but I’m being cautious. I’m sure come Wednesday I’ll be running around the interwebs declaring my undying love for the book.

  41. @Prax – Dude, you’re dropping some seriously old bombs to bring up Millennium. I don’t think many people reading today remember that series. I definitely don’t believe that this will be even remotely similar.

  42. The hype for this book has turned me from a Marvel Zombie into a DC reader. I’m all caught up on Green Lantern, so bring it on!

  43. Seriously, DC is kicking some major ass right now… I just hope they follow through with Blackest Night after all of the hype.  Personally, I think it’s gonna be awesome.  Maybe it will even blow my expectations out of the water!

  44. @Zeppo – Welcome to the dark side.

  45. @Prax  Yeah Millennium was all about the Guardians so I think this will be a lot different. Man I haven’t thought about Millennium in years dude. I found the mini and like 5 of the tie-in books in a back issue bundle at a con in 8th grade for 15 bucks. Worth it, but maybe reading it all at once helped.

  46. That cover is frickin’ SWEET! GAME ON!

  47. Is anyone else planning on rereading Alan Moore’s "In Blackest Night" from Tales of the Green Lantern Corps Annual #3 tonight?  I have it collected in "The Stories of Alan Moore" from DC.

  48. Who else thinks we may see a zombie Bruce Wayne by the time this is all over? BTW can not freaking wait for this!!

  49. @vada- It just means I’m VERY excited for this book 😉 nothing sexual lol

    @chad- There can’t be a zombie Bruce Wayne, because he isn’t really dead … right?

  50. @ stuclach

     I’m even picking up some Batman books. DC (the dark side) is winning me over

  51. @Zeppo – I assume that is because we have someone who is actually named Darkseid.

  52. I also have joined ranks of those pulling more DC than Marvel over the last few months. With GL/Blackest Night , the Bat Books, and Flash Rebirth ( btw when are we getting #4?), Dark Reign is falling by the wayside. Also, the DC books seem to give me more for my buck!

  53. I think Flash: Rebirth #4 is coming out the first week of August.

  54. thank you

  55. Wow, it’s finally here! Things are about to get crazy in the DCU: human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria!!!

  56. @WadeWilson I think his corpse is still in the present as it were, so, yeah, I think he can be Thriller-ized.

  57. Wait, what is this?

     I kid, I kid. This is like a sequal to 30 Days of Night or something, right?

  58. @EAGLEBAUER – Best Line from anything ever!

  59. @flakbait, I and others have already said as much.. it’s their response to Marvel Zombies.

  60. Sorry.  The issue Moore wrote that contains the Blackest Night Prophecy was Tygers in Green Lantern Corps Annual #2.

  61. @PRAX: too soon… too soon…

  62. @edward Sorry, I live in Harlem, NYC. It’s been a non-stop Michael Jackson on my street since June 25. All his songs are stuck in my head! Plus, someone had to do it.

  63. First, a confession: I have never read a Green Lantern comic, nor have I been all that tempted. But truth be told, I am feeling left out of all the excitement around this book. Who can convince me in a few sentences why I should hop on?

  64. @HailScott – The dead shall rise…and they will be (re?)animated by Ivan Reis.

    @Prax – Bring on the Jackson references.  It is never too soon to being mocking a mutant pedophile who may have drugged himself to death.  What the hell have we been waiting for?

  65. @WadeWilson

    Since he’s in the past, they could have his corpse from when he actually does die… kinda like how even though the time machine was sent to 1885 at the end of BttF2, they still found it in that cave at the beginning of BttF3.

  66. jackson black lantern ?


     wait for it….

    VS THE TINY TITANS!!!!!!!! 

  68. @ABirdseysView – Nasty, but genuinely entertaining.

  69. …what a twist


  71. i immediately regret posting that, sorry

  72. should be shown holding the tiny titans like larfleeze holds his lantern

  73. @edward: Don’t regret it. I actually thought the same exact thing when I first heard the news.

  74. @Slockhart- Good point, I never thought of that … time travel makes my head hurt. Sometimes when I watch the Back To The Future movies I cry & froth at the mouth, while cross-eyed.

    @edward- If MJ is drawn as a Black Lantern, it will be the first time in about 20 years he’s been black. *rimshot*

    Totally with stuclach on the MJ stance …

    But anyways … do the Black Lanterns crave brains like regular zombies, or something different?

  75. @peterporker: i’ll give you that. that was very funny

  76. @WadeWilson – I am very interested in the answer to that question as well.  Are they zombies or something more?

  77. @WadeWilson @Stuclach : I think the black lanterns will feed on emotion making them veeery difficult to stop. However, their master may may indeed crave ‘flesh’.

  78. @JonCrites – Interesting.  I guess I will find out the details in a few hours.

  79. can’t wait!

  80. aghhhhhhhh WTF awsome endding

  81. Definitely did not disappoint! They’re wasting no time in getting into it. That’s what I’m talkin’ about!

  82. Yeah all the hype, prelude, and prologues were worth it.

    This is gonna be a brutal event and I cant wait to see where this takes us. Great issue

  83. I hope Grant Morrison is taking notes.

  84. "I smell a mystery." is a real contender for moment of the week. Wow, that page made me squeel.

  85. I love these "blown away" comments.  I cannot wait to get home and read this.  I’m jumping on here so i hope that works.

  86. @Roi-Agreed.  Crazy ass page.

    Damn fine read.  I can’t believe Bzzt is a black lantern.  I love that damn fly 🙁

  87. Comic was fantastic and the free Black Lantern rocks.

  88. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Goodness grapefruits!  

  89. Holy shit

  90. Don’t get me wrong, the issue was good, but its decided; I fucking hate fucking events!

    After House of M, Infinite crisis, 52, Civil War, Final Crisis and Secret Invasion, I can’t take it anymore. And I’ve already read Marvel Zombies. I like my events done by DnA!

    I’m not dropping it, but I’m fucking pissed!

  91. If you want me to state who I want to do art for the Flash ongoing with Geoff Johns.

    Please give me Ivan Reis! Oh my god his way to draw Wally is 100x better then what Schiver has been doing.

  92. @TNC-Barry.

  93. @drake: Barry, Wally, Jay, Bart, Max; whatever! He’s better to draw the Flash family then what I saw in that mini series.

  94. This is Shit, post fan.

  95. @TNC-Off topic, but I completely disagree.  Van Sciver is doing great stuff.

    I really loved that moment when Barry found out that Sue and Ralph were dead. Quite emotional

  96. I’m getting Venture Bros vibe when it comes to seeing this cover

  97. This was way more satisfying than Final Crisis #1. That said, I found FC more interesting and gripping. But I have a feeling Blackest Night will go down as the most crowd-pleasing comics event in decades, easily. Johns really knows the right sequences of emotional buttons to push. It isn’t high literature or whatever, but it’s FUN modern superheroics at their best.

  98. @ Drakedangerz

    Ivan Reis Drew that.

  99. @Flapjaxx


  100. @Caleb, I think Drake was making two separate points. 1 about Flash, and another about Blackest Night

  101. i didn’t like the variant cover. the main cover is definitely better. I like the fact that i get the black ring when i bought the issue. Read it while wearing the ring. lol.

  102. the best way I’ve come up with descibing the feeling after i finished reading this is the phrase: "SHIT IS GOIN DOWN! SHIT IS GOIN DOWN!"

  103. wow this was a great start this book was AWESOME

  104. Spoiler 

    Did anyone else get a "Death in the Family" vibe on that panel toward the end when Ralph is saying "Hated?" The hammer, and just the way his face is drawn reminds me of that sequence where Joker just keeps whacking Jason with a crowbar.

  105. I really liked the second half of this issue.  The first half just felt like so much exposition and introduction.  I felt the same way about most of the first issue of Legion of the Three Worlds.  Maybe I just don’t like how Johns does the intro portions of his "events" (or perhaps I just don’t like first issues).  The second half was excellent and the art was consistently very good.

  106. spoiler

    my favorite moment was the page turn where scar attacks the guardians, I freaked out a bit.  I loved the whole thing, already read it 3 times and will probably read it some more.  I scored the variant cover and the normal cover, happy with both 🙂  Its the first comic in a while where I got on the phone with a buddy to talk about it after we both finished it…sorta felt like a teenage girl for a minute there.

  107. To put my opinion about this book into succinct words: This book was written for me. Or at the very least fans very much like me. It hit all the continuity notes that I’ve been around to see (Cosmic Odyssey! Action Comics Weekly!) and worked them into the narrative. There’s this great balance of light and dark in the pages. And really, that’s all I can say about the book before dissolving into non-sensical fan-babble. Really. Exceeded my very high expectations of what this series would be. I do have to say though, there are brilliant, important character moments that are touched on early in this book that are obviously coming back to haunt us. The small scene of Barry touching Psycho-Pirate’s morgue door, the Damage/Atom Smasher scene (Can anyone tell Johns loves these guys?)… just… awesome.

    And really, the final pages ask a lot of interesting questions. What happens when eternal lovers are intercepted before they can "die naturally" to reincarnate? I literally sucked in a breath at that scene. I recall Johns writing the "first" Hawkman/Hawkgirl story and events proceeded in a similar fashion. Just… wow. All right, I’ll stop babbling now. 5/5, clearly my pick of the week. And it better be yours too! 


    @PraxJarvin – Why didn’t you post this as a review? I have seen millions of review that aren’t half as interesting as what you just posted.  I am glad to hear that you liked this so much.  The Barry touching Psycho-Pirate’s door was quite awesome.

  109. @stulach In all honesty… were I to review the book, it would be a lengthy 5-6 paragraph review. That little piece was written stream of consciousness. Originally it was meant to be Giddy-fanboy noises with what I rated the book. And then it grew. I’ve mentioned before, I generally don’t like using the review option unless I can write something substantive for the review.

  110. @stuclach:

    "I have seen millions of reviews that aren’t half as interesting as what you posted."

    Aww 🙁

  111. I gave in and bought it.  Fantastic issue.  ‘Nuff said.

  112. @PraxJarvin – Understood.

    @TNC – Not directed at you specifically.  I’ve written a few stinkers in my time.

  113. @stuclach: It’s okay, I knew you werent doing specifics.

    But my review is a real barn burner folks! Read now! *thumbs up* 🙂

  114. I think if I knew even a thimble-full of the ocean that is DC history I would have enjoyed this, but I don’t know Jack from Jill and all these character names made my head hurt and I have no desire to look everyone of them up.

  115. @s1lentslayer – I’m not sure you really need to know too many of them to get the gist of the story.  You may miss a few of the subtle nods, but I think the central plot features primarily noteworthy characters (and if not Johns spent some time introducing them).

    If you have specific questions post them here.  I am sure one of us (probably someone more knowledgable than I) can clear it up for you.

  116. @s1lentslayer I’m willing to answer any and all questions/clarifications you have within the best of my ability as a long time Green Lantern and DC fan.

  117. spoiler

    one last thing from me, the thing on the last page that has the black rings counting UP, was really interesting to me.  so everytime they suck out someone’s life force/soul/whatever the rings power level went up.  the first two deaths put the rings at 0.02%.  Holy crap a lotta people are going to have to die to get that to 100%.  color me intrigued.

  118. @speaknspell – I’m guessing that the goal for the heroes when this is all said and done will be to stop it from reaching 100%.  Because if it does….

  119. @Caleb-Yes, two different points

  120. So did anyone notice the spelling error?  It’s on page 15 (counting ad pages too), in the third of the bottom four panels where Atom is talking about basically having a broken face.  Only instead of saying "I was left alive with a crushed nasal cavity and a mangled profile", he says: "I was left alive with a crust NAVAL cavity and a mangled profile."  So what, his bellybutton caved in?  Geez, that’s gotta be painful. lol  But otherwise, this was a fantastic first issue.  It’s definitely raised some stakes.  And I think that either they’re going to use Hawkman and Hawkwoman’s death to reboot them so to speak (perhaps introducing new ones all together), or everyone who became a Blank Lantern in the end will become alive again.  That’s my call anyway.

  121. @CGPO – I noticed that. Didn’t really bother me.

    I am going to be extremely irritated if this is how they bring Bruce back.

  122. Bruce isnt dead! The body is a skeleton but the mind/spirit is somewhere else. Even if the body is ressurected it wont be able to function

  123. @TNC – Exactly why it would annoy me if they bring Bruce back in the fashion GCPD described.

  124. @GCPO – looking back on it, it did bother me. i’d all but forgotten about it.

    @stuc – i don’t know. it could be kind of retro, bringing back Bruce this way. make it nice cheesy. the odds are against it though.

    @champ – i think i may never read another one of your reviews again (which is something of a guilty pleasure of mine. my internal editor is something of a masochist). seeing as you’ve yet to read mine when i’ve actually bothered to credit you within 

  125. From what he set up in this issues, it seems like Johns is using this series to make a meta-comment on death in comic books (just like he used Infinite Crisis to make a comment on the ret-con). From the way he’s set things up, I don’t think he’s going to use this series for a bunch of cheap resurrections.

  126. It’s zombies just go with it.

    Incredible issue, loved every page.  The ending pages were just brutal I can’t wait to see what comes next.

  127. Notice how the Black Hand has Bruce’s skull with him at all times. 

    I wonder how this will play out in other books? Like will Red Robin take notice and further his claims that Bruce isn’t dead? 

  128. Did anyone else in their comic shop get the free black lantern ring with their purchase of this issue? I know I did.

  129. @jackietam: Damn so THAT’S what the other guy behind the counter was mentioning to the guy running the till as I was leaving.  Damn.

  130. @jackietam Yep I did. It’s going to sit right next to my Flash ring from NYCC on my Book Shelf.

  131. I love that the rings were adult sized this time, unlike the tiny green and yellow ones they passed out at SDCC last year.  I missed the  yellow ones though, they dissappeared too quick 🙁

  132. I loved this issue!  I have no idea what’s going on, or who most of these people are, but I still am totally sucked in. 

    I have a sort of ‘citizens eye view’ on the DC as a whole right now.  I know the characters but very little about them.  My real intro to DC (outside of Batman) was Identity Crisis.  While perhaps not the best jumping on point I learned a lot very quickly. 

    Same with this event.   It’s been great and I don’t feel to bogged down by not knowing who everyone is or what the motivations of each character are.

    (But be warned Prax, I might have to turn to you before too long for info)

    Totally into the hype and I can’t wait for more.

  133. Loved this!!


    Now I’ll be going over to wikipedia to look up some names that I’m not familiar with…Dee Tyler, Ryan Kendall, Roy Lincoln, Al Pratt, Jenny-Lynn Hayden, Roscoe Dillon, Digger Harkenss…gotta do my research.

  134. incredible issue!!!

  135. I have never been too  much of a dc fan. I picked this up outta curiosity. I was impressed, and will be following the rest of the series. Poor Poor Hawkman

  136. I tell you what I saw a guy in the JLA morgue called: The Fiddler Man.

    There is no one else I want to see more then that guy. How on earth could a guy with that name be any threatening?

  137. I think I had a nerd-gasm, this issue was amazing on all levels. Totally lived up to all the hype. I NEVER thought I’d see a comic where Batman’s skull is licked.

    @CGPO-Thanks for explaining the typo, because I was wondering what the fuck a "naval cavity" was LOL.

    Question about the Black Lantern rings: Do they only resurrect super heroes/villains & people connected with them or will we see a huge army of undead regular people?

  138. PS- The cover totally sums up the issue — a skull vomiting Black Lantern ring awesomeness directly into comics fans faces.

  139. Pure comic porn.  I’ve had to reread it already to make sure I didn’t miss anything.  All the faces popping up in the group pictures of the dead giving us some insite to who might be appearing soon.  Can’t wait for Black Lantern VIBE!!!!!

  140. Holy shit at the POTW percentage.  Still I’m happy to wait this out for the trades.

  141. I got a nice chuckle out of that typo.

  142. Awesome. Fucking. Comic.

  143. Amazing issue. The art was fantastic and the story was shocking, I could not believe the end. 

  144. Great issue! It definately set up for an exciting romp through DC history and an exciting conclusion to Geoff John’s Green Lantern triology that started with Rebirth.  The scape of this event is daunting, covering nearly every comic character in the DCU, from the Batman, to Superman, to the Flash, to the Teen Titans and even Aquaman.  Can’t wait to see what happens next.

  145. I think the question no one is asking is who is behind the black lanterns? who’s voice is speaking to black hand and scar? i thought it was the anti-monitor inside the black lantern. but when i re-read sinestro corps war the other day, the voice(with the same bubble style and lettering) says something like "the anti-monitor has arrived". the anti-monitor is then turned into the lantern while yelling in pain. so who is behind the black lanterns?

     also loved every moment of this, and can’t wait for more.

  146. Just wanted to thank DC for the Black Lantern ring. That was a real nice touch. 

  147. I’m content, I think, with not knowing who everyone is. It’s easier that way because otherwise I’d have to look up nearly everyone hehe. I figure all I need to know is a bunch of people have been dead and now they’re zombies thanks to the black rings. Are they going to have their former powers in addition to their ring powers? How much of their former selves will be made manifest in their zombie version?

  148. This was AMAZING.  I was, for some reason, horrified when the black ring came for Jade.  I guess I liked her more than I thought.  The end was just gut-wrenching crazy.

  149. Nice touch w/ giving away complimentary Black Lantern Power Rings w/ purchase of the comic (though this could just be an LA campaign)

  150. @ivithebatmanivi – I certainly didn’t get a black ring.

  151. I got a black ring too.  I quickly put it on and ripped out the heart of the person closest to me.

  152. I have a theory about who is behind the Black Lanterns, but it’s next to groundless. I will say, it’s a great mystery because you essentially have to figure out "Who is a big enough villain to overshadow the Anti-Monitor?" 

  153. @ivithebatmanivi I got a black ring and I live in Texas so it isn’t an LA thing

  154. I like it how we’ve been bitchin about the Guardians over the last couple of months. But they simply got taken out within two pages of this! Guess all that worrying and killing didnt do nothing did it blue people!?

  155. So here is my prediction of what happens at the end:

    The Black Lanterns are too overwhelming. The greatest Green Lantern must use his power ring along with the leader of the Blue Lanterns to overcome the Blackest Night. Sinestro (GL) re-teams with Hal Jordan (BL)!!!!!


    Some will say the GL Corps will not stand for the return of Sinestro, but thy let Hal come back. Sinestro did what he did because of the prophecy of Blackest Night (as seen in Green Lantern #26, or the Rage of the Red Lantern trade.)

  156. @supertrackmonkey – That is an interesting theory.  I don’t see the Sinestro as Green Lantern happening, but I have been wrong before.

  157. If you want a good guess at who the Big Bad is read Tales of the Green Lantern Corps by Mike W Barr and Len Wein

  158. The NAVAL typo didn’t bother me, it was funny!  I’ve never heard of a collapsing belly-button before.  It sounds like you’re imploding at your belly-button.

  159. @wulfstone: Yeah that makes sense to me

  160. For anyone who hasn’t been reading Green Lantern(like myself) this was very easy to follow.  So if you wanted to try Green Lantern, don’t be scared about starting here.

  161. its been pretty obvious that senestro might turn a new leaf. i think he will die saving everyone tho, not joining the corps agian.   did anyone else find those black rings too big, they didnt fit even my thumb and im not a little guy  🙁

  162. The 1st half of the book was OK, but from the whole scene w/ Scar & the other Guardians on…………. IT WAS TOTALLY KICK-ASS!!!!!! The Hawkman scene was my most favorite part.  GEOFF JOHNS IS THE BEST WRITER IN COMICS 2DAY. Its easy 2 care about heroes u are already familiar w/. But 2 make someone (like me) who has pretty much been a Marvel guy his whole life, care about characters he is not completly familiar w/, is the sign of a truly excellent writer. I went from, "Who the hell is that Green guy that looks like Reed Richards" to having Hal Jordan being one of my most favorite characters.



  163. I wish I got a Black ring. If anyone has an extra they want to get rid of let me know.

  164. Over 1000 pulls now.

  165. So is this how DC will bring back some characters? And even maybe restart one as well?

  166. Ok, I have a quick question, Batman "died" in Final Crisis, but at the end we see him as a caveman at the end.  So how in the hell can his skull exisit on two plans of time?  It may be my lack of comic knowledge, but it has been bugging me while watching this black hand creeper make out with his skull. 

  167. @WadeWilson:

    I heard that the Flying Graysons were going to become Black Lanterns. So it will be more than just heroes/villains. 

  168. @forestjwp Bruce Wayne was subjected to the Omega Sanction, otherwise known as the "Death that is Life." His soul, for lack of a better term, is seemingly separated from his physical body and sent to start living the first of successively worse life-times. (Think of it like Quantum Leap, in a sense. Only instead of positive, life affirming Sci-Fi, you get… thousands of lifetimes of horrible, horrible things and untimely deaths.) His body in the present dies. Superman takes his body, shows it to the other heroes and then they bury it. I would bet a pretty penny that the reason Bruce’s skull is being used and the fact that he’s not a Black Lantern has something to do with the fact that he’s alive somewhere in time/space. Hope that helped.

  169. @Prax:  Thanks for the info, so basically Bruce lives in a purgatory?

    @supertrackmonkey:  The Flying Graysons becoming Black Lanterns is something that I would love to see.  Just for the fact that seeing how Dick Grayson would handle it, he is barely getting by as is with the loss of Bruce.  To see his family return as heart eating lanterns may just kill him.   

  170. So much hype.  So many expectations.  Such a great delivery.  This was an incredible comic book. 

    Most shocking thing – Barry Allen being centre stage. Is Flash Rebirth really a Blackest Night book? 

  171. Amazing. I had goosebumps all down my back as I was reading this. All the threads of stories from the last few years of JLA, JSA, Green Lantern, and Flash seamlessly woven together made me giddy with geek excitement.

    Great stuff. What with Rucka’s Batwoman, Morrison’s Batman & Robin and now this, DC has totally won me over. 

  172. @Prax:

    I no longer think Bruce will be a Black Lantern. Your theory makes a lot more sense than that. It will be interesting to hear the reasons Johns comes up with as to what’s the exact connection between his skull and how/why the rings themselves are coming out of it. I’m sure it will be awesome though. But god that’s kinda creepy if you think about it for too long.

  173. that spelling of "naval" refers to the navy, not to your belly button or "navel".  So I dunno, perhaps a naval cavity is the result of some sort of navy injury.

     anyway,  why are there so many Black Lanterns from Earth?  It seems the premise of a universe-spanning force works against their desire to tell a superhero zombie story. Maybe I’m a biased Marvel fan, but I thought it would be good to offer some criticism.

  174. Geoff Johns is king.


  175. I bet Blackest Night is where the DCU heroes figure out or at least begin to figure out that Bruce isn’t really dead and will begin to set-up what I’m guessing is next summer’s big event: the return of Bruce Wayne.

  176. @ABirdseysView – the NAVAL is most certainly a misspelling.  He talks about his face basically being punched in, and thus, a NASAL cavity injuring makes perfect sense.

  177. I’m not saying it wasn’t a misspelling.  I’m saying the word somebody thought it was is a homonym for the word it actually is.

    NASAL- the word it should have been.

    NAVAL- the word that is written in the book instead.  A couple people thought it was your belly-button.  It actually refers to a navy.

    NAVEL- the word that actually means belly-button.

    Get it? I’m just saying, if you’re gonna call out a typo, recognize the word you are looking at. 

  178. This comic was great.  Great setup to what is going to be a shattering reality altering series.  Great art.  Great writing.  Great characters, but the reality is we already knew what was going to happen in this comic from the setup of the previous comics.  I kept turning each page waiting for something to happen, and it didn’t until the last 5 or so pages it seemed like.  I expect the second issue to be far more revealing. 

  179. @CGPO

    I hope they keep Bruce "dead" longer than a year. I still think it’s to early to bring back Steve Rogers, after being dead for two years. I really want to see Dick and Tim grow into more prominent roles in the DCU (like JLA membership.)

    At the earliest, bring Bruce back after 5 years. Have Tim be the one to (find a way to) bring him back. Then you can have multiple storylines involving Who should be the Batman? Who will be Robin if Bruce returns as Batman, Tim or Damian? Who is going to tell Bruce that his skull was raped by the Black Hand?

  180. I’m really happy that DC is having a big event that affects the whole DCU that doesn’t have the word "crisis" in the title.

  181. Being that I only read Superman and Batman books, I had basically no idea what was going on here.  I think if somebody were to like narrate it for me or something, it’d be a cool story.  The art is awesome though!!

    I just wish I knew more about what is going on here!!

  182. @ Robbydzwonar:

    This is a Green Lantern story that happens to encompass the rest of the DCU. Go back and pick up the "Rage of the Red Lanterns" trade. If you could also pick up the past 4-5 Green Lantern issues, that would help too.   

  183. Its World War Z… with superheroes!

  184. Being a huge DC fan since I can remember. This is huge & this issue was just killer. I’m so glad it’s a Green Lantern based story.

  185. I liked it!

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