Great Moments in Comics History: Superman #164

Superman (Vol. 1) #164 (1963)


That’s right. There’s nothing Superman hates more than an honest-to-goodness fair fight.


  1. Not so super without his powers… Batman probably behind this. Some sort of sick lesson. I’m not wearing hockey pads!

  2. What’s the deal with the glowing boots Lex?

    • I’m guessing gravity boots. It looks like they’re on a planet orbitting a red sun.

      Then again, Supes should be wearing the same boots in theory, so who knows.


    • Avatar photo Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

      They’re on a world with a red sun. It’s larger than Earth so it has more gravity. Superman has all the powers of an Earthling on that planet but Luthor needs special anti-gravity boots to be his normal self.

    • Got it. Thanks.

    • I just assumed they were kryptonite boots and that’s how Lex is beating Supes.

      Kryptonite boots sounds like something Silver-Age Lex would do.

    • Well I knew the red sun alone would do it to Supes… not sure why Lex needs gravity boots and Supes don’t.

    • Kyrptonians evolved under a red sun on a planet with higher gravity than Earth, so even when they are powerless they are a bit harder then baseline humans.

  3. Is there a better word balloon than “Oof!”?

    I doubt it.

    Though I am partial to “Nnh.”.

  4. I remember this story, I really liked it. I think I read it in “The Best Superman Stories Ever Told”. It was ironic that Superman relied so much on his super-strength he didn’t know a thing about actual fighting. If Lex Luthor is ever in another movie, they should this story for inspiration. No kryptonite, no goons; just a Red Sun and Lex and Superman duking it out to see who’s the better man.

  5. I have always had the impression that Supes is a good fighter, regardless of powers, because he spends so much time duking it out with others with powers almost as great as his. I mean, how many times has he been tossed into the gladiatorial ring on Apokolips? It’s not like he spends most of his patrols smacking around jaywalkers. Though that would be an issue I’d make sure not to miss.

  6. Total classic!

  7. Now I’m interested to see where this goes. I’m going to look for this issue on comixology.

  8. Superman had to prepare for Muhammad Ali somehow!

  9. I like the idea of Superman being incapable of fighting well because he’s used to relying on his superior muscle strength.

  10. And you can’t have a man to man fight with out taking off your shirts!