SDCC 2013: Jamie Foxx as Electro in New ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ Clip

While a more robust sneak peek surely awaits fans at San Diego’s Comic-Con, we’ve got a tantalizing crackle this morning. Here’s our first look and listen at Jamie Foxx as Max “Electro” Dillon in The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Electric Boogaloo.

Max evidently belongs to the Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor school of More Power. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Look for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 in theaters in May 2014.


  1. The “E” is silent.

  2. I cant wait to never see this, ever.

  3. Must be a twilight fan.

  4. Wait, is Jamie Foxx doing “white-face” or something? Weakkkkkkkkkk.

  5. “But all the pictures I’ve seen where he isn’t “Electroed” he’s black. I just thought it was weird.” Yeah, he’s pale blue/purple when he’s electro. When he’s Max Dillion, he’s black. In this video, he looks white. That was my point.

    • Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

      The electrical currents sparking around him are over-exposing the image, essentially washing out all the hues. It’s a common occurrence with harsh lighting in photography. Not sure it’s worth suggesting the man is in “white-face.”

    • I wasn’t trying to suggest racism or anything (all my black friends tell me white face isn’t racist. Or even real). But, you gotta admit thats what the picture in the video looks like.

      Watching it again, and a third time, I can kind of see what you’re talking about. His skin pigment color or whatever looks like it gets washed out when the current runs through him. I can’t help thinking there was a better way to show that. I’m sure it’s realistic maybe, but I might try to tweak it if I was creating it.

    • I can’t believe this is even a discussion point.

      I like what they are doing with his voice, it almost sounds like he is speaking through a hot mic. I have my reservations about the movie, but this has actually got me a bit excited!

    • I thought it was a fair observation, I was making any insinuations about Foxx, or his acting ability. I’m a little perplexed why you’re excited by the video, but going back to; does it remind anyone else of William Dafoe’s transformation to the Green Goblin?

    • “White face isn’t real.” Someone forgot about White Chicks. 😉

  6. Still a little early to tell but this character feels a little more like Jamie Foxx than Electro. Can’t say I can really picture Electro rhyming about his powers.

  7. I have absolutely no love for the first Garfield Spider-Man movie. Looks like the no-love streak is gonna continue.

  8. Guarantee if this movie in a theoretical world was directed by Christopher Nolan and saw this teaser they’d say:

    “ZOMG I just creamed my pants! In Nolan we trust!!!”

    What a world we live in, bias consumes us all to no end. At this point, liking something other than TDK trilogy (which is deserved of it’s liking, not of the snubbing of any other movie) is akin to people who like Apple and refuse to acknowledge other technologies that are innovative. Fortunately, Nolan’s Batman won’t turn to crap like the latter just mentioned but branding bias is becoming a HUGE problem I’ve noticed lately in regards to entertainment. It’s why movies like Pacific Rim struggle. Pisses me off.

    Anyways, I’m excited to see more of the movie, it seems Electro has been handled well from what we’ve seen. It’s like it was a TEASER not the whole movie like some people are expecting for some reason.

    • Who is saying they won’t see this because of TDK trilogy?

      Films like “Pacific Rim”,… Scratch that, “Pacific Rim” will struggle at the box office because people would rather see “Grown Ups 2”. You heard me. Experts predicted that would happen and it did. And it wasn’t because “Grown Ups 2” was an established brand or whatever, there were several movies out that I know are 10 times better but people still elected to see that movie for some inane reason.

      I know this video is a teaser, but as far as those go it’s an odd choice IMO. It’s (one of) the bad guy(s) hooked up to a machine and glowing. No idea what the average non-comic fan would take away from that.

    • Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

      Is this because I called it Electric Boogaloo? Because I’m looking forward to this movie.

    • This sounds like a case of someone being really excited for this movie, and being angry that others appear not to be. Not sure what prompted Mr. Wilson’s little rant, but all I see in this thread are a few innocent jabs and one big misunderstanding. I know quite a few people who really enjoyed Amazing, and are eagerly awaiting the next film.

      The accusation that fans compare every comic book movie to the Dark Knight Trilogy is way past it’s expiration date.

    • I completely agree with @wheelhands, there is almost no substance to @mrwilsons comment. The Dark Knight has simply become an excuse to get mad when you like a superhero franchise that someone else doesn’t. Same with the inane Apple jab. Just because you like something and someone else doesn’t like that thing does not mean one of you is right and one of you is wrong. It just means you have different opinions. Shocking.

      Also, how is Pacific Rim struggling? It has already made over $100 million and will likely make back it’s budget this weekend. After that it’s all profit. It might have finished it’s opening weekend in third in this country, which still doesn’t classify as “struggling”, but it has made even more money overseas. The studio is already talking about a sequel and has re-hired the writer to pen the sequel. Films that “struggle” don’t get sequels written less than a week after their opening.

    • @USPUNX, I was basing that on what people around me have said. They’re either turned off by the giant robots (seriously, how have people not caught on to it yet? It’s awesome!) or they’re worried that CGI will take over the movie (yet they go to see movies like “Turbo” or “Brave”).

      Last time I checked (2 days ago) “Pacific Rim” had made $98,000,000 and some change and its budget was around $198,000,000. I don’t know how it’s being received overseas, I hope its doing very well. I think its being really optimistic that it would make around $100,000,000 over the weekend, but it’d be nice :).

      On, they’d announced that the Studios had spoken to Del Toro about a sequel 2 weeks before the movie opened. WB and Jerry Bruickhighmer both thought GL and Lone Ranger respectively would get sequels before their movies opened and we all know how those plans turned out. So that’s where my apprehension about PR’s success comes from. I hope I’m wrong, and it does well and Studios give Del Toro more creative license in the future. That all said, I’m not sure PR needs a sequel. Probably a Director’s Cut, but not a sequel. Sorry if that’s a really long reply 😉 .

    • @USPUNX & IthoSapien: Yeah, right now PACIFIC RIM is considered to be a huge flop. Up until yesterday it had grossed $57M domestic and $53M foreign off of a reported production budget of around $190M and an unknown ad budget that is probably almost as high. The film has fallen to 7th place at the box office and is projecting out at around $15M for the weekend.

    • @Conor, that is very disheartening to me. I think a huge problem is that only now am i seeing 3-5 trailers for the thing in a hour after its been out for a week. A little late in the game to spread the word. I saw advertising before it opened, but right now it seems like its tripled (least in my area, it maybe different in other parts of the Country).

    • Well it made more its opening weekend than Warner Bros. themselves predicted so how does that make sense? What, they wanted it to be a flop?

    • Think of it from a business perspective, would you spend MORE money on something you expect to fail? I think the extra advertising now is to try to pick up some of its lost revenue from potential viewers. Or maybe since its almost halfway to breaking even the Studio is putting in some extra air-time to speed the process along.

  9. The Dark Knight films were cool, but they were by no means the yardstick by which to measure all other films. We are fortunate in the fact that there are a wide variety of equally awesome approaches to take when making a comic film. I liked The Dark Knight, I loved the Avengers, and the films are about as different as night and day.

    I know that there are folks who like this incarnation of Spider-Man, and that’s cool. It’s good that comic-based characters are still hot properties. It means that more comic-based films will be made. With that being said, I just didn’t like the Garfield version of Peter Parker in the first new Spider-Man flick. I kept finding myself comparing the film to the first two Raimi Spider-Man films, which I loved. Maybe it’s a generational thing or something, but Maguire is the definitive Movie Spider-Man to me.

    I’m not knocking Garfield’s acting ability. The guy seemed to do a great job with the script he was given. I just didn’t like the way the character was written in The Amazing Spider-Man. I didn’t feel the connection with the film that I do with the Raimi movies.

    I’m pretty sure that I’ll check the new film out. After all, it’s a freakin’ Superhero movie, so I have to at least give it a chance. I don’t have high hopes, but who knows; it might swing me over into the Garfield camp.

    Re. Electro: I actually have no issues with how the character will apparently be portrayed in the film. ANYTHING is better than a skinny dude in neon-yellow spandex and a bunch of lightning bolts sticking out of his head. Seriously; the comic Electro costume is something I do NOT want to see in a live-action movie.

  10. I’ve made up my mind about this entire film from this 39 second preview.

  11. I rather enjoyed Amazing Spider-Man. A good cast hampered with an unneeded origin story and a lame villain. Hopefully they don’t double down on lame villains this time.

    I really only ever liked the first Raimi Spider-Man, and even then, only for Dafoe and Franco.

  12. The only problem I had with the last one was the re-telling of his origin that took half the movie. With that not being an issue in this one I’m expecting it to be much much better. I’ve never really cared for Electro or Jaimie Fox but Paul Giamatti and Rhino are a different story. He’s the reason I’m looking forward to this.