Top 5: Marvel Comics Kaiju


5) The Monster at My Window

Poor guy just forgot his key. Maybe if one of you humans buzzed him in he wouldn’t have to scale the building.


Devil Dinosaur

4) Devil Dinosaur

My favorite story of Devil Dinosaur is when he and Moon-Boy briefly join the X-men spin off team, Fallen Angels. They aren’t on the team very long when Devil Dinosaur steps on and accidentally kills a teammates pet lobster. Comics are weird y’all.


Fin Fang Foom

3) Fin Fang Foom

A dragon who shops at the same clothing store as the Hulk. PURPLE PANTS BIG “N” TALL. Find an outlet store near you!



2) Godzilla

The most famous kaiju of all time had his own Marvel comic! It makes no sense that none of The Avengers, Fantastic Four or the Hulkbusters could take this guy down but that doesn’t matter it was a fun book.


FF #1

1) Giganto

The most famous monster in Marvel history is also on the most famous Marvel comic. His name is Giganto and he is a pet of the Mole Man. He is a subterranean brought to the surface anytime someone wants to pay homage to this Jack Kirby cover.


  1. I miss Godzilla in Marvel

    I think honorable mention needs to go to the other Giganto, the giant whale monster summoned by Namor to attack Manhattan.

  2. These are all great choices. I might have included that huge whle thing hat Namor tried to destroy NYC with, but I can’t remember it’s name……

  3. I love the idea of JJJ reading Godzilla the riot act out of an open window in a skyscraper.

  4. I only know 3/5 of this list, the last 3. You’d think Marvel would have more giant monsters hanging around. What about some of the ones in “Amazing Fantasy” (Stan Lee’s said that comic was just about giant monsters with weird times before Spidey came on the scene) ?

    • They do have more monsters hanging around. They’re on Monster Island. Check out the Frankencastle arc of Punisher where he leads the Legion of Monsters for a time.

  5. No Groot? No Gorgilla? No Moomba?

  6. fff will always be number one monster at marvel.

  7. “It makes no sense that none of the Avengers, Fantastic Four or the Hulkbusters could take this guy down ”

    Makes complete sense to me! Big G is like a cross between a Hurricane and the Hulk…more unstoppable the angrier you make him. If Ghidra and G-Force can’t beat him who could? And unlike the hurricane of the hulk, Godzilla not only delivers a beatdown, he makes us feel like we deserved it..!

    Great article. And yea, FFF is number one in my book too.