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Top 5: Comic Book Werewolves

A good dog whistle should be able to summon any of these lycanthropy sufferers.

Top 5: Jack Kirby Creations Outside of Marvel & DC

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Top 5: Marvel Comics Catchphrases

We believe that everyone deserves a catchphrase. Check out the top five ones that are constantly proclaimed by Marvel Comics characters.

Top 5: Superheroes Gone Bad

Shocking twists! (And possible spoilers!)

Top 5: Cat People in Comics

These characters are Purr-fect. Take a “Paws” in your day and check it out. You will just “Cheetah” yourself if you don’t love these cats! We aint “Lion”!

Top 5: Actors Who Were Almost Spider-Man

Going all the way back to the 80s!

Top 5: D-List DC Heroes Who Deserve A Drastic Reboot, Vibe-Style

If Vibe can get a reboot and his own series at DC these days, there’s new hope for other heroes out there as well!

Top 5: Worst Secret Identities

Or: How hard is it to make a good superhero mask?

Top 5: Real Life Comic Book Landmarks

Road trip!

Top 5: Super Santa Replacements

Saint Nick is ready for someone to take on his legacy as Father Christmas. It’s like Battle for the Cowl but with a Santa Suit instead.