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TRAILER: The Latest for ‘Man of Steel’ is Ohmygodamazing

Featuring Jor-El, Pa Kent, Lois Lane, General Zod and super punching!

Bracing For Another Superhero Movie Onslaught

And suddenly, we’re talking about way too many superhero/comic book movies coming to a theater near you. Mike is excited about a few — and curious to read what you’re excited about!

Kneel Before MTV Movie Awards Teasers for ‘Iron Man 3’ & ‘Man of Steel’

Have you seen my lost Kryptonian?

Scott Snyder & Jim Lee’s New Superman Series Now Has a Title: SUPERMAN UNCHAINED

What’s next? A Batman book called Arkham’s List?

TRAILER: The First Full-Length Look at ‘Man of Steel’

This time there’s no fishing boat.

New MAN OF STEEL Poster, with Useless Shackles

Not even a whiff of fishing.

Interview: ‘Chronicle’ Writer Max Landis Talks Superman & ACTION COMICS ANNUAL #1

The screenwriter of ‘Chronicle’ steps up to reinvent the Atomic Skull and stand up for Superman.

TRAILER: Two (Slightly) Different Teasers For ‘Man of Steel’

Clark Kent will get you that king crab.

SDCC 2012 Wrap Up: The Year Comics Broke

After a few days to really think about it, Ron shares his thoughts on San Diego.

SDCC 2012: New Poster for (SUPERMAN) ‘MAN OF STEEL’ Will Make You Believe a Man Can Fret

Chin up, Clark. It’s just a movie.