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Top 5: Films DC Should Do Next After ‘Man of Steel’

Men made of iron, men made of steel… what’s next?

Top 5: IDW Artist’s Editions We’d Like To See

Bigger than Absolutes. Better than Essentials. They are IDW’s industry-spanning Artist’s Edition books.

Top 5: Bars and Taverns in Superhero Comics

Where everybody knows your name.

Top 5: Literal Hot Heads

There are advantages to having a head constantly on fire. No hair cuts, you can pilot hot air balloons, instant s’mores machine, etc.

Top 5: People Who’ve Worn the Iron Man Armor (Besides Pepper Potts and Jim Rhodes)

Tony Stark is well-known for having trust issues with his armor, but he’s shared the suit with more people than you think.

The Top 5 Tattooed Comic Book Characters

A trip to the tattoo parlor got Molly thinking…

Top 5: Science Laboratories in DC Comics

When you need things invented in the DC Universe, you know who to call!

Top 5: Craziest Iron Man Armors

Always prepared — or just overly fashion-conscious?

Top 5: Youth Hangouts in Comics

Where exactly are all the “youths” hanging out these days? Listening to their rock music and playing their Nintendo 64s? Where might I find a place in comics where young uns do that?

Top 5: Superheroes Who Moonlight as Wrestlers (or Vice-Versa)

What a maneuver!