Universal Picks Up Movie Rights to ‘Locke & Key’

Locke_Key_4_Keys_To_The_Kingdom_Cover_HCI swear I’ve written this article before.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Universal Pictures has picked up the rights to IDW’s Locke & Key by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez. Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci are set to produce via their K/O Paper Products label along with IDW’s Ted Adams. This is the same team behind the ill-fated television pilot under DreamWorks targeted for Fox Television (read my thoughts on the pilot script here and NYCC 2011 pilot screening here).

Though television still feels like a better fit to explore the deep mythology of Hill and Rodriguez’s series, I’m not exactly kicking a film adaptation to the corner. I’m stoked. It’s also helpful that the comic book series is coming to its natural conclusion, meaning there’ll be a complete blueprint for the filmmakers and we won’t have a Lemony Snicket on our hands.

More as it happens.

Just understand, Universal, my heart can only take so much.





  1. Hell yes this was be amazing.

  2. Locke & Key seems like it would be a perfect fit for someone like Guillermo Del Toro. Still Kurtzman and Orci have a few wins under they’re collective belt. Here’s hoping for the best.

  3. I hope they’re planning on not putting everything into one film & instead building a franchise. I’d like to see a movie for each trade.

  4. Best ongoing series of the last 5-10 years … love it.. Reads much better in trade than single issue format though.

    Now if only we could have a Universal studios ride… ha…

  5. I want to be excited, but why bother. I made the same comment about The 6th Gun when it was announced, I’ll be excited if this ever makes it to the premier weekend in the movie theaters or on t.v. Until then, I’ll keep enjoying the comics.

  6. I was excited than saw Orci and Kurtzman and got disappointed, then rebounded when I saw it was “Producing”

  7. Until I see a trailer and/or actual release date I’m not gonna be fooled again.

  8. I’m all for this one as I think they’re adapting one of the best books of the past 5 years, but I think this would play out much better as an HBO or FX series. It’s really a family drama at its heart, and I’d worry that a push to cut it down into 1 to 3 movies will sacrifice a bit too many of the smaller moments.