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Great Moments in Comics History: Superman #164

In which Superman regrets a decision.

Superman: Corporate Icon

Arguably his most important role (depending on who you ask).

DC Histories: General Zod

You’d best kneel before him if you know what’s good for you.

“An Ideal to Strive Towards” – The Man of Steel Returns

After many years writing about Superman, Mike takes a deep breath and waits for Friday.

Top 5: Films DC Should Do Next After ‘Man of Steel’

Men made of iron, men made of steel… what’s next?

Super Sequel: Snyder & Goyer Back for ‘Man of Steel II’

Why, that’s no kryptonite! It’s the studio’s green light!

‘Man of Steel’: I Want To Believe, Sort Of

Are reservations about the Man of Steel and his movie played out? Should the nervous and the naysayers take it outside for the next few days?

Great Pages: MAD #172

Superman’s understanding of physics isn’t so super.

Trailer: ‘Man of Steel’ – “Fate of Your Planet”

Fear of Zod

Ryan’s Response To Romo’s Movie Trepidation

Buck up, little Romo. Movies are fun!