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Top 5: Best Comic Book Series… Right Now!

The iFanboy staff weighs in with their picks!

Top 5: Dogs in Comics

Doggone good mutts.

Top 5: Songs Featured on Batman Soundtracks

Here are some songs to bump in your batmobile.

Top 5: Best Superhero Video Games

The “scourge” of impressionable youth from the 1960s and the present today combine!

Top 5 Craziest Crossovers In Comics

Marvel vs. DC? Meh, we’ve got them beat.

Top 5: Worst Sons and Daughters of Superheroes

A cautionary tale for any superheroes hoping to juggle their jobs with raising children.

Top 5: Marvel Comics Kaiju

Marvel loves their monsters so much that they don’t even try to create Jaegers to destroy them.

Top 5: Best Giant Robots In Comics

More than more than meets the eye.

Top 5: Graffiti Artists in Comics

These guys leave their “John Hancock” all over comics.

Top 5: Superhero Schools We’d Like To Enroll In

Monsters University ain’t got nothing on these five.