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SDCC 2013: Jamie Foxx as Electro in New ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ Clip

High voltage.

MOVIE STILLS! A Bunch of ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ Images From EW

Classic villains; Ultimate looks.

Movie Sequels – The End is Nowhere Near

Mike takes a look at the number of sequels coming to us over the next few years and can’t help but wonder if things are getting a little out of hand.

Comics and Freedom Go Hand in Hand

It’s the 5th of July and I’m waving the comic book flag of freedom. A few thoughts on why comics are the last bastion of true creative freedom.

Universal Picks Up Movie Rights to ‘Locke & Key’

Hope this Bodes well…

Movie Review: ‘Man of Steel’ (Spoiler Free)

Guys, he REALLY wants that Codex.

Trailer: ‘300: Rise of an Empire’ Still a Thing, We Guess

Wetter, and down about 299 dudes.

‘The Wolverine’ International Trailer Spells Everything Out for You

The latest trailer for The Wolverine saves you a tenner and the price of popcorn, babysitters, and Sno Caps.

Super Sequel: Snyder & Goyer Back for ‘Man of Steel II’

Why, that’s no kryptonite! It’s the studio’s green light!

Movie Review: ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ (Spoilers)

Neither as fun as its predecessor or as affecting and operatic as its chosen model, Star Trek Into Darkness frequently dazzles but ultimately struggles to engage. Thing is, it’s not caught in a tractor beam. It’s locked one on its past and is attempting to tow.