Top 5: People Who’ve Worn the Iron Man Armor (Besides Pepper Potts and Jim Rhodes)

Eddie March5) Eddie March

Forgotten in the sands of time, ex-boxer Eddie March was once Tony Stark’s go-to guy to fill-in as Iron Man when need be. March trained under Stark, and subbed in for him on a few occasions as Tony got used to his artificial heart. March was later called back into action for the short-lived team the Iron Legion, with March wearing the original tin can “Mark 0” armor.


Happy Hogan4) Happy Hogan

The Iron Man movies have re-entrenched Happy Hogan as Tony Stark’s right-hand man, but some people are surprised to learn that Happy once filled in with the armor. Happy acted as a decoy on several occasions, wearing the Iron Man Armor and standing with Tony Stark so the press would believe Stark wasn’t Iron Man. Hogan even went into battle with it for a time or two, including an ill-advised face-off with the Mandarin but also part of the Iron Legion.


Mary Jane3) Mary Jane Watson

We all know Tony has a thing for redheads, but you’d never think that Mary Jane Watson would be one to find her way into the suit. But in Marvel Knights Spider-Man during “The Other” story-arc, Watson borrowed an old version of Tony’s armor to save the day.


Captain Britain2) Captain Britain

Hard to see, but look over on the left-hand side of this cover to the 2006 one-shot What If? X-MEn Age of Apocalypse and you’ll see a repainted Iron Man armor in the familiar colors of Great Britain. Inside it is Brian Braddock, who wears this souped up rendition of the Iron Man suit as a member of the Defenders.


earthinvincibleoldie11) Aunt May

Get out your popcorn, and sit down for this doozy. Back in a 1982 comedic issue of What If? (Vol. 1, #34 if you want to find it), writer Mark Gruenwald wrote and drew the above pin-up — and attached text — with legendary Iron Man writer/artist Bob Layton on inks. If that wasn’t enough, Aunt May donned some Iron Man armor in-continuity in MarvelĀ  Knights Spider-Man #20 alongside Mary Jane Watson at seen above. Don’t get me started on the time Aunt May became a herald of Galactus….



  1. Deadpool as DRUNK IRON MAN!

  2. Bethany Cabe! I’m surrounded by uncultured savages.

  3. What Ifs and Marvel Knights technically don’t count as “in continuity,” right?

    • What If is not, but Marvel Knights is.

    • Technically, What If? is, as they are windows into other universes that coexist with the 616 universe. In a way, Hickman is smashing all teh What If universes into 616 right now in New Avengers.

      It’s Like on the DC side…Earth 2 is (or was) in continuity even though it was different than “our” Batman’s Earth.

  4. Not only was Aunt May a herald of Galactus, but she curbed his hunger with magic twinkles. Comics were so much cooler when I was a kid….

  5. I would have put Clay Wilson on this list. I always liked that character. I am just glad that Wolverine isn’t make the list. That story sucked.

    Oh! There was also the time a bunch of Tony’s old armors got dumped in the ocean and a bunch of Atlanteans took them!

  6. What about “What If? Civil War” where Tony was killed early on and Captain America took his armor and became (wait for it) the Iron Patriot!

  7. So the title is “Top 5: People Who’ve Worn the Iron Man Armor (Besides Pepper Potts and Jim Rhodes.” What about Tony Stark?

  8. now I will never be satisfied until Aunt May dons the armor in the movies

  9. I think we need a list of people Stark made armor for… Hawkeye, Captain America, Spider-Man,

  10. Are those…..frying pans on Aunt May in that picture?