Top 5: Marvel Comics Catchphrases



5. “Flame On!”
– Johnny Storm, The Human Torch

I always thought that Johnny Storm had a missed opportunity as a popular television chef. His specialty would be the grill and you know that when he uttered the phrase “Flame on!”, barbecue would be served.



4. “Oh my stars and garters…”

– Hank McCoy, Beast

Hank McCoy comes off as a modest, conservative mutant. However, his catchphrase makes one wonder “Exactly what are these stars and garter belts, Hank is referring to every time we enter the Danger Room?”. I have a hunch the Mr. McCoy enjoys cosplaying as Wonder Woman in his spare time.



 3. “Avengers Assemble!”

– Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Hawkeye, Wasp, Giant Man, Dr. Druid, Various

Sometimes a catchphrase is so good, everyone wants a piece of it. “Did I do that?” or “Yeah, Baby!” and don’t forget “Eh..My WIFE!”. “Avengers Assemble” enters the pantheon of those quotes, mainly because we walk around the house quoting it.



2. “It’s Clobberin’ Time

– Ben Grimm, The Thing

A personal favorite and one that Ben says every chance he gets.
Hey Ben, you want to go to T.G.I. Fridays?
“It’s Clobberin’ Time!”
Hey Ben, let’s catch up on House of Cards on Netflix tonight.
“It’s Clobberin’ Time!”
Hey Ben, could you clean up after yourself when you make omelettes in the morning?
“It’s Clobberin’ Time?”



1. “Excelsior!”

 – Stan “The Man” Lee

Yes, Stan Lee is a real person. However the word “Excelsior” is tied so closely with Marvel comics it has to be number one on this list. Also, not many people know this but Stan tested a few other catchphrases before he settled on this one. There was “Microsoft Wordsior!” and “Powerpointsior!” as well. “Adobe AcrobatSior!” is my favorite and the one I really wish had made the cut.



  1. Sweet Christmas!

  2. What, no “Hulk smash”? No “Best there is at what I do?”? No “Great power/great reaponsibility”? Or is that last one more of a mantra than a catchphrase.

    Still, very good list. I’d like to see what DC’s version turns up (and maybe Image’s, if that can be managed).

  3. Runners up:
    “Bozhe moi!”
    “My psychic knife is the focused totality of my telepathic power.”

  4. Fun – I’d put ‘Hulk: Smash!’ in there too, deleting the Beast.

    I dunno two out of three of those catchphrases at #3! | caught the Austin Powers (I think).

  5. It is a fact (Universally understood) that no matter where on you may stand, no matter what time locally, somewhere out there it will always BE ‘Clobbering Time!’

    Ben Grimm has decreed it to be so.

  6. When I was in middle school I read an old reprint of a Namor comic where he exclaimed “Sufferin’ Shad!” and I really tried to work that phrase into my regular life (and no, I was not popular in middle school).

    • I would like to meet someone who reads comics who was popular in highschool; who played Varsity sports, got straight A’s, and slept with all the hot girls. He would be the TRUE King of the Nerds.

  7. I always lie Namor yelling IMPERIOUS REX!!!

    Beast is my favorite.

  8. “Puny Human(s)”

  9. I love it when Tony Stark gets out his laundry and cries, “It’s time to iron, man!” at Jarvis.

  10. By the Hoary Hosts of Hoggoth, this be an excellent list!

    Hope a similar list from the Distinguished Competition is forthcoming!

  11. While the slogans are great, the old school artwork featured on The Thing, Beast and Avengers is even better!

  12. Interesting to see what made the cut here versus what I chose last year for a similar post on my blog, slightly insightful. ‘Nuff said.

  13. I wanna see “Best there is at what I do…” on this list, but I can’t gripe in good conscience since it’s more of a memorable line than a catch phrase.

    “To me, my X-Men.” should be here though. I’d make it #2 with “Stars and garters” as my personal #1. Good list though. They’re all great.

  14. Good list, it’s only now occurring to me that “Flame On” could have a very different meaning these days. My special mentions list would include “By the eyes of the Vishanti”, “Bull’s Eye!”, “Beware the Power Cosmic”, and “My sweet Aunt Petunia”.

    • “Flame on!” was so badass back in the day.

      The accompanying Kirby art would always get my blood boiling.

      Interestingly, lots of people I know use this phrase at work, from welders to electricians, lighting a torch, firing up the MIG rig, or powering on a bull switch. Always struck me funny that many of them weren’t even “comic book people”.

  15. “Unglaublich!” seems like each of the All-New, All-Different X-Men came equipped with their own catchphrase, eh? “Goddess!”

  16. “Holy moley!” by Captain Marvel (the original) and his Family. “Great Caesar’s Ghost!” by Perry White. “Great scott!” by Clark Kent (of years ago). And it should be pointed out that “Excelsior” means “wood shavings.”

  17. Every time I see the Thing, I think “IT’S COBBLERIN’ TIME!” (pretty sure it’s from The Simpsons)

  18. I just want to hear anyone in real life use the phrase “That tears it!”

    Also, having watched A: EMH through three times, I can’t even think of cartoon Thor without a “Have at thee!” jumping into my head. “Thou base varlet!”