Top 5: Graffiti Artists in Comics


5) Zorro

This gentleman has quite the tag. He will leave a “Z” anywhere. He also doesn’t use spray paint because he uses a sabre. A Sabre!



4) Quentin Quire

1982, Quentin. 1982! That’s when Wolverine was cool!



3) Calvin

Not all graffiti requires spray paint on a wall. Sometimes it can be done with physical pieces of art. Calvin is excellent when it comes to “Snow Work”.



2) Bruce Wayne, Caveman

Minimalist but still is able to get his point across.



1) The Watchmen Guy

Who is this guy? He is all over the place. Is he Banksy? This guy has to be Banksy right?


  1. Good list…the “No Man’s Land” gang tags were the first thing that came to mind…

  2. No love for Chopper from Judge Dredd?


  3. There’s also the guy who wrote “Zur En Arrh” all over Gotham for you couple years.

    • Oh man. I loved that so much!!! But wait… wasn’t that also Bruce? Zur En Arrh was his trigger phrase for his Bruce-less Batman failsafe persona, in case his mind gets attacked, right???
      Now I’m off to reread Batman RIP again. I love that series!

  4. Batman is dedicated to his craft. How many hours did he waste setting up with burning bat symbol when Gotham was under siege in The Dark Knight Rises?

    • Longer than he should have, considering people were dying and a bomb was active… Seriously, that will never be MY Batman…

  5. Where’s the Before Watchmen series on the graffiti guy?