Top 5: Places to Eat in the DC Universe

Booster Gold didn't travel back in time just to get famous. Dude was hungry.

Here's some of the best diners, drive-ins, and dives of the DC Universe:

5. Sebastiano's Italiano, Central City

The original Sebastiano's was a favorite of Barry and Iris Allen. Barry was known to ask "Are you recording this, dear?" on many ocassions. Tragically, Sebastiano's was devastated by the Top in the fall of 2003. At the time, propriotor Eileen Sebastiano did not have rogue insurance. Six years later nephew Sebastian Sebastiano reopened the establishment in what used to be a Hollywood Video in a strip mall on 38th street, just fourteen blocks away from the original Sebastiano's. Barry and Iris were delighted to find the robust flavors remained, though they wished the 1981 Eli Sebastiano landscape paintings hadn't. There are plans to extend the franchise to Keystone City.

We recommend: The veal.  

When to go? Sooner than later. Sebastian Sebastiano has exceptional rogue insurance, but even bigger ties to local mobster Fabian Balsomico, a known associate of the Weather Wizard.


4. Tugboat Terry's Clam-o-Rama Seaside Tavern, Rockland, Maine

That Aquaman chose the Clam-o-rama for his first terrestiral lunch is a huge point of pride for propriotor Terry Cobb.  "I liked im instantly," says Cobb. "Had a real way about his talking and his dressin' that immediately put ya to ease. Real straight shooter that one was too, aye. We played at darts for near on three or six hours, me an' him." Asked what Aquaman ate on that first, and reportedly last visit, Cobb says,, "Oh, he was one o dem vegans, I do think. Drank like a fish though. And if he weren't so womanly, pardon the phrase, I think he'd of had the crab cakes or the calimari, which he'd have adored." 

We recommend: Apparently the crab cakes or the calimari.

When to go: "New clams are in on thursdays, but I serve 'em right up until I notice the line to the lavatory's starting to wind around the Joe Camel machine."


3. The Independence Day Pancakes for Liberty Mixer hosted by the JSA and Firehouse 41, Brooklyn, New York

Each year, the Justice Society and the crew of Firehouse 41 host a pancake breakfast for orphans on Independence Day. Festivities include a series of arts and crafts tutorials as well as a live boxing match between Wildcat and anyone foolish enough to join him in the squared circle. The event is typically interrupted by a new super-powered neo-nazi organization by the early afternoon, though no orphans have been maimed in the breakfast's six year history.

We recommend: Stargirl's chocolate chip pancakes or Wildcat's "Battered to Heck waffles with slobberknocker syrup"

When to go: Early,. You don't want to miss Jay Garrick's thirty second history of the United States. With costumes.


2. The Orbit Lounge, Coast City, California

Once the official hangout of hotshot test pilots like Hal Jordan, these days, the Orbit Lounge is the perfect place for anybody to nosedive into a pile of nachos. That's right, nachos. You're not hitting the Orbit for fine dining. This is all about the atmosphere. Hal Jordan, an honest to goodness Green Lantern, has slept with everyone who's ever been here. Including the guy messing with the knob on the TV. It was quick, it was dark, and that guy will never, ever forget it. Carol Ferris was still at the bar, paying her tab.

Don't hang out outside in a convertible. It's weird.

We recommend: Okay, not the nachos. But the onion rings of Saturn? Ohmygod.

When to go: When it's dark. It's a bar, folks.



1. G&G's Pizza, New York City

The best pizza is in New York, and until the owners of G&G's make good on their thirty year threat to relocate to Florida, it's gonna stay that way.  Locals Power Girl and Terra have been known to stop for a slice of G&G's extra cheese and sausage after rescuing the city from robots or extraterrestrial lotharios. So loved is this by-the-slice pizzeria, that Captain Marvel once lifted the building from its foundation and briefly repositioned it in Central Park to safeguard it from a Black Adam tantrum. Asked who was responsible for the great taste of their top secret marinara sauce, the husband and wife team launched into a vicious argument, then made out for thirty-two minutes.

We recommend: Start with the plain. You'll be back for the four other varieties.

When to go? Now.


Honorable mention goes to Teddy's Steakhouse in downtown Star City. The establishment was removed from its place at #3 on the list during the editorial phase when it and several hundred other homes and businesses were destroyed in a large scale explosion. Owner Phoebe Anderson and husband Andrew were on vacation in Colonial Williamsburg when the bombs went off. The Andersons–who lived in a one bedroom apartment above Teddy's–had planned to rebuild from the ground up. Ultimately, Deadman transformed the location into a dense thicket of elm trees. The pair are living with friends in Fawcett City.



  2. correct.

  3. Great list but I would have included Warriors. Wait, Warriors is on Oa now. Man that’s a hell of a commute for a cold one. Remark retracted unless you can get old Jordan to give you a lift from the Orbit Lounge. No not that kind of lift.

  4. Lets not forget the bar that Bobo Bennetti frequented in Opal City 🙂

  5. Timmy Wood (@TimmyWood) says:

    Awesome awesome awesome.

  6. What about the diner in Broxton, OK?

  7. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @ElFurioso – That’d be the Marvel U, yeah? 

  8. Yummy I am hungry! What about Planet Krypton restaurant?

  9. @AmirCat  You can’t even order a good steak at Planet Krypton

  10. No Big Belly Burger?!?!?

  11. Fantastic article as always. I’m partial to the Independence Day Pancake Breakfast myself.

  12. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I am tempted to write about Gordon Ramsay’s visit to Sebastiano’s during one of Weather Wizard’s private goon luncheons. 

    "You mustn’t have hailstorms in the middle of service, yes? Christ almighty."   

  13. Great job!

  14. i loved that issue of JSA with the pancakes at the firehouse. There were some great full pages and spreads. A bit heavy on the "America f-yeah" but still an enjoyable issue. 

     its too bad (for this article)  that the best restaurant in comics was in the Rocketeer. That dog diner (based on a real place) is awesome. 

  15. Mmmmmmm onion rings of Saturn, good article. What no Gotham restaurants? Well I guess that place is a cesspool.

  16. Does Gunga Diner count as DCU?

  17. You can’t visit the DCU without having a Big Belly Burger and an ice cold Soder Cola!

  18. Never being satisfied, the internet will now demand some Marvel Diners, and even some Image eateries.

  19. Oops … must read titles 😉

  20. These are good places but I wanna go to:

    The Superhero Diner from Kingdom Come. Sure it’s corny but I gotta think that is comic book heaven for anyone. Plus I wanna try the Spectre Platter.

  21. A couple of people already mentioned Big Belly Burger so I’ll go ahead and show Taco Whiz some love.

  22. Oh, I just remembered! The Hot Dog stand outside of the Daily Planet! And your local SandDollars. (What’s the fake coffee franchise they just came up with in Flash?)

  23. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @praxjarvin – Jitters.

  24. @Paul: Yeah, wasn’t that a place Ramsay went to in the U.S. series? I feel bad for the Rouges….they got plastic for dinner!

  25. No Radu’s coffee? (oh wait this is restaurants not cafe’s)

    Radu says " It great place to sit and sip". 

    With JItters and Radus there could be a follow up to this article.

  26. If I went to the DCU, Big Belly Burger would be the first stop.

  27. No O’Shaughnessey’s? A Mc Donald’s stand-in from the mid-90’s. Or if you’re looking more upscale how about dinner and dancing at the Iceberg Lounge?