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Matt Fraction Exits FANTASTIC FOUR and FF

A Fraction subtraction could leave fans divided.

Great Moments in Comics History: Fantastic Four #374

Seriously. What’s wrong with you, Susan?!

iFlashback! April 28th, 2004

Both DC and Marvel released some big, flagship books this week nine years ago. Come and check out the comics you had to have been reading back in 2004.

The Best of the Week in Covers – 04.24.2013

Best Covers waits for no one.

Great Moments in Comics History: Fantastic Four #341

The Fantastic Four take a trip into the empty page.

iFlashback! April 21st, 2004

Test your memory skills and see if you can remember what happened in the comics that came out nine years ago! No googling!

A Funny Thing About Comics…

Funny books? Hardly.Why finding levity and laughs in today’s comics can be a tough task.

Top 5: Marvel Comics Catchphrases

We believe that everyone deserves a catchphrase. Check out the top five ones that are constantly proclaimed by Marvel Comics characters.

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Check out the comic books that you, YES YOU, were reading all the way back in 2004!

iFlashback! February 25th, 2004

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