Great Moments in Comics History: Fantastic Four #341

Fantastic Four (Vol. 1) #341 (1990)


Do you think Walter Simonson got a full page rate for writing, penciling, and inking this two page spread?


  1. It’s like a Hickman title page.

    What year is this? Pretty bold move for Silver Age.

  2. Those time-travel issues on Fantastic Four were my absolute favourites. I wish Bendis would use some of the concepts that those stories brought to the MU.

  3. Still not as bold as the snowstorm balle Byrne illustrated in Alpha Flight # 6 (another great moment in comics).

  4. Wow, this would look great on glossy paper, guess not so much on the paper they used back then.

  5. That’s so MOMA

  6. No one wants to sit next to Ironman.

  7. Their ship is called “Rosebud II” and is shaped like a sled.

    I don’t even…what?

  8. I remember reading that page when the series first came out. It really blew my 11-year-old mind and made me think about different things you could do with a page.

  9. Umm, Mr. Grimm,looks to me like the” big nothing” caught up to you

  10. Sigh…that Reed Vs. Victor time platform fight was one of my favorite showdowns in comics history (not to mention one of the only fights I can think of where Reed functions as the primary combatant, and not the big brain on the sidelines)

    This FF story was a great example of science/magic crossover that was really fun, with Thor and Iron Man along for the ride.

    If Joss Whedon would at any point like to have a Mjolnir powered bit of Stark tech in the next Avengers movie, I wouldn’t complain a bit.

  11. Wow!

    What a wonderful page. I mean yeah it looks kinda simple because it’s just one drawing on a white canvas. But it must have took Simonson a long time to figure out how to lay the image out. Great stuff.