SDCC 2012: New Poster for (SUPERMAN) ‘MAN OF STEEL’ Will Make You Believe a Man Can Fret

DC and Warner Brothers have released a new official poster for Zack Snyder’s (Superman) Man of Steel. Here now, a contemplative and highly textured Henry Cavill in the lead role.

Man of Steel–it seems they’ve dropped the Superman from the official title–arrives in theaters on June 19th 2013. But look for a special sneak peek before The Dark Knight Rises next week.


  1. yes! hopefully a trailer before dkr

  2. That does seem excessively textured. Looks like he’s wearing a stretched out street-style basketball.

  3. I won’t judge on the costume alone, my fretting of this film comes from the people involved all being known for the type or works directly opposed to the ideals of Superman, but this looks like chain-mail.

    Why does everyone feel the need to tug on Superman’s cape?

  4. My first thought was “You’ll believe a man can wallow.” But it’s actually a fairly good poster. Hope to see the trailer.

  5. After Amazing Spider-Man I am not going to be as quick to judge. But man, what the hell is the deal with the oddly textured outfits.

  6. He’s admiring the FUCK out of his stitch-work on the costume.

  7. Ballistic Nylon emo man….

    isn’t Supes supposed to be a bit more optimistic and golly gee whiz?

  8. Are they mini S-shields for the texture, like the new Star Trek shirts’ texture was little Starfleet insignias?

  9. I demand yellow in my S-Shield dammit!

  10. Remember the first time you saw Superman the Movie (I was fortunate to see it debut in theaters), and the incredible chill the ran up your spine during the opening credits when the big “S” exploded onto the screen?

    Why do I have the feeling I WON’T have that feeling watching this movie?

    I sure as heck don’t feel anything like it from this poster.

  11. Needs more gold 😉

  12. What the hell? Part of the reason I loved the look of the Christopher Reeve Superman was how simple the suit was.This looks like chainmail, which begs the question, “Why does Superman need armor?”

    • Why in the new 52 is he wearing something that looks like armor there? Cuz they think it looks cool. And if they made a good superman movie no one would care what he’s wearing. He could even wear jeans and a t shirt with a “S” on it for all i care just as long as he’s wearing it in a GOOD movie.

  13. From a distance it looks like chain mail. I think it looks ok. All these little things we knit pick about are meaningless. The only thing that matters is will the movie be good (story, acting, F/X). Just make a fun adventure movie just like what they did with the Avengers movie. Leave the grime and grittiness to Batman.

  14. upon further reflection it seems to me that t hey are going for that NIKE pro-combat look that’s really in with College Football uniforms right now. Really getting into textures and fabrics. Set up the idea of athletic armor. The art direction of the poster reminds me of how Nike shows off their new uni’s every season.

  15. I don’t dislike but I wish it maybe could have been made to look more like chainmail. Waiting on the trailer.


  17. Am i remembering correctly when i say that stalin translates as man of steel?

  18. Oh good, brooding. The last Superman film didn’t have enough of that.

  19. Lots of negativity here. It’s a teaser poster folks. It’s dark. He’s looking down. The costume has heavy stitching. So what? Did you want Superman on top of the DP at high noon with his fists on his hips? Maybe a flag and an eagle in there somewhere?

    Personally I’m glad to see anything at all from this movie. I’m really optimistic about this one. I’m hoping that, at the very least, we’re going to see a Superman movie unlike any other. Hope we see a teaser Thursday night.

    • Nothing wrong with Superman, an American flag, and an eagle.

    • Certainly nothing wrong with any of those things individually. My point was that particular image has been done a million times already. Granted, so has the “hero-looking-down-broodingly” movie poster, so who’s right?

      I realize Superman is a bright and shining symbol for the best in all of us, but I don’t see anything wrong with taking the franchise in a new direction. Do we really want another mind-numbingly dull Donner regurgitation that sets the franchise back another six years (thanks Singer)? Or do we want the first successful Superman franchise in three decades? I’d say it’s long overdue.

      Grim and gritty sells. And if grim and gritty is neccessary to get asses in the seats, then that’s what they’re gonna do. As long as the film isn’t bogged down by darkness and dread, and the essential themes of Superman are projected correctly (along with some eye-popping action sequences), I’ll consider it a win.

    • Ah, I see what you mean. I apologize for not thinking more into your first statement. I guess I’m just an old man stuck in my ways. One of my favorite memories of all time when I was a child was seeing the end of Superman 2 when he put the flag back up in the white house. That one scene inspired much of my life and was one of the biggest reasons I joined the USMC. Those were much simpler times when we had more faith in our government and that sadly is no longer the case. I guess that’s why I wasn’t a big fan of the new 52’s Superman. I love almost everything but that, but I know to get the new readers they had to do it in a way that made sense in today’s society. You’re most astute about getting our butts in seats and no matter what, I’ll be there opening night and pray for the best. It’s been too long (Superman 2) that we’ve had a decent movie about the Man of Steel.

  20. A costume of chain mail (ish) for the man of steel. Appropriate.

  21. I don’t think it looks overly chain mail-like personally. Also, I dont think one poster is enough to assume a brooding tone to the film. I think its a cool poster and the costume is fine

  22. That is actually the Brothers Karamazov in braille.

  23. I’m hoping for the best but not expecting it.

  24. So they took the Aquaman shirt and made a Superman version?

  25. Superman looks depressed.

  26. Any one know who is going to be the villian in this movie?