What’s The Best Comic Book Being Published Right Now?

There are no new comics in most of the world today. Booo! So let’s talk about something fun. Yaaay!

There are a lot of comics out there. A lot. Like, a lot. So on this fine Wednesday let us decide once and for all…

What’s The Best Comic Book Being Published Right Now?

Not all time. Not next month. Not last summer. Today. Right now. Right this very minute.

Have it out in the comments, me lovies. I want reasons. I want to be persuaded. Once you’ve hit submit on your comment I want the crowd to stand and cheer like you just shouted “San Demas High School football rules!”

After you’ve all settled on what you think is the best comic book being published right now I will be back at the end of the day to give you the correct answer.


UPDATE! 2am EST – As promised, I have returned to give you the correct answer as to What is the Best Comic Book Being Published Right Now! But first, your votes. I tallied up your comments and — after discarding those from people who picked multiple books as a penalty for their lack of reading comprehension and/or inability to make a decision — here are your top five vote getters:

5. The Unwritten
4. Batman & Robin
3. Chew, Locke & Key (tie)
2. Invincible, Scalped (tie)
1. The Walking Dead

Those are all fine books. All books I read and love. And you were close. You almost had the correct book in the top spot. The Best Comic Book Being Published Right Now is in fact:

Batman & Robin

This was fun. We’ll do this again sometime in the future when things are slow.



  1. I think the best comic being published right now is Unknown Soldier. Dysart’s way of telling this dark story in such a raw emotional way is amazing. Pontacelli’s art just makes it all that much more incredible. It’s just sad that the book will be ending well before its time.

    Coming in a close second would be The Walking Dead.

  2. For me, that’s definitely American Vampire.  What Snyder and Albuquerque are doing is astounding especially when you consider how played out the vampire genre is nowadays.  It all comes down to the characters of Pearl and Skinner and the set pieces used to tell the stories.  I’ve made it a pick of the week 4 times now and look forward to making it a pick many more times down the road.

  3. "Me lovies?" I feel sort of dirty now.

    I read but a few monthlies, so my scope is rather limited. I feel like it’s been too short a run just yet for Mystery Society to snag that title, but it’s definitely up there in the running. Probably either Hickman’s Fantastic Four and Lanridge’s Thor The Mighty Avenger. In trade, I’d say either Morrision’s Batman & Robin, Hickman’s Secret Warriors (just read the second trade and I’m really digging it) or Kirkman’s Invincible.

  4. Easy…Chew. 

  5. Locke & Key. 

    Consistently exceptional. An ongoing series where each issue is a totally new experience with experimental narrative techniques.

    Second place for me, right now, is Scarlet.  

  6. Maybe not the best, but the one I enjoy the most is The Walking Dead – great storytelling, incredible art and Kirkman has become a master of the last-page cliffhanger.

  7. Scalped, Chew, the flash, ultimate mystery (I freaking LOVE the art in that book)

  8. Invincible. The best. No question. Beautiful art. Wonderful characters to get attached too. Also great to read in issues because of the suspense it can cause. When you know who was killed a few months ago, only to be resurrected in the next issue, i had to wait a whole freaking month to wonder what waas gonna happen, and was totally elated with the outcome. I wouldn’t get that reading a trade. I’d have maybe five minutes between reactions.

  9. hmmm, best. this can go so many ways. i’d have to go with Brightest Day. it’s consistent ona number of levels: time, art, story. It’s very episodic, tells a larger story, is at this moment, void of the big three.

  10. I have have to go with Locke & Key. It has great imaginative storytelling and really original and unique art. It’s just consistently good.

    I have to say that Jonah Hex comes in at number 2. It has great done-in-one stories, a great regular artist in Jordi Bernet, and awesome guest artist all the time.

  11. at first i wanted to say Generation Lost because its a really good ride, but when you step back its really just another superhero book (albeit a good one).

    I’m going with Chew hands down.  Its got great originality in story and art, every issue delivers on almost every level and I think Layman and Guillroy are setting the gold standard of what a creator owned, collaboration should be. I can’t really think of an issue that i haven’t thoroughly enjoyed. The fact that these guys are dedicating so much time to this one property is amazing. 

  12. Ultimate Spider-Man. I think in the entire run of the series I’ve read at most two issues that weren’t great. As much as I love The Walking Dead, I get excited everytime my pull list has an issue of Ultimate Spidey in it because not only is the Bendis writing out of this world, LaFuente has EASILY become my favorite artist.

  13. Give it up, everyone. You all are wrong. The best book right now is any Deadpool title written by Daniel Way.. You know it, I know it, and your mother knows it.

  14. My vote goes to Thanos Imperative. I’m do not follow the cosmic side of Marvel, and this was my first foray into the said area of Marvel, but I instantly found it fun and exciting. It picks up on the recent continuity of the cosmic Marvel but it is done in a way that new readers would be able to know what happened and what’s currently happening. The series is also not monotonous as there is a balance of drama, comedy, and a whole lot of kick-ass action, with a bit of weirdness/silliness(a Galactus skull head, demon-looking version of Marvel heroes, a team with a talking raccoon,dog and tree, etc.)that is suprisingly good, thrown into the mix and it becomes one of a kind. This mini series have gone for 4 issues now, and none of it, for me, would be rated below 4 stars. If there’s a comic book you should be picking up every month, this would possibly be it. 

  15. I’ve gotta go with ultimate Spider-Man. The writing is the most consistently awesome and the art is gorgeous. I have no idea where this book is going and it makes for a great time right now.

  16. Best ongoing Batman and Robin

    Best maxi Justice Leauge: Generation Lost

    Best mini Superman: Last Family of Krypton

  17. I believe Unwritten is the best book being published right now.  It is overflowing with ideas.  Issue #5 "How the Whale Became" is one of my favorite issues of all time.  The way the story flows around Rudyard Kipling’s life and ties it into the grand arc is impressive.  This book contains the kind of creativity that makes comic books such a unique art form.  The Choose Your Own Adventure issue (which is probably literally being published RIGHT NOW) should be exceptionally fun.  Isn’t that what we’re all after?

  18. Hawkeye & Mockingbird.

    I anxiously await it each and every month and it has yet to let me down.

  19. I would have to say, right now, it’s Invincible by a hair over Walking Dead.  Why?  Because on the right now premise, the current arc in Invincible is, as of the last 3 or 4 issues, consistently surprising, exciting and unafraid.  It’s Kirkman doing exactly what the other companies would never do with their big characters, even in a big crisis event.  He’s going all out.  Not that this sort of going all out is what would make a book the best, but it’s what makes Invincible the best, right now. Ottley’s art is perfect, too.

     Having said that, Walking Dead manages to be right up there, even when nothing is really happening.  That’s a feat unto istelf.  These characters are more real than real sometimes.  Basically, Kirkman is da man. . . right now.

  20. I think Unwritten, Irredeemable, Echo, and Scalped come the closest to what I think of as ‘Best’ — good writing, good art, and compelling ungoing story.  That’s not necessarily what I enjoy most from month to month, but I’m glad these books are out there.

  21. Umm, that’s ‘ongoing story’ that I meant to say.  Though I could claim ‘ungoing’ is a cool form of meta narrative or something. 

  22. Walking Dead.

  23. DC – Batman & Robin

    Marvel – Hawkeye & Mockingbird

    Image – Walking Dead

    Dark Horse – BPRD

    Out of those 4, if they were to get into an elimination tournament, the finals would be:

    Batman & Robin vs Walking Dead

    To which I give Walking Dead the win, but it’s a slight advantage. The think with all four of these books is they all have something great to offer even the casual reader. While we could go through every publisher and do the same thing, I’m being lazy and going with the top 4.

  24. @ohcaroline – I think ungoing is actually a pretty accurate term for some of the stories in Unwritten (like Kipling’s tale or the foulmouthed bunny issue).

  25. Not been going on for long but Scarlet is mine at the minute, closely followed by Unwritten.

  26. Batman and Robin. Grant Morrison has intricately plotted this book so it really rewards multiple readings. His characterisation of Damien is excellent and the development of the relationship between him and Dick has been a real high point.   

  27. Locke & Key.

  28. Since I can’t know every book that is being published at this time I’d have to go with…


    If you read it then you know why.

  29. Tuesday Showdown by Paul Montgomery

  30. The Weird World of Jack Staff.


    This is and will always be my answer as long as it’s published. Invincible and Batman & Robin are right up there, though.

  31. and wonderali for the win!

  32. Locke and Key.


    Just when I thought that maybe the brilliance of Joe Hill was waning a little with the crown of shadows run he hits with that smart and moving one-shot about the Mending key and starts the Key to the Kingdom run with a cool panel layout that’s fresh and fun. Love that book. 

  33. Action Comics by Paul Cornell, so damn fun. 

  34. Sweet Tooth, especially the last two issues. Just great original storytelling. Daytripper is brilliant and I am sad it is ending. On the super hero front, The Flash and Batman & Robin.

  35. Locke & Key. What Rodriguez and Hill are doing on the book is akin to what Moore and Gibbons did. As far as story telling is concerened at least.Also, Ultimate Spider-man.

  36. Batman & Robin – Intricate plot, stories that are both fun and reward rereading, huge tapestry that references, builds upon and improves in retrospect everything Morrison’s done with the character so far. And, usually, the art is fantastic. Shame Morrison’s changing titles after B&R #16.

    Second place: S.H.I.E.L.D. by Hickman and Weaver.

  37. Loving Scalped, Sweet Tooth , Unknown Soldier, Locke & Key, Jack Staff, Daytripper.

    But the best comic right now ? If you’d read last weeks landmark issue #1700, you’d know it was…

    2000AD !!!!



  38. Loving Legion & Adventure Comics.

    Levitz shows he still got game in the comics with these two titles.





  39. Easily BATMAN AND ROBIN.

     Grant Morrison is telling the most original and thrilling Batman story ever. Every issue is gold. Every character that you see on the page is there for a reason, and that’s to make the story better. Morrison is with a multitude of good to AMAZING artists, who help him capture these characters in a way that caters to their history that we know and love, while still giving the characters something new to react to. The first three issues are unrivaled instant classics thanks largely to Frank Quitely’s art and Morrison’s ability to tap into the ‘weird’ whenever he pleases.

    But BATMAN AND ROBIN continues to showcase the very best elements of every character involved. The breakout character of the last TWO years is easily Damian Wayne, and its not because of Tony Daniel or Paul Dini…Its Grant Morrison. Its Cameron Stewart. Its Andy Clarke. Its Frank Quitely. Its Philip Tan. Its freakin FRAZER IRVING! Its all of that. There’s a full story within its 22 pages, and its more than bright lights and splash pages like other superhero comics.When Grant Morrison (God forbid!) wraps up his Batman saga then we will all look back on these issues and realize just how original they are, because we’ll be stuck with the mediocre tellings of Batman beats up a thug at night stories.

    There’s more character development in this series than any other superhero comic being published. There’s more STORY threads here than the last 6 years of Green Lantern combined. There’s no doubt in my mind that BATMAN AND ROBIN is the Best Comic Book Being Published. 

  40. Batman & Robin:
    – Amazing character development: who thought they would ever like Damian? Or wanted Dick to stay as Batman?
    – New interesting characters: Professor Pyg, Oberton Sexton(before the reveal)
    – the ongoing mystery of Dr. Hurt
    – Great Art: Frank Quietly Covers, Cameron Stewart, Andy Clarke and right now Frazer Irving. All are awesome


  41. There are many great comics being published right now. The Amazing Spiderman, Scalped, Steve Rogers: Super Soldier, Avengers: The Children Crusade… 

     BUT nothing, nothing is as consistently brilliant, fresh and exciting as CHEW. For over a year now CHEW has consistently being nothing short of brilliant. Not a bad issue in the bunch, Layman has created a whole new universe, funny and interesting support cast and there seems to be no end to the fantastical, yet somehow grounded, stories that are stemming from this universe.

    It is a real excitement to see where he will take the series next and what characters he will possibly introduce. The art is stunning; the little things make the differences. All the subtle things the artist slips in help make this the most unique book not only to hit the stands this year, but in the last decade!

  42. Scalped


  43. I read "The Walking Dead," "Invincible," "Sweet Tooth," "Locke and Key," "Scalped" and "The Unwritten" in trade, so that takes out a lot of heavy-hitters – other than that the best books I read are: 

    5. The Flash

    4. Justice League: Generation Lost

    3. Amazing Spider-Man

    2. Batman and Robin

    1. Chew 

  44. I gotta say X-Factor. It’s always been a top book for me, even through its rough patches. But now, I feel that the book has been back on track for the past few issues and features everything that made me fall in love with the series in the first place. It features great characters who are not only written perfectly, but bounce of each other so well in terms of dialog and relationships. The art has been good-not-great for awhile, but for the most part, it fits quite well. It has me genually excited to see what happens next issue, not only for the main A-story, but to see how the little relationships evolve. Finally, it’s funny. Not just jokey or mildly amusing. When PAD writes a scene for laughs, it works so well and is really funny.

  45. @ohcaroline: I forgot about Scalped but that is probably becasue I don’t read it monthly. Also I have a couple of trades to catch up on.

  46. Scalped
    Walking Dead
    Sweet Tooth
    Unknown Soldier

    Jason Aaron and Kirkman are the shit. I really don’t get the whole Bendis thing. Flash is probably the only superhero comic I would even consider in top 10 but I don’t read Invincible or Batman & Robin.

  47. "Scalped" is one of my examples of what comics are all about. Great writing, great art, consistent schedule, nice presentation and (one of the things that puts this series over some others) great cast/thematic diversity.

    Other examples: "The Walking Dead", "Unknown Soldier", "Locke & Key", "The Unwritten", "Sweet Tooth", "Hellboy/BPRD"

  48. Ok, I think I’m gonna go with two here, one that I think is the best comic in terms of using the medium and one that I think is the best to read

    Best use of the medium: Unwritten, I love how much it references other works through history, the upcoming choose your own adventure story looks fun, and using writers from the past to further the story is genius.

    Best comic I’m reading: Hm… difficult to say. My gut instinct is to say Ultimate Spider-Man, simply because I can never wait to get the next issue whenever it comes out. However, I’m also really REALLY enjoying Green Lantern, so I guess it’s a tie? 

  49. Irredeemable, The Walking Dead and Jonah Hex all instantly leap to mind. They are the only on-going series (which I read) that I find constantly flawless. Every issue satisfies and this is especially notable considering that each of their overall plots sounds quite weak (superhero gone bad; zombie apocalypse; western era bountry hunter) at first. This is a testament to their creative teams which find some way to deliver fresh and exciting content with each new story.

    If I had to pick just one though, it’d be Jonah Hex, simply for the main character. Rather than lengthy and pointless speeches about "Who I am", Hex simply acts and the audience is left to their own opinions. If only more writers could learn from this expert characterisation.

    San Dimas High School football does indeed rule.

  50. Don’t make me choose! I love all my children equally!

    Walking Dead.

    O’Doyle rules!

  51. I struggled with this question, as my favorite ongoing series (Nova) is on hiatus right now, and a lot of my other favorites are actually mini-series.  Looking back at my picks of the weeks, I’ve noticed one big that has really trended upward.

    Secret Warriors started out interesting, and then unfolded into a labrythine story that almost scared me away; now it has become a unique comic for multiple reasons.  First, it’s the only book I read where the recap pages are vital, as what happens from issue to issue have contributed like clues to an epic mystery and I want to enjoy every bit of it as it unfolds to its conclusion.  Second, the book has the best re-read value of any book I buy.  At the end of each issue (particularly lately) I’m blown away by the turn of events, but also eager to reread it in the future as part of a singular run where the complexities will really shine.  Third, the art has been stellar from this book, starting off with Casselli and now with Vitti; the two are definitely some of Marvel’s top talents, and this book has been constant in its quality.  

    Finally, Nick Fury is a great character that has been used particularly well in this book.  For years, he was a background force, showing up from time to time in Marvel books, as anything from a deus ex machina to a guiding hand beyond anything the Illuminati is capable of.  In this book, Hickman uses him perfectly, disguising his true capabilities as well as whether Nick is aware of what he is even up against.  When it is all finished, this book will likely be collected and appreciated as an instant classic.

  52. Everythings bigger and yet…smaller…it’s like…computers man

  53. Invinvible.

    Probably the best superhero comic in the non Vultrimte Universe.

  54. Most triumphant question Conor 😉

    For me personally best books being published right now are:

    Invincible – the story is fantastic. The Viltrumite War story arc is so intense and filled with action but at the same time there are numerous great character moments. The art just blows me away every time, Ryan Ottley is definitely one of my favorites artist. Furthermore the colors on this books are unlike any other title im picking up, so bright and vibrant, making this alien worlds come to life.

    Ultimate Spider-Man – My another favorite title. Love the fact that now Pete is living with Johnny and Bobby. The book has this great vibe to it of friends having a good time together and just hanging out( even though things are not going particularly well for Peter at current story line). I don’t usually like manga the David Lafuente’s manga influenced title became one my favorites to my own surprise. Also Pete and other kids actually look like kids in the book, the proportions are perfect, which is a bit wierd thing to say but I like the fact that Pete doesn’t look like he is on steroids.

    Flash – I love this book. The story arc with these Rogues from the future who part of RFTF are just so cool. Another reason that I love this book is that it has these sense of hope(something Geoff Johns and Francis Manupul wanted to do on this title as mentioned on Word Ballon) present in every issue, with so many DC and Marvel titles turning so dark and serious it’s awesome to have a title hat it still captures the true essence of super-hero books.

     Thor: The Mighty Avenger – I’m in love with this book. I would buy just for beautiful art and Thor’s smiles alon but there is so much more pure, unfiltered awesomeness in this book. This amazing ”retro” Marvel U, the premise, Thor is stranded in unknown land. There are no continuity baggage, Thor is actually a nice guy not grumpy, emotionless guy he is the main Universe. I could go on but need to get to the art. It’s spectacular, simple at the same time detailed and facial expressions of the characters are just priceless. Chris Samnee became one of favorite artist just in three issues. Finally in this week’s issue Thor is in the pub and punched Captain Britain out off it!! How awesome os that!?!?!? 

  55. I also have to amend my vote by saying the Flash is a slight #2 to Chew for me. The Flash series is so much fun and its the perfect superhero book for me. Its a fun classic all ages kinda comic that reminds me why i got into superhero stuff. It doesn’t take itself as seriously as other continuity/even driven stuff does and has fun stories with great moments and great art. This run of the Flash will definitely be considered legendary down the line. 

  56. Batman & Robin, hands down. Dick & Damian’s relationship really make this book. Dick makes a great batman, and I’m sad Bruce is coming back! 

  57. @Preacher you might want to reword your comment

  58. For me it’s Fantastic Four. I feel like Hickman is really building an epic story.

  59. Every rose has it’s thorn… Every day has it’s dawn…

  60. There is no *best*. It’s totally subjective.

    But my *favourite* comic right now is – Mark Millar’s Nemesis … if that counts as being published "now"? lol. If not – Daredevil.

    (sorry Hit-Monkey)

  61. I gotta go with Sweet Tooth.

  62. Batman and Robin-DC


    Astonishing Wolverine and Spider Man-Marvel


    Walking Dead-Image

    Locke and Key-IDW

  63. This question made me realize how many truly great comics series are coming out RIGHT NOW. There are a lot of contenders (Walking Dead, Chew, Sweet Tooth, Unknown Soldier, Unwritten, Morrison’s Batman (B&R, ROBW, etc.), Amazing Spider-Man, list goes on…) But THE best? The ONE that stands above the rest?

    Locke and Key. The concept is unique, the story and characters are interesting and absorbing, and the art is consistently both fun to look at and of a quality that few attain in the industry. Bottom line: This book is not just good, it’s exceptional. Every issue.

  64. Fables. Simple concept, brilliant execution. Every time.

  65. Batman & Robin – simples.


  66. Bill & Ted’s reference? Well played, sir.

    So many good choices people have already mentioned. Vertigo’s got a lot of my faves: Scalped and Unwritten top the list with the quality of writing, but I have to say that I find myself almost unable to wait for the next Northlanders trade (seriously, when is it out?).

    Ultimate Spider-man, I’ve realized, is by far my favorite super-hero book. Largely because Bendis is left to his own devices, and it’s a single, long-running serial.Is there a better super-hero book out there? Batman & Robin comes close, but there are some inconsistencies here and there that bog it down slightly.

    Scarlet is compelling and gorgeous, but still a little too early to call. 

    But, yeah, in the end I’ve gotta agree with many others here: Locke & Key. The stories are captivating, the art is consistent and gorgeous, the dialogue is clean and crisp, and Hill continues to find innovative ways to tell his story, as with the recent "Calvin & Hobbes" homage. it’s a complete package of awesome.

  67. For my money it has to be Locke and Key. 

  68. Invincible with Ultimate spider-man getting honorable mention.

  69. Walking Dead

  70. By far Invincible. There is no other comic I look forward to reading out of my stack more than Invincible! Runner-ups would be ultimate spiderman and walking dead

  71. Surprised by how many people said Invincible. That’s pretty cool.

  72. I don’t pick up that many monthlies anymore, but for me it’s definitely Scalped. I’ve rated pretty much issue 5/5 and it’s equivalent in quality and consistency to good crime television series like The Wire (not comparing the two, just saying I get about equal enjoyment from them). It’s also one of the series that I can’t fathom trade-waiting for because it’s so damn good every month.

  73. The Walking Dead–I like zombies, don’t know what to expect from issue to issue, anyone could die, where is it going?

  74. Damn . . . there are a lot of good books being published right now.

  75. How are there not 500 comments for this article?

    Has anyone else noticed that writing seems to be getting mentioned considerably more often than art in the supporting statements?  Interesting.  I didn’t mention the art in Unwritten.  I find it excellent (but not exceptional). 

  76. Invincible.  The story continues to be compelling and exciting in equal measure; I know who all the characters are *and* I care about them all; the art is so gorgeous I spend longer reading this than any other book; I would recommend it to absolutely anyone without reservation or qualifications; it reads better in issues than anything else I can think of–the story breaks at such natural and suspenseful points, and there are such memorable and distinct moments in each issue.  I think I could recap Invincible more reliably than any other book I read, and I could even tell you where issues began and ended…if I try to think about most books, even the ones I really love, I usually can’t remember the details and individual panels as clearly as I can with Invincible.

  77. CHEW. It’s a well written unique story. The art is gorgeous and the coloring is great.

  78. It’s not being published "right now" otherwise I would say Criminal or Incognito…Right now though I would have to go with Scalped.  That book is just so solid every time you read it.  It just packs such an emotional punch.  Sweet Tooth is a close second.

  79. The Unwritten, with a nod to Morrison’s Batman and Robin.

  80. I’m Canadian so my comics are out today.

  81. Oh and I’ll put my hat in for Wonder Woman. In two issues JMS has given an exciting adventure, a compelling mystery and layers of metaphor all wrapped up in a slick looking superhero package.

    It may be too early to say that but, hey, it’s for fun.

  82. @JumpingJupiter – I’ll agree that JMS’s Wonder Woman has been pretty solid.  It certainly has my attention more than anything else she’s been the lead in.

  83. @Josh It was your recommendation guys that made me pick up Invincible Ultimate Collection Vol.1, I loved so much that decided to catch up and now finally reading it in issues 🙂 (I planning to buy Invincible Complete Library and i think I heard Conor saying he bought it. Conor I wanted to ask how awesome is that edition?) 

  84. Scalped tops my list because every time i finish an issue i think of at least 10 non-comic readers who would love it, but are uninterested for one reason or another. If the folks at Vertigo lose their minds and make an epic hard cover with 25+ issues I’ll probably buy about 10 as gifts.


    On the other hand, everytime I finish Ultimate Spider-Man I think of about 2 dozen people who would love it, if they ever gave it a shot.

  85. Scalped.


    Consistently the best title on the shelf. No question. 

  86. Brackets. We need brackets!

  87. Walking Dead.

  88. Walking Dead, I’m just too attached to the characters. A close second for me is Locke and Key.

  89. I’m late to this party, but I wanted to throw my bote in for Walking Dead. B&R is a close second though.

  90. Damn…..this is tough….

    Well I remember saying a while ago that Sweet Tooth was the best comic on the stands today. But Chew has had such a great streak lately with fantastic artwork and a great story……But Sweet Tooth also has amazing art (in it’s own way) and Lemire is telling a good, post-apocalyptic story right now.

    I would say it’s a tie right now between Sweet Tooth and Chew. They have everything going for them and other then some pacing issues (Sweet Tooth paced slowly while Chew doesn’t seem to have a new issue out until January 2011) they really have nothing wrong with them. 

  91. I’m stuck between Jason Aaron on Wolverine or Grant Morrison on Batman.

  92. THE WALKING DEAD for me.  Although I need to read CHEW.  Other thoughts:

    1) I actively dislike SCALPED.

    2) I think Mignola has the best "universe" out there, with the Hellboy/BPRD/occasional add-on all working together.

    3) I need to read INVINCIBLE also, mainly because I’m getting kind of sick of the big 2’s superhero comics. 

  93. Up until a month ago I would have said ASM hands down. Morrison’s Batman titles are pitch perfect, but its not a single title. Im going with what I am surprised no one has said:


    PunisherMAX with Jason Aaron.  

  94. I gotta go with Chew.  Every time that book comes out it’s just something special.  It’s written for issues and is innovative, gripping, impressive and hilarious.  So far a perfect series for me.  

  95. I read the first 2 trades of Chew and caught up on issues through 12. I love Chew because it has a good enough concept for any medium but the writer and artist continually make it the comic-iest thing out there. When I opened issue 11 and they had me read page 18 first in a uniquely comicy way that would make Tarintino and Nolan jealous that they make movies instead of comics, I said (in my head(I think)) in my best Mortal Combat Anouncer voice “Comics…WIN!”. So good! And Chew only is getting better. It is a universe so different from anything else but it isn’t at all difficult to follow. I love it, and that’s why it’s the best.

  96. I second @daccampo’s request for brackets.  Let us vote monthly.  "iFanboy’s Fan Favorite for June 2011" I can see that mentioned on a lot of trade covers.

  97. It has to be Walking Dead. It’s the book that I always take for granted when thinking about my favorite books, because it’s so consistantly good. Great art, great writing, great characters. The story never gets stagnent, it’s always moving forward, and Kirkman is a master at the last page cliffhanger that makes WD the first book I read when I get home from the shop when it comes out. Just try and remember the last "bad" issue of Walking Dead. I bet you can’t.

  98. Either Scalped or The Walking Dead (With Jonah Hex undoubtedly coming in a close 3rd)

  99. Jonah Hex probably makes me most excited every month. While it seems to be pretty formulaic for the most part, it just doesn’t get old.  There’s always some excellent panel that makes it the best of the week, whether it’s Jonah shooting a bullet that bounces of boulders to kill seven people in one shot, or Jonah tackling a freaking horse.  This comic never fails to make me pump my fist in the air and scream "woohoo!"


    Otherwise, I’d say Daytripper, as it just downright makes me feel every time I read it, and I’m genuinely sad that the book is coming to an end tomorrow.  


    Red Robin is always a book that I’m never that outright excited to read right away, but as soon as I finish each issue, I get the feeling that it’s the best Bat-book (not that Morrison is bad, but he just doesn’t make his Bat-book readable to the average person).


    1) Jonah Hex 

    2) Daytripper

    3) Red Robin

    4) Sweet Tooth

    5) Tie between Joe the Barbarian, The Unwritten, and The Sixth Gun (but may be too early to tell about that one) 

  100. Batman & Robin

    … and Tiny Titans! 

  101. I forgot about Tiny Titans.  It is certainly the best at what it does.

  102. Scalped.  After 3 years it seems to just get better and better, and worse and worse.

  103. Brightest Day! Every time I want to jump off it pulls me back in

  104. Invincible

  105. walking dead, batman & robin, scalped, i still dig the goon….this is a really tough answer to narrow it all down to.

  106. The one I look forward to the most is Invincible Iron man. Iron man is my favorite comic character for the last 25+ years, so to see this GREAT run by Fraction is just gold for me. 


    But here’s a question: Am I the only one reading Lone Ranger? Because I love that book something fierce at times.  

  107. I gotta go with Locke and Key. There’s nothing else quite like it on the shelves. Hill and Rodriguez have crafted an amazing story that runs the gamut of emotions in almost every issue. 

     Close second would have to go to Ultimate Spider-Man. Everyone’s pretty much already covered why that book is great.

     Honorable mention to Scarlet. It’s too early to call yet, but I expect something phenomenal out of that series.  

  108. I never answered:

    The Walking Dead

  109. Six months ago I would have said fables, but I’m reading it in trade and the crossover was IMO mediocre, not bad persay, but as a fables reader that never particularly cared for jack and isn’t reading his series it kind of fell flat in my eyes, that being said I’d have to narrow it down to ASM, scarlet, Locke and key, walking dead, or sweet tooth. ASM, by nature of it’s schedule has highs and lows, and the current omit arc is one I like but not love so it’s out, scarlet IMO has been brilliant, but at two issues, a little slight for “best”, Locke and key is brilliant and is always at least a 4 star book, but it uses the monthly format slightly less perfectly than WD or ST so I’ll knock that out (same reason echo and rasl just missed my list), the current WD arc is great and this book reads great in monthlies, same as sweet tooth, but something about Lemire’s haunting line work and the ever improving color work in the book puts sweet tooth just ahead.

  110. I’m really loving Avengers Academy but it’s early to tell on that guy. I would have said Power Girl before the line up fiasco. I read all Vertigo/Indie stuff in trades now so I can’t say about a lot of that stuff(although I LOVE THE UNWRITTEN). Hmm. Tough question. Can we just agree it’s a great time to be reading comics?

  111. Probably Invincible.

  112. There are so many great books out there right now! It makes my heart very happy to see that The Unknown Soldier got first ups on this thread, but it is very hard to say which is my number 1…Since at this minute the 10th and final issue of Daytripper hasn’t hit stands yet a large part of me wants to give it the award just because of how beautiful the art is and how touching the story is, but if I had to pick one and one alone I would probably go with Mike Carey’s The Unwritten. Every thing about it just is so intricate and literary and innovative…nothing else really like IMO.

  113. Looked at my subscriptions and thought if I could read the next issue of any of them, which would it be?


    Batman and Robin 

  114. All theinvincible love is killing me, I read the first issue or two and it didn’t grab me, probably cuz at the time (few years ago) I was just getting back into comics and was reading TONS of cape books) but all the positive talk is making me wish I had kept up with it, now the sheer volume of trades is keeping me out, I can hear Josh telling me to just start reading, but while not a continuity nerd I am a completist and know I need to start from the beginning, maybe after I’m done re-buying and re-reading sandman invincible will be my next buy a trade a month to read something great I missed book

  115. @stuclach & @ daccampo: I third your notion. @WonderAli I’m looking at you since you’re the resident bracketologist.

  116. Berlin by Jason Lutes.

  117. I’ll go with Unwritten. 

    ‘Choose your own adventure.’  

    Nuff said.

  118. I only read 4 books ongoing, but I’m gonna read WD and L&K in HC’s.

    Out of the onogings I read, though, the order of which I like them is:

    1) Sweet Tooth

    2) Chew

    3) Action Comics

    4) Generation Lost

  119. For me it would be a tough call between Chew & Fables, but I think based off of both most recent issues I’d choose Chew, but based on potential for the immediate future (before years end), I’d choose Fables because of issue 100

  120. Echo.  Because it hasn’t been mentioned and truly deserves props for originality and beautiful art. 

  121. Oooh, forgot Echo. That is a very good one! 🙂

  122. Criminal. and yes, it counts.

  123. anyone who doesn’t say Scalped isn’t reading Scalped!

  124. What skeets said.

  125. 1) Scalped– Everyone talks about how great Aaron’s writing is and its all true. What people don’t often talk about is Guerra’s art, which is my favorite art being published right now hands down. The world of Scalped is constantly cluttered by all the objects, vehicles, and trash that its characters leave behind, turning it into a living breathing world. Guerra brings a different look to every single one of his characters and is able to convey action and emotions expertly. This book also showcases the best covers week in and week out, and if I didn’t mention it earlier… Aaron writes the shit out of this book.

    2) Walking Dead-… it’s Walking Dead

    3) Locke and Key- This book is just so inventive and exciting, even if you aren’t a horror buff like myself, you should still be able to pull some enjoyment out of it.

    4) Hellboy- I just started reading this book with the  beginning of the Wild Hunt and I’m so glad I did. I have gone back and purchased the Library editions that have already come out, and am trying to read the rest of the series at local libraries and bookstores. This has been the book to sink its teeth into me the quickest.

    5) Comics are just great. Conor asks "What’s the best comic being published right now?" I can’t name just one. If he were to ask what’s the best T.V. show coming out right now, I would say Mad Men. If he were to ask what’s the best movie of the year so far, I would say Inception. Only in comics do I feel like I need to name more than one product for how good it is. My 5th spot I can’t quite make my mind up on, so I’m leaving it blank.


    Winner: Scalped 

  126. Scalped!  A funny book for English Professors.

  127. Wow actually thinking about it I have to go with Red Robin. Every time it comes out it shows me another reason that Super Hero comics are fun. I actively hate Grant Morrison’s Batman work but because I liked Red Robin I read 12 issues of Batman and Robin.

    Of course that being said I am a weird guy I hold Booster Gold and REBELS right up there with my best comics. Justice League Generation Lost is probably my runner up. 

  128. I am tied with Locke & Key, Scalped & Ultimate Spider-man b/c they are all so amazing in their own right. Locke & Key are showing som of the best comic teamwork I have ever seen b/w a writer & an artist while also unveiling an intricate, interesting & intelligent story that made Warren Ellis so jealous that he wants to kill Joe Hill for coming up with this series. Scalped is great b/c it really shows the most depressing & conflicting moments of character that I have never seen within any medium, comic, TV or movie that is shown so passionately & so emotionally in the pages of Scalped which also has made Jason Aaron one of my most favorite writers of all time, the trade can not come out soon enough & I know that Aaron plans on ending this series at some point but I honestly wish that this book can never ever end, it is that good! Now comes Ultimate Spider-man IMO the best Brian Michael Bendis to withstand the test of time & show just how much passion & ideas Bendis has with reinventing the Spidey Universe for the Ultimate Universe while also giving the 616 counterparts respect & providing such fun & consistently good stories for over 10 years! Also two words DAVID LAF****** FUENTE OMG!!!! SO AWESOME!!! So yeah I can not choose between these three but I believe that they are all significantly much better than the other books that are coming out nowadays.


    solid story telling through and through; variety of sometimes wacky, sometimes serious, but always believable heroes/villains; humor; violence; romance; drama; violence; outer-space; amazing art; amazing color.

    Invincible is everything I could ever want out of super-hero comics specifically and just good comics in general.

    Runner-up:  Savage Dragon.

    What’s most telling for me about Invincible though, is that about three years ago I could have cared less about Super-hero comics.  Now, this is literally at the top of my list, constantly and probably forever! 

  130. Chew

  131. The Unwritten or Secret Warriors.

  132. The best boom no one is reading right now? Madam Xanadu.

    …..Shocking I know.

  133. Invincible.  Ryan Ottley’s art is beautiful.  Really fleshed out and unique characters.  Great villains.  The stories have a great mix of humor, drama and action (with ultra violence).  The plots are really intricate with multiple subplots that are always unfolding.  My runner ups are Scalped and maybe Umbrella Academy.

  134. San Dimas*

  135. Solid toss up between The Flash and Batman & Robin. 

  136. I’m hoping this week’s issue will make me agree with Conor.

  137. Batman & Robin is definitely the best superhero book being published right now. Especially now. But I stand by Locke & Key in the top slot overall! 

    Moral of the story? It’s a great time to be reading comics.  

  138. @PaulMontgomery – Damn straight.

  139. Man, can’t believe I missed this debate.  Can I just throw my much-too-late vote for Scalped.  Gorgeous art paired with the best constructed, most original, gripping and human story currently in comics.  Though Batman and Robin is indeed most excellent.

  140. This thread has convinced me to go all in on Locke and Key. I knew people thought it was good, but not to this level. 9 out of 10 fanboys prefer kinda situation. Time to go order some trades…

  141. Yeah I feel left out for not having read Locke and Key, Scalped and Invincible. 

    I am kinda new but I really love comics and you all have named all of my favorites which is awesome. From what I read i have to give it to Batman and Robin.

    Oh and Bulletproof Coffin should not go unnoticed.  

  142. Late to the party, but the best book going is Scalped. That has HBO series written all over it. It’s Aaron, my favorite writer at his best.



  143. @RocketRacoon If HBO is smart they would definitely adapt Scalped into a TV series but unfortunately Scalped has only been a critical & fan favorite but not genrating much in sales. I believe that most likely if any comic series gets adapted it will be the legendary ones like Sandman (which was just recently announced) Preacher (still in development hell) & stuff like that, that’s not saying that Scalped will not get adapted (Locke & Key is a recently made series that just quickly became popular & will be adapted as well) there will always be a good chance but I would not count on it anytime soon.

  144. Scalped

  145. Right now american comics have been on a downhill. I have significantly downsized my pulllist, with the exception of the smaller press books and books too good to drop (like Birds of Prey), so I’ve been able to read more manga. B. Reaction has lately been a really good read that’s still in print.