Is Lockjaw just a dumb dog?

While checking to see if Iron Man knows about the Inhumans declaration of war, I came across the page debating some of the assertions about Lockjaw in the Son of M mini-series.

Basically it all hinges on whether or not Lockjaw is actually just a dumb dog or if he’s intelligent? Which is interesting because I always thought he was an Inhuman, who when exposed to the Terrigen Mists, became a teleporting dog.

Either Josh has been cheating on us, or he just found a new best friend in the guy who does this site, because he may love Lockjaw more than Josh does…


  1. Whether he was a human or not, I don’t know. But I always thought that he was just as intelligent as a human, and I continue to stick with it. Quicksilver is an asshole, so if he says “limited intelligence” it could be because he’s A) a jerk or B) is ignorant about what Lockjaw is.

    Best character in Marvel, btw.

  2. I was about to relate what I remembered about my Lockjaw history, but then I clicked on that link and was immediately shamed and awed into silence. I wrote no term paper in college as long as that guy’s treatise on the teleporting moon dog. I hope he’s a Wikipedia editor.

    All I remember is that Lockjaw did once talk (to Quicksilver?) and that Peter David retconned that as an elaborate practical joke in his first X-Factor run. I do know that everyone seems to treat him like a dog which, considering he can theoretically teleport them into the vacuum of space with no one the wiser, seems like a mistake. Looking into those eyes, you get the sense a lot of people who’ve crossed Lockjaw have gone “missing” shortly thereafter.

  3. Oh, and as for Iron Man knowing about the Inhuman war, the Inhumans basically declared the war to Reed Richards, Tony’s BFF, so I’m assuming they’ve talked about it. The next Illuminati bridge game would be pretty uncomfortable otherwise. Besides, as both a futurist and a fascist ubermensch, Tony knows all.

  4. i always remember the peter david x-factor story as well. but i would think lockjaw is as smart as the smartest dog….

  5. I think if fandom took a vote to either dump
    a) Crystal
    b) Lockjaw
    into a black hole with no looking back, they would wonder why Crystal hasn’t already been dumped, and say that Lockjaw is easily the second most popular Inhuman, while the other most popular one ain’t talkin’ either.

    I love that “Lockjaw Wisdom” site. Praise be to Lockjaw, loved him and BB as a kid when I read Kirby’s originals, love ’em now all the more.

  6. I know it was stated at some point that Lockjaw was an Inhuman, who turned into his current form after being exposed to the mists.

    In one issue of Dan Slott’s Thing series, Gorgon tells Ben that the inhumans only told the FF the bit about LJ being human as a joke. Based on how Lockjaw is portrayed in the comics, I am inclined to think Gorgon was telling the truth.

    I think Lockjaw may have slightly above dog-level intelligence, but I don’t think it is on a human level. Even if he was a human at one point, he seems to act like a dog and have desires similar to dogs, so I am assuming that he is currently much closer, mentally, to a dog than a human.

    And I also think Lockjaw is awesome. My theory on Lockjaw and Black Bolts popularity: the tuning forks. Put a tuning fork on someone’s head and a star is born.