Top 5: Bars and Taverns In Superhero Comics

mb100years15. Munden’s Bar (Grimjack)

Probably one of the oldest drinking establishments in superhero comics, Munden’s Bar was introduced in Jon Ostrander and Tim Truman’s GrimJack series back in the early 80s as a welcome watering hole not just for GrimJack and his associates, but other comic heroes as well. The first surprise appearance there was the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but they were followed by teasing eye candy such as the Shadow, Iron Man and even Ambush Bug.

Hellfire_Club_Building__New_York_4. Hellfire Club (Marvel)

The Hellfire Club is more than just a group of people — it’s also a physical location. This ages-old secret society has locations throughout the world, each with an exclusive bar/restaurant for its members and guests to frequent. This velvet rope club has some bite to it, and so do their drinks.


3. Bar With No Name (Marvel)

With a name like Bar With No Name, you’d think it’d be unique. But there’s actually been  more than one in the Marvel universe. First appeared when the superhuman serial killer Scourge of the Underworld showed up, another one latter showed up in an excellent one-off issue of Punisher: War Journal where the Punisher firebombed a wake that villains held for their dead colleague Stilt-Man.

Warriors2. Warriors (DC) owned by Guy Gardner

If there’s any superhero who’s prone to be in a middle of a bar it’s Guy Gardner. So the idea of him opening up a superhero-themed bar sounds like either the best idea or worst idea in  history. Sort of a Planet Hollywood or Hard Rock Cafe for the superhero set, Gardner used it as a base of operations and also some much-needed revenue during his lean times. In addition to displaying various superhero memorabilia, it’s also employed some interesting bouncers including Lady Blackhawk and Wildcat.

$T2eC16h,!zEE9s3!Z)4OBQo6f5Z+sw~~60_121. Clark’s Bar (Wildstorm)

Although forgotten by most in the annals of comic history, Clark’s Bar in the Wildstorm universe was something special. Created by Alan Moore during his run on WildC.A.T.s, it was an after-hours bar where superheroes could cut loose and blow off some steam. And it was run by Superman. Although never specifically named, Moore and subsequent writers laid down enough hints as to the bar’s proprietor. And if the ownership wasn’t enough, the star-studded clientele was something amazing, ranging from various Wildstorm heroes to some cameos by DC and Marvel stalwarts as well.




  1. All good choices; I’d also throw out the bar in Shadowpact “Oblivion Bar.”

    • definitely has to be on this list, it’s like the cantina bar of the DC Magic users. Plus you can enter the bar from portals in several cities and Nightmaster is the barkeep!

  2. Oh man you guys missed the greatest (in my opinion), the pub from the mini-series “Knight and Squire” that ran a few years ago written by Paul Cornell. Where Supervilains and Superheroes share a pint with each other!

    • I remember that bar, only in England could I see that concept working. Y’know, cause us Yanks are so uncivilized and whatnot.

    • Or in Canada… ;P

    • Like Canada has supervillains, it’s Canada! What, are they gonna steal the Free Healthcare or something? ;^}

    • Ah! lol

      Actually, I’m reading this anthology book at the moment and it’s not bad at all. It’s called “Masked Mosaic: Canadian Super Stories” published by Tyche Books, and the second short story is about a supervillainess living undercover in a small frozen town up north, it’s actually quite hilarious! You should check it out! 😉

      But yes, we do have supervillains and unfortunately they were elected, conversative party everywhere but Québec, where I live. I think we deserve to be called Superheroes for standing up to injustice, over-zealous religious schmocks and people who vote “yes” for pro-life even if the girl was raped. Buuuuuuuuutttttttttttt I digress from the subject and I’ll stop here! Cheers! 🙂

  3. I thought Noonan’s would be #1…

    • I love Hitman, but Noonan’s was an absolute hole.

      Granted, a hole filled with cool characters, but a hole nonetheless haha

    • Oh, I would probably never drink there… But the chance of being served by Baytor is appealing..

    • Munden’s is at LEAST as bad as Noonan’s if not worse. I think Noonan’s should at least have been listed as an honorable mention.

    • Noonan’s reminds me of my local. Rough as hell, but the chance of drinking with some real characters. Guys that might fuck you up or buy you a drink depending on if you pass their drunken social tests…or don’t.

    • It’s official. I now have to go into my storage unit and grab the Hitman series. Noonan’s is a great call.

  4. I would have to nominate Harry’s Bar in Westchester. As an X-Men fan it always seemed like a great place to get a beer and hang out with a mutant.

  5. What about the bar the Flash’s Rogues frequent? How can you beat a bar that’s a second home to Captain Cold, The Trickster, and Mirror Master? That’d be my kind of bar, filled with blue-collar guys with gimmicky gadgets.

    • I’ve never heard of this – was that where they gathered in the Wally issue in which everyone became pals?

      I’d deleted the Hellfire Club – who thinks of that place as a bar or restaurant? – and add in Josie’s from Miller’s Daredevil; or the Ace of Clubs, aka Bibbo’s, from a million Superman comics.

    • Hmm, I forgot where I first saw it, but it’s been in the JLU Flash episode and was in “Flash #18(?)” but it’s not the same without 20-30 Rogues packed in it. I cant remember if it has a name either, just that it’s a place most Rogues like to hide out and drink.

      Yea, I’d delete the Hellfire Club as well, I can’t shake the thought it’s a S/M joint filled with Rich people. What kind of place is that to drink beer and relax?

  6. Well at least you recognized Munden’s.

  7. Patch’s Princess Bar in Madripoor.

  8. The ones I always think of are Princess Bar in Madripoor and Ace O’ Clubs owned by Bibbo Bibbowski

  9. The Oblivion Bar. Neutral territory for the DC magic characters.

  10. The Oblivion Bar was the first to come to mind for me, but also the only one to come to mind besides the Crazy Horse Casino from Scalped.

  11. Kadie’s Bar from Sin City…if Nancy’s dancing there, I’m drinking there! I’ll also never forget when Marv beats the hell out of the Wolverine stand-in “Weevil”.

  12. The super villain’s Dark Side Bar from the Bwahahaha era Justice League. Never will you find a more wretched hive of stupidity and villainy, with the chance of winning Quakemaster’s power charged jackhammer in a poker game.

  13. I always wondered what the EOC Forum was named after!

  14. World’s End from the Sandman

  15. I like the bar in Daredevil. What’s it called. Lucille’s? It’s always getting their window smashed in.