What’s the Best Comic Book Being Published Right Now? Fall 2012 Edition [Updated]

Back in the Fall of 2010, Conor asked you to nominate and make the case for your favorite ongoing series then being published. It inspired tons of great discussion and debate, which was later scattered to the wind when Conor swooped in to name Grant Morrison’s Batman & Robin the definitive best in class.

While many of the series you suggested, from The Unwritten to The Walking Dead and Chew remain strong contenders, the comics landscape has changed a lot in two years.

So, let’s pose the question again.

What’s the best comic being published right now? Not of all time. Not next month. Today. 

No lists either. Just one pick per person. And make your case! If you just post a title, we won’t count it. Support your favorite book with an argument for its supremacy! 

Later on, we’ll tabulate the results and let you know the iFanbase top 5!

UPDATE! 4:45pm PT – As promised, we have tallied up your comments and—-after discarding those from people who picked multiple books, or did not give a reason behind their vote, as a penalty for their lack of reading comprehension and/or inability to make a decision-—here are your top five vote-getters (with their percentage of votes to the total, rounded off):

5. Batman, Incorporated (3%)
4. The Manhattan Projects / Hawkeye (5%) [Tie]
3. Wolverine and the X-Men (8%)
2. Batman (16%)
1. Saga (23%)

All great choices and it’s hard to argue with any of them!

This was fun. We’ll do this again sometime in the future when things are slow.


  1. Batman by Snyder and Capullo.

    • I was supposed to state the case for it, but the work speaks for itself. It’s suspenseful, smart, loyal to the roots of the character and amazingly innovative for a 70+ years character.

    • Agreed

    • Agreed, Batman by Snyder and Capullo. For the simple reason of great stories and great art. Also the court of owls are a great addition to batmans rogue gallery.

    • Batman definitely deserves to be in the conversation.

    • Saga is good, but there hasn’t been an issue in 2 months. Batman is always good because it’s Batman. X-Force was good till they offed Phantomex and Marvel stopped caring about the book.

      The Valiant stuff hasn’t failed yet. My vote is for Archer and Armstrong. Solid dialogue, great art, and they tried a “fastball special” and it didn’t work. Amazing.

    • My vote goes for Batman as well. I honestly thought in #13 Harley’s face was coming off. Gave me a chill to see the Joker no holds barred as he should be

    • Tough call…I agree with the posts on Batman…It stands as a tie for me right now. DAREDEVIL and EARTH 2.

      Mark Waid and his various art teams brought Daredevil back to basics, made him an adventurer again as opposed to a Marvelized Batman figure.

      James Robinson and Nicola Scott are producing a very solid, straight up super-hero book. It’s everything JLA should have been. Scott is one of my favourite artists.

  2. Saga. Why? BKV is back in comics in fine form and the industry as a whole is better for it. Fresh, new and far out ideas, rich and real characters, snappy dialogue and a sense of complete surprise as to what will happen next.

    • Oh, and Fiona is just ridiculous on pencils. Seriously, just look at those pencils and you’ll be sure to pick up what she’s throwing down.

    • Correct. Might as well end the topic here.

    • SAGA FTW, absolutely, one-hundred percent.

      Robots with TVs for heads having sex. Need I say more?

    • Saga is definitly the comic I’m most excited to read when I comes out. Great story, characters and art.

    • Saga. Saga, Saga, Saga.

    • Adding to the case for Saga, I think the series has an excellent flow. Every issue ends on a cliffhanger that leaves me really wanting to know what’s going to happen next, but at the same time its not episodic, the whole story fits together easily.

    • Agreed. With Batman being a close second. I consistently lend Saga out to people who don’t read comics normally and they always ask when there will be more. Great book.

    • I knew in the first issue that this was one of the best books I’d ever held in my hands. Saga FTW, all the way.

    • Another vote for Saga.

    • Agreed! Great characters who you feel you know, an interesting and unpredictable journey, and great world building makes this one the best comic story on the market. It’s so much fun month after month.

    • I’ll throw my chips in with Saga too, while it’s not my *favorite* book on the stands right now (that would be a toss-up between Harbinger and Prophet), it has consistently been the most original, high-quality work produced in the medium of comics since Issue One. When someone asks me “why do you like comics?”, I used to give them Watchmen or Charles Burns’ Black Hole as an example of what the medium is capable of. If you asked me the same question in 2012, I’d probably give you Saga. It is the closest thing we have to a contemporary comics masterpiece, and it’s only just beginning.

    • Agreed. Saga. Amazing art, amazing story so far and with some of the most vibrant and stand-out covers of any series out there. Add to that the very personal and old school letter column in the back and you truly have a book that is great from the front cover to the very last page.

    • Saga is the book that got me back into monthly issues after a LOOOOONG layoff. Between the great art, awesome dialogue and batty (and amazing) ideas, it’s the book I look forward to most and has yet to come close to letting me down. SAGA!!!!

    • This!
      Along with Hawkeye they’re the only comics I’m buying physically every month. Money’s tight right now but they’re worth every penny and while Hawkeye is damn good Saga is an epic masterpiece, a future classic for sure.

    • Pile on! Saga it is! That time off just showed me how much i love this book. I feel like i have a bad drug habit and can’t wait for my next fix

    • +1 for Saga. The art is just incredible. Leaps and bounds above 90% of everything else I read. The characters are interesting and believable. They feel like real people. The universe is imaginative and deep and, again, it just feels authentic, despite the fantastic elements. Everything about the book helps sell the universe and its characters, and makes me care about what happens to them. I’m hooked.

    • daredevil , scarlet spider, batman, thief of thieves, i could go on as all very good but there is one book that stands out one that i have to read right away every time i get a new copy one that excites me , transports me to another world a imaginative and deep iniverse , the book is fresh and new , funny , has that adult edge to it, makes you care about the characters you want to follow there story you want to know whats round the corner , you want to explore their world with them. your left on the edge after every issue, you have no idear were its going what will and can happen or what your going to see next (mad orgy on sex sextillion!). its not just the story that makes me go wow as i turn the pages but the amazing artwork an all round awesome package and only 2.99!!! this book cant be beat many will try some may come close but for the best comic book being published right now its SAGA nuff said…….

    • Avatar photo jmooby (@KYforLiberty) says:

      SAGA !

  3. uncanny x-force. made people care about fringe characters like fantomex, great new characters like the new horsemen and genesis. brought a “same but different” feel to wolverine, fantastic writing, characters were 100% down. Dont even get me started on the art, opena’s work on that series was nothing short of spectacular. Best story arc of the year was a tie between apocalypse solution and dark angel saga.

  4. Daredevil by Mark Waid and Chris Samnee. The work and the Eisner Award should speak for themselves, but, truth be told, I look forward to picking up no other book each month than I do this one. The art is just so clean and crisp and the story so downright fun, even when Matt Murdock is doubting his sanity. That says something. Also, where else can you make a legitimate threat out of the Spot?!?

  5. To me is definitely Saga, it’s the one I look forward the most and has delivered every time. And it helped me rediscover my love for Sci-Fi

  6. This is an impossible task Paul! Right now we’re being spoiled by the likes Invincible, The Walking Dead, Saga, Manhattan Projects, Uncanny X-Force, Batman and Uncanny Avengers to name but a few. I honestly don’t think comic fans have had content as good as this ever.

  7. Daredevil. Consistently great, strong art. A new direction and tone for the character that makes sense but doesn’t feel like a retread of Bendis, Miller or Brubaker.

  8. Saga, because it is probably the most promising comic being produced. Vaughan alludes to things that will happen later on in the series that the reader is only guessing at. The imagination in both writing and art style is superb.

  9. Sage by BKV and Fiona Staples. This book is mind blowing every single month, and I have loaned it out countless times to non comic readers, and they can’t wait for each new issue!

  10. Wolverine & The X-Men.

    This series has made comics fun again, without giving up on wonderful emotional beats. Love everything about it.

    • I think this might be in the conversation if it wasn’t for several issues of mediocre AVX tie-ins.

    • I agree, W&TXM. Jason Aaron surprised even Jason Aaron fans with this quirky, funny, and vastly imaginative take on the X-School. He evolved Wolverine’s character, which is no small feat for a cash cow character like that. The art has ben stupendous by a number of artists, and they managed to have one clear “tone” to the art even though the individual styles vary greatly. Even AvX tie-ins focused heavily on new characters in a fun way. Perhaps most importantly, he brought the school element back the X-World, which has been an important part of the legacy of the X-men, and has been missing for far too long.

      This series is something special even among all of the “something special” A list titles out there (Daredevil, Hawkeye, Batman, Manhatten Projects, Saga).

    • Wolverine and the X-Men.

      it makes the absolute best use of the shared universe with a ton of great cameo appearances and secondary characters. It is amazingly funny and has the greatest ensemble cast in comics.

      Plus DOOP!

    • Here Here! Every time I read Wolverine and the X Men I literally say out loud, “God I love this book”.

      Nick Bradshaw!

    • I agree, Wolverine and the X-Men is one of the few monthly books I read as soon as I get home (along with Saga, Batman, Wonder Woman). Also, the AvsX crossovers really were not that bad, and there were a lot of them.

  11. Saga, although I am obviously a huge Daredevil fan. Edge to Saga because BKV & Staples are creating this comic book amazingness from scratch.

  12. Wolverine and the X-Men. Even with AvX, Aaron still made the book work and kept it good.

  13. Batman

  14. Batman by Snyder

  15. Snyder/Capullo… Batman, hands down. Great art, Great story. Thought nothing was gonna touch Morrison’s run. Even the backup stories are fantastic. Joker looks to be not tired or a retread, but new and interesting. It’s Batman. It’s always Batman.

  16. The 6th Gun by Bunn & Hurtt. It’s smart, original, and a cross-genre thrill-ride.

  17. BATMAN INCORPORATED is by far the most consistently GREAT comic. Very few comics can capture character moments like Morrison is doing here. NONE can do it with a cast as huge and interchanging as Morrison has done with Inc. Chris Burnham’s art has gone from inspired by Frank Quitely to definitely Chris Burnham, and no one can complain about that. Characters show expression in every panel, and those panels aren’t four to a page in horizontal wide frame like a cheesy movie. Splash pages are done with taste and used sparingly. Batman Incorporated is just pure FUN. The story is personal. The characters are interesting and the creators are doing what most people in superhero comics struggle to do….CREATE.

    Azzarello’s WONDER WOMAN and Spencer’s MORNING GLORIES are both amazing stories with great character moments as well, but not as consistent as Batman Inc.

  18. Batman is the best comic being published right now. In fact, Snyder’s Batman may be the best Batman of all time. Snyder’s writing has been daring, engaging and layered. His plot points have changed the Batman mythos forever. Capullo’s pencils are beautiful and substantially realistic. The panel by panel storytelling is second to none. One of the largest problems that comics face at this time is the increasing number of trade waiters. What Batman does better than any other book on the market is tell a captivating and satisfying story in a single issue. Even the Walking Dead and Saga struggle to keep readers feeling satisfied at the end of an issue. I hope that whomever makes this decision will give thoughtful consideration to this amazing title and conclude that Batman is not only the best title in the New 52, it is the best title in comics at the moment.

  19. Scalped. In all its years of existence, it NEVER had one bad, boring, confusing, skip-through-it, “meh” issue. EVER.

    If you’re only considering ongoing series, American Vampire fits the above bill.

  20. The correct answer would be, Uncanny X-Force.

  21. Avatar photo DDangelico (@DavidDangelico) says:


    • Avatar photo DDangelico (@DavidDangelico) says:

      And for my “why” (sorry, I’m really terrible at playing by the rules): Saga is the most consistent book on the shelves. We’re six issues in and I still have no idea what is going to happen next. Fiona Staples’ art is jaw dropping, while Vaughan’s writing is touching, exciting, and funny all at the same time. I care about every single character in the book–even the villains. There are no cardboard characters in Saga. Everyone is well-developed and brings something to the overall story. As someone who reads several monthly titles, I often have to reread a previous issue so that i can remember the entire plot. I never have to do that with Saga–the storytelling is that good and memorable.

  22. Batman.

    Snyder and Capullo are perfectly in sync every month and it’s the most engaging and entertaining comic I read. I love Daredevil, Aquaman and Amazing Spider-Man too but Batman hits home every time without fail. Consistent brilliance.

  23. Batman Inc
    Why? It makes every other comic I read pale in comparison.

  24. Batman by Snyder and Capullo

    • Forgot to make my case: Fantastic detailed and dynamic art by Capullo and the story by Snyder always keeps me on the edge of my seat. It’s incredible how fast The Court of Owls became THE best new villians in the DC universe. I mean, just one year later DC even managed to spin an ongoing series out of that Storyline: Talon.

  25. My vote is for Saga. It’s imaginative and unlike anything else out there, but I can easily relate to the characters and have been deeply invested in them since issue 1, page 1.

    Here’s why Saga beats the other front runners:
    Daredevil – Boring if you’re not already invested in the character. I was on board for the first 12 or so issues, but found it started being the last of my weekly haul that I’d read. I think this is because I was never given a reason to care about Matt Murdock.

    Batman – I’m as big a fan of Snyder’s Batman stuff as anyone. His Detective Comics run was amazing. But what I’m finding lately is that he’s too dependent on dialog to move the story forward. Page after page of talking heads and huge word balloons gets boring after a while (cough – Court of Owls finale – cough). Give me some visual storytelling!

    Hawkeye – I’m absolutely LOVING this run, too. But let’s hold off on crowning it king until we see what the fill-in artists do with it. I think Aja’s storytelling will be sorely missed.

    X-Force – Again, this is always at the top of my read pile and definitely comes in a very close second for me. The stakes are always as high as they get and the characters are so clearly defined you can’t help but love them. Only reason Saga beats it out for me is the level imagination and creativity in the pages of Saga. Staples’ art is amazing.

    • I agree with your points.

    • Hmm. Interesting. I always read my favourite comic last. I do the same with food, always leave a mouthful of my favourite bit until last so the taste stays in my mouth. (Doubt anyone wanted to know that…)

    • Agreed 100%. Batman, when you step back a bit from it, is a little too formulaic and over-blown for what it is. It is very good, it is enjoyable, but it isn’t a masterpiece. Saga is.

    • Okay let’s all calm down a bit on Saga. It’s great, I really enjoy it, consistently a POTW week for me but calling it a “masterpiece” after only six issues is just a little very crazy. What if the next six issues are shit? I think it’s very unlikely that will happen but the truth us we don’t know. The masterpiece label should only be used on completed books, or at least on books that have have been around for a few years. There are plenty of series that have started great and then really petered out by the end.

    • I agree with everything here, especially the current-masterpiece-level of Saga.

      Except for X-Force, which is weak.

    • @USPUNX feel free to think what you will and place whatever arbitrary rules you want on the word but, yes, I have been reading comics for 30 years… it is a masterpiece. BKV even went above and beyond to lock out ads and to place limits on the issue price because it is art and it is special and this is what comics should and can be. If the series ended today it would be a masterpiece. I’m not being hyperbolic in the least.

    • I’m with punker. Chill out on the masterpiece talk till we’re further in.

      It totally could be a masterpiece eventually but to call it one now is very hyperbolic. Not in the least. The opposite of least.

      Shit’s good. We all agree. Let the thing actually get into the meat of the story a bit before you start prematurely orgasming all over it.

      Now that doesn’t mean it can’t be the best book coming out right now. It can totally be that. But masterpiece? C’mon guys. It’s getting embarrassing.

    • You people kill me, I don’t give a flying fuck what you label it. I can label a single issue a masterpiece if I want, or a single panel. Six issues of one of the most original, beautiful, unique, and a comic crafted with true passion from a proven talent and a young artist coming into her own is a masterpiece of the medium. Disagree? I don’t care.

    • @zhurrie: Look there is no need for such profanity. If you actually don’t care what other people think why are you getting so worked up? We’re all just trying to have a discussion here, occasionally that involves opinions that differ from your own. No need to get angry.

      I agree Saga is great, and will most likely be a masterpiece, but I just don’t think calling it a masterpiece yet is fair. A panel or page or even a single issue can certainly be a masterpiece because they stand on their own. But calling a series that may well run for 60 issues or long a masterpiece after only 6 issues, 10% or even less of the full series, just seems very premature to me.

      Vaughn is great, Y: The Last Man is one of my all time favorite series, Pride of Bagdad is fantastic, and Saga is in my top three books being published right now. I’m a big fan of Staples art, can’t wait to see what she does after Saga is finally complete. No disagreement from me on either point. Just seems like calling it a masterpiece right now is too soon. But as you said above we’re all entitled to our own opinions.

    • @USPUNX Which is what I said. You have your own arbitrary criteria, I have mine. If you think that is profane, we probably shouldn’t ever meet up I’d destroy your sensibilities. 🙂 I’m not worked up at all, but I am passionate and no one has any authority to attack opinions. This whole thread is opinion, someone could go in crapping on every single post if they wanted to… I initially commented here to add *support* and agree. Not sure if you caught that. Disagree? Move on and post your own comments, replying in the negative on a subjective question accomplishes nothing which was where the offensive came from. I have been reading comics longer than I’m sure a great majority here have been alive, not that that gives me any extra authority, but I’m quite sure of what appeals to me and can recognize quality and something special. This is it.

      Out of the entire six issues I can only find two minor issues/flaws one is scientific and has to do with a flaw in the first issue and the other was the dragon bus panel which was horribly digitally inked (and Fiona switched programs and has improved since). BKV is doing something special here, something truly game-changing in the medium. That doesn’t happen much. Scott Snyder (the darling of many of these posts) is formulaic, he is willing to compromise, and he does rehash ideas and themes. Again, my opinion only, Saga is fresh BKV made a point to lock in very strict rules that go against the grain in comics for this book, that is as important as the book itself IMO. It would be a masterpiece if it entirely falls apart from here as I stated I still classify it as such. Whenever anyone pushes boundaries there will be rough spots, but the bigger picture remains. Saga succeeds on many levels both on the page and in the medium. I recognize that and I am perfectly comfortable with my stance and opinion.

    • Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

      Things are getting heated here, so let’s move on.

    • I hate it when I miss out on the drama! I guess that’s what I get for not checking the site for a day.

    • Just for the record I’ve been reading comics for over 20 years. As if that means anything.

      You can throw out vedled insults like my “arbitrary” use of a word or talk about how you’d “destroy my sensibilities” all you want but none of it changes the fact that you just can’t handle someone disagreeing with you. I NEVER “crapped on” your opinion, please try to point to somewhere that I did, I was always respectful in my disagreement. I was merely pointing out I didn’t agree with you. I was trying to start a discussion about Saga but you only seem capable of argument.

      And of course this tread is opinion, just about every single thread on ifanboy is people posting their personal opinions about comics. It’s the entire point of the site! If you just want to pontificate about your feelings on comics with no feedback or interaction then start a blog. If you want to interact with other passionate comic fans and discuss differing opinions and viewpoints about comics then welcome to the best site of the web to do that!

      We’re never going to agree on Saga being an immediate masterpiece and it was never my intention to start some petty argument, honestly not even sure how it happened, so let’s just agree to disagree. Okay? Okay.

    • Gladly they are restored, and I want to give a shout out to Conor for being a stand-up person. I had honestly written off iFanboy and he earned back my respect. Not for drama or any B.S. Look these are comics, most of us are adults, many of us are very passionate about comics, art, writing, and other creative pursuits opinions are great and everyone is entitled to their own without being told they are wrong or held to someone else’s metrics. I’m not upset, and I still believe Saga to be a masterpiece and a game-changing comic for multiple reasons, others may not and that is perfectly cool with me. 🙂

  26. HAWKEYE!

    Not only is it the best debit issue of the year, it’s also continued to be solidly entertaining and enjoyable after just three issues. Fraction, Aja, Hollingsworth and company are killing it! Great take on a fan-favorite character, yet it doesn’t feel like you need to know ANYthing about Clint Barton.

    • Couldn’t agree more!

    • I respect the choice, but is Fraction still treating issues like a bad SNL sketch with one bad joke that gets jackhammered to excess in the hopes that it’ll finally get funny?* I love the art, but the scripting is a crime to what is a beautiful comic book and an approach to a series that I wish more Marvel books would take.

      I’m not trying to be a hater, but I read “Hawkeye” #1 to sample in hopes of picking up the trade later. Now, when I do this and happen to read the comic in a public setting I tend to leave the single issue wherever I happen to be in the hopes that said issue will be someone’s first comic book. With “Hawkeye” #1 I just couldn’t do it, art aside, I just couldn’t leave something like this and threw it in the trash… If this is what I’m going to have to endure to see some sweet Allred art on the new “FF” I want to be prepared…

      *To be fair, I did love this duo on “Iron Fist” but maybe Brubaker was doing the scripting…

    • Hawkeye by Fraction. I´m tottaly in DC, just buy 2 Marvel tittles, Hawkeye and Winter Soldier. But the best series now for me is Hawkeye. Funny as Justice League in the nineties by Giffen. Great characthers, great attention to details and a delicious pacing. Great art too and the best colours in mainstream comics now.

    • Agreed on Hawkeye. Amazing work all the time, and it only gets better every issue. Fraction’s “more for your money” approach here is a huge thing, considering that we’re talking Marvel here. This is the title that made Clint Barton popular for once, which should really be celebrated. The art is shockingly fantastic, and the panel count? That’s some seriously insane stuff.

    • @J-Nel: That is some serious hate towards Hawkeye! Why is it so many people seem to dislike fun superhero comics these days? Not everything has to be all dark and brooding. Its not the 80’s anymore…

    • Whoa! “Hate” is a strong word and I think I went out of my way to separate art from story, but suffice it to say that I’m not a fan of Fraction’s style of humor… And what’s with sizing me up as a man perpetually stuck in the late 80s and early 90s? I mean, my favorite superhero books going right now are “Batman Inc” and “Wolverine & The X-Men” and I’m positively shocked by the amount of love here for Snyder’s “Batman” (which I read, but just simply enjoy)…

    • Haha, I was only playing around. Many of the people who frequent my LCS go on and on about how much they dislike books like Wolverine & the X-Men and Hawkeye because they are too light and fluffy. It drives me insane! It’s funny too because the guys that work at my LCS LOVE those books just like I do. I find Hawkeye is just a fun, action packed comic. I agree Fraction’s writing style can grate, I read his Iron Man run for almost 30 issues but dropped it because his style was getting on my nerves. Also couldn’t get into his Uncanny run at all. I think that’s why I like Hawkeye so much, it’s tons of fun and I’m surprised how much I am consistently enjoying a Fraction book.

  27. Can’t decide between ‘Manhattan Projects’ and ‘Saga’. Both of them are totally different to anything else being published and both of them constantly surprise me. If I have to pick just one, then I’m gonna say ‘Manhattan Projects’. It’s just the right amount of crazy mixed with made-up history. It seems more packed than ‘Saga’ which sometimes feels a little sparse to me.

  28. Winter Soldier. While Brubaker’s work on the Captain America series has fallen off over the last few years, this series has moved in to take its place. It consistently combines classic superhero tropes like Dr. Doom, with globetrotting espionage concepts, which make it feel like the heyday of the Captain America run. Although, the series had a slow start, the current brainwashed Black Widow arc is full of excitement and momentum. After reading this month’s issue, Winter Soldier is the series I am most looking forward to next month.

    • It doesn’t get my vote for very best, but I agree that it’s an underrated series — I’ll be sorry to see Brubaker go in a couple months . . .

  29. It was Batman, but I dunno if I’m feeling this new arc. Wolverine and the X-Men, on the other hand, only gets better every issue. More comics need to be fun.

  30. Saga.

    Its fresh, new and exciting and there is no complex continuities, PR stunts, formulas or familiar characters/tropes at play. Its just great storytelling and most importantly, its a truly new idea. Its one of the books that’s keeping me excited about comics right now as i’ve grown bored with so many of the big 2 offerings

    *if i had to make a list, it would basically be that header graphic up top*

  31. For me, the simple answer is Sweet Tooth. Lemire’s pacing has been incredible on this book, as has his art. Each issue reveals a little more about the overall arc, as well as moves us towards the end goal. It’s fantastic and also ranks as one of my all time favourite runs.

  32. Manhattan Projects-A consistently interesting and intelligent book with a great cast written wonderfully by Hickman, with each character getting some spotlight time and a story that still moves forward and surprises. Art by a talented newcomer in Nick Pitarra, who clearly draws from great sources of inspiration (I see some Quitely and some Art Adams in his work, to name a few) but is still distinctive. Colors by the incomparable Jordie Bellaire (although this probably doesn’t matter much since, as near as I can tell, she is coloring every comic book). The book can have wacky and light-hearted or dense and suspenseful sci fi , it can be scary as hell, it can get some laughs.

    Most importantly, it is the book I most look forward to reading every month.

    I’d love to highlight the other three or four books I would have in the running, but for me, it’s Manhattan Projects all the way.

  33. Saga

    • sorry paul didnt read the part about an explanation needed or the vote didnt count

      Anyways Saga would have to be my pick because simply put its very well paced and consistently good and something with the recent 2 month absence i have been dying to read again. Its also only 6 issues into its run and for me to care about a book this much is a big deal i feel, not to mention that the Will is one of the best new comic characters created that i can remember and we are only so far into a character who im sure has so much more depth to him then weve seen.

  34. It’s a toss between Saga and Earth 2, both get me really excited when they come out. Saga for it’s pure imagination and Earth 2 for some fantastic reinterpretations of classic characters.

    Pencils on both? second to none!

  35. Batman.

    I think that when the Snyder / Capullo run is over, it will be one that we look back at and appreciate.

  36. Sixth Gun. Consistent excellence. Mixes grit with high-concept. Don’t think there has been any let-down issues yet.

  37. It sucks JIM, Fantastic Four and Punisher just ended. They’d be near the top for me.

    Demon Knights, Secret Avengers and Uncanny X-Force are all ending really soon. Uncanny Avengers is in it’s infancy.

    Hmmm… Now I know you can still vote for the “about to end” and series that have just started, but I’m not going to.

    Batman, Swamp Thing, Animal Man, Dial H, Planet of the Apes, Daredevil, ‘Mazin’ Spidey, Scarlet Spider and Venom have all been really good, but they’re not the best.

    I guess it comes down Wolverine and the X-Men, Prophet and Saga.

    Saga is still too near the beginning of the story for it to get the vote.

    Prophet challenges me, draws me, and blows me away damn near every time. I’m invested in the characters and the story. I can say the same about Wolverine’s X-School. Dammit, I want to choose Prophet, but that Doop issue puts Wolvy Skoo Howse above the rest. That’s it. Wolverine because of Doop. VOTED!

    • Punisher is not over yet! Punisher and its continuation in PWZ gets my vote as it is the freshest look at Frank since Ennis and “Welcome back Frank”

      Greg Rucka has an inspired take on Frank where at first making him more like a ghost where he says very, very little but just does his job, and then by bringing in Alves to compliment the story with her disastrous crime killing beginning was a forged stroke of genius.

      Mark Chechetto and now Giuseppe Camuncoli are simply SUBLIME!!! They offer an amazing amount of detail and grit to story and are by far two of my favourite artists right now. The flow of their work brings to life what Rucka wants to put down in no other way I have seen in comics in the last two years.

      So my vote goes to PUNISHER WAR ZONE!!!

    • Cornell is leaving Demon Knights, but it’s getting a new writer. As far as I know there’s no end date for it . . .

    • You are correct Cosmo. Demon Knights ain’t ending. I guess I just internalized Cornell leaving the book (which may lead to me leaving the book) as it ending.

      My bad guys! Hope I didn’t scare anyone with my misinformation.

  38. Action Comics, I get 3 titles monthly, Action Comics by GM and Rags.

  39. For me it has to be Mind MGMT, it hits on every single level, and as issues go one the world of Mind MGMT continues to expand to places I never knew it could go, plus with extra content and back up stories, the book delivers every month. A close second would be Rachel Rising.

    • I just started Mind MGMT (I’ve only read two issues so far) and therefore don’t feel I’ve sampled enough to call it the best book on the stands, but, yeah, I’m hooked on it already . . .

    • Agreed. Mind MGMT amazes with every issue. I voted for it below. Your second is a great book too. It was hard for me not to choose Terry Moore. Too many good books, alas!

  40. Look forward to each issue of Saga the most, Batman a close second

  41. Saga. No question. Why? Because Saga. ’nuff said.

  42. Batman by Snyder & Capullo.

    I read most of the comics mentioned on the list but this is the one I can’t wait for. Exciting, creepy, intelligent, just brilliant.

    Just my opinion though.

  43. 1. Batman -Snyder & Capullo


    The Art is hands down no-contest the most consistent, dynamic, theme-appropriate, high-quality. Capullo’s visual storytelling is currently unmatched.

    Snyder’s scripts have the perfect blend of plot action, character exploration, and “realistic” (?) TONE. The story lives in a street-level world, but with just enough tech to make the reader say “cool.”

    Snyder’s focus on the CITY as a character was a great idea, executed well. Yes, The Owls crossovers were not that great, but Batman’s story was top notch.

    The first piece of the Joker arc was fantastic. Very Hitchock. You see (hear) the blood (neck snap), but not the actual murder. Lot’s of restraint demonstrated in that issue.

    The runners up….
    I read Daredevil–and I’m a lifelong fan of the character– but it comes in a CLOOOSE second.

    I’ll pick Saga 3rd. Even though I haven’t read it.

  44. Batman. I’d love to say Daredevil, but I haven’t read it yet.

  45. Saga

  46. “Best” is SO hard for me since it is such a nebulous term. Do I go with the comic that always gets read first in my stack? Do I go with the “desert island” scenario? How to weigh the merits of writing vs. art? I’m grateful that (most) of the titles everyone else is mentioning exist and that I don’t actually have to choose just one to read.

    That said…Saga. For reasons I’m not even sure I understand.

  47. If I have to choose just one… I’d have to go with Batman by Snyder/Capullo. That run is legend…wait for it…dary! And even then, legendary would be underwhelming of a term for it…

    Second place for me (just for fun) would be a tie between Waid’s Daredevil run and Hickman’s Manhattan Project. Those are great, but not as much as Batman is at the moment!

    • Explanation of my vote:

      Snyder’s writing is tight, efficient, original and full on what makes Batman such a great character. It is dark, horrifying and the best portrayal of Batman of all the issues I’ve ever read.

      Capullo’s art is out of this world, precise, full of details and always the right amount of show, don’t tell that makes everything Snyder writes come stronger and more horrifying. Just the scene in Batman #13 where the Joker assaults the GCPD and kills cops in the dark… That was seriously creepy, visceral and “it”. It is a unique vision amongst the other comics on the shelves right now and Capullo is a master of visual storytelling with always the right angle to show the action, the right amount of detail and then some.

      Those two have a chemistry that simply makes their game way higher than if they would be working individually.

      Therefore, Batman by Snyder/Capullo is THE best comic book of the moment. May their run never end!

  48. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Reminder: You must include reasoning with your vote and choose only one book. If you just say a title or “nuff said” we can’t count it. If you’d like to go back and make your argument, simply reply to your original post.

    Doesn’t have to be a paragraph either. Though that’s encouraged. A sentence works too.

    Let’s play ball!

  49. Uncanny X-Force makes me care about the characters. It’s funny, heart-breaking, and exciting. No book does character, action, emotion, or plot better. Maybe the best work on the theme of “should comic boom heroes kill?” that I’ve ever read. Fantastic. One of my favorite books ever. This is number one right NOW!!

    Wolverine and the X-Men shares many of the same qualities as UXF, I just think it got a tad derailed by AvX. Those issues are still good but not as good as the book has been since.

    Batman and Saga would tie for second. From writing to art everything about these books are just top tier.

    Also worth a shout out: Daredevil, Walking Dead, Invincible, Manhattan Projects, Hawkeye, Journey into Mystery and Fantastic Four (both of which JUST ended ), Batman Inc, Action Comics, and none of it is amazing but I think all of Justice League is solidly very good, same with Amazing Spider-Man. Also, I’ve loved Baz so far, Green Lantern is nearing this list.

    • Sorry, im THAT GUY, who didn’t read the rules “no lists” so to clarify as I said above Uncanny X-Force is the best for all those reasons I said.

  50. CHEW all the way!!!!!!!
    Layman kills it on the story and Guillory’s art is just perfect. Besides having an amazing story with matching art, the little easter eggs thrown in help make each issue even more enjoyable when rereading them.

    • and one more thing to help make CHEW the best…..POYO!!!!!!!

    • I’m there with you brotha!

    • Count me in as a huge fan of CHEW! While the publishing schedule seems to have slipped this year, it’s consistently one of the best comics out there. The characterization is incredibly rich and diverse, the stories are well-written and often hysterical, and the art is to die for. There are so many little details and Easter eggs hidden in the art in each issue.

      It’s a comic I love to read as soon as it comes out!

  51. Wolverine and the X-men. It takes all of X-men’s weird quirks and just runs with it. Krakoa? check. Danger Room? check. Bamfs? check. Its just plain fun. Watching Wolverine try to run the school and take a leadership role is a unique take on an old character. And the student cast is great. Can Genesis fight his destiny? Is Kid Omega really a good guy? Broo is just awesome, nuff said. Just a great, great book.

  52. for me it’s scarlet spider the art is alleys great and christopher yost writes spider man like know one i have have seen even if it’s kain he understands the man behind the mask problems and all.I know there’s alot of great comics but i think some books are alleys good that it’s rare that a book base on a character people hated could become this good.

  53. I’m still gonna go with CHEW!! It’s the most original comic book out there in the market that is funny, has great art, adventure, amazing writing, and super dooper creators. I can’t find any flaws in it.

  54. Batman

    It is the one title I’m sure to get the day it comes out and I’m constantly amazed at both Snyder’s and Capullo’s work, I hope they stay on the title for a long time.

  55. Wolverine and the X-Men

    Tough choice so I’ll go with my gut feeling. Daredevil, Hawkeye, Batman and American Vampire are great but Wolverine and the X-Men is what I look forward to reading most every Wednesday an issue comes out. It’s tons of fun without just playing for laughs and is beautiful to look at every time. It also helps that I have never seen a series handle a big event more gracefully, I did not read anything AvX but felt completely at home with this series. And I don’t even like Wolverine that much! Or the X-Men!

    Excluding Chew, Invincible, Unwritten, Prophet and Swamp Thing since I’m reading them in trades. They are excellent but could (in theory only) have dipped in quality since my last trade 🙂

  56. Saga

  57. Matt Fraction and david Aja are tearing it up on Hawkeye!

  58. My head says Saga, but my heart says Hawkeye.

    Fraction and Aja are telling stories and using the comics medium in ways that are nearly unique on the stands today, from any publisher. Fantastically stylized one-and-done pieces that blend character, action and campy nonsense like the best 70’s action movies. I’ve never seen anything like it, and I can’t wait for more every month.

    Sure, it’s a little early to be touting it so, but when the first three issues you get are this special I feel that we’re well within our rights to tout a little. Hell, Batman & Robin only had 3 spectacular issues in it’s last run and people STILL talk about that. Hawkeye, to me, is up in that same category (albeit in a different direction). Even if it tanks in issue 4 (which I doubt) it’ll still be a serious achievement.

    You feel me, bro?

  59. Invincible hands down!!! Best comic being published right now

  60. Rachel Rising.

    One of the great horror stories I’ve read in some time. The moments /scenes that involve violence are disturbing in depiction and never feel forced in the “insert scary part here” sort of sense. The characters are well thought out and in a few issues Terry Moore (writer /artist) instills in the reader a vested interest for these people.

    In the first issue, Rachel wakes up buried alive, doesn’t know how she got there, and realizes she’s dead. The story is about the witch trials of 300 years ago and the ramifications for the town of Manson in the present.

    One scene is a crucial turning point of four characters beautifully depicted not by the actual event, but by a crow perched on the edge of a building and then flying away.

    A story this compelling and in black and white can only be told by a talented creator.

  61. SAGA.

    While I think I’m reading a lot of future classics right now, Saga has to be the bet for a few reason.

    1. While it plays on some tropes of other genres and titles, it’s not nostaligia-porn like a lot of super-hero comics these days (as much as I enjoy those as well, mind you).

    2. It’s an accessible yarn with stunning visuals and intriguing mysteries, but it still brings plenty of artistic depth. I feel like there’s a lot someone could analyze in the art and the story.

    3. And speaking of content, I think it pushes some content standards without being schlocky about it.

    4. But beyond the story pages, the whole book is a well-designed product — brilliant front AND back cover design, great text pages, no ads interrupting the story — this is the kind of book that flips its hair, shoots you a flirty grin from across the comic shop and DARES YOU to try and wait for the collection (pull quote?).

    5. It’s the flagship title of this amazing renaissance of creator-owned comics we’re seeing right now.

    6. And it’s only $2.99.

    • I agree that we’re in a great period of comic creativity and there are a lot of books and runs being published right now that will go down as classics. My personal favorite is Manhattan Projects, but I can reasonably make an argument for Batman, Daredevil, Saga, Wolverine and the X-Men, and a host of other books. That makes me feel really happy about the state of comics right now. It’s also nice that so many people are listing a book from outside of the big 2.

  62. I want soooo very badly to say Gillen’s Journey into Mystery, why couldn’t you have asked two weeks ago? I hate to just mention one book so I’m going to list my top 10. I’d have to say the book I still look forward to the most every month after all these years is Johns’ Green Lantern. That’s the best book currently published in my opinion. Probably not a very popular pick anymore though. For reference, here’s my top 10 books currently being published.

    1. Green Lantern
    2. Hawkeye
    3. Manhattan Projects
    4. Wonder Woman
    5. Batman Incorporated
    6. Action Comics
    7. Swamp Thing/Animal Man
    8. Wolverine and the X-Men
    9. Uncanny X-Force
    10. Saga

  63. Batman only just edges out Wolverine and the X-Men

    • Actually Wolverine and the X-Men just edges out Batman as every page and issue have been 5 star as it got me through AvX.

    • Five reasons for Wolverine and the X-men in no particular order

      1. Doop vs Issue
      2. Bamfs chugging Jonnie Walker and spitting fire
      3. Broo
      4. Wolverine and Quire’s visit to the casino
      5. Often brings back memories of Galaxy High.

  64. SAGA by Bryan K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples

    It’s funny last year when Conor asked this I had a hard time answering (I think I went with Scalped or Reed Gunther) but this year my energy for comics has gotten re-ignited. I think a big reason behind this is the success of all the Image books that have been popping up. The strongest of all of them is Saga. I look forward to this book every time it comes out and read it immediately. I can’t say that about any other book on the stands.

  65. Saga.

    Great words great art. But also it’s got…something. Issue to issue it’s the most satisfing comic out there. it’s special. A comic that feels like a COMIC and not a tv pitch or a means to sell toys and tshirts? Who knew!

  66. PROPHET.

    It is the most unique, imaginative, challenging and engaging comic coming out right now.
    -Fantastic art.
    -Mind-blowing high concept sci-fi that makes you think long after you’ve put the book down (makes me want to go back and re-read multiple times).
    -Back-up stories to round out the package.

    • Prophet with Manhattan Projects a close second and Danger Club in third place…..don’ t know why Danger Club isn’t getting more love….gorgeous book and great take on sidekicks having to step up. Screw it….I will go with Danger Club as my #1.

    • Danger Club is excellent! I’ve only read #1-3, I need more!

    • Prophet almost won out on Saga for me. However, after the first ark it kind a lost its threat. Its still good but not as awesome as it was. Hopefully it will rebound but tell then Sagas better.

  67. The Manhattan Projects. No other books brings the mix of huge ideas, interesting characters and creepy artwork as regularly as it does. Hickman’s take on Einstein alone would make it my pick and thats been barely touched on in it. I love it.

    And I know it says no lists but Saga, Prophet and Wonder Woman were all close contenders.

    • Man I really wanted to like Manhattan Projects. I loved the premise, and far-out wacky ideas, but for me the book just didn’t connect. I think it was that I couldn’t relate to any of the characters.

    • Totally agree on Manhattan Projects. The art uniquely fits the story, the story is great, all one-shots that somehow are starting to fit together and the characters are fabulous. I find myself looking up the different scientists with each issue, so I’m getting an education in the process. Thanks Hickman!

  68. The no list edict makes this tough. Since I have to select just one…I would go with …

    Manhattan Projects.

    It’s different, well drawn, scary, funny, interesting and I have absolutely no idea where it’s headed or what might be the next twist.

  69. Aquaman! There, I said it!! The artwork is breathtaking, the storylines consistently interesting, and Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis have succeeded in making one of the most overlooked and under-utilized characters in the DC universe relevant and fresh again. Earth-2 and The Justice League are close followers; both are doing amazing things with established characters, while delivering solid stories and artwork regularly.

  70. Hawkeye. There have only been three issues but they have all three been 5 star POTW issues for me. I can’t say that about the first three issues of any other books being published right now, not Batman, not Manhattan Projects, not even Saga.

    The reasons why:
    1) The story is always fun. This is an important one for me. There are a lot of great comics out there that when you step back, tell a great overall story but aren’t always fun to read issue to issue. (Fables, Saucer Country) Hawkeye is ALWAYS fun to read.

    2) It is original in the super-hero genre. In a genre of comics that is often burdened by decades of continuity and crossover events, Hawkeye does something most other super-hero comics don’t, it shows what a superhero does when he’s not on duty.

    3) It tells the story as much with visuals as with words. There are a lot of comics out there, great comics in some cases, that just rely too heavily on words to tell the story (Batman, Wolverine and the X-Men). Comics are a visual medium and the images need to be as important to actually telling the story as the words, they shouldn’t just illustrate what is being said. Aja has made Hawkeye on of the best visual storytelling comics being published right now.

    4) The dialogue is fun and moves the story. Look I’m a big fan of Brian Wood and Scott Snyder but they, and others as well, are just WAY too fond of the though balloon. I’m tired of reading comics where half the issue is thought balloons or narration balloons that literally spoon feed me the story. What ever happened to “show don’t tell?” The over use of narration balloons and thought balloons really pull me out of the story, it creates a distance between the reader and the comic. Hawkeye does a wonderful job of moving the story along with dialogue while relying only sparsely on thought balloons.

    Those are my reasons. Hawkeye all the way.

  71. I’m surprised it wasn’t the first title that came to mind but “The Unwritten” is 6 volumes in and has only become richer in its art and story as it seems poised for a fantastic 2nd act or 2nd half (anyone know how long it’s supposed to go?). I can imagine it’s a dificult book to read in monthly issues as there are so many threads, ideas, and welcome diversions but I’m sure that has just as many rewards as poring over the trades. “Scalped” would have been close and even though the 10th trade has yet to drop I consider the series ended for the purposes of this column. And I’m not sure what this means for a hardened trade-waiter like myself, but the singles of “Prophet” and “Batman Inc” get me into a comic shop month after month. But yeah, “The Unwritten” gets my wholehearted vote…

    • Solid pick and we’ll written explanation. I’m a trade waiter on Unwritten, but it does feel like that book is constantly over-looked as one of the smartest on the shelves. For a die-hard Sandman fan like myself, it completely scratches that itch for me. My vote is still with Saga, but kudos for bringing this great book up.

    • I too voted for another book, but The Unwritten is such a fantastic story. I’ve picked it up monthly since trade three was released.(I couldn’t wait any longer!). I just wanted to say that it is just as enjoyable month to month as it was in trades, plus it comes with amazing covers by Yuko Shimizu.

    • I’ve read Unwritten in single issues since the beginning and never had trouble keeping track of all the threads . . . It gets my vote (see below comment for vote/explanation) . . .

    • This got my vote as well. I love Unwritten.

  72. Snyder and Capullo’s Batman. It’s making this 70+ year-old mythos feel new again, and scary too. A great example to anti-superhero cynics that you can still be surprised by the capes and tights characters.

  73. I believe Hawkeye by Matt Fraction and David Aja because its different from what we are used to. The character, the story and it reminds me of 70’s crime, car casing, coolness like Streets of San Francisco, The Rockford Files, Kojack and others.

    I’m not a huge fan of Hawkeye but the writing just makes you root for the guy no matter what he is involved with.

    This comic book is not sugar coated with any super-hero stuff, and is given to us raw on a plate to chew.

  74. Lots of love for some of my favorite books. It’s hard to narrow it down and not post a list, but I guess I have to go with:

    Wolverine & The X-Men.

    I’m a longtime X-Men (but not so much Cyclops) fan. So, from the start it was a clear choice to be excited about after Schism. Then, forunately, it turned out to be a fantastic book! Jason Aaron has been consistently putting out fun, creative, exciting and occasionally hysterical stories. I’d like to see Bachalo on art duties more often, but Bradshaw does a good job. This book is the one I look forward to most whenever it comes out. It was the only book to be consistently good throughout AvX…. and I really thank them for that. 🙂

    No lists. Sigh, ok. Are you sure? I mean, then you could do weighted voting and then… no? Are you sure? But how else will I get to mention Saga, Batman, Hawkeye, The Flash, Manhattan Projects and… what? Right. Ok, no lists.

  75. Batman by Snyder and Capullo. Why? Because Snyder and Capullo have successfully created a new bat-universe that is easy for new readers to jump into, and stays true to its roots. The writing is fresh, and the art is crisp. This title has been consistent in quality since issue #1.

  76. HAWKEYE, bro.

  77. brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples’ Saga. In six issues, Vaughan and Staples have created such a rich world, with characters that are all amazingly fun to follow. I just can’t wait to read issue #7.

  78. Going to be daring and say I, Vampire.

    But my inner comic book geeks says Batman by Capullo/Snyder.

  79. Batman by Snyder and Capullo is some of the best Batman writing or just writing period, that I’ve ever read. It is exciting and thrilling and absolutely horrifying all at the same time. There has yet to be an issue that isn’t fantastic. The art is absolutely beautiful, I don’t think I had ever seen any of Greg Capullo’s art before this book but if this isn’t his best work I’ll eat my hat. There are tons of brilliant books out right now but Batman gets me the most excited every month.

  80. Prophet

    Brandon Graham goes beyond world building in Prophet and graduates to universe building. Along with the various artists, this series pushes the envelope of what has been seen in comics and leaves the reader totally satisfied in their bewilderment.

  81. If Fantastic Four counts (it came out in the last month) that’d be my pick. Otherwise I’ll go with Savage Dragon.

    • Just read the rules again. I still don’t know if Fantastic Four qualifies now that it’s over. Also, I’m the only person to mention Savage Dragon. So, I’m supposed to write something. Doesn’t seem much point in doing so for either.

  82. CASANOVA – I know it isn’t some people’s cup of tea, but the ideas come a mile a minute in that book, the art by Moon & Ba is my favorite of theirs to date, it’s got high concept & real emotional depth, & boat-loads of comic book silliness right alongside meta craziness.

    (ORC STAIN is maybe second on my list, SAGA & CONAN THE BARBARIAN close behind that.)

  83. Avatar photo PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    Hawkeye! I love Daivd Aja and Matt Fraction’s abilities to play with your brain’s perception of time with action that verges on animation. Kudos to the House of Ideas for focusing on a hero without flamboyant powers, giving readers an escapade across the Marvel Universe that’s cool like Alex Maleev’s Moon-Knight or Bendis’ Alias, because the Marvel Universe feels true to life.

  84. Batman Incorporated.

    Morrison’s run on Batman has been nothing short of brilliant and its great to see it wrapping up in such a fun way. That’s what this book is-FUN. I mean, “Batman Incorporated versus thirty of the world’s greatest assassins in a confined space. No one in, no one out until we’re done.” If that doesn’t get you pumped you have something wrong with you. While the book is steeped in wacky Batman lore, you don’t have to be an expert to enjoy it. In fact, I honestly think the current series has been reading like a series of one-shots. All you really need to know is Batman is a badass and so is everyone in his crew and there is this threat called Leviathan. Go time. Chris Burnham has been absolutely killing it also! He has a unique style that is refreshing to see on a big name character like Batman-he’s not just another Jim Lee clone. This book is a clinic on how to do superhero comics the right (best) way.

    I love this book and never want it to end.

  85. Saga. for not yet putting a foot wrong. Every issue has been a joy. Originality in story and art. There are a few books i really like, Batman, Daredevil, Hellblazzer, Punk Rock Jesus etc. They have all had a slightly off week or a fill in artist. For all round quality in all aspects (Even the letter page) i have to give it to Brian and Fiona and the team.

  86. Do you consider CRIMINAL as an ongoing?

  87. 1. Fatale by Brubaker/Phillips

    I don’t know if very many people are reading this, but it combines the pacing and atmosphere of Criminal with the dark occult underground. Fatale has engaging characters, an intriguing mystery, and great art.

  88. Danger Club….fantastic art, great take on the sidekicks having to step it up.

  89. What fun, to insist on one definitive choice & watch the fanboys squirm. Inspired!

    Saga by Vaughan & Staples.

    This wasn’t an easy choice. There are 3 other current titles I also greatly admire.

    However, the combination of gorgeous art, solid characterisation, sharp dialogue & the anticipation of the odyssey ahead, put Saga in front, by a nose.

  90. Locke and Key.

  91. Batman by Snyder and Capullo

  92. Just one is tough.

    Ultimately, I go Batman Inc. It’s gorgeous, it’s brilliant, it’s dense, it’s innovative, it’s complex both textually and subtextually, and it’s absolutely brimming with character.

    It’s also concerned with actively creating a world, building new characters, in a way that few (if any) mainstream comics bother with anymore.

    It was a tough call between Saga, Dial H, Wonder Woman and this, but there it is.

  93. It’s gotta be Chew. I cannot think of one book that I’ve followed for this long, and only gained excitement for it. Every time I get a new issue, I venture to love the series that much more.

  94. What I’ll say about books like Daredevil, Hawkeye, Animal Man, Batman, etc is that while they’re all spectacularly well executed — in the case of Hawkeye, thus far, perfectly executed — they’re also distinctly less AMBITIOUS than some of my favorites out there.

  95. Ultimate Spider-Man

    Amazing art team. A character/story that has imaginatively reworked a overly retold origin story and made it intriguing while still respectful to tradition.

    Bit shocked it hasn’t been mentioned til now.

    • As am I! In just barely a year, Brian Michael Bendis (and his various artists, but most notably, Sara Pichelli) have taken an iconic character (and the best character in the Ultimate universe IMO), completely replaced him with a new character, a new supporting cast, a new(ish) setting, and somehow, I’ve completely fallen in love with this kid, and I can’t wait to read his adventures every month!

      Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man is the ONLY comic where I’ll pay the full $3.99 to read it digitally, because I’m just that invested in Miles Morales already, and I want this comic to succeed and thrive. BMB has done what many thought impossible… He replaced Peter Parker with an equally loveable character, and I, for one, am a huge fan!

      And can Sara Pichelli just draw everything, please? She is a phenomenal talent!!

    • Its easy just to say Saga or Batman, but I’ll give my vote to Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man. I started reading comics because of the original Ultimate Spider-man, and when they were going to kill Peter Parker I was a little upset. But Miles Morales has been a fantastic character and he totally does justice to the Spider-Man mantle. Bendis had been awesome on this title and, I think, has gotten better with Miles. It’s fresh and different enough from the original, but still holds the same quality as what came before. Plus the art is amazing, with Sara Pichelli and David Marquez.

  96. For me it’s FuryMAX

    Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman (Yes, Aquaman) and The Walking Dead aren’t far behind.

  97. Saga

  98. Scott Snyder books have dominated my pull lists for the last couple of years. It’d be easy for me to pick Batman and I do love his work with Capullo. But I have to go with the book that brought him to the comic game – American Vampire.

    What he’s done to really build a vampire mythology and still keep it fresh is amazing. That’s saying something when vampires have been done to death in all mediums. And his mini-series with Felicia Book gives us more interesting angles to look at in the vampire wars.

    Yes, it’s going on a hiatus soon, but you did ask what the best book is now and this is it…

  99. Wolverine & The X-Men: Jason Aaron

    Because it doesn’t take itself to serious and knows exactly what kind of comic it is. This is the book I anticipate the most on a monthly basis

  100. This is a hard question because it doesn’t care about genre or audience. If every book was considered in the running against each other like movies are in the contest for an Oscar I’d probably think Batman and the academy would pick Daredevil. That means Saga would get the foreign film nod.

    I’m a sucker for the long shot though, so I’ll go with Fatale. Its a genre bender like Saga. It has consistently epic art from Phillips, a consistently thrilling story by Brubaker, and some of the best backup features in comics.

  101. The Sixth Gun.

    Western + horror make for a fantastic setting, the characters click immediately and the story is masterfully paced (I love how it keeps getting bigger with every arc).

    The art is exceptional: apparently cartoony yet powerful, evocative and suggestive. Almost European “clear line” in its approach, which makes for a very effective visual storytelling (as the awesome silent issue – #21 – testifies).

  102. It’s Saga.

  103. earth 2, consistently awesome art and great retelling of some of the best heroes. Hawkeye and Aquaman are close seconds for me.

    P.S. Think Tank is a great surprise book for me, every issue entertaining so far.

  104. This is tough since you’ve got to consider enjoyment/anticipation/intrigue & lets face there is a lot of really decent titles that provide all that.
    So down to the nitty gritty my choice is Saga, mostly cuz whenever you read an issue you feel like you’re a part of it, like it’s a long-lost friend who you’ve had a catch up with & then don’t see again til the following month & Staples art is absolutely stunning!

    Otherwise The Manhattan projects very close behind. (sorry Mr. Hickman)

  105. I vote for Batman by Scott Snyder. It used to be Detective Comics by Scott Snyder in the old DCU. When he moved so did the best award for best comic. His stories are in depth, intriguing, suspenseful, educational, historic, action packed, mysterious, I could go on. Add on top of the great writing the awesome artwork by Capullo and it’s a winner.

  106. All I can say is that there are a lot of great comics out there that I need to read.

  107. wow. no love for locke and key.

    here it is: locke and key.

    -because it succeeds at being goddamn scary on many levels

    -because it seriously tackled the idea of race-relations in an interesting “black like me” way

    -because it honestly explores the idea of changing identity (what if you really could take out parts of yourself that you hated)

    -because one of it’s fundamentally scary themes (see: dodge) is “do we really ever know someone? even our best friend?”

    -because it has somehow created over 400 years of history while showing very little of it

    -because of the calvin and hobbes issue

    -because of an honest, realistic treatment of a same-sex relationship; and for creatively tackling gender identity

    -because it is a greater story about coping with trauma

    -because it is a coming of age story; i love those (see “it,” “harry potter,” etc)

    -because gabriel rodriguez is simply one of the finest artists working today

    i could go on, but that seems sufficient.

    • I already voted for Saga above, but Locke + Key is a close second for me. I think the best thing about it is how Hill + Rodriguez so obviously have thought through every piece of the mystery. Unlike many stories that use “magic box” scenarios, they DO know what’s behind each door, even if they choose to keep it from the reader for a good long time.

  108. For me it’s batman by snyder and capullo – this was the very first comic book I ever bought and both the art and writing have been consistently good every month.

    I’m not someone that generally feels creeped out by a comic book but with batman 13 i completely was and i loved it! It’s the book I look forward to the most and always the first thing that gets read on a Wednesday.

    This was actually harder to pick than I thought it’d be. There are so many great comics right now that there could have been 7 or 8 picks just from the stuff that I’m pulling

  109. Saga Saga Saga Saga

  110. It’s Batman for me. Scott Snyder is so far ahead of the field it makes me genuinely sad that he can’t write all the comics. I can’t wait for Man of Steel but can’t stand the thought of him leaving Swamp Thing, let alone Batman. Snyder’s work is disturbing and haunting when it needs to be, genuinely touching and funny at times, steeped in history but dramatic and shocking as well. And then Capullo goes and adds the icing on the cake.

  111. Swamp thing/Animal man – Reason the story is amazing.

    DareDevil-Reason They took a book that was damn good and found away to make it better.

    Wonder Women- Reason I love a good mythology story this has been a great one the art is awesome the story amazing.

    Batman – Been reading this in trades Snyder and Capullo have been killing it with this book.

    Here’s my underdog pick: Earth 2: At first i didn’t think i was going to like the redesigns, wow has James Robinson proving me wrong.

  112. Punk Rock Jesus

    Since the question didn’t say on-going, Punk Rock Jesus is the obvious answer, This is a book breaking all the rules. Black and white, totally attitude, but also really smart satire. Also, creator owned and Sean Murphy writes and draws, which is rare on a really good book.

  113. The Massive by Brian Wood is the best comic series out right now. The book captures the emotional, political, and cultural complexity of a post-crash world. Kristian Donaldson’s art captures the rich, beautiful, yet terrifying imagery of a world on edge where the demands of day-to-day survival clashes against one’s most cherished ideals.

  114. Hawkeye because the pacing has been great and no one can touch Aja’s art. I would have said Saga but 2 months without anything new has me not as pumped for it as I had been.

  115. Ok, so since you said this is the comments: “Currently ongoing series only for this one. Ongoings broken down into minis are fine too.” I have to change mine.

    The Unwritten

    Reasons: it never pulls any punches or plays down dialogue to make sure the reader understands whats going on. When you read it, it almost feels like High Art, something so good only comes every once in a while and every time you finish an issue of the Unwritten it feels like you are a part of something new,exciting and really fun. I love this series. Punk Rock Jesus is the only other book that has the same amount of the spark that takes a great comic and makes it legendary.

    • Whew, nice to see I’m not the lone “Unwritten” vote and happy to hear that it works well in issues as well as trades. As you alluded to, I think this series is going to be one of those legendary Vertigo runs when all is said and done but what may be more impressive is the legacy it “could” gain among non-comics folks a decade from now. I’m always mystified that this book doesn’t garner the audience of say “Sandman” or “Y: The Last Man” even though its original premise seems far more interesting and topical as an entry point for a non-comics person and it has no shortage of mainstream media accolades .

      I had to laugh when I finished volume 6 the other day and thought about what I’d expected of this story after the first $1 issue. I thought it was going to be about the life of a “1/2 celebrity” once the thing that makes him famous is taken away. What I got was a story about stories bounding between genres effortlessly and unbridled imagination with expert execution… Carey is spinning quite the yarn, but Peter Gross (as well as Locke & Perker) should be commended for such consistency with appropriate variation and such clear storytelling for concepts that are so abstract…

    • It only took me a minute to decide what my vote would be for: Unwritten. I’ve been reading since issue 1 and it has been, month after month, the most consistently strong book on the stands. Fascinating characters, great art, thoughtful reflections on the meaning & power of stories all mix together for a superior comic book. I agree with the above comments that this might be remembered as a classic series. Also, the storytelling does not grow too ponderous, as there is a fair amount of whimsy. Personally, I’ve been loving the addition of the prophetic unicorn. Oh and the covers are first rate as well . . .

      (Runners up, in no order: Wonder Woman, Demon Knights, Daredevil, Batman, X-O Manowar . . . )

    • I read Unwritten in issues for probably the first 8 or maybe 10 but then dropped it. Not because it was confusing to too slow, just didn’t click with me. I’ve always been meaning to try it again now that a number of trades are out. Your comments have encouraged me to pick up some of the trades today! Thanks guys!

    • I spoke with Gross about the book, and he told me the process for this book is very different from most. Carey and him talk through the story constantly, and Gross has a lot of say of what the story is going to be and what directions are going to be explored, In that same way, Carey is hands on with what comes out in the art. That’s why they are credited together on the book. I think this marriage between the two has turned out phenomenally.

  116. Batman by Snyder and Capullo. I look forward to it the most every month. It’s been an amazing story, and I think Capullo is doing the best work of his career right now.

  117. Morning Glories Approaching its quarter century of issues. Along the way it has taken twists and turns that the best roller coaster would be proud off. Every issue has added new layers to the narative that have turned the series on its head repeatedly. Solid art throughout run and whenever it is reread it reveals new plot points and threads or unvale the roots of different storylines

  118. Month in and month out, Cullen Bunn and Brian Hurtt are just killing it on The Sixth Gun.

  119. Saga!!

  120. Very tough call. Im torn between Batman and wolverine and the x-men. The Joker being back and that ending with the two headed lion cub was awesome. On the other hand wolverine and the x-men had that emotionally packed graveyard scene. So my final choice should come as a no brainer. Its Synder’s Swamp Thing! You got romance, action, horror, and awesome unmen/ rot monsters.

  121. I want to say Saga, Batman, The Sixth Gun, Dial H, American Vampire, Manhattan Projects but you said THE BEST so…

    Punk Rock Jesus.

    cos punk rock and Jesus, cos Sean Murphy, cos polar bears.

  122. Saga.

    It’s the most original comic to come along in years, made all the more impressive because it comes from one of comics long-time heavy hitters. It also marks the triumphant return of BKV, but that reason’s pretty low on the list. Fiona Staples consistently delivers mind-blowing character acting, and manages to give the galaxy depth while keeping things crisp and clean. The stakes are high and the characters are fully realized within the span of one issue.

    Lastly (and perhaps the most important reason) it’s the only comic I’ve ever loaned out to non-readers and successfully gotten them hooked.

  123. Saga. No other book gets me so excited about Wednesdays. The writing is excellent. The art is unique and perfectly complements the writing. The characters are interesting and varied. I seldom have any idea what will happen next. It is what I want my comics to be.

  124. For me, when it comes to best comic being published right now, there are three that step away from the pack: Locke & Key, Saga and Punk Rock Jesus. All three are dazzling, issue after issue. The artwork is spectacular, the characters are engaging and I genuinely can’t wait until the next issue.

    If I had to pick my favourite of the three I’d give it to Locke & Key. But it would be close.

    • Damnit, just saw the no lists rule. Sorry.
      If it’s any consolation I eventually narrowed it down to Locke & Key.

  125. I would say Saga. Fiona Staples’s art is gorgeous every issue, and BKV’s writing is superb. The interactions between characters are amazing and many times heart breaking. My favorite part of the book is probably the facial expressions Fiona uses for the characters in different situations. They are spot on! Overall, a fantastically written book with beautiful art! Can’t wait for it to return!

  126. I’m gonna say Action Comics. It was the one book in my stack that i always read first and it feels as Morrison starts closing down that his issues really are starting to go in a great direction. Issue 13 with krypto was so good art wise, story wise and even made me cry a little.

  127. While I could easily go with Sixth Gun or Wood’s Conan, I absolutely have to go with Saga.

  128. for me amazing Spiderman is the first book i must read

  129. BPRD is #1
    I wish we could go top three or four, I’m not fond of picking absolute favorites. For my money though, I have not enjoyed the continuing adventures in one book more than BPRD. It just hit one hundred issues, and it continues to challenge the status quo of what should be expected in a comic book. It has compelling characters, who stay dead; there’s action, horror, pulp, mystery, historical fiction, folklore, military/war, and love stories all rolled into a book filled with monsters both human and non.

    While recently the narrative has involved an almost completely new cast of characters, John Arcudi and Co. have maintained such a high level of awesome that sometimes it is taken for granted. I haven’t even mention the art, month in and month out this book regardless of who draws it is one of the best looking books out there. From cover art by the likes of Francavilla, Dave Johnson, Sook, Fegredo, and a slew of other badasses; to interiors by current mainstay Tyler Crook, and guest stints by Cameron Stewart, James Harren, Max Fiumara, and others i’m sure to have left out.

    I cannot argue against some other fantastic nominations like Saga, Manhattan Projects, DD, or The Unwritten; they are all on my shortlist, but my vote goes to Abe, Liz, Kate, Johann, Daimo, and the rest of the Bureau. I’m sure I’ll be the only one that votes for it, but I’m fine with that, from the looks of it one of the books I really enjoy is going to win anyway.

    Longest response should count for something right?

    • Another vote for B.P.R.D. here! The veteran amongst a slew of fantastic new titles this is the book that always has me coming back. With crazy stories that never allow stagnation, artwork that is beautifully visceral and colours by Dave Stewart that never fail to amaze me this is without a doubt my favourite title on the stands. However its the constantly evolving stories and characterisations of the main cast that really takes this comic to next level. If you’re not sure you agree with me on this, just think about Roger for a little while.

      If you haven’t read this yet I implore try the Plague of Frogs hardcovers. You won’t regret it!

      I’m kinda hoping Josh picks this too…

  130. Saga. Brian K Vaughan’s writing has been a joy and Fiona Staples’ art is gorgeous. The two work together terrifically and consistently deliver one of most engaging stories I’ve have the pleasure of reading for the last few months.

  131. It’s gotta be Batman by Snyder and Capullo. For the fact that with just the first issue I was hooked and now with the return of the kicker arc. I know it’s going to be getting even crazier.

  132. Batman by Snyder and Capullo. Their run is going to go down as one of the best Batman runs in the character’s rich history. There has never been a dull issue and constantly ups the ante with suspense. The book has told one gigantic story over the first year that was suspenseful and incredible well done. The art has a horrifying feel to it that a Batman title should have. The creepier thing about Capullo’s art is that it has gotten better over the course of his run. There isn’t a book I enjoy more than Batman every month. I’m always so excited to see what Snyder has planned next. One issue in and the Joker arc already has me enthralled. This take on the Joker is brilliant. Not to mention the story their writing is so big it is spilling over into other books. Writers of other Bat books don’t need to be apart of this but it’s been so good that they WANT to be apart of this

  133. Manhattan Projects

    It’s hard to pick just one, but I’ve seen plenty of love for Saga, so I don’t feel bad giving Manhattan Projects the rub. This series really just provides you with something new every issue, giving the series an anything can happen feel. When you have a madman like Hickman providing those anythings that happen, you’re really in for a wild ride. The art by Nick Pitarra has also really impressed me. He reminds me of a bit more scratchy and chaotic version of Frank Quietly.

    It’s been quite some time since I’ve been this excited about such a young series as this one, but I’m definitely in it for the long run.

  134. Smallville Season 11!!!

    It is the only Superman Title I look forward to every Month!!! I’ve Been reading Superman Comic Books for over 15 years and it is the only one being publish today that focuses on Clark and Lois as Human Beings and not just Superman Punch This or That and Superman Cry Stories!!!

  135. For me, it is a toss up between Batman by Snyder/Capullo and Wolverine & the Xmen. Batman is creepy with wonderful art and a huge mystery. WTXM is fun and heartfelt with great art. Batman wins on art…capullo is great and has done nearly every issue. WTXM has great artists that fit the tone of the stories but lacked consistency because of so many fill ins. I wish Bachalo and Bradshaw could have been the only artists (but I am excited to see Ramon Perez coming n the book).
    If this series would not have gone off into AVX tie ins it would have been a hands down winner.
    Even though Batman had more consistent art and great stories, my final vote has to go to Wolverine &the Xmen because the stories have emotional pull are character focused, tinged with humor but the bad guys are truly horrific. I love the cast in this book and want to learn more about them. I would read entire issues of Jason Aaron writing broo talking about science and kid apocalypse trying to understand his surroundings. This comic mixes it up. Some issues are silly and make me lau out loud and the next issue is sad and disturbing. It is like watching an action, adventure drama with tons of well placed humor.

  136. I’m with Hawkeye. In the weeks it comes out I try to get my books earlier just because I know I will not be disappointed.

  137. This is a tough call, but I too am going to have to go with Saga. Each month, that has been the title that I consistently have looked the most forward to. I almost picked Batman, but gotta go with BKV/ Staples. They are tearing it up.

  138. GRAAAAAH. Not an easy choice. But I gotta go with Batman. I have never seen such quality work out of any book since I’ve come back to comic books from my hiatus.

    But so many excellent comments and points above. Sat for a long time pondering this…….

  139. DAREDEVIL by: Mark Waid

    if you asked this question a month ago, it would have been batman or green lantern corps. but you didnt, so its DAREDEVIL. i love the art by all the different artists. the story that mak waid has produced is remarkable. they have brought matt into a light that a lot of readers thought wasnt possible. he has had loss, after loss, after loss. and he seemed to be able to bounce back in the first two or three arcs of this run. just recently has he been down in the dumps, which i can respect because being down for the “count” is how matt thrives. so mark waid has really done well with what i would think is the most consistent book out right now. batman would have gotten it if the daredevil run didnt do a mike allred issue!!

  140. For me it’s THE MANHATTAN PROJECTS for a variety of reasons.

    1) Hickman’s writing is off the wall and it the comic can be so many things at once. It can be a comedy, a sci-fi ‘what if?’, an action comic, or all of that and more in one.

    2) Nick Pitarra’s art is golden and he is able to put all of Hickman into some kind of sanity.

    • @TNC

      I was actually really interested in what you would pick as the best on going comic currently being punished. I can see why you would pick Manhattan Projects. It has such crazy, out there concepts, I always look forward to reading this book just to see what whacked out shit Hickman will come up with this time. However, I think it’s a notch below my top tier favorite books (Saga, Mind the Gap, Daredevil) because I think the ideas are better than the actual execution of those ideas. Still, it’s a really, really good book and I look forward to reading each issue.

    • @JohnVFerrigno: Well I caught up with Saga and it is indeed great. But I think Manhattan Projects is the perfect wheelhouse for Hickman. He definitely knows his way around science and what better characters to use than actual geniuses such as Einstein or Feynman? And, again, Pitarra’s art is so damn good. Maybe Fiona Staples is a better artist on a technical level but, like her work in Saga, Pitarra is able to make all of the crazy ideas work so well on each page.

      That, and I should have mentioned this earlier, the reason I would choose Manhattan Projects is:

      This comic is the most fun I’ve ever had on reading anything. Each issue is so entertaining that I’m literally having withdrawal for it not coming out lately.

  141. I can’t pick just one. The titles I am enjoying most right now are probably Uncanny X-Force, Wonder Woman and Winter Soldier.

  142. X-Factor. Why ? Because Peter David has proven since 2004 he can write this team of c list nobody mutants like nobody’s business and still make them interesting to read about. Also he is one of the few if not the only writer from the 80’s that has been able to keep up with the writing style’s as time went along. He can bring the funny and has a roster of talented artist’s to add to awesomnes that is the underrated X-Factor.

    • If this question was “What’s the best Super Hero comic being put out right now?” instead of just “best comic” then I would have voted for X-Factor. I agree with everything you said. X-Factor is the only mutant book I read. I love Peter David, the art team has been consistently strong, and the cast of characters are some of the most interesting in all of comics.

  143. Amazing Spider-man.

    Think of all of the great stories this year!

  144. Chew! Because its Chew!

  145. Batman Inc, Morrison is still writing the best Batman, and Chris Burnham has quickly become one of the best artists out there, just a gorgeous book.

  146. the question has been put forth: what’s the best comic being published, as opposed to what’s my personal favorite comic.
    my personal favorite is probably AQUAMAN. Johns and Reis together create something magical. they took a character that most people couldn’t care less about and made him relevant again. i suspect Justice League will take Aqua’s place once Reis switches over, but not necessarily.

    BUT….. with my personal feelings aside, the BEST BOOK month in and month out has gotta be BATMAN. I’m taking into acount the popularity, the consistency of great art and the sense of wonder the script inspires and the ability to transcend into other media, thus making it more likely to draw in new readers and with Snyder and Capullo at the helm, keep the newbies interested. BATMAN’S good for the business and deserves all the praise and fame.

  147. My vote goes to Batman. Snyder has taken this title to new and interesting places, which is really difficult to do with a character that has been around as long as Batman. Snyder has done what may be my favorite stories with this character, so while I almost picked Saga, I’m giving the edge this year to Batman.

  148. Prophet for me. So much bang for your buck in this book. It really feels like something special. The world building is exciting. The artist rotation with Roy, Graham, Dalrymple, And Milogiannis is fantastic. There isn’t a book on the stands that I look forward to more month to month. I read each issue multiple times and always find something I missed.

  149. Batman.

  150. BATMAN… Scott Snyder is such a great writer in my opinion…as well as a awesome person.

  151. Manhattan Projects. Its quirky, super funny and unlike anything else out there right now. Lots of contenders but I look forward to this book whenever a new one comes out.

  152. A few months earlier and I could’ve said “Bulletproof Coffin: Disinterred”. Alas….

    It’s a close call, and “Batman Inc.” is a close second, but it’s gotta go to The Manhattan Projects. A lot of people have already mentioned the humor, which is a good enough reason to recommend the book. But even more than that, for me, its that undertone of sadness and pessimism in each issue. It’s as if Hickman is holding up exemplars of human achievement and showing all the personal failings. The last issue was so devastating, the final panel just the blackest punchline of the sickest joke. Nick Pittara’s art is gorgeous, the design and production is top notch. The best book being published right now.

  153. Gotta give Chew some more love. It keeps me going to the comic shop. It satisfies on all levels. Great art, characters, comedy, action, and even romance. It works as individual issues as well as having an awesome overall arc. Long live Poyo!!!

  154. For me it’s The Walking Dead hands down. I see a lot of love for Snyder’s Batman, Saga, and Waid’s Daredevil and all of it is warranted, and for other notable books too. But as has been mentioned on the podcast before, The Walking Dead is so consistently great each month for such a long time its easy to take for granted. Which is why it’s the best book; consistent excellence over the span of 102 issues, and counting. Not knocking any of the other books at all, but let’s where they are at the 100 issue mark. Will the same creators be involved? Will the quality remain at a high level? Will the characters retain their quality? Who knows? But The Walking Dead has achieved that high standard for so long that it’s easy to overlook it. Which is why it’s the best. It’s consistent greatness is a given.

  155. Hawkguy…

  156. Dark Horse Presents for me. The variety of styles and stories is astonishing, the quality is almost always top notch and some stories like the Finder serial by Carla Speed McNeil, the Speaker one-Off by Brandon Graham, the Mignola Hellboy story, Tony Puryear’s Concrete Park serial, the Sabertooth Vampire strips, the #0s that were first printed in DHP (Ghost, The Massive, Criminal Macabre, Resident Alien…) are my absolute favorites this year. Finder in particular is a revelation for me. I will pick up every Finder story I can find, it’s so good. I also want to praise DHP for giving space to something like The Speaker by Brandon Graham. Where else could you find such an amazing story where every character is an abstract part of a persons personality (secrets, doubts, ideas, the voice). Comics need DHP as it allows much more freedom than any other book on the stands right now.

    I would have picked Unwritten over DHP a few months back, though. However, I feel that Carey is going too quickly with the last arc. War of the Words was perfect, but The Wound didn’t quite work for me. Still great, but not the best anymore. Also shout-outs to Saga, Manhattan Projects, Batman, The Massive, Prophet and Mind MGMT. all excellent and well deserving the “best” adjective.

  157. Saga.
    I’ve never had a comic book make me feel this way about comic books.

  158. All the love for Saga. Fun, smart, and interesting, and more so then anything else coming out right know. And the giant armless spider assassin chick was kind of hot, which also earns my vote. is that weird?

  159. This is a huge challenge because we are in a golden age of comic book talent right now. All of Snyder’s work, Bendis does some great books, Waid is back on target again, Hickman has proven himself to be a modern master and the list goes on. However, for my money, the title is Invincible. For almost 100 issues now every single issue has been a 4 or 5 star book. It features Kirkman writing in his most natural way, slinging drama and humor in a virtually flawless symphony. It has touching moments, both sad and joyous, and action that ranges from elementary comic brawls to the shockingly grotesque. No stale rehashes. No lulls. No useless issues. No throw away elements. All rendered, of course, by the excellent Ryan Ottley. If he worked for either of the Big 2 he would be a top 5 artist within a matter of months. Lucky for us he prefers the independent world and ownership of his craft. Almost 100 issues. Just over 8 years of super hero excellence. Best comic being made.

  160. Batman, hands down. Why not Saga? Someone new to comics cracking open batman or saga, one makes comic fans look smart, the other makes us look like dirty star wars perverts. Batman, not saga.

  161. Mind the Gap.

    I love it so much. Jim McCann is doing really fun stuff with that book.

    • While I voted for Saga in this thread, Mind the Gap is, in my opinion, the second best book being published right now. It’s such a great concept, very well written, great art, and has an honest to goodness, legitimate mystery. it’s also a book that rewards re-reading, which is a very nice change from most books. An expertly crafted book!

  162. Saga – Easily the best thing out there at the moment. Sharp, witty dialogue, fantastic wacky imagery and very consistent. I know there is a break happening at the moment, but I don’t mind that if the quality stays the same…..

    Honourable mentions to both Mind The Gap & Hawkeye……

  163. Batman by Scott Snyder/ Greg Capullo

    It’s easy to write a good Batman Book because it’s a cool character with a good cast of villains. but i didn’t expected snyder to write some of the best stories with the dark knight ever. his character work an dialogue is awesome, he adds new stuff like the “labyrinth pages” and capullos art is top notch. even the one fill in artist was a perfect choice.

    runner ups are: saga, daredevil

  164. Torn between Saga and Batman. With Minutemen at a close second (COOKE !!). Only three I really look forward to each time.

    Would have to go with Batman though. Just a little more fulfilling than a Saga issues and so suspenseful and great concepts!

  165. Prophet. Because I have no idea what’s going on and it’s still awesome.

  166. There are so many great books out right now, but I have to go with Mind MGMT by Matt Kindt. No other book intrigues me the way this book does. Brilliant storytelling and an amazing uses of space. I’ll follow this story where ever Matt Kindt takes it.

  167. Bedlam – most intriguing first issue and I have the highest hopes for it. If this question was asked last week I would have gone with saga but I just can’t get the bedlam characters out of my head.

  168. Saga is my choice & I am a Superman guy.


  169. I’d say Wolverine and the X-Men. Fun storytelling and characters. Jason Aaron is a beast with the timing and chemistry brought on by a diverse set of characters. I hope he’s in it for the long haul and we get an awesome Omnibus at the end of this.

  170. SAGA

  171. Mind MGMT is my vote. Each issue holds up with multiple reads and you find something new each time. The attention to detail that Matt Kindt puts into it just makes me love it more and more.

  172. BATMAN – I’ve read the Dark Knight for 25 years and I’ve never been more excited to pick it up every month than I am right now. This is a truly special run stretching back to The Black Mirror. The rest of my top 5 would be Daredevil, Unwritten, Wolverine & The X-Men, and The Manhattan Projects.

  173. I have to give my vote to uncanny x-force. I think just the way that everything has been built up, combined with an incredible character development of some of my fave characters (nightcrawler, psylocke, even deadpool gets some amazing insight) and a stellar story arc really does it for me. This above all else is the title I crave every month, although Batman by Snyder is a close second.

  174. If I could vote on stuff next month, “Hellboy in Hell”. But if I have to be current and vote for a winning(decisive) team, I’ll go with Snyder and Capullo on “Batman”. Snyder is and will always be one of the greats, along with Jeff Lemire, and this is his early work. I haven’t heard or read anything by him that was terrible, just awesome (American Vampire, Swamp Thing, and hopefully The Wake). Batman is the best comic because it mixes horror and action, along with new villians into one series and a solid grasp of established (Bat-)characters. There is almost literally something for everyone to like. I haven’t read Batman Inc. at all since volume one came out a while back, but I’m confident this series has earned my dollars more. Also I cannot say Saga is the best right now. Yes, I’m a BKV fan and I’ve read all 6 issues so far, and I’m not saying it sucks, but I don’t think its the champ. If I had to vote for most original series, Saga would win. Tho I’ll admit Batman has an edge with 14(Including #0) issues out versus the 6 of Saga, and the fact that Saga is a epic narrative, like Hellboy, Sandman, and loads of other stuff by BKV that has to be read as a whole to be fully appreciated because its so long. So yeah, Snyder and Capullo on “Batman for best series.

  175. Right now, of the stuff I’m reading (Marvel heavy)— Daredevil or Hawkeye, it is a toss up
    Recently ended contenders– Journey Into Mystery, FF/Fantastic Four

    Potential titles which may take their place—

    Uncanny Avengers
    Avengers (when Hickman takes over)
    Young Avengers

    Is S.H.E.I.L.D. still being published?

  176. I am just getting to this and yowza, quite a discussion. I just got, as Jeremy Clarkson puts, it “Mawr Powr”, I’ve been in the dark since 8pm Monday. My vote is for The Rocketeer. I know its quite reptitive to say that its unlike any other title out there, the same could be said for Saga, Batman, Daredevil etc., (clearly we’re in an embaressment of riches in comics today) but I feel that The Rocketeer both in its current and anthology versions has scratched the itch of both nostalgia and exploration. I loved the movie as a kid, I think I saw it three times in the theater. I can’t imagine a more perfect creative pairing than Waid and Samnee which takes place in the late 30’s. Remember Captain America and Bucky? Samnee has this era down.

    Great to be back on the internet, you really don’t appreciate it until its gone, like lights.

  177. There is Saga and then thre is everything else. The best written book every month and some of the best art to boot. Also, unlike most comics, it reads great in single issues. I read each book as it came out monthly and also read the trade and it works both ways. BKV is one of the only writers in comics today who can write a fantastic single issue that doesn’t feel like its just part of a trade waiting to happen. Great concepts, characters you instantly love, whacked out ideas, killer art. It is everything that is right with comics.

  178. I just power read BPRD and can’t stop. It may be the season but I love and can’t wait for the next issue. I also love BATMAN The Manhattan projects, The Walking Dead and SAGA. BPRD for the win.

    • Agreed, BPRD is and has been consistently good since its inception and almost goes overlooked cause its longevity and constant satisfaction isn’t in question.

  179. Harbinger. It’s taking what was great about the original series and giving it a much slower gradual build, making it a must read every month. I was questionable after the first issue, but I’m glad I didn’t give up, it has simply gotten better and better every issue.

  180. Batman Incorporated combines phenomenal art with one of the most interesting long-form stories in the history of comics. Interesting characters are contantly being introduced and Morrison throws out a more ideas in a single issue than are seen over the course of most regular comics’ entire runs.

    One word sums up why this is the best ongoing series: Bat-Cow

    im going to be damn sad when Morrison finally wraps up his Batman epic

  181. My vote is Saga because I love sci-fi and all the interesting characters involved.

    I need to give a shout out to Punk Rock Jesus, Morning Glories and Daredevil for coming in #2, #3, and #4 for me.

  182. FuryMax edges out Batman, Saga, and Massive. Historically-based with believable, edgy scripts; the art is consistent (with several spectacular covers!) and the series effectively captures the activity and intrigue on the periphery of US Foreign Policy circa 1954-64,

  183. Closing Comments on this so we can tally the votes – stay tuned for the results!

  184. Comments are back open and the votes have been tabulated!

  185. Kinda shocked that Daredevil isn’t in the top 5…

    • The thing about Daredevil is that it’s consistently good but not consistently great.

      It’s an unassailably well put together book, you know, but the ambition of something like Saga (or Journey Into Mystery, or Batman Inc, or Dial H, or Wonder Woman) – which is not only really well put together but ultimately is a story that works on at least 3 levels, and all of them brilliantly – is just a more impressive feat. I think even Snyder’s Batman is saying more than Waid’s Daredevil is, ultimately. Morrison’s Batman Inc works on a huge number of levels to, but I think it’s gotten too complicated and self referential at this point to get a large number of people to vote for it.

      Anyway, tl;dr is that while I think everyone who reads Daredevil would agree that it’s a great book, I’m betting it’s not that many peoples’ FAVORITE book.

    • Yes i understand, but i honestly think it’s better than Batman Inc is at this particular moment. It’s not better than Saga or Snyders Batman though.. Not by a long shot.

    • @ragcage/Desaad: If this was last year, when Rivera was the artist, than Daredevil would probably be #1 with the community. With Samnee as artist it is a great series but not downright perfect as it once was.

  186. This list is pretty spot on with the community I must say. I would love to have seen my choice, Manhattan Projects, have more than 5% of the vote but it is hard to see Batman and Saga be dethroned.

  187. This was a lot of fun to read through, definitely something that I would love to see every year if you guys decide to do it!

  188. Pretty sweet to see two Image book duking it out with the big boys. Truly we are living in good comics times.

  189. I’m really surprised to see Batman Inc. crack the top 5. It’s a good book, i just didn’t realize that many other people were still digging it this far into the game.

    When I first wrote this It had a typo in the first sentence. It read “see Batman Inc. crap the top 5.” I’m sad that I caught it. Shouldn’t have proof read!

    • Well, with Hawkeye and Manhattan Projects in a tie with 5%, I guess it’s fair to look at Batman Inc as more of an “honorable mention” in 6th place.

      I’m enjoying Batman Inc (and all the other books that made the list!), but at this point I’m hoping it reads better when it’s all said and done. Between the various delays, I feel like I’ve lost some of the threads of the series.

  190. What is the big deal about saga. Guys with antlers and people with outdated computer screens for heads… I don’t get it.

    • In a comic book market that is full to bursting with concepts and characters that many of us long-time readers know inside out, upside down and backwards (yet still enjoy to varying degrees), it’s very refreshing to find a new book that is slowly revealing an expansive, exciting new world for us to learn about and understand without clunky exposition dumps. Vaughn and Staples are playing their hand one card at a time, giving a reader everything they need to enjoy a story, but withholding a bit each time, so you keep wanting more.

      Everything we know about Saga is unfolding in the pages of a single monthly book (minus the occasional hiatus to keep the creative team intact). No crossovers, no tie-ins, no miniseries, no zeros or point ones. In a certain light, it’s everything people claim to want when they rail against some of the practices of DC and Marvel.

      Personally, I feel like it’s mirroring my first experiences with the X-Men when I was a kid (I love me some X-Men). This was in the pre-Internet early 90s, so I if I read a comic and wasn’t sure about a character relationship or a reference to a past event, I couldn’t just look it up on wikipedia — I had to be comfortable with the mystery. Over time, I read more books or trading card backs or magazine articles, puzzle pieces started to fit together, drawing me further into the world.

      Saga gives me that same sense of mystery and awe, leaving me excited to discover more. We’ve only got a few pieces of what seems to be a very large puzzle, but the pieces we have are really intriguing.

  191. Archaeologists of Shadows by Laura Fuentes is absolutely stunning. I haven’t come across such an original story line in a while. The dialogue between the main characters doesn’t drag and doesn’t seem pointless as in some comics. I wouldn’t say it is as action packed as Batman, but the illustrations can’t be beat. Definitely the best comic out at the moment.

  192. Love the balance in the top 5. Also love to see my dog Hawkeye place so high!

  193. I voted for Batman, but I’m glad Saga won.

  194. All this says to me is that I’m reading the right books. Five of the six (I might check out Hawkeye in trade) are in my bin every month, and that makes me happy. It’s a good time to be a fan.

    332 comments! Good job everyone!

  195. Glad to see a lot of love for Mind MGMT, Punk Rock Jesus, and a lot of other books I really dig.

  196. Avatar photo PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    After reading Mark.’s opinion, I plan on trying Locke & Key and seeing whether it’s too dark for my tastes

  197. My Pick is Daredevil no matter the artist, mark waid has simply done an amazing job with daredevil something that hasn’t been done in a long time.

  198. Out of curiosity, what were the top five two years ago . . ?

  199. Really glad to see that i am reading every title that made the top list. My pick would have been W&TXM but I was without power.

  200. Can’t disagree. I just re-read the Saga trade and it’s so good.

  201. Wonder Woman. Azzarello & Chiang have been able to take the essence of Diana, but still make the drastic changes that needed to be made. Diana herself, her supporting cast and the gods have all been improved exponentially.

  202. Walking Dead.

    I find this by far the best comic around. Why, because the story is so damn good and I can really imagine that if something like this would happen, the people would react this way. I have had already endless discussions with a friend of mine over different story lines, and that makes this book so good. I also made another friend of mine, who had never read a comic before in his life, fan of The Walking Dead. He has to buy them in TP because the earlier comics are very hard to find, and is waiting for Volume 2 & 3.
    Saga is a very good runner up, but The Walking Dead remains my favourite.

  203. I’ve been fully on the Saga bandwagon the rest of the comic internet is. I guess I’m the guy kinda on the side, jogging alongside. It’s a good comic book, VERY good at times. I just can’t call it God’s gift to comics that many others are ready to anoint it with. Nothing has reached the heights of Morrison’s Batman, or the Opena-drawn issues of Uncanny X-Force, or the first 7 issues of Waid’s Daredevil, just to name three.

    Vaughn’s good. Maybe a bit too many of his Vaughn phrases slip into the characterization, but he’s done some very solid world-building here, and he’s done a great job of keeping everything unpredictable. Characters you think are part of the cast die suddenly, secrets are revealed, backgrounds continue to be filled in. It’s solid stuff.

    Fiona Apples is good too, but I still got problems with her background. For a sci-fi world building kind of comic, she’s pretty sparse on the whole world-building details. She almost makes up for that with her fantastic character illustration, always with a great character reaction to a line of dialog or body language to certain scenarios.

    So it’s a very solid, 8/10 book. In my top 10, but the #1 book on the market claims kinda leave me scratching my head, wondering if we’re reading the same book.

  204. I’ve never been fully on the Saga bandwagon the rest of the comic internet is. I guess I’m the guy kinda on the side of it, jogging along. It’s a good comic book, VERY good at times. I just can’t call it God’s gift to sequential storytelling that many others are ready to anoint it with. Nothing has reached the heights of Morrison’s Batman, or the Opena-drawn issues of Uncanny X-Force, or the first 7 issues of Waid’s Daredevil, just to name three.

    Vaughn’s good. Maybe a bit too many of his Vaughn phrases slip into the characterization, but he’s done some very solid world-building here, and he’s done a great job of keeping everything unpredictable. Characters you think are part of the cast die suddenly, secrets are revealed, backgrounds continue to be filled in. It’s solid stuff.

    Fiona Apples is good too, but I still got problems with her background. For a sci-fi world building kind of comic, she’s pretty sparse on the whole world-building details. She almost makes up for that with her fantastic character illustration, always with a great character reaction to a line of dialog or body language to certain scenarios.

    So it’s a very solid, 8/10 book. In my top 10, but the #1 book on the market claims kinda leave me scratching my head, wondering if we’re reading the same book.

  205. DD and Hawkeye really do hit the spot as character studies where its almost more fun to read the out of costume pages then in, or at least equally engaging.

  206. I really look forward to Saga, Earth-2,BPRD,Hell Yeah, Batman and Batwoman each month and don’t mind the hiatus on the 1st two mentions cause it gives me a chance to catch up on other titles I really like. DD,Hawkeye and FuryMax got something special going at Marvel and hope it lasts a long run, then there’s Secret Avengers and Uncanny X-Force for me on the team book front and while the Marvel Now reboots of those two look good, it might be time for a drop list to keep the ol’ pull in check.

  207. I gotta go with Saga. I know Snider/Capullo are knocking Batman out of the park but Saga just leaves me wanting more at the end of every issue.

  208. Saga.

    Because Tonight, They Are On The Loose: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xQLWMvJ3sp4

  209. I’d say, from that list, Saga would be my pick too due to its originality, art, plus I enjoy SF and space opera.

    That said, I’ve been enjoying Fatale. I read the first collected book, 1-5, and it’s well written, complex, with interesting characters, and left me wondering where it might continue with the storytelling. Superman, lately, has been a fun read as well. Morrison dropped a lot of the excessive baggage, Superman is a bit unsure of himself & powers, and uses his wits (intelligence) to help solve threats.