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The Perfect Jumping-On Point Is In Your Hands

All Aboard! Jumping-On Points? What’s the point? Why the quest for the perfect jumping-on point is…well…pointless.

Weekly Sketch Up – 02.22.2013

Best Ghost Rider ever.

Looking Ahead At Marvel’s Movie Slate – Winter 2013 Edition

12 — count ’em — 12 movies are coming from the pages of Marvel Comics! Plus some hints, clues and conjecture on more.

iFlashback! February 11th, 2004

It’s time for an iFlashback! A weekly feature in which we take a look at some comics that were on…

Great Pages: FANTASTIC FOUR #5

Sue saves the day with her hands behind her back.

iFlashback! January 21, 2004

What a grand week this week in comics was! Adventure comics! Offensive Comics! Scary Comics! Funny Comics! All of them were released on this date nine years ago.

Johnny Storm, The Human Torch: Where Do I Start?

Marvel’s original teen hero.

iFlashback! January 7th, 2004

2003 may have ended but iFlashback keeps on rolling on! Join us as we travel through the Ghosts of Comic Books Past.

A Great Gift and a Comics Conundrum

Digital? Analog? Do I have to decide?

Marvel NOW! Brings a Stack of Firsts… Again

Months after almost totally giving up on Marvel, Mike returns for a bit to check out a series of #1s… will he keep coming back for more?