Top 5: Youth Hangouts in Comics


5. Legion of Super-Heroes Clubhouse

A place where you can go and just hang out with other teens but only if you have super powers and only if those super powers aren’t like anyone else’s and only if they are natural and not device related. Beyond those guidelines it is a loving place of acceptance.


4. Sex Bob-Omb Band Practice

It may seem lo-fi at first but then the band starts rocking. Also in between songs Young Neil will tell you about his favorite Game Boy games.


3. Aunt May’s House in Ultimate Spider-Man

There was always that friend who had the house that everyone ended up at after school. In my case it was my buddy Kellen and we would just play Goldeneye and watch Happy Gilmore all afternoon. In Iceman’s case it was his buddy Spider-Man’s house. I am sure they spent their afternoons doing the same.

Titans Tower


2. Teen Titans Tower

The audacity of this place. It’s huge and kind of an eye sour. I bet everyone in the community hates it. A giant building built for teenage superhereos to hang out and live unsupervised! No wonder Deathstroke is always trying to take the Teen Titans down.



1. Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe

So many good memories have been had here. Like the time Archie and Veronica kissed or the time when Archie and Betty kissed or the time when Archie and Cheryl Blossum kissed or …okay maybe just Archie has fond memories of this place. For everyone else it’s a den of heartbreak.


  1. Granted, there aren’t any cool cut-aways, but the Coffee Bean (ASM)? Harry’s Hideaway (UncXM)?

  2. Teen Titans Tower! YES!

  3. Kinda glancing over the fact that the Legion clubhouse is in fact the corpse of a candidate.