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Ben Affleck is Batman in ‘Man of Steel’ Sequel

So many mixed feelings…

Fixing DC’s Movie Universe

Krypton, we have a problem.

How Much Does Clark Kent Weigh?

More like Man of Lard, am I right?

SDCC 2013: Zack Snyder Announces SUPERMAN/BATMAN Followup to MAN OF STEEL, FLASH and JUSTICE LEAGUE Films May Follow

Gotham City? Totally f@#$%d.

Contribution Versus Caterwauling: How Nerds Communicate

A column critiquing comments, and thus possibly soliciting many.

Kyle Baker Comments on ‘Man of Steel’ with ‘Mass Murderer of Steel’ Browser Game

Pretty devastating.

Looking Ahead At DC’s Movie Slate – Summer 2013 Edition

What’s next?

Movie Review: ‘Man of Steel’ (Spoiler Free)

Guys, he REALLY wants that Codex.

‘Man of Steel’

“On my world it means hope.”

I Remember Superman

After seventy-five years, the Superman we know and love is about to start a new chapter. Will Man of Steel change anything?