Top 5: Superhero Schools We’d Like To Enroll In

Braddock Academy5. Braddock Academy

Although just recently introduced in the pages of Avengers Arena, the Braddock Academy seems like a fine place to matriculate — and something parents would be impressed by as well. Based in the English countryside in the ritzy childhood home of Captain Britain and Psylocke, the Braddock Academy is a training ground for England’s “best and brightest children” to be trained to become heroes. With a teaching staff including Captain Britain, Union Jack, Meggan, Spitfire, it seems like an ideal place to get a classical education. And oh yeah, I bet there’s field trips to Otherworld.

Avengers Academy4. Avengers Academy

Based on the California coast in the former headquaters of the West Coast Avengers, Avengers Academy is an institution founded by Hank Pym to train the next generation of the world’s super-heroes — and guide some potential supervillains from Norman Osborn’s rule during “Dark Reign” down a brighter path. Chronicled in the 40-issue series of the same name, Avengers Academy featured Pym and fellow Avengers-turned-teachers Hawkeye, Jocasta, Quicksilver, Tigra, Speedball and Quicksilver training all-new would-be  heroes as well as some well-known junior heroes like X-23, Thunderstrike and a young She-Hulk named Lyra. The organization was officially disbanded during Avengers vs. X-Men, but they’ve recently be reconstituted and are accepting new students.

Future Foundation3. Future Foundation

Reed Richards is an innovator — and in this case he took the idea of Charles Xavier’s school for superhumans and kicked it up a notch. Introduced in the beginning of Jonathan Hickman’s run on Fantastic Four, Future Foundation is a school / think tank where the Fantastic Four mentor the greatest young minds in the world to harness their abilities and hone their skills. Members include the Richards’ children Franklin and Valeria, along with other notable superhuman children like former X-prodigies Leech and Artie, as well as a group of Moloids, a clone of the villainous Wizard and the robotic Dragon Man. The school has an extensive matriculation program, consisting of classroom work as well as extensive field trips. They even have crazy fill-in teachers like Dr. Doom!

628x4712. Sky High

ffAlthough  not set in a comic book, this 2005 film featured one of the most endearing and drool-worthy superhero schools out there. Come on — Bruce Campbell as a gym teacher, and Wonder Woman as the principal? The school in Sky High is a rather straight-forward attempt at a superhero school — think Harry Potter but for capes and cowls —  with the students sliding into familiar stereotypical groupings. Come on, though! Cloris Leachman as a school nurse with X-Ray vision!

wolverine-and-the-x-men-1-teaser-11. Jean Grey School for Higher Learning

1407 Graymalkin Lane. It’s been the address for any mutant looking to find a home since the 1960s, and in 2011 Wolverine reconstituted the once-defunct school with a new name and an expanded mission. Explored in the ongoing series Wolverine & The X-Men, writer Jason Aaron and artists like Chris Bachalo and Nick Bradshaw have turned the school into a bustling school teeming with insolence, inexperience and tenacity — and that’s just the staff (sorry, Toad!). The student body is an eclectic mix of young mutants from the Morrison era along with new creations, giving it a layered feeling and world to explore.


  1. All excellent choices. The JGS wins hands down for me though.

  2. What no love for the original , Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. They had some good times there.

  3. The Xavier Institute for Higher Learning (not the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning) will always be number 1 in my book.

    • Unfortunately, it’s operating out of an abandoned military organization right now, and looking pretty shabby, one of the teachers is a demon princess, and your being hunted by the law, as well as every mutant hating organization in the world. On the plus side, you get the cuckoo triplets (hawt).

    • That’s the New Charles Xavier School for Mutants

  4. Class,

    So what we learned today is that DC does not care about training the younger generation through schooling, but one to one mentoring.

  5. Might have to update this list after the summer. Jason Aaron’s “Hellfire Academy” in Wolverine & the X-men looks awesome. (I mean, if you’re into evil and stuff.)

  6. Gladstone’s school for world conquerors would have been a much better pick than sky high

  7. From this list, Id pick Future Foundation as the school I’d want to transfer to. Although I don’t know if I could keep up in the math department, that’s my bugaboo.

  8. Let’s give DC a break…I nominate the Batcave. The school has a dubious saftey record with regard to student fatalities, but the teacher/student ratio can’t be beat.

  9. Sky High…? What a terrible movie.

  10. I’m glad I’m not the only one who remembered Sky High. I actually really liked that one, hoped they would make a sequel.

  11. I started buying Avengers Academy purely because it had Thunderstrike in it.

  12. I guess all the sidekicks in the DCU don’t go to school. You think social services would get involved 🙂