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I’m sorry, folks. This is bad comics. This is embarrassingly bad comics.

Geoff Johns resorts to a mind-numbingly boring combination of the grotesque, and, even worse, the sort of rapey violent antics that have made the name Meltzer persona non grata for most discerning comic fans. The combination of continuity porn and senseless violence makes for poor, formulaic, and uninteresting storytelling. I’d like to think Geoff Johns is a better writer than this, but issues like this really make me wonder.

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  1. Wow, I disagree to a large extent, but do admire your courage, sir. I don’t think Blackest Night is anywhere near the embodiment of Bad Comics (that honor, imo, goes to most recent Loeb books, or to most Bendis Avengers "stories" in which people in superhero costumes for some reason just sit around and make lame jokey banter like they’re the cast of "Friends" all of a sudden). I thought BN #1 was a ton of fun and the perfect start to a comics event. That said, I’m with you to the extent that I don’t think Blackest Night is *profound* or *thoughtful* at all. At all. It’s just a zombie story, albeit an extremely well-done and entertaining one. The mentality I don’t get is where people think what Johns does should automatically stand on the shelf next to Watchmen if not Shakespeare. In my opinion it’s better suited to go on a shelf next to my X-Men 2 DVD and an old He-Man action figure–but hey, I like those things alright.

  2. I’m right with you on Loeb (I actually like Bendis quite a bit, even on Avengers, and I think Dark Avengers has been very good.)  But I expect Jeph Loeb to suck.  I know I am only reading Ultimatum to find out what happens to set up the new Bendis and Millar series.  5 issues and I won’t have to read any more.

    I expect better from Johns, because Green Lantern has been an enjoyable book since Rebirth, because he is certainly a better writer than Jeph Loeb, because he showed on infinite crisis and the sinestro corps war that he can do big cosmic crises that still respect the medium, tell good stories, and don’t make me want to barf from disgust at cheap shots and poor writing.  This was women in refrigerators, brad meltzer brain hemmorage bad from a writer who, while admittedly not my favorite, is far better than this

  3. hater

  4. No.  I’ve read every issue of GL since rebirth, and I think this is not where the story needs to go, badly executed, and just generally sophomoric.

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