Great Moments in Comics History: Fantastic Four #374

Fantastic Four (Vol. 1) #374 (1993)


“The tragedy which occurred in his absence” was, of course, Sue taking an X-Acto Knife to her uniform.


  1. Listen, if this his how a woman wants to express herself, who are we to stop her?

    • You know, Ben Grimm’s been walking around in his underwear all these years but you don’t hear nobody complaining about that! (I’m joking, of course)

    • @thehungrywolf Well considering that the Thing’s first appearance had him complaining about not being able to find clothes that fit I think him being in his underwear is a given.

  2. “Johnny is a crazed fugitive arsonist? I am so mad at Sue about this.”

    Is it any wonder she feels the need to act out?

  3. Sue’s greatest superpower is to be able to wear that costume after having a child.

  4. Over the last few years ( thanks a lot Hickman) the F4 have become my favorite group of characters to follow in the Marvel Universe – I’ve been buying up discounted copies of runs by Byrne, Simonson, and Lee/Kirby. And I don’t know if I want to avoid this stuff like the plague, or read it RIGHT NOW because I must know what terrible reasoning is behind Sue (the matriarch of matriarch’s in the Marvel U) dressing like this.

    • Would you belive it was a psychic parasite that had slipped into her subconsouse and was manipulating her on a subconsiouse level, making her much more agress and angry.

      And yes this does sound like what happened to Hal Jordan…

  5. At some point, someone looked at the “4” boob window and said “Yeah, go with that.”

  6. Forget the outfit on Sue; Reed’s a straight up dick.

  7. I like to imagine Reed made his unnecessary leather vest from the left over scraps of Susan’s uniform/ FF branded dominatrix outfit.

  8. Did Reed just come back from a fishing trip or something?

  9. Reed is just tired and cranky from having to carry around all those pouches. I count 13 that we can see. If they are all filled with stuff thats alot of gear to be lugging around. If they are all empty then thats is a horrible fasion statement Reed.

  10. Is this from the 90’s? Cause it looks like a textbook image to why everything was so wrong in the 90’s comics!? 0_o

  11. I love Reed and his super dickery ways.

  12. Why does Sue look like she stole She-Hulk’s uniform?

  13. If I remember correctly, Sue absorbed the personality of some super-villainess during Infinity War, and some of the side effects were acting hostile and dressing slutty.

  14. Pouches? Check. Female bodybuilding? Check. Pointy shoulder guards? Check. Abysmal art? Check.

    God I miss the 1990s.

  15. Ahh, the Boob window. Empowering or Distracting? I can’t even tell.

    • Distracting. There is not much empowering about being a 15 year old’s wank fantasy, and that is pretty much the only reason behind that costume choice. (which a male writer / artist team undoubtedly gave her)

    • And yet I think alot of people considering Power-Girl empowering, and the Boob window is back on her costume.

  16. Forgetting the upper ventilation, how could you super-hero in that? Unless Reed made the uniforms out of some special non-chafing material, that inner-thigh-line is going to hurt like hell after a little bit of running/ jumping/ climbing trees.

    Alternately, there are no “missing pieces” to her costume. The whole thing is there, it’s just that parts are invisible all the time.

  17. One of the best things Byrne ever did was the “Malice” storyline. It was like Alan Moore’s reimaging of the Swamp Thing and Miracle Man. But, obviously, not quite as brilliant. Up until then Sue could essentially put bubbles around peoples heads or around people near her when buildings fell on them.

    In the Malice storyline, Byrne point out that she was Green Lantern. Who could turn invisible. Didn’t need a ring. And didn’t suck.

    • Agreed. Up until Hickman, the Malice storyline was my favorite.

      I don’t think anyone’s really captured Sue’s potential as well as Byrne. Always wondered why someone with Sue’s powers would gesture when using them. Why point at your target when attacking when, in most cases, they can’t see it?

  18. You know if you outline the white section of the top of her costume it almost looks like the Playboy bunny symbol.

  19. Is Reed wearing his “Nick Fury” Halloween costume?

  20. I was going to do a pouches joke but you guys covered it too much already. Damn it.

  21. Totally just realized her boob window is in the shape of a 4…

  22. Sue’s outfit is indeed ridiculous. If you want to sex up your character there are always things to do without looking this ridiculous. Of course, I’m guessing the costume change was one of editorial reflex and this isn’t something created with actual (alleged) thought put in. Reed’s pouches and vest, however, are just fine. I’ve carried that, and more,back when I still had to take pictures using film. And that was just for shooting around twenty minutes from my home.