Top 5: Films DC Should Do Next After ‘Man of Steel’

Man Of Steel

5. Man of Steel 2

While I was busily writing this article this past weekend, Warner Bros. went and did it for me — announcing a sequel to this week’s Man of Steel. And with good reason — reviewers are giving this Friday’s debut a big thumbs up, and if WB/DC has any hopes of a superhero movie franchise the likes of Marvel’s, they have to start here. Both screenwriter David Goyer and director Zack Snyder are locked in for Man of Steel 2, so the only questions remaining are this: who would he face, and when does it come out? My vote for Superman’s adversary in Man of Steel 2 is firmly for Brainiac — I’d use elements of his late 1980s origin with Vril Dox and Milton Fine, but with the robotic looks that Ed Hannigan did in Action Comics.


Green Lantern 2

4. Green Lantern 2

In 2011, Warner Bros. and DC had another film they hoped would kickstart their superhero movie franchise. Instead, it made Green Lantern. From overblown special effects to poor directing and a huge miscasting in the lead role, DC’s Emerald Warrior was shown as anything but. But it can be salvaged — Marvel did it with their green hero, the Hulk. For my money, I’d have this new one be called Green Lantern: Emerald Dawn or something, and have Ryan Reynolds-as-Hal-Jordan be written out early in the film and his disappearance — and the decimation of the Corps — be the instigation for a new Green Lantern — in this case, John Stewart.


Teen Titans

3. Teen Titans

This summer you’re going to have a whole new generation of kids wearing Superman pajamas — why not create heroes who can follow in those footsteps? I’d reinvigorate the Teen Titans brand as a bunch of would-be teen heroes who idolize the new heroes like Superman and Green Lantern popping up, and doing it through dedication, ingenuity, and a little bit of super-powers. Although using a different path here, I’d have it feed into the seminal Marv Wolfman and George Perez mythos with a cast of Robin, Cyborg, Starfire, Raven and Changeling. The latter could all be home-grown superheroes, while Robin could have some ulterior motives — such as being on a mission from a certain Gotham City socialite.


Wonder WOman

2. Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman isn’t a female version of Superman — she’s a warrior stepping out of mythology akin to Thor. I could easily imagine a Wonder Woman film being like the original Thor movie as a “fish out of water” concept drapped in the storylines of Wonder Woman. Taking cues from her personality and drive in Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang’s Wonder Woman run, I’d take in her origin with Themiscrya, Steve Trevor and Ares, but also place it squarely in the movie universe DCU is creating; and by that, I mean a Superman appearance. Who could play Wonder Woman? Gina Carano, from Haywire and the recent Fast & Furious 6.


Justice League

1. Justice League

It’s a no-brainer, right? The real question is when and how they’d do it. For this, I’d take the concept of one the greatest — and most homage’d films of all time — Akira Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai. In place of a hamlet village in trouble and need of help, I’d make it the entire Earth. With boom tubes opening around the world and Superman being at odds with government, he assembles his own team of heroes to fight off the bandits — in this case, Darkseid. So he’d enlist Wonder Woman, the Green Lantern John Stewart and even a newly (re)debuting Batman, but then as the loose cannon of this I’d pick the Flash in a role similar to Seven Samurai‘s Kikuchiyo. He’s the kind of guy who can be in multiple places at once with those speed powers, so imagine him being able to see the action of all these larger-than-life characters working together.



  1. MadCowDzz (@DarylFritz) says:

    I’d love to see a Flash movie. A simple “good cop, with powers” story.

    • About two years ago me and some friends were discussing comic movies and we somehow cast Neil Patrick Harris as Barry Allen and ever since then I’ve wanted a Flash movie more than anything.

    • During the GL movie, my group of friends and I the same conclusion. NPH as Barry Allen would be a hit!

  2. Yea, early reviews for MoS are great so far; 9 out if 10, 8 out of 10, buy it on Blu-ray. IM SO HAPPY!

    I think you could salvage Ryan Reynolds Hal Jordon, just call the sequel “Green Lantern Corps”, retcon some of the dumber elements of the first movie (smoke monster Parallax, only 6 Guardians otU), and have it be a buddy cop movie in space with Sinestro versus the Spider Guild invading Oa. The TT pitch sounds too close to “Young Avengers” for me. I have no interest in a WW movie, none; unless it’s based on Azzerallo’s kick-ass reboot. If not I couldn’t care less. And JL just has to be done eventually, 2016 or 2018. Long as its not rushed and good, hopefully with Goyer and Snyder involved in a decent capacity.

  3. Gina Carano would be interesting as Wonder Woman since her and Henry Cavill are a couple

  4. Love the Teen Titans and Justice League ideas, but I think we need more lead up to those. Give us the Flash and Martian Manhunter movies. I feel like Flash is vital to building a set of heroes for the Titans to emulate. Superman is great, but Superman *and* Flash *and* GL *and* Wonder Woman? That’s inspiring.

  5. Marvel is smart, How smart, Smart enough to know how to cock block DC from making their films. Both FOX and Disney want to use Quicksilver in there next movie, could it be because he’s a super compelling character, or because they want to steal the glory of having shown the “super speed effects” before DC can make a whole movie featuring that. I’d love to see a Flash film but how likely is the already skiddish Warner Bros to green light a Flash film when all the effects in it have already been seen in Avengers and X-Men? How are they supposed to sell that without seeming like they are also rans?

    In the same way I’d love to see Darkseid as the Villain in a Justice League movie, but if DC used him they would look to the public like they are knocking off Thanos from the end of the Avengers movie, even though in actually Darkseid is way cooler and came first. So now Warner’s is trying to find a way to make a Vandal Savage/ Starro Team up seem cool.

    DC and Marvel have very different characters, who need to be treated very differently, Marvel is mostly made of people who are heroes, with a couple Gods and monsters thrown in there. DC is made of Gods who think they are people, with the occasional person and a monster as the villain. DC needs to get it’s shit together, get some balls and own these Characters, their powers, and make these movies for what they are or they are going to get beat to the punch every time and in so doing seem lame and stale.

    • I’m sure using Thanos and Quicksilver are attempts by Disney/Marvel to discourage DC from using Darkseid and Flash. While Thanos and Darkseid are obscure enough in the general public’s minds that this could work, I don’t think it will work in the case of the Flash.

      The Flash is already well known in the general public. From merchandise, cartoon appearances, pop culture references on Big Bang Theory and Daddy Day Care, to the 90s TV show, people know who the Flash is. Nobody outside the comic book audience knows who Quicksilver is. When the average person is shown Quicksilver in an Avengers/X-men film, they’re going to say “Hey, he’s a rip off of The Flash.” Or worse, misidentify him as Flash. “I thought his costume was red?” In the layman’s mind, the comparisons will never end – but to Disney/Marvel’s disadvantage. It would be like bringing an obscure soda up against Coke. You can tell them it’s like Coke, but different, but the vast majority will stick with Coke. Time to market would not matter if you already have the better known, time-tested product.

      Not to mention that Quicksilver will not be headlining the film. He’d be on the team, and I’m sure they’d have him do some cool impressive things with special effects. But with Flash, he COULD carry the movie himself. It would also have awesome effects and mind blowing visuals, but it would also have the story of Barry Allen. The character would be as important as the effects, where in an ensemble film, Quicksilver is reduced to eye candy.

      With Thanos and Darkseid, both of them are obscure enough (despite Darkseid being on the Justice League cartoons and stuff) and similar looking enough that people would accuse DC of copying Marvel. In this case, time to market DOES matter. It’s like the next hot gadget – every other company will try to imitate it, and people will notice.

  6. I would love to see a Flash movie. I think an Aquaman move could be great if done correctly and he is shown o e as bad ass as he an be. I would also pay cash money to see a Martian Manhunter movie.

  7. Emerald Dawn would be great, then down the road rebirth leads to blackest night and we come full circle. Whom would you cast in Reynolds place?

  8. If they ever get to make a Justice League movie, I hope they’ll have the balls to tie it up with “Arrow” and make it the same universe.

    Excellent movie ideas by the way, for a Green Lantern sequel, John Stewart as he appeared in JL/JLU: The Animated Series would be my choice, he was a great character on that show and made a bigger and lasting impact on me as GL than Hal Jordan ever will.

    As for a Flash movie, I’d go with Zack Snyder as director. Why? The guy is an action movie genius for impressive slo-mo shots! Just imagine a Flash fight action sequence in slo-mo done by him? Excuse me I just jizzed in my pants…………

  9. I would reboot Green Lantern with Hal Jordan as the lead (no Ryan Reynolds). If that movie did well enough, I would introduce the GL Corps with John Stewart as the leader.

    Also, any characters getting a movie beyond Bats and Supes should be gauged on how the character comes across on the JL movie.

    I’m hoping for a Metal Men movie!

    • I have long fantasized about a CG animated Metal Men movie, Pixar or Dreamworks style. Pixar’s off the table, obviously, but man, it seems tailor made…

    • Haha WHY reboot with Jordan?? The public at large still thinks Green Lantern was John Stewart from the numerous cartoon series. Just use him. If they think of Hal Jordan it’s tied directly to an awfully mediocre film.

  10. Totally agree about Wonder Woman as DC’s “Thor” …all that greek-esque mythology could be amazing on screen. Just the merchandising alone could make the movie worth it.

    Also Teen Titans could be an amazing chance to get younger heroes and fanbases. I mean they’d probably cast some sort of teen Hearthrobs in the rolls….(Can we hope they don’t cast the entire boy band; One Direction as all the male Titans?) but it might be a fun movie anyhow.

  11. A John Stewart GL movie is brilliant, although I thought Ryan Reynolds did just fine as Hal. The story and direction was the problem there. But, if Ryan was to be replaced, I would suggest Chris Pine.
    I think WW is the most logical choice for the next movie. No super villains, though. Something more akin to what Azzarello is doing with the character. Greek mythology provides an endless well of possibilities and inspiration.

    • Yeah, I don’t get hating on the actor for a unbelievably horrible script.
      All the acting in Phantom Menace sucks… no one seems to be blaming Natalie Portman for it. We all know that’s all George Lucas being a bad director.
      Ditto for GL. Bad script. Bad directing.

    • Actually, at times, I do grant partial blame to Portman for her performances in those films, but, then again I find her overrated in general . . .

  12. FLASH

    Crazy ass slow motion, funny jokes, campy fun rogues.

    Can’t believe they haven’t made it yet. meanwhile marvel’s making guardians and ant man.

  13. Great article, Chris.

    Y’know, I’ve been thinking about it, and I don’t think that WB should make a Justice League movie next. Aside from the voluminous problems in following Marvel’s model, I think they’ve got a home run in their back pocket already:

    World’s Finest.

    The other heroes of the JLA are great, but really, bringing Batman and Superman together is more than enough to not only sustain a film, but to get the movie-going masses in fits of hysteria. Plus, you don’t have to hope for the minor miracle that was the character balance in the Avengers, nor do you have to create 5 movies leading up to it.

    Put your headliners out front, and THEN build up the band.

    • That’s a great idea; I think that World’s FInest would be the way to go. It would also allow more room for the reintroduction of Batman (personally, I believe that Nolan’s films should be self-contained)

  14. I want just a Batman/Superman movie before a full fledge Justice League. They can introduce the new Batman and specifically focus their attention on the dynamic relationship between these two flagship characters first rather than an entire team with a lot of new faces. In my opinion, this would provide a great premise and smoother transition into a JL cast/movie.

  15. I like John Stewart as much as the next guy, but any kind of Green Lantern reboot, whether it be thru his own movie or a part of something else has to be Hal Jordan. No exceptions.

    • Why? The cult of Hal has always puzzled me. He’s a hero of a bygone era when kids actually cared about test pilots and the promising and exciting future of jets and rockets and what not. It’s not the ’60s anymore.

    • @flakbait: I care about test pilots and the the exciting future of jets and rockets.

    • (I do, too actually, but I don’t think we’re the norm.)

    • Hal is such a boring character.

      He had his movie and it was a flop.

      There’s 4 other Green Lanterns, let’s give them a shot.

    • @Scarlet-Batman: Hal’s a great character. The movie not being good had nothing to do with his character.

    • He is a good character, but I think the same argument that’s brought to bear against classic (versus Ultimate) Nick Fury is applicable to Hal. He’s just not as relevant as he was. In 1960, if Chuck Yeager walked into a room he was the coolest guy you’d ever meet. In 2013, he’s an old man with an eye-rollingly young wife and some good stories. I know, I met him.

      Maybe if something changed in the real world, like a manned Mars mission or something like that, that really rejuvenated space exploration or aeronautic development. But as it stands I think John Stewart has more potential as a reflection of the society at large.

    • But wouldn’t it be great to have a black man play a superhero? Wasn’t it also the reason for including John Stewart instead of Hal Jordan in the JL: TAS show?

    • Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

      Guy Gardner’s where it’s at.

    • The cartoon’s were so successful. An entire generation of fans identifies John Stewart as Green Lantern…and these people don’t all necessarily read the comics. Plus he’s a cool character and would create so much positive buzz and publicity. Its a win/win…PLUS it would make it sooo easy to justify the “reboot” —another lantern is needed kinda deal.

    • If you look at what DC did with the early line-up for the New 52, Johns used Superman, Batman, Green Lantern (Jordan), Wonder Woman, Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg. This seems like the ideal line-up to start with for a JL movie too.

    • I hate Hal Jordan. I started reading with Emerald Twilight though. Still. He sucks.

    • @Conor Kilpatrick: Ryan Reynolds acted the part very well, he WAS Hal Jordan. He was cocky, arrogant, fool-hardy, charming, funny and possessed a drive to succeed against all odds. That’s Hal Jordan defined. However, Hal is not a great character for the Silver Screen because all the other things that make Hal great (like his relationship with Green Arrow as well as his loss of faith and eventual redemption) are never going to be shown on screen. We just get good ole’ cocky Hal. Sadly, that version of the character just isn’t going to be wildly popular.

      A hard nosed, military veteran who happens to be African-American will garner much more support than just another white guy playing hero (i.e. Hal). To me, John Stewart from the Justice League cartoon is the perfect fit for the Justice League movie because he will bring a unique sensibility with him as well as a unique mindset. None of the other Justice Leaguers are military, they won’t think the way he does. That gives him a unique voice on the team.

    • Why come no one wants a Guy Gardner movie? I do!

    • @Scarlet-Batman: Character-wise, Hal Jordan, as you describe him, is very similar to Tony Stark. The difference? The Green Lantern movie was bad and two of the three Iron Man movies were good. Nothing to do with the character type, everything to do with the quality of the movies.

    • I’m gonna side with @ Conor Kilpatrick on this, Hal Jordon is great. He’s roguishl (cocky, brash, jumps the gun) which movie cinema is full of great examples of; Han Solo probably being the classic. I’ve heard James Kirk is another (not a Trekkie so I don’t know if that’s true). Point is, Hal’s personality is not the problem. How it’s presented is. Tony Stark is the perfect conparison; he’s full of qualities we should hate but we “see” deeper to his attempts to be a better man and a hero.

      Hal may seem like a jerk, but it’s who he is and he still tries to be a hero and usually wins for those same qualities. The (primary) reason so many want John Stewart as GL? They’ve seen him in “JL/JLU” and like him, Hal Jordon has nowhere near as much screentime. Check out “GL:First Flight” or even the superior “GL:TAS” to see why Hal is a great GL. That’s not to undercut John, the first 4 earth GLs all have amazing and relatable traits (haven’t read anything with Simon Baz yet, sorry). John is practical, no nonsense, disciplined. Guy is outspoken, arrogant, and never backs down. Kyle is thoughtful, quiet, looks before he leaps, and never backs down from a challenge. All of those can be compelling film characters, but probably only 2 will make it on screen. I think Hal deserves another chance (possibly with Reynolds) with a better script. If John Stewart is introduced in that and gets a ring, than I’m fine with him in a JL movie. As it stands, Hal got a crappy turn and most people seem to want to forget him.

    • @Conor Kilpatrick: What makes Tony great is that underneath all his neurosis, there is a man of staggering intellect and whit. Underneath all of Hal’s neurosis there is just a man who has a lot gut feelings about what is right and wrong. To me, Hal is less of a compelling hero than Tony Stark. If I had my way, Kyle Rayner would be on the silver screen. He is artistic, thoughtful and introspective, which are qualities I greatly admire. However, I know Kyle will never get his day because the way he uses his power can easily come off as goofy and dumb. I think that is something that made the Green Lantern film fall flat was that they overused the potential of the ring, especially with that atrocious car-construct scene.

      Green Lantern was not a bad movie. Story-wise it was comparable to Captain America (i.e. predictable yet fun). What made it bad was what they did with Hal’s costume. You don’t cast a handsome and fit guy like Ryan Reynolds then plaster a CGI costume over 90% of his body. If they had just given him normal clothing and added a green glow via after effects, I think the movie would have been vastly more successful.

      I’ll agree Hal was not given a fair shake but look at the core member of the Justice League (Bats, Supes, WW, GL, Flash and Aquaman). That’s 5 men to 1 woman, and all of them are white. Look at the Avengers movie, eliminate Fury and you have the same dynamic. We live in a multicultural world and it’s high time we start seeing more females and minorities in these movies. Out of all of the characters on the core team, two of the names are akin to a mantle; meaning the name is associated (fairly equally) with multiple characters, none of whom are classically iconic (in the way Bruce is with Batman or Clark is with Superman). The two of which I speak are Flash and Green Lantern. Of those two, Green Lantern has a great African-American character associated with the mantle. The WB wouldn’t have to shoe-horn a minority into the league (the way Fox is with a black actor playing Johnny Storm) or bring in a less popular character (the way DC did with Cyborg). There would be zero griping and zero complaints if the WB used John over Hal (except from Hal-lovers). I have no idea how to get more females into the team with those core characters (besides replacing Aquaman with Mera). The WB should seize on the opportunity and run with it because it is so perfect and easy.

      Hal is a good character. I love Geoff Johns’ entire run. Hal deserved better but that’s how the cookies crumble some times. In 15 years when all of this is rebooted, I’m sure Hal will be given another shot. Until then, there’s always hope that Cartoon Network will revive the Green Lantern show 🙂

    • @Scarlet-Batman: Clearly there is much we disagree about.

    • Y’know what? Fuck it, @Scarlet-Batman has a vision and who am I to crush that? If the key to making JL work against the Avengers is throwing out some of the icons then I say go for it. Let’s do Bats,Supes, WW, John Stewart GL, Hawkgirl, and Kalder Ohm as Aquaman. How’s that for diversity? 2 women, 2 Afro Americans, and the trinity intact. I would watch that movie in a heartbeat. On the flipside, if I ever finish my JL screenplay I’d like to get your thoughts anyway.

      I disagree with some of your points @Scarlet-Batman but your tenacity has won me over.

    • @Conor Kilpatrick: We wouldn’t be Comic fans if we didn’t disagree about everything from the consequential to the not so consequential. 😀

      @IthoSapien: I’m not saying I have the perfect plan, just one that may appeal to more people than the expected route. I would watch that movie in a heartbeat as well 🙂

    • Hey, guys? How about Kyle? Maybe Kyle could be–

      *struck in head by a thousand tomatoes*

    • *Drops tomatoe and stops vegatable barriage*

      Now hold on, @CaseyJustice. I wouldn’t mind seeing Kyle in the movies, but for diversity’s sake I gotta see John Stewart up there first. Not just because I like John better, but also because i think the GL movies should follow some kind of chronologic line up and John was created before Kyle.

    • Honestly, I agree. Not using John Stewart was, I feel, a blunder, if only because it was an incredible opportunity to create a top-tier superhero franchise centered around a black character (who isn’t a violent murderer). As has been said numerous times in this discussion, most folk know John Stewart as GL better than Hal.

    • What about Baz? Or whatever his name is? Middle-Eastern gun toting GL.

  16. Here’s what DC needs to do.

    Look at all the heroes they have and pick 4-6, preferably as close to an equal number of women and men. Make sure each hero selected is iconic and unique.

    Give most of them at least 1 solo movie.

    Do not copy Marvel and make the movies Action-Comedies, go Dark Knight – dark, gritty, more realistic.

    With that in mind, you want to make sure everything has the same tone and TV shows don’t necessarily have that. Keep your TV shows’ and Movies’ continuity separate, at least until you release the first handful of movies.

    Any hero that has been tapped for a TV show should be off limits for movies (so no Green Arrow, Wonder Woman, Booster Gold, etc.).

    Look at the hundreds of remaining heroes and pick 4-6 that you want to use in a Justice League movie. Obviously Batman and Superman are automatically included.

    Then I would look at what Marvel has done with their casting – everyone is white and male except for Fury and Black Widow. I’d try my hardest to make the Justice League more inclusive.

    Looking at the potential minority heroes, John Stewart and Kaldur’ahm (Aqualad) jump to the front of the list.

    Looking at potential female heroes, Doctor Light, Maxima, Big Barda, Katana, Zatanna and Hawkgirl come to mind.

    Out of these heroes, I’d say Batman, Superman, John Stewart (Green Lantern), Kaldur’ahm (cast as AquaMAN), Big Barda and Hawkgirl would be the best bets.

    Part of me wishes Wonder Woman wasn’t getting her own show, she’d be a better fit than Big Barda. If Hawkgirl’s wings prove too hard to animate, then I would replace her with Katana or Zatana.

    Of course, some of these characters aren’t super well known. DC could easily go for the big 3 (Bats, Supes and Diana), then add in Aquaman and Green Lantern. That might prove more financially successful… Though there is so much hate for Aquaman, they might be better served by going with Martian Manhunter.

    • I like alot of your points, but I think for synergy JL should have Bats,Supes,WW,Flash,GL (Hal or John, whoever has the more recent movie/reboot), Aquaman. Set up Cyborg for the sequel. I love the idea of Kalder as Aquaman, I just don’t think he has the fan base of John Stewart to justify it. Including Zatanna and Hawkgirl is a good idea, but the problem becomes throwing too many heroes on screen and throwing in a bunch of characters nobody knows about (or cares, there should be that at least from the get-go). I think JLD might take Zatanna off the board too, and maybe that could be the diverse League until JL starts recruiting.

    • Didn’t know that comment would spark such a debate. To be honest, I find all four GLs very boring, but if Hollywood can re-boot the Hulk for Avenger movies then you can re-boot Hal. If you don’t want Reynolds back, I would like Nathan Fillon.

  17. Ok, if John Stewart did get his own movie, who would play John?
    Only one actor comes to my mind: Jamie Fox.

    • @Sitara119, I respectfully disagree. I would cast Common. I defy anyone to watch him on “Hell on Wheels” and tell me he couldn’t OWN the role of John Stewart. Just trim the mutton chops and add a crew cut and get him in costume, he would be perfect.

      To be fair I like Jamie Foxx, but I worry about him trying to hard to be funny.

    • Did you find D’Jango to be humorous? How bout Ray? I don’t think he has a problem being serious.

    • Waitaminute, wasn’t D’Jango meant to be a comedy? I don’t find Tarantino funny but I think D’Jango was meant to be funny. As for “Ray”, never seen it but I see your point. I also see that stupid looking movie Foxx’s is in with Channing Tatum coming this summer, the White House is attacked and the President once again kicks-ass! Just like that other movie with Gerald Butler…

    • Are there any actors that have done both a Marvel movie and a DC movie? Any cross-polination?

      I like Jamie Foxx fine, and I thought he was great in Django. But now he’s Electro. Surely there’s another talented Afro-American actor that could be John Stewart, right? Why not Terrence Howard?

    • Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

      Ryan Reynolds has appeared in Green Lantern (DC) as well as Wolverine Origins and Blade Trinity (Marvel).

    • Wait…what? a comedy? have you seen that movie? D’Jango’s a comedy only in the sense that it has a happy ending, but if anyone was the comedy relief in that movie, it was the German. Don Johnson and Jonah Hill even had some mildly amusing scenes that make racists and rednecks look justifiably stupid.
      And I’ve only scene teasers for that White House movie, not enough evidence for me to call it stupid yet, but you may be right.

    • Halle Berry played both Catwoman and Storm.

    • I still say Common, nobody’s seen “Hell on Wheels”? Seriously? Like I said, watch that show and tell me Common (Elijah Ferguson) wouldn’t kill it as John Stewart.

      And also, “Catwoman” never happened. We can’t forget it if people keep bringing it up.

    • Actually, lots of people were laughing in the theater where I saw Django. I guess shooting women is funny to some folks, but, personally, I never got Tarantino’s humor (& I can have a pretty dark sense of humor at times).

    • Yeah, my Afro American friend loved D’Jango and kept telling me it was a comedy. I just thought Tarantino’s jokes went over my head. I also have a dark sense of humor occasionally but I only laughed a few times at “Inglorius Bastards”.

  18. I would LOVE to see a good Wonder Woman movie with strong mythological elements.

    I would be fine with a GL movie focusing on someone other than Hal. That might be the best way to save the franchise. It’s not that Hal is a bad character, but for the movie crowd he (and Ryan Reynolds) are tainted because the first film was sooo bad (and unfortunately it was neither the fault of Hal as a character or Reynolds).

    Teen Titans? Nope. Thanks for playing, but let’s get the adults done first.

    Special effects are sophisticated enough to do a FANTASTIC movie for The Flash. This could be so epic, as long as it focuses on the characters and isn’t just an SFX-on-steroids runaway train.

    And as much of a Martian Manhunter fan as I am (I have ever issue of every solo series he’s been in), I don’t know that he has the name recognition among the general movie-going public to carry his own film.


    All these would bridge nicely into a JLA movie. A JLA movie featuring a new, unknown, invisible, telepathic threat from space that is as strong as Superman, can shapeshift, and phase through solid matter. But when the JLA figures out he isn’t actually a threat and will become their greatest ally, it’s almost too late to contain the REAL threat he came to stop…

  19. What about Lobo? He could be a weird villain for Man of Steel 2.

    • I think Lobo should have his own movie. That would be killer. I don’t believe he’d work as a Superman villain given that there’s a funny side to him. I loved that first mini from the 90’s with Simon Bisley’s art and the story was actually very funny and the movie could be based on that.

  20. Michael Jai White as John Stewart ftw!

  21. I’m surprised we haven’t seen a Teen Titans movie yet. The idea of teenage superheroes (or sidekicks of major heroes) coming together seems like a no-brainer to make. That is such a marketable idea and the fact that WB hasn’t gotten their hands on production is very weird.

    Hopefully if (a big IF) the Justice League movie happens they will try another take at Green Lantern. That movie was so rough because it was sloppily put together. I am also in the favor of having a different GL as the focal point. Why not try Guy Gardner or John Stewart? Much more nuance characters than Hal Jordan in my opinion.

  22. I think that there are some good ideas being tossed around here. I think that there is a lot of potential with the Thor-esque Wonder Woman approach, fish out of water, mythology, love for a mortal. The danger would be it appearing to be too similar.

    I think that the Teen Titians idea could work as well. The use of Robin would be a good tease of Batman, leading into a World’s Finest team-up. Could we add Blue Beetle to the mix, as well?

    As for Green Lantern, how about G’Nort? No? Come on, someone besides me has to miss the little doggie . . .

    • God, I would LOVE a globetrotting Blue Beetle adventure movie with an Indiana Jones/Rocketeer vibe. I mean, it worked for Captain America.

  23. Having John Stewart as GL is something they should’ve done in the first place. And WB really has to bring out a Wonder Woman film, c’mon a strong female character kicking butt… it’s a win win. And a Flash movie needs to be fast-tracked soon.

  24. Not saying that I would not be super excited for the movies on the list, but there are a few more that come to my mind first. A Flash movie with Barry. A world’s finest: Batman and Superman spectacular.And the idea my brother and I keep coming back to, Batman Beyond. Whatever way it goes, here’s to more DC movies. *cheers*

  25. Chris, this is an excellent list.

    someone call Hollywood. this needs to be made quicksmart

  26. I think Idris Elba would make a good John Stewart

    Just keep Geoff Johns away from any DC movie and you should be okay

    i may be the only one(maybe Josh), but i want a Christopher Nolan directed Hellblazer

  27. Yeah, Flash.

  28. I guess I’m in the minority, but I enjoyed the Green Lantern movie. I’ve never read the comic much so enjoyed it for what it was. I found it a lot more interesting than the Fantastic Four movies, Ghost Rider, Jonah or Constantine movie. I also enjoyed the first Hulk movie over the Ed Norton Hulk movie. I guess to each their own.

    Back to what to make? I wouldn’t mind seeing a Challengers of the Unknown movie, done in a pulpy/Authority style. Or I wonder if they could find a way to present Aquaman in some unique way? It would be interesting to see the underwater scenes and such.

  29. I realise this has been thrashed out in this forum before, but was the end of TDKR a set up for Nightwing or not? The argument seems to be it wasn’t, but I’d throw having a Nightwing movie into the mix?

    To be honest, I’m tiring a bit of the global destruction approach of Avengers and Man of Steel, as well as what’s being suggested for Justice League. I actually noticed myself getting a bit bleary-eyed and yawny during the big city-destroying scenes in the second half of MoS.

    A Nightwing movie, tying in his origin, flashbacks to exploits with Batman drawn from iconic story arcs, and the present day story line being about tracking down Tony Zucco through the streets of Bludhaven…a more intimate, darker journey, punctuated with awesome but subtler FX emphasising acrobatics, martial arts, batarangs etc would be great! It’d have to be done really well.

    Maybe he’s not known well enough in the cinema going public?

  30. I wonder if they could do a Gotham Knights-meets-tB&tB/Showcase-style show, with successive episodes about different, mostly street-level/real-world supporting characters and heroes from the BatTVverse.

    I’m thinking Nightwing, the Robins, Batwomen, Batgirls, Huntress, Canary, Katana, Green Arrow, Question.

    Each episode or arc could feature various characters or team-ups, written, directed and shot by various teams of creators. A series of vignettes, whether standalone episodes, sub-episodes, or arcs of multiple episodes, using the best of lessons learned from such recent cartoons as Young Justice, Batman: The Brave and the Bold and the Showcase Shorts, along with the “Our World” style seen in such recent live-action series as Arrow, SHIELD, Heroes, and, you’ll forgive me, Birds of Prey.

    • To be accompanied, of course, by a live-action Gotham Knights/Birds of Prey movie.

      Maybe even an entire Bat-verse without the man.

      The one unifying theme could be that he has a big job.

      And some covert and not-so-covert helpers, handlers and hangers-on.

      I’d keep a Powers/Gotham Central atmosphere too, with Gordon, Bullock and Montoya featured with the GCPD.