Top 5: Dogs in Comics


5. Stomponato

Not only one of the best dogs but perhaps one of the best police officers in all of comics, Transmetropolitan‘s Stompanato was a shit-eating (literally and figurative!) talking bulldog. Stompanato swore a pox on Spider Jerusalem after the journalist caught him messing up a stripped and had him fixed. But still, good cop. It’s Law & Order meets Lassie in a very bad — and very good — way. It can also be seen in some articles at I Love Dogs! blog.



4. Lockjaw

Like his master Black Bolt, Lockjaw isn’t one much for words. In addition to his teleportation powers, he also has a cast-iron stomach able of ingesting all manner of destructive material unharmed. He’s also got a nose like no other — he can telepathy follow a scent across dimensional space. He might not be a dog in the literal sense, but he’s a dog in our hearts.


3. Krypto

(Super)man’s best friend. Launch a tennis ball into outer orbit and see if you get any other takers.


Sam & Max

2. Sam

Overlooked by many in its original comic incarnation, this 1980s comic creation gained a second — more popular — life in video games. But Sam as a “canine shamus” is a earnest, 6 foot talking dog. He’s not much of a car mechanic and carries an oversized revolver, but hey — sometimes you need it in that line of work.


1. Snoopy

Charlie Brown might be considered the star of Peanuts, but for me it’s Snoopy. From his personas as a flying ace, Joe Cool or his own indomitable self, this spotted beagle is the dog every child (and adult) would want.



  1. I feel like Sassafras should be on this list. I miss him. 🙁

  2. You are forgetting Ms. Lion.

    She was the 8th Little Superhero afterall.

  3. For those of you looking for rad Lockjaw stories, I’d recommend checking out the various Pet Avengers stories. They’re super fun.

  4. When I clicked the article I was looking for Terror from ‘The Boys’, but I like your choices more. Especially 1 and 2.

  5. I got to number 3 and thought “WHAT? How can there be 2 more ABOVE Krypto?”

    And then you nailed it.

  6. Good list.

    Pizza Dog!

  7. I have a soft spot for Radar, Supreme’s trusty canine helper. Also, Rex the Wonder Dog was a great old series featuring the first appearance of Detective Chimp.

    The true omission from this list has to be Cosmo from Guardians of the Galaxy though…

  8. Gotta have Snoop at #1, but come on, no Pizza Dog?!

  9. Cosmo demands a recount, truly, Cosmo does . . . though he is happy to see his canine comrades Lockjaw, Krypto & Snoopy on your list . . .

  10. Snert and Odie feel robbed. :/

  11. Dinomutt?

  12. Dr. Canus?

  13. Why aren’t there more female dogs in comics?

  14. Gotta go with Ace the Bat-Hound myself

  15. Sergeant Kemlo Caesar.