Top 5: Super Santa Replacements

If there is anything that Tim Allen movies have taught us, it’s that Santa eventually needs to retire. If Santa has to retire then he needs to find a replacement. Here’s five super people that might be on list.

5. 3D Man

Pros: He has the colors down.
Cons: He ONLY has the colors down. May not be able to grow a beard either.


4. Plastic Man

Pros: He can squish himself down every chimney.
Cons: Too lazy to actually deliver the presents. His secret identity is still is on the naughty list.


3. Scarlet Witch

Pros: Looks great in red and she can use her probability altering powers to make reindeer fly.
Cons: Very judgmental. A lot of mutant boys and girls are going to go without presents.

2. Superman

Pros: You know this guy was gonna be on this list. He can fly. He is faster than a speeding sleigh. He is fair and just. Sounds perfect right?
Cons: He can’t fit down a chimney. How is he going to quietly sneak around the house when his point of entry is barging through a wall?

 1. Martian Manhunter

Pros: He can fly. He is fair and just. He can shape shift down the chimney. If there isn’t a chimney, he can walk through walls. He can turn invisible. He is kind hearted and friendly to all the children of the world AND HE LOVES COOKIES. There is no better replacement for Santa Claus besides Mr. J’onn J’onzz.
Con: Let’s just hope that the fireplace isn’t lit.


  1. Love it! Let’s hope it’s not lit indeed.

  2. Additionally, Dad better not eat the Chocos or there’ll be hell to pay!

  3. I wanna see a comic about Martian Manhunter not realizing that there is no Santa Claus, but shocked to find out that Stanta is “late” delivering the presents, so he tries to do it all himself.
    That sounds like a fun tale for the old Detective from Mars.

  4. C’mon guys : you missed out The Flash !
    Red :check
    Can’t get round the world in a night : check
    Vibrate through walls : check
    Likes cookies : check ( for wally)

    Flash for the Xmas win !

  5. Can. Not can’t. Check

  6. Love this! Well done!