Super Sequel: Snyder & Goyer Back for ‘Man of Steel II’


Not final poster

Faster than a speeding bullet! Deadline reports that Warner Bros. is already fast-tracking a sequel to this week’s Man of Steel.

Screenwriter David Goyer and director Zack Snyder will return, though the extent of producer Christopher Nolan’s involvement is yet unknown.

The thing will be released soonish, but not before, ya know, the first one debuts midnight on Thursday.

Cocksure? Possibly A chance to use a 2 as an S? Definitely.

So. Does this inspire confidence? Dread? Were you hoping for a shakeup in the creative team? What’s on your wish list for Man of Steel II?



  1. Pretty cool, would much rather have this then WB taking this universe and trying really hard to make a JL movie. Let these movies be awesome on their own.

  2. I wonderโ€ฆ could that “2” in the shield be misconstrued as the Bizarro backwards “S” )I hope-a-hope-a-hope( ?

    • Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

      Just in case: That’s something I just threw together haphazardly, not something from WB. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Obviously the WB implanted an Easter Egg into Paul’s mind. Obviously the sequel is going to be called “Superman: Electric Boogaloo” starring Electric Blue and Electric Red Superman!

    • @Paul: I wasn’t thinking you or WB were inferring a Bizarro connection, it’s just that your graphic reminded me of the last panel of All Star Superman. In that story, the scientists seemed to be working on a replacement in the man of steel’s absence. The project’s logo was the S shield reversed, or the number 2. In the movie universe, it might mean someone (Luthor?) trying to create a controllable opposing force.

      In any case, the graphic would be a great image for the second outing, if they were thinking of going in that direction.

    • The “2” for Bizarro is a great idea. Hopefully someone in charge will make the same connection. (Maybe we should pull Nolan into a dream and plant that idea in his head!)

    • @kennyg: don’t forget your spinning top!

  3. For a second I thought this was going to be Scott Snyder’s follow up to Batman: Year Zero and Superman: Unchained with help from David Goyer.

  4. Didn’t they announce a sequel to Green Lantern before the first film was released too? Heh!

    But no really, I’m sure this will turn out better than that did.

  5. Please hire Grant Morrison to write Lex Luthor’s dialogue…

  6. Superman 2, already!? They must *know* this is going to be a huge hit.

  7. Avatar photo Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    Fingers crossed on a Metallo or Brainiac big bad with a Prankster cold open.

    • I want Brainic for a Justice League villain, and kryptonite doesn’t exist here so no Metallo. Maybe Live Wire or Parasite.

    • I think Marvel was cunning when they revealed Thanos as the enemy for Avengers 2. Thanos and Darkseid are VERY similar characters, at least from a superficial, casual movie-goer’s perspective.

      That means DC has to think about which Rogue can reasonably challenge the entire Justice League. Off the top of my head Braniac jumps to the top of the list. He’s a fascinating villain who thinks and acts nothing like any other villain we’ve seen at theaters thus far.

    • I’m currently working on a JL screenplay (for funsies) with Brainic as the villain. I write him as cold,efficient hive mind machine with millions of drones attacking Earth which keeps the League (Bats, Supes, Flash, GL, WW, Aquaman) busy while Brainic (David Tennent) watches from the mothership preparing to blow up the planet.

      The JL movie absolutely cannot have Darkseid as the villain, then again if they’re gonna still the Marvel Formula (which comes from the most recent rumors I’ve read) then they may as well use Darkseid. I’d really prefer anyone else tho; the Injustice Syndicate, Brainic, the White Martians, etc.

    • The problem of a villain for “The Justice League” is actually why Starro is great villain for them.

      Think about it: Starro doesn’t “belong” to any of them in sense of being part of one of their individual Rogue’s Galleries. It doesn’t want things in the way most other villains do and it doesn’t come with a “Just Shoot This Guy In The Face” plot hole like the Joker or Lex Luthor. It’s big enough that it would HAVE to attract all these powerful beings like Supes, WW and GL but it’s also a personal attack. All these superhero movies spend a whole bunch of time building up the support structure around the hero and making them dependent on their chosen few comrades to help them out. If we’ve been told for the last three movies that Bruce trusts Alfred above everyone else what happens when Alfred’s got an intergalactic parasite on his face and is chanting “ALL ARE ONE IN STARRO”?

      Starro invades the Earth and breaks down society – the very thing that makes humans the top of the food chain in this world. You get a superhero movie, an invasion movie and a zombie movie all in one.

    • @Heroville, you make alot of good points. For a minute I thought you were talking about that 3rd eye alien, although I think he’d be a great choice too.

      Just to point out something tho, Loki is a Thor villain yet he was the main bad guy in “Avengers”.

    • @IthoSapien I do agree with you at Loki is first and foremost a Thor villain, but he was also the villain in the very first Avengers comic, so historically he was a good choice.

    • @JohnVFerrigno, yea I remembered that Loki was the first villain Avengers faced together in the comics but he was still a Thor villain. If that can happened I don’t see why the League can’t team up to fight Brainic, Darkseid, Doomsday. Especially since in the New 52 Darkseid was the first villain they fought. Of course Marvel’s gonna use Thanos in the Avengers which puts Darkseid off the table for awhile.

    • Thanos IS a Darkseid ripoff – Jim Starlin, who created Thanos, even said so! And I think Marvel did kind of trump DC by revealing Thanos as the villain, because that blocks DC from using Darkseid any time soon without looking like copy cats.

      But Brainiac… that could work, and work well.

      I would like to see Lex Luthor in the film, and have some event or action that Superman takes to defeat Brainiac be the last straw for Lex. Have him already be wary, but something turns him solidly against the Man of Steel.

      Now I can understand Starro being suggested, but I don’t know that it would work in a movie. From a plot device, it works – it’s like Invasion of the Body Snatchers or a zombie story, you get taken over. But Starro is a thing – there’s no person or personality attached to it, and the average movie-goer needs a person in the role. It focuses the layman viewer on the character, and it needs to be a person who can bring it to life. Look at Heath Ledger as the Joker, for example. He made The Dark Knight into an excellent film – without his nuanced performance, it wouldn’t have been nearly as good. And people want some celeb in the big parts. Having someone just be the voice of Starro would not be enough.

      I think this is one of the reasons the Green Lantern movie failed so badly. The villain was unrelatable and too abstract. Parallax made no sense to the average viewer. There was no person to focus on. And even for those of us familiar with the comic background, the explanation of Parallax made no sense.

    • @Kennyg, great points all around.

  8. I feel like WB is really fishing here. Yes “Green Lantern” had a similar setup but it didn’t have the pedigree MoS has; the acting talent, the director (Come on, “Casino Royale” was the only title attached to Martin Campbell I saw in advertising), screenwriter (The Dark Knight Trilogy, nuff said), and here we don’t have to see a whole new universe introduced with aliens in glowing green uniforms and magic rings.

    We have 3 separate avenues for early ticket sales, test screenings, no dumb videogame tie-in, and a more condensed advertising campaign. I’m optimistic, tho I think Justice League should be pushed back a few years at least.

  9. Well that’s certainly a good sign if WB is committed to have another sequel. You didn’t see that when it came to Superman Returns.

    But it’s all going to boil down to box office and boy am I gonna be a wreck till we get those results. I want to see a JLA movie or at least a Superman/Batman team up from this.

  10. Brainiac is the most logical & best choice of villain for the sequel. Lex Luthor would be way to soon to have as a villain just yet as he is still too familiar to movie goers with him being a villain in EVERY single Superman film before Man Of Steel (except Superman III). I would just do what Webb is doing with Amazing Spider-Man & just have him there in a small/cameo role & then in the third film have Luthor come to light magnificently. Darkseid, while a good choice, I believe would be TOO similar to Marvel doing Thanos so I would wait for him for Justice League as he is more of a team villain with his armies than just for Superman alone. Each day I get more & more excited for this film. I just have this overwhelming feeling that this is going to be something really special, emotional & extremely heartfelt. This may even beat the Dark Knight Rises as best Superhero film & favorite movie ever for me, IMO. One can only hope & thats just what Superman inspires in all of us. So hears to having that same inspiration being reignited once more for this generation & for it to be better than ever before! ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. I want Brainiac as the villain in the sequel.

  12. I’ve been fascinated with the cross-promotional deals between this movie and every junk food on the market, as any one of my Facebook “friends” can attest. Every time I see an ad like, “Be a Man of Steel, with a mouthful of fucking Cheez-Its!” I wonder, “Are they doing this because they believe in the movie, and want to carpet-bomb the public consciousness, or are they doing this to make as much quick cash off the movie as they can before it comes out?”

    In short, I’ve been reading the tea leaves like a WB Kremlinologist to figure out whether they think they have a good movie on their hands. This move seems to answer that pretty definitively.

  13. I want Titano as the villain. Was e the giant monkey? Can’t go wrong with giant monkeys!

  14. I hold my reservations until we know what Christopher Nolan’s plans are, I can’t say I trust the other creators without his guidance.

  15. If they do things right they could even have a step or two in between MoS and MoS2…… could they start off the journey with ? end with Sure……… but I’m not that lucky

  16. I LOVE the idea of using the Parasite as a (not necessarily the only) Supes villain in the sequel. It’s not one of the usual suspects (Luthor, Zod), and he could be a good one to turn back up in a JL movie (or any other DC movie). It’s a believable threat to Superman, and one that could undermine any secret identity he tries to work with by Parasite “sensing” Supes’s power despite any disguise.

  17. This time we want more Darkseid!